Boots Riley Pwns Fox 8, Delivers Labor Day Message; & #Fightfor15 Nationwide Strikes

Boots appeared briefly (ahem) to talk about his band the Coup ahead of their appearance at the Lakewood Music Festival in Cleveland. Note the subtitles, but no: they are not just translating the Alien Commie himself. Torn Tights Woman: is that a fashion statement, or was her cat just happy to see her?

 Ooopsie! Frozen smile indicating: “You.did.not.just.say.that.” (Who yelled what into her earwig???) Immediately afterward:

Boots’ de facto Labor Day message from Cleveland in a minute and a half:

As he said, this was just after he and the Coup had performed ‘We got the guillotine’ at the show.  Put on yer dancin’ shoes, ‘n turn it up!

Here he is on RT (12 minutes) expanding on the need for a widespread radical militant workers’ movement that can leverage Worker and People power to defeat the Capitalist Machine, i.e., stopping their institutions from functioning.

No, #FightFor15 and #StrikeFastFood didn’t shut down any joints with the nationwide one-day strikes yesterday, nor have the Walmart Supply chain strikes, but oh, may these actions multiply and build and eventually sting the capitalist class where it burns most: their wallets. Step by step, action by action…as with protesting police brutality, it lets others know that they have a right to demand justice, so inspire others to join in.

From Nearly 500 Hundred Arrested as Fast-Food Workers Rise Up:

Strikes and protests in more than a hundred US cities reveals rapidly growing effort by labor unions and low-wage workers to join forces and reclaim power of organized people

Hundreds of fast-food workers and their supporters were arrested in cities across the country on Thursday as they stood up (and in some cases sat down) as they demanded a $15/hour minimum wage, the right to unionize, and better working conditions across the industry.

In what was the largest coordinated action yet by the low-wage workers movement that has been establishing itself over the last several years, nearly 500 people participated in civil disobedience that led to their arrest outside major fast-food chain restaurants, that included McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, and others.’

“You don’t communicate with anyone purely on the rational facts or ethics of an issue… It is only when the other party is concerned or feels threatened that he will listen — in the arena of action, a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication… No one can negotiate without the power to compel negotiation… To attempt to operate on a good-will basis rather than on a power basis would be to attempt something that the world has not yet experienced.”
` Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals


(by Anthony Freda)

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22 responses to “Boots Riley Pwns Fox 8, Delivers Labor Day Message; & #Fightfor15 Nationwide Strikes

  1. Grate Freda Monopoly pawn for cutting the banksters off at the BILL$, with EXTREME Prejudice! (Wish he’d have appreciated my suggested portrayal of Obamanable PNACi/Yatsi, SS OdeSSa slaughter and DonbaSS wars meme enough to have done a similar DESPOTUS depiction by now – Or Well.). No one’s taken me up on an Alinskyesque perpetual retort to 0’s constant lies with a pejorative epithet of “Y’Obama!” yet either (although it’d be right-on for Riley).

  2. i’d forgotten that i’d send him your idea. was it easier to understand than this depiction was? oh,dear, i hope so. he probably never majored in hieroglyphics, which may be part of the problem with others of us. ;)

    boots is one major dancin’ radical commie, ain’t he? (i thought he used to call himself a socialist…)

    of course, he may have created works that he inadvertently *hadn’t sent me*, so, there’s that. i might have a gander at some of his art storage sites when i get a minute…

  3. Freed Commie AKA Moo Godawfi

    Boots! Ha. The comprador girlie thought she might catch a disease! Ha ha ha.

  4. Well, the double lightning bolt glyph is neceSSary, or the dumbed-down ‘Murcan audience’d mistake it for Social Security; or even the more sentient, for 0’s Secret Service.

  5. Freed: Is there a polite way to say “fuck you”? boots is the real deal, and influences more people toward the truth that you can imagine with your cynical purity.

  6. i get wolfsangle, i will look. desider over yonder, not so much. oh, yes: and fook him, too. ;)

  7. Freed Commie AKA Moo Gawdafi

    Fook You. You found it. That the problem with most you Paul Craig Roberts and Glen Greenwald types. You got to have a celebrity explain something to you. Followers.

  8. And thanks for bailing when that Euro-pimp propagandist Desider was pouring on the bullshit.

    That’s the problem with PCR and GG lovers. You need a celebrity to validate stuff for you. Hopeless.

  9. i’ve done desider on many of my threads, useless. he’ll go to the ends of the earth to find polls and history to validate his position. but why should you care that i bailed? did your stupid snark and sarcasm EVER educate anyone to your vaunted position? er…no.

    sorry to burst your bubble. read around this place: i am a greenwald detractor by now. and this is your final warning. try to act like a human being.

  10. Wendye Dear

    This “commie” is an idiot. Mind you the “Communist Party’ of the US are stuck so badly in the capitalist Dem Party. In Minnesota we had a group of my friends who were in the Communist party. They were banned, expelled from the CP. Their “crime’ was to call for a bolshevik action, a worker take over of a local St Paul Ford Plant. This action however got in the way of the plans of the St Paul Dem Party. Specifically the well heeled area of the Dem party who wanted to use the to be closed down Ford Plant and sell them as condo’s via a local developer.

    These folks were booted out of the CP by the National CP “leadership.” They became known as the “Minnesota problem.” they set ups new group- the Gus Hall Action Committee.

    The tough talking “radical” Communists in this country are a joke.So just ignore this idiot. Carry on.

  11. i will indeed carry on, michael cavlan, and thank you for telling of the ‘former cp’ gus hall action’ folks (eve though i dunno who gus hall is or was, eeep). i reckon boots isn’t a party person so much as a marxist economics fan. he’s on youtube speaking about that. but as i said, he echoes emma goldman in that he seems to figure that revolution *requires* dancing and levity, and goddam he’s funny. the coup is on another major world tour, and it seems the world can’t get enough of them.

    i can’t either. hotflashcarol (miz firecracker) was good friends with boots and his wife in oakland. (i was soooo envious)

    this commie’s raison d’etre is needling. crap vocation, if you ask me. ;)

  12. “There are no final warnings for me so straighten out your panties.” in the immortal words of margaret atwood: “wanna bet”? look above; this is the simplest way.

    Poof! MooG disappears.

  13. And he’s back!

    You missed one, pumpkin.

  14. Or three.

    Don’t say the earth is not a flat disk held up by turtles because it’s a religion? Really! Sorry, comrade, censorship is not respectful.

    You like holding the hammer, dont’cha wendye. But, you lost the bet. Time to pay.

  15. Wendye

    Ignore the idiot. He is a sad and pathetic creature who craves attention. So ignore him. Poor little sad clown.

  16. i was providing an object lesson, moog. even i could see the other comments you’d made. i don’t care for your threatening tone, by the way.

    and yes, it’s entirely disrespectful to diss cultural beliefs like that, especially in sarcastic ignorance. first americans should be the victims of the empires genocide and sociocide, and *still* be mocked for the beliefs some still hold? i think that’s cold.

    regarding ‘you should have told me’ yada, yada. both you and he seemed to be having lot of fun with your arguments, almost like engaging in a duel. for me, after a few counter-arguments, it’s a bloody waste of time, so i went and worked on my slideshow and this post, took care of chores, etc.

  17. i will say that he has never added anything to the discussions here, and i don’t care for his participation. if he wants to change his behavior, that’s fine. if not, well, i’ll either block him or keep deleting his comments.

  18. My threatening tone! Geez, maybe you’ve acquired some neocon psychosis. Plus, you’ve been pretty withering since my return. I think you’ll be providing an object lesson of your capacity for belligerence.

    So you castigate FDL for insensitivity to first nations but watch me unwittingly duel with a hegemonster! And for what did I lose sympathy and get venom? I poo-pooed GG veneration, which clearly was developing into a cult of personality. Yes, wendyedavis can do cold.

    Talk about purity!

    Sort of like Truman, stupid enough to proclaim what his advisers counselled covertly, to let enemies destroy each other, so that his sanity is suspect to all.

    Get nothing from that, Wendy?

  19. You’re no psychiatrist, MJC. What do you malpractice?

  20. i actually chastised dennis trainor and acronym tv for using the impolitic graphic. he has been adopted by occupy tv, this should know better than that. but no.

    conflate much? why would i stop you from dueling with desider, and what would i possibly have said that you couldn’t figure out for yourself from his comments? please acknowledge that you painted me as needing cultural heroes like gg and pcr. my goodness, look at you try to shift that to a general trope.

    but thanks for putting me on your couch, offering such a pithy diagnosis. you just can’t stop with the barbs, can you? and yeah, your tor seems to have a roaming isp, which indeed is harder to block. but i still have the edit button. so either mend your ways, or the comments will go poof.

  21. There’s nothing to mend, comrade. I’m not even threatening the global platform for propagating WENDYEDAVIS but you’ve got to protect it from, well, “a bad attitude”. Pathetic proprietarianism.

    You didn’t just not stop, comrade, you were entertained. How’s about some props, instead of denial, eh? Be more honest, now wouldn’t it?

    Cults of personality are not a trope? Of course they are a trope and for that reason alone, you should have been more suspicious and suspect of GG veneration. Ain’t you learned, yet?

    I wonder if I can spend all your crypto-venom.

  22. ………………………………………………………………

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