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Ukraine Ceasefire Takes Hold, but an Expanding NATO on Russia’s Borders Raises Threat of Nuclear War


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Wales Summit Declaration

Issued by the Heads of State and Government
participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council
in Wales 4-5 September 2014

113 Nato Rules, Promises, and Threats.  aggressive defense and pre-emptive war in ‘aid’ of all Nato member nations, and all those the like to consider friends (allies).  assholes.

from the US mission to Nato twitter account, a massive display of force and the toys of war they so love.

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  1. a gathering of great warriors.

  2. I think we should go to a system, where if a leader decides to go to war, he or she has to be the first in the line of fire.

  3. it really is a feature of empire that they control who fights for the Imperium. it’s also why ending the draft was brilliant. an all-volunteer force can claim to be ‘only amurrikan patriots serve’, even if the military is a de facto jobs program (sign up bonuses can be $ 20 grand or more). ther than that, those fine ‘warriors’ should lead the charges up metaphorical san juan hills..

    but please, can we apply your rule to ‘leaders’, as in legislative bodies, as well? oh. i forgot. nowadays, a ruler has complete executive privilege to make war.

    as another object lesson in the Amurrikan Imperium: this day in 1877, i read, Crazy Horse was murdered. mr. wd did the math, said it was 137 years ago, iirc. (i have to get out a paper and pencil these days.)

  4. another day that gets ignored by the people in the photo, just passed.

    “the start of the war in Europe is generally held to be 1 September 1939, beginning with the German invasion of Poland; Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later”


    don’t want to talk about that day too much. specially when trying very hard to start another war in Europe.

  5. warrior, I hear that one every day now, constant bombardment of military ads on the radio.

    Please help the returning “warriors”

    I’ve asked, and never heard, what is the advertising budget of the Pentagon? It’s secret I think.

  6. well, i let my fingers do some albeit brief walking, and found that at least until 2009, the public disclosure part of it was knowable. (remembering that nick turse has dug into the ‘dark military budget’, and found it almost equal to the admitted one, which seems to be $533.7 billion for 2015. cuts to health benefits for some military families, big cuts to commissaries, etc., according to the waPo.

    but: “An Associated Press investigation found that over the past five years, the money the military spends on winning hearts and minds at home and abroad has grown by 63 percent, to at least $4.7 billion this year, according to Department of Defense budgets and other documents. That’s almost as much as it spent on body armor for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2004 and 2006.
    This year, (2009) the Pentagon will employ 27,000 people just for recruitment, advertising and public relations â?? almost as many as the total 30,000-person work force in the State Department.

    “We have got to be involved in getting our case out there, telling our side of the story, because believe me, al-Qaida and all of those folks … that’s what they are doing on the Internet and everywhere else,” says Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., who chairs the Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee. “Every time a bomb goes off, they have a story out almost before it explodes, saying that it killed 15 innocent civilians.”

    imagine what it must be now; oy. and i wonder how much congress authorizes (or even hides) for the ngo’s like national endowment for democracy, etc. private folks contribute too, as they do to center UA (pierre, for one), and few others. eva gollinger wrote a whole book about ned. but you can bet some of that lucre goes to propagnda efforts (i mean *advertisements*).

    cripes, this morning it’s ‘steadfast javellin II’ exercises, ships all over the black sea, and this ‘deterrent’:

    thanks for the reminder of the start of wwII; no, that isn’t so much in the news…

  7. ha. Why, look, markf: just made for both of your morning’s themes: ‘US Foreign Policy Comes Unhinged: The Imperial Rot of Armchair Warriors
    by ROB URIE

  8. well done… I tried to find that and got nothing at all. I expect you can at least double whatever they admit to. I know I hear military ads all day every day on US radio, brainwashing the citizens.

    I bet the world wide budget of the enemy is close to nothing at all.

    Youtube uploads are free.

    asymetric PR war.

    How many places are americans bombing these days? Man what a crazy system. How long can this continue.

  9. depends on which enemy’s budgets, really. quite a number of bad guy tyrants have hired PR firms, especially when they want some from the Empire’s purse (see many african purveyors of genocide, not just the midde eastern ones. this current batch? ‘uploads are free’, was very funny.

    we don’t know how many nations, do we? covert wars seem to be happening with our help so many places. i used to get info from crossed crocodile’s website for some of my africom posts.

    he’d disappeared for quite some time, and as he lives in ghana, i was concerned. but one day he posted again, and told of the food sovereignty program he’s working on there. (more agricultural rape by the gmo multinationals)

    i just went there to grab the link to nick turse’s most recent post on africom, and it ain’t a pretty post. watching african (re)colonization 2.0., 3.0 even from the sidelines is horrid.

    Tomgram: Nick Turse, AFRICOM Becomes a “War-Fighting Combatant Command” Posted by Nick Turse at 4:41pm, April 13, 2014.

  10. The imperial rot of armchair warriors sitting in cushy chairs in Georgetown mansions deciding who lives and who dies must be brought to an end.

    Not rot, contemptuous sabotage. After all, a newland is coming and somebody’s got to be in charge.

  11. good article in counterpunch thanks…

    fall is here, just saw a flock of sandhill cranes spiralling up, and then head south on the nice north wind, from a mile or more above the ground.

    what a sight.

  12. some might call it ‘treason from within’; i would.

    i also wanted to be clear. it’s not contrary opinions that i don’t like here. you may have noticed that wayoutwest made his own case about isil, and did it forcefully and well, without resorting to personal attacks or tangential accusations if i (or others, i forget how it went) couldn’t either get it , or not entirely subscribe to his point of view. *that* is what having a discussion looks like: back and forth that brings light, not just flames or heat, imo. i learned how much i indeed *hadn’t* learned about islamic state, and remembered why, in the end. nor will i go back and try to catch up.

    now if you want to look on the left sidebar ‘posts’ list, you can see what i decided about gg. but you don’t need to attack me for not getting it soon enough, or whatever your charges are. so yes, there will be some rules here, fuzzy as they are coming. you’re the first person to need moderating ever, like it or not.

  13. mark: i might just have to read it when i have time. i thought the title was uncannily timely….

  14. Treason? It’s been a while since I read this, but apparently most English captains did not go down with their ships. This elite fraud has been going on for years.

    In our situation, they’ve been very industrious justifying their betrayal, e.g., “there is no such thing as society.” Now why didn’t all the educated fools protest at once?

    Most of all, though, this, to them, is a necessary war, a war to preserve their interests. Since this is the capitalists’ country, there’s no treason in that.

    Personal attacks? Y’all are quicker with the curse than me, comrade. Of course, I may lacerate some of your idols now and again. That’s ok, no?

  15. Markf

    I just seen a picture from Alberta Canada (eh) Snow, white out conditions. Picture was alleged to have been taken a few days ago. There is another Polar Vortex headed our ways kids.

  16. snowed in the rockies west aberta bc border. keeps us alert.

  17. Alberta is a beautiful place physically, mostly rolling prairie badlands, with a Western fringe on the rockies, and filled with people who are destroying it, while proclaiming they love it.

    Ian Tyson song four strong winds is the most famous canadian tune about Alberta.

    here’s a nice tune

  18. See, y’all are flotsam, cast-offs from the grand theater of post-WWII America, the culmination of the Enlightenment, adrift of the new techno-fascist current. What great suffering and lamentation is inflicted on those spun off the new current! Their lives invested in the old current. Thier faith invested in the old current! How could the old current be abandoned? That’s treason!

    The compradors, instead, paddle voraciously to the new current. They do not follow the faith, they follow the new masters as they have long learned to.

    Where does Putie stand? Putie sees through this techno-fascist transformation, and the techno-fascists know it. He, and his tribe, are a threat.

    Does Putie have an alternative to techno-fascism? If he did, we’d have had a much more virulent go at WWIII. Instead, Putie declined an invitation from the vampires, but he knows they’ll keep knocking. Meanwhile, Putie is ransacking “political-economy” for alternatives.

    Well, I’m not sure of the last. I only submit it for your consideration.

  19. markf:

    ooh, yes; i’d forgotten ian tyson. i liked ‘sweetheart of the rodeo, but hadn’t remembered that it was the addition of gram parsons that turned on their country muses. cool.

    wow: gotta love this: “At its 2008 summit in Bucharest, Romania, then President George W. Bush and other NATO leaders agreed that Ukraine and Georgia, both former Soviet republics that the Russians consider part of their “near abroad,” would one day be admitted to the alliance.”

    cute: ‘near abroad’; ‘our backyard’, and tra la la euphemism. but ‘near abroad’ what?

  20. not ever having heard the term ‘techno-fascism’, i googled and found this from norman pollack, and will try to save time to read it later.

    ‘ransacking poitical economy’. do you mean forcing the EU for instance into backing off war, sanctions, and the like? that letter from the intel analysts they sent to merkel seems to have worked to a degree, and post-wales she mentioned ‘russia’s *alleged* invasion’ of ukraine. well, we’ll see, but both sides are blaming the other for the continued shelling in the donbass. haven’t checked the ‘news’ today.

    but when i clicked into counterpunch, one author (whitney?) was asking if putin might have just brought peace.

  21. I expect a bag of money bigger than the American bag, could do wonders for peace ukranian style. cheaper than war for russia.

  22. vice interviews ukrainian Nazis, our allies that need our aid.

  23. Pollack’s prose is useful but turgid and someways mistaken. For example, he says,

    [the] false consciousness above of another sort: a pathological quest for global dominance of the international system when that system itself no longer fears America.

    At one time this contradiction may have been true but this longstanding “pathology” has been transformed into a radical techno-fascism because the old seductions won’t maintain their dominance.

    To my speculation on Putin’s ransacking political economy, I mean: That the Russians were sold the fraud of neoliberalism only a decade before 911, the birth of neoliberalism’s techno-fascist replacement. That growth-capitalism is in terminal decline. That the Ruskies don’t know a replacement for social coherence, having tried so much. That they are inviting American conservatives in to foster family values …

    They embark on a new bewildering experiment, again under threat of hegemonsters.

  24. whoa, nellie, markf. that looks interesting, and did you read the comments? some definite opinions there, eh wot.

    i went and grabbed this piece i’d given operationmindcrime. weirdly, it concerns a piece at foreign policy mag, which is almost always ‘putin is gonna nuke ukraine’ sort of writing. and while i was there, i grabbed an older link with purdy pictures of those young neo-nazis all dressed up…

  25. Moo: thank you for explaining your thinking as contrary to pollack’s, but i’ll still need to try to save time to read his piece, as i’m no closer to grokking ‘techno-fascism’. i wouldn’t have known or called the RF’s sort of capitalism ‘neoliberal’, so that’s interesting in itself. but i’m completely in the dark about the meaning of these sentences:

    “That the Ruskies don’t know a replacement for social coherence, having tried so much. That they are inviting American conservatives in to foster family values …

  26. The primary technique of social control … The Russians have gone through feudalism, monarchy, “communism”, oligarchical “capitalism” but now searching for an alternative to fraudulent Western liberalism. They’ve used US evangelicals: partly to counter damage done under their “capitalist” phase and to prevent some of those “liberal” color interventionists.

  27. sorry; got a bit of a family emergency to sort out. see you when i can.

  28. gads, i found the pollack piece almost unreadable. talk about needing an editor! too bad he couldn’t get *jeremy* hammond’s name right, nor lulZsec, and my memory was he’d hacked into the stratfor files, although they may be related somehow…

    but i guess i do get what techno-fascism now, having poked around for more illustrative explanations. but your point was that russia is equally techno-fascistic? and oy, the nation piece was depressing. money line was asking close to: faith or politics? and good question, but that is decidedly the intersection at which i object to religion (and religious wars), although ‘missionaries’ are a close second.

    but my reading on the nation piece was that the govt was kneeling to evangelism more to push aside western values of permissibility, haphazard families, and reproductive choice than admiring those issues per se. but then in the US, roe v. wade is so under attack that who knows? i never thought i’d see the day.

    but the chuckle-worthy big news of the day is:

    ‘MH17 crash: Dutch experts say numerous objects hit plane’

  29. With the Airstrip 1 fighters red, white and cluelessly on an endless NATO stRAFing loop; I too am suffering chronic PNAC Attack fatigue.
    “We’re an empire now and when we act we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality judiciously, as you will, we’ll act again, creating other new realities which you can study too. And that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors and you, ALL of you, will be just left to study what we do.” – W’s ‘turd blossom’
    I weary of judiciously studying the burning Bush putsch across the entire Eurasian Megiddo front from Nukraine through the Syriass “caliphate” and the Gaza ghetto to the horn of Africom.
    The definition of ISIS U.S.; I’m sick of US’ ennui; I want We together, with ACTION to Terminate the HATO Scummitry.

    Tear Down The WALL$; Tear UP Wall $treet!

  30. Rove actually said that? or are you channeling him? funny, i’d forgotten ‘tear down the wall’ was in there. what i remembered most was ‘we are outlaws in the eyes of amurrika’. (the mix is terrible, isn’t it?)

  31. Whenever I completely despair of the machinations of the corporate Chicago School and its Obamanable criminal sleeper cell of the Baracksis of Evil, Slick Hilly and and da Do Rahm Rahm; I’m reminded of the dearth of progress by Part 1, but re-encouraged by Part 2 of Chi-town’s inspired Dialogue:

  32. that chicago tune was a new one for me. well, we can make it happen, if we all rowed the same direction, and stroked hard, were resolute, and…and…more enlightened?

    sleep well. the Urban Shield will protect you….

  33. No, I’m thinking the West needs more technofascism because it’s civil religion of progress has failed. Russia turned back to the Orthodox church to stabilize the social fabric:

    Post-Soviet Russia saw a huge revival in Orthodoxy after communism’s restrictions were lifted, and harsh new economic realities increased the appeal of the faith. By making common cause with the church and its goals, Putin has not only cast his regime’s opponents as enemies of Russian tradition, but shored up his popularity: Today, about 90 percent of Russians identify as Orthodox. The church is a marker of national identity, a source of political endorsements, and an official participant in the legislative process: In a 2009 agreement with Putin’s ruling United Russia party, the country’s top Orthodox official, Patriarch Kirill, won the right to review (and suggest changes to) any legislation being considered by the Duma. Since then, both Putin and Patriarch Kirill have stated explicitly and repeatedly that they believe in collaboration between church and state—a partnership that is helping to drive the government’s campaign against homosexuality.

    They “push aside western values of permissibility, haphazard families, and reproductive choice” by resort to the traditional glue of society and partly because some of that is an illusion of Western progress. The gay rights advance in the West, and I am not against gay rights, is a symbol of progress but a cynical replacement for social welfare. So, politically, it’s a rejection of a Western fraud and reproductive policy; religiously, it’s both traditional ethics and politics of righteousness.

    Is it possible to hold a society together without the religious or political manipulation? Well, we know the authoritarians have a reliable answer.

  34. That is, “politically it’s reproductive policy and rejection of a Western fraud;”

  35. well then i’m not getting what techno-fascism is, unless it’ ‘policy by experts of some stripe’ or something. but hmmm. the nation piece echoes this israel shamir post about pussy riot that sarah b provided on medea benjamin’s nato post at the fdl ghetto.

    and hilariously, if you click the first hotlink, you see victoria nuland weighing in. really did read like the gurls either began or evolved into a psyops group against putin.

    as an aside, i have a boatload of links on my current word document, and i may just dump them here raw and link to this open menu on another site i keep for storage so i can find them again.

  36. Nato Ballistic Missile Defense

    Minsk ceasefire protocol: Ukraine to be decentralized, special status for Lugansk, Donetsk

    Arms firms implicated in illegal US drone strikes ‘bought influence’ at NATO summit – Reprieve UK

    Policing Empire by Stuart Schrader
    The call to demilitarize police overlooks the longstanding link between policing and empire.

    Futile Fatalism

    Michael Hudson: Losing Credibility – The IMF’s New Cold War Loan to Ukraine: The IMF’s two loans to Ukraine this year were clearly in violation of IMF rules. They demonstrate the degree to which the IMF is an arm of U.S. Cold War politics.

  37. Wait! What happened to TS (Turban Shield)?

    BS (Bush Shad0) finally gave US Brother Bill’s definition of what IS IS!
    Der POTUS, Poppy sez : Bring on The CALIPHATE!!

  38. “…and turn the desert sands to glass!”

    sick song, lol.

  39. Dear Diary: I believe that’s community to rubble; rubble to sand; sand to glass, and glass back to sand, again.

    And so goes empire …
    But, Lovely to see You again, my Friend.

  40. A thought…science in terms of astronomical physics keeps taking us further and further back to the origins of the universe. Politics seems to be doing the same, at least as far as the return to primitive origins of political happenings – the polis and ‘Politeia’ being the true title of what we less accurately have named Plato’s ‘Republic’ (from ‘res publica’: public ‘things’ instead of ‘people-ness’).

    As you get further back, way back beyond the ethical Greek philosophers, you come finally to things colliding in the absence of humanity and humanness, as evidenced by O’s latest speech, as critiqued by Jan Oberg, “Obama’s Speech: A New Moral Law”, at this memorable day. Not a long article, but enough for me to avoid said speech like the veritable ebola plague that is our current horror. And I might also parenthetically observe that Obama even embodies the new morality in his face – notice how it is becoming fleshless.

    Then, there is this:

    “There is a remarkable sentence where the President says that in two weeks he himself will chair a meeting of the UN Security Council! What?! Can any head of state do that??”

    Time for multi-polarity to reassert itself, and in that spirit here’s a slice of lost near-present-day ‘old’ morality:

    “…If we want to bring together what is divided, we cannot do so by imposing one division upon the other…” [Thomas Merton]

    Sorry not to be making sense of what is currently happening on the polis scene – it is rather like being in the Hall of Mirrors at one or another of the state fairs currently underway. Do they still have halls of mirrors? Maybe not, since we seem to be trapped in one.

    Courage, friends.

  41. bruce: thank you for the great moody blues, and for the metaphor. stellar remix, too. did decartes get it right? ;) is thinking ‘self-awareness’, i’ve always wondered? oooh… the maxfield parishes! (i confess i have a small triptych of his prints (sp?) in a frame… whooosh.

  42. i have read some trippy new things concerning cosmology, but i confess that while i love reading them, i don’t really grasp them… like: the universe is expanding more slowly that once thought, lol.

    but i couldn’t agree more that we do seem trapped in a hall of mirrors, or at least our ‘Rulers’ are. boomerangs and disconnects and projected power brought to you in the last throws of a dying empire. dying planet, some say.

    but with ‘the return to primitive origins of political happenings’ do you mean the boomerang, or socio-political devolution?

    merton knew how to turn a philosophical phrase, didn’t he? easy to get lost in his essays, even if (again) i fail to grasp their meanings entirely.

    nice to have you back, and i owe you mail. ‘nother day with sooo many chores and obligations i put off once i saw the protest in ferguson happening. good on those pesky folks, trying to make their world a whole lot better.

    turns out it wasn’t all silly having anderson cooper in ferguson. ;) these folks went to HIM! new witnesses, new video *of the witnesses*. execution all the way, but the grand jury may never indict darren wilson.

    oh, and i’ll check out oberg’s piece as i’m able.

  43. If not you, who? As for me, I think … I AM. (Although lately, even I’ve wondered if NSA’s not creeping in ;~( ) !

  44. i read jan oberg’s piece; yes: yuk speech; i’ll pass, too. but since you seem to be intrigued by cosmology, astrophysics, and your mirrors reminded me of some of the fun parts of quantum mechanics, you might like any on this page of youtube videos.
    (yeah, the koch bros. sponsor a lotta novas, but i watch anyway… :)

  45. 0’s being the present Poppy Company man absolutely prohibits “the Vision THING”, with or without the looking glass.

    (Or rather than NSA; maybe it was Stratfor’ !)

  46. good fun there. ;) who’dda thought they’d do alice?

    i’ll add these:
    Google just put up ‘navigable’ images of a street view tour of the Pyramids of Giza and other attractions. my goodness ,it’s cool.,31.2164186,3a,75y,358.22h,103.35t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sMEtvFSK_caxSHurTkd7Puw!2e0!3e5

    i put up the grand canyon trek once; here it is again.

    the galapagos islands; haven’t seen it, can’t wait. i don’t see how to navigate it yet…

  47. Here’s the goggle earth global circumnavigation I dread:

    ( ),
    depicted descending upon central Florida.
    Isn’t That SPECIAL?

  48. thanks…i reckon. ;) why florida? they hate you for your disney world?

    damn, church lady was funny…

  49. I do hope you have time to listen to this explosive interview, wendye! (Of course, ‘explosive’ may be considered a relative term, since this is ‘little’ New Zealand we are talking about here, but Glenn is at his best) – I tried to stir up the nakedcapitalism folk with a comment there (I know, you don’t want to go hunting for a vague needle in a haystack – I’ll put up the link next) but really this radio interview tells what’s needed – and it is from this morning in New Zealand, so just a bit ago:

    If you don’t have time it’s okay – I’ll try fdl next.

  50. Here’s the nc link – not a lot of comments but the article needed help as I felt it was a bit snarky.

  51. i read your comments at nc, no taker, sadly. and while i know how personal NZ issues and geopolitics are to you, i ask you to remember than mr. greenwald has never posted any of the snowden docs re: ukraine (fuck you, pierre omidyar), *nor* nsa documents about a people’s insurrection in the US, of which i am sure there are many. and i do know how closely you follow events in ukraine.

    yet gg mocks other entities that check with the security agencies to ask if they have problem with X revelations, but he does the exact same thing. yes, i am quite disenchanted with him, and the rate of his ‘drip, drip’, esp when he was ‘so tired of all this’. and there has been no meaningful attempt to unwind bulk collection of meta-data (simply a few crap measures by ‘progressive members of congress’, as i the same for ‘studying’ 1033 military toys for police departments (mcCaskill, grayson)

    wsh i could remember the exact question i’d asked gg at the intercept. the only reason he answered me was to demonstrate how he would be, they would be, yada yada, in the future. sorry to be a crank, but meanwhile, all the attention is on the nsa, when all the other security state acroynms are running amok doing the same shit.

  52. i’d meant to add that if these ‘revelations’ serve to bring down john key or his government (does NZ issue ‘no confidence’ votes?) good-o; we hate liars. but please ask yourself how long gg has been sitting on these docs since he’d declared ‘there are no more documents of interest’ in the cache.

    kim dotcom on twitter:

    dunno why yves dissed him and his ‘naughty ways’ or whatever. a paen to the nsa, perhaps?

  53. here ya go, mate; just for you. two full hours of ‘the moment of truth’. ;)

  54. Hah, yes, did you get your answer about Kim Dotcom? Yves doesn’t like him because his mega site was distributing lots of free copywrighted stuff so that concept challenges her book sales – I can understand being peeved at that, though I think folk who might have read her there wouldn’t have money for books anyway.

    I was up to get the feed above and wow, had Glenn, Julian, even Edward right next to my pillow, very exciting for an old lady. I think the big surprise from KD was that he has now a mega feed business that’s completely encrypted, he claims, so a new way of viewing the internet outside of all the NSA folderol. I have no way of saying yes he does but that feed was the best I’ve ever had on my littl ol’ laptop. Usually ‘live’ jams up on me; this one didn’t.

    800 people couldn’t get in – that’s massive for Auckland (I’ve been in that Town Hall, it’s lovely and roomy as well. Saw Britton’s Guide to the Orchestra, theme from Bach, whatever that’s called as a high school student there – majestic place.)

    Thanks for your help – I slept but awoke right on cue. And entertaining it was, for sure, for this old kiwi.

  55. hell’s bells, woman; i didn’t watch it! i might snatch teen minutes in a row to get online these days… and that one don’t come close to a priority. but yes, when i remembered megaupload, i twigged. (poor, poor, memory) they want him bad for prosecution!

    no comprende on the tech stuff, hope it helps, though… nuttin’ TTP related, though?

    got jiggy with the boys, didja? excellent! ;)

    back to the grind…er…chores….er…real life obligations.

  56. crikey, given that i gave you kim’s twitter thang, it’s silly to sopon feed you (if not possibly insulting, sorry), but a couple may be of interest to you:

    (internal link to key’s ‘declassification’ of docs

  57. Sorry to take a while to get back – I was reading additional posts over at thedailyblog and some links were interesting. The entire forum devoted itself to the surveillance issue for the most part. Here’s what Kim Dotcom had to say:

    “My case only affects me. It doesn’t matter tonight. That’s why we didn’t make a big deal out of it. You need to get your priorities right. We have focussed on the much bigger lie, which is every single New Zealander is subjected to mass surveillance.”

    The reason they did this, I think, was because no sooner was Glenn Greenwald in the country than Key went on the attack, calling him ‘Dotcom’s little henchman.’ First part of the program was Greenwald’s hilarious comments about this. Then in interviews before the forum, the issue raised was that Key had misrepresented the GCSB bill that passed with one or two votes last year, that it did not allow surveillance on NZ citizens, with Key going public to say that if it was proven otherwise, he would resign. So that got everyone concentrating on proving that New Zealanders WERE being targeted, and Edward Snowden said up front yes they were, because he had actually seen not just megadata but the emails and such of New Zealanders (that x-key thingie)when he was working at NSA. And also that there were two stations to tap into the ‘feed’ in the North Island, one of which was in Auckland.

    I had not understood the situation with Kim Dotcom and an email which he had originally been planning to release at the forum, but it got upstaged by the Herald releasing it and claiming it to be a fake. Instead, Dotcom said he would lay the matter before a parliamentary commission and made the above statement.

    There was a mention of the TPP, but more in the context of the difficulties New Zealand would be in since so much of their trade is with China. This was from Dotcom’s lawyer who stated directly that Key was a traitor. He made it clear that what was going to happen with TPP was that the US corporations would set the rules and Key knows that.


    Here’s a bit of background about the Dotcom case from Gordon Campbell at (a July editorial):

    “Even a bright seven year old could see why Dotcom’s application for residency should not have been approved.[in 2010, same time as Hobbit shenanigans with Warner Bros insisting the labor law got changed.]
    Yet it was, regardless. Why, then, was it approved? Here we get into the realm of the “INZ being under political pressure” to approve Dotcom’s application. Given the basic illogic of the approval,[rich but shady] the OIA emails lend support to the theory that Dotcom was being granted residency here at the urging of the American government and its corporate lobbyists in Hollywood– so that he could then be extradited to the US for prosecution, via the joint operation [with FBI]that was being mooted at the time of the residency approval. Keep in mind that the emails about Dotcom were flying back and forth during the very same fortnight in 2010 that Prime Minister was meeting with top Warners executives about The Hobbit.”

    I repeat, none of this aired last night – it was focussed on the spy issue. Hope that all helps with the Dotcom question – sorry to go on at length. msm was wanting to make it a Dotcom night; I think that’s why the participants decided against and brought in Edward Snowden to emphasize the message.

    I will watch it again when I can as I need to home in on what Assange said and what the lawyer said also. But finis for now, you will be glad to hear.

  58. i had known that key had issued that dare, and it reminded me of colorado sentate candidate gary hart’s dare, whom the journalists then *did* follow, and discover he was having a rather torrid extra-marital affair. no senate seat for hart, the idjit. sometimes hubris will bite one in the butt, eh?

    i’d scanned the campbell piece on the coop page, so i kinda/sorta knew a bit of the backgound, but you’ve illuminated it quite more, so thank you.

    the ttp is in fact treasonous, as we’ve said ourselves. but scotus rarely sees things our way. wonder if the ‘monsanto rider’ would be found unconstitutional? nah; the ‘potentially lost profits’ payouts for nafta, wto, tra la la…must have been taken to the high courts, yes? dagnabbit, the term: oh: investor state provisions. bah.

  59. Timing is so close to the election, and NZers are not feeling the austerity pinch, though housing prices soaring astronomically might weigh in. Auckland is out of sight affected. I’m thinking Key may still squeak in, but like Nixon will be facing some commissions of enquiry – in NZ’s case, both parliamentary and royal. Hard to know how such will go with Five Eyes running things, but plenty of grist for the mill as privatization was NOT popular and Key went ahead anyway. Other factor is how mealymouthed Cunliffe has been – best case scenario: Labor gets pushed to third best and the Greens come out ahead! (I know, I’m Polyanna.)

  60. Both counterpunch and commondreams have articles; this thing has legs.

  61. as i just told markf, i will need to come back later to respond, as well as to include some opinion that to me is quite relevant.

  62. ‘so close to election’ was exactly my earlier point. how nice it would have been for snowden and greenwald to have mentioned all this earlier when it could have made a HUGE electoral difference. it’s not as though they’d forgotten that NZ is a five eyes nation, eh?

    i wanted to say in addition that i have been impressed that julian assange (and whomever else posts as wikileaks on their twitter machine have been so very often in solidarity with snowden, and i guess gg.

    and this, after gg had made a huge point of separating ‘good, responsible leakers (snowden having been ‘good’ for letting gg and whomever to vet stuff for ‘dangerous documents), and assange, who released most stuff that the G didn’t originally object to…or something, then letting folks crowd-source it, as greg mitchell did for a long time.

    also, given that pierre was funding the intercept, and gg claimed never have checked into paypal’s blockade of wikileaks, nor his other rather creepy financial history, it would have been quite understandable for wikileaks to balk, imo.

    meanwhile, pierre has delayed the launch of First Look for a year or two, he said. wonder what’s up with that?

  63. two great links from RT:

    ‘Karzai’s farewell speech: US didn’t want peace in Afghanistan’ (file under ‘Duh’, and how much USian lucre went into your pocketses before you refused to sign the new sotu?)

    And hilarity on a stick:
    ‘Blackwater founder: We could have fought ISIS if Obama hadn’t ‘crushed my old business’ (subtext: but we’ll be back under a next-generation neocon prez)

  64. Ah yes, the air is fresher here!

    I have another link to recommend, after I’ve just foraged around and put my comment at fdl on the one ebola thread at the newsdesk, so I won’t repeat it all. This site was linked at a comment at and I’ve spent the whole morning reading through a couple of articles and comments. What I’m getting is that increased resources seem to concentrate the ebola infections overwhelmingly into the healthcare communities in countries which unfortunately get visited by the disease. It’s the later stages that are highly infectious, so doctors, hospital workers are extremely vulnerable and many have died. Plus they’ve been totally behind the 8 ball in Dallas. I sure hope it is only a wakeup call, but that family with that infected man home? Ai. Anyway, all the stories are very tragic.

    I loved this site though, and you will like this quote I think:

    “…Genetic fitness of the population is enhanced when there is less medical rescue, and less high-tech medicine resulting in patient sub-populations with immuno-suppression or other genetic vulnerabilities.” In other words, the rich nations ARE at risk because they have that there stuff, the high tech medicine.

  65. i do like the quote, juliania.

    i grabbed this link for you just in case you wanted different opinions. but i agree, as far as non-weaponized viral and infectious diseases, mutant influenzas are likely candidates for the next pandemic.

    and i can’t believe you switched open menus, silly woman. but i admit, your posting on that one managed to trigger my time warp confusion (not that it doesn’t happen often).

    edited again: that link didn’t work for me, but it’s okay; as i said, i just can’t get too excited by ebola, but i didn’t with avian flu, either. AIDS? yes.

  66. Try this:

    A more readable article follows in my next link.


    Also posted comments at fdlaction “ebola panic” site has other links.

    My daughter feels her hospital is ready, which is good. Too early for a pandemic situation, I would agree. But places where it is rampant must feel worse than a pandemic. And nurses came out in force saying most US hospitals are not prepared (commondreams article).

    I keep remembering the squeaky wheel thing. I do believe we need to start squeaking.

  68. good on you, miz squeaky wheel, and good on your daughter’s horsepital for being ready.

  69. Predicted frost tonight, rain and cold wind all day, harvested some basil and dill, reading and writing, was also over at the countering punch and saw the real economics likely to be trickling down into my wallet. ;)

    Paul Craig Roberts again, making too much sense of reality to doubt him. Borrowing money to buy up your own stock to keep the “value,” up.

    The four of us who formed a garage band 1997 had schlepped equipment into the small auditorium for them a year earlier, skipping out of middle school and hopping the bus ( geez, we did have public transport back then) to our county seat in the middle of the afternoon, end of May,1966.

  70. Sandwoman’s a callin’, saying that it’s just about…

  71. both are easily two of my top (dunno how many) favorites, amigo. i’d never heard that performance of ‘harlem’, though. when i offer it as a gift to someone on the boards, i’m often confounded that they fail to swoon…. ;)

    guess it will have to clear there to frost, yes? it’s so hard looking at the garden now, but i am at least gettin’ used to it a bit, and watered a few things that are more frost-proof so we can bring a few blooms in to cheer us.

    yes, a quick scan indicates that roberts is right. i seem to be over my tummy sick by now, and got some sleep last night, thank morpheus.

    how did the byrds manage to inject so much pathos and poignancy into that dylan tune, and yet i still have no idea what the lyrics mean? how fun you did roadie duties for the as a kid. (my, you must be a lot younger than i!)

    thank you, thank you.

  72. Thanks, wendye. An interesting fdl ebola diary had me puzzling last night before I commented, was surprised the gentleman has continued on as frequently ones like that are a flash in the pan.

    Gorgeous weather here right now. I guess the balloonists are happy campers. See if I can post somethin’.

  73. i’m glad you’re doing what you need to do, juliania. and i reckon you must mean that they ‘aren’t’ happy campers given the cancellation, eh?

  74. that said, and adding in the truth that ebola is of marginal interest to me, for some: grilled cheese and tomahtoe soup are of great importance. ruth calvo’s piece on same now has 79 comments. i despair for the alleged progressive left.

  75. Some of us are focusing on halting a Guv so we can survive to another year without being forced to a one ticket ballot. I’m left (handed) not sure I want to take on any other labels. ;)

    Actually I’m OK with wrapping up the garden which is far from finished. Brought about 20 lbs of veggies to a group of people today, we were helping an acquaintance packing things for a move.

    Glad you enjoyed the tunes. I started HS Autumn 1966. I had ascribed definite meanings to the Dylan’s lyrics. We were just about finished with 8th grade that spring. Had to check my math on the flashback/wayback machine.

    Radical Jesuit/Administrator at a city parochial school thought it important to keep youth entertained in a supervised environment, Brought bands all that summer, Byrds, Turtles, Shadows of Knight, Association, Herman’s Hermits, want to include Chicago (the band) still visualizing the horn section, would have to twist my brain to recall them all. Sponsored battle of the bands for local teens, thus we formed ours.

  76. Monday Funnies…

    Sarah Palin: My heart goes out to the people of Ebola.

    Off to greet the day…

  77. good on your generosity, mr. left-handed. you arguably have one of the top four guvs in the country, don’t you? only peeked at the cartoons, the palin one is hilarious, but so is the oprah one. gawds, what a cow that woman is!

    i hear you on the garden wrap-up in a way, but still it means winter will come, and i’ll be trapped inside, and i hate that.

    hmmmm, arithmetic. you may be only a few years newer than i am, the van morrisons (will listen to the whole queue later), love moondance and into the mystic well, to, but this one still is a fave….

    bread day for me, 4 loaves to knead, and i wanna try to finish this post i’ve been working on for far too long. ‘when google met wikileaks’, and i’ve watched so many vids, read so many articles, that i am fairly confused as to what was where, la la la.

    i’ll not ask about the lyrics, but if you have a mind to, tell me anyway. ;)

    there was a night long ago in boulder i played it all night. coyote the trickster had seemingly helped to get my tit in a wringer in a major disaster, and that ong just…felt right. so i may have unwittingly cast the lyrics with my own personal drama…or something.

  78. via naked capitalism via the onion: ‘CDC Announces Americans Should Make Plans To Say Goodbye To Loved Ones’

    “ATLANTA—During a brief, impromptu press conference at the agency’s headquarters this morning, Centers For Disease Control director Dr. Thomas Frieden announced that Americans should start making plans to say goodbye to loved ones right away. “Citizens are advised to bid farewell to parents, children, and any other friends or family they haven’t seen in a while,” Frieden told reporters, adding that if you live anywhere in the Northeast, you should definitely call within the next 48 hours, if not by tonight. “If you have any unresolved emotional issues with any family member whatsoever, now is the time to work those out—I mean right now, because there will not be another chance. You don’t want any regrets.” Concluding his statement to the American public, Frieden said, “Dad, I love you. And I’m so sorry you never really got to know your grandson.”

  79. OT, but timely: a modicum of progress to keep mountain tops and their watersheds alive.

    Still a far cry from the 1985 MORATORIUM In perpetuity intended by the Clean Water Act (and may be a provocation to Congress’ ultimately vacating the law). But saved one valley for now.

  80. well, good on Judge Amy Berman-Jackson. that is truly good to hear. (i’ll embed the link if i can…)

    and open menus are ALL topics, so nothing can be ‘off’. ;)

  81. Oy. an veh. but hold those thoughts; i’m gonna live retweet some of the ferguson october protests. do you’ll want me to cross-post, or just read at my fdl if you’re interested? that would be easir, but i’m willing. or i could just leave the link here, folks could comment, etc. guess we have only a couple folks who can’t go there in…person. ;)

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