Imperial Decay by ClassWarFilm


Number of billionaires hits new record high in 2014-report

And Then Came Sharpton: Helping Keep Blacks in Their Place

 World Bank Pays $500 Million to Ukraine Central Bank Despite Warnings of World Bank Board and IMF Staff (naked capitalism)

46 responses to “Imperial Decay by ClassWarFilm

  1. Moo Godawefree/Baby Dumpling

    Ooo. Corruption. Wingnutz. O’Bummer. Terrists. Stoopid Publik. etc.

    And glimmers of remorse.

    But goddamn idle gatekeepers and pontificators everywhere in this decadent hegemonster.

  2. guess not everyone can be as erudite and revolutionary as your hero, chris sourpuss hedges, baby dumpling. (kewl addition, by the by, alexander)

  3. And the 3 empirical processes of the decadence remain external invasion, internal corruption and production of diversionary spectacles. That would Be US!

  4. Alex "Baby" Dumpling

    Oh. I think you can’t trust anyone who’s not a sourpuss these days. You must agree, eh, comrade?

    Hee hee.

    Thank gott the hegemonsters didn’t pull off a color insurrection in St. Petersburg.

    Say, do you know any hegemonsters personally? Want to compare notes?

  5. Alex "Baby" Dumpling

    BTW, is Chris off his game? Still citing that godaweful “inverted totalitarian” newspeak, now he says de Toke-y-Swill has diagnosed our mortal ailment (democracy):

    Above these [proles] an immense tutelary power is elevated, which alone takes charge of assuring their enjoyments and watching over their fate. It is absolute, detailed, regular, farseeing, and mild. […] the sovereign extends its arms over society as a whole; it covers its surface with a network of small, complicated, painstaking uniform rules through which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot clear a way to surpass the crowd; […] it does not tyrannize, it hinders, compromises, enervates, extinguishes, dazes, and finally reduces each nation to nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd.

    Does that remind you of our totalitarianism? Now, a snobbish Gallic Aristocrat might say that we do suffer anesthetized interlecturers, but we should toss that moldy bit of foresight on the trash heap. He didn’t foresee the Orwelllian brand of totalitarianism we have no alternative to today. The poor snob was wondering were we’d end up without meritorious aristocrats and didn’t imagine they’d soon evolve into fascist technocrats

    Maybe Chris fancies de Toke-y-Swill and so he ignored the cognitive dissonance. And why does he keep up with that Wolin crap? I don’t know. Maybe you can help, comrade?

  6. the three landed the dude a triple, bruce. i have a friend who maintains ‘the empire is doing fine, thank you’, but he either jests in irony, or doesn’t see the time horizon of the fall, i think. i’ve long read the opinion that before its demise an empire i so panicked that it flails around militarily, trying to corner every resource possible, and reap all the profits it can.

    i swear, i think isil is another distraction, and a such i’ve studiously avoided reading all but one diary about it, and that one mostly for fun. but good grief; two of every three posts at counterpunch is about it, fdl and the ghetto diaries have been similarly. time for a blonde white gurl to get disappeared soon, eh?

    okay, truth is i do monitor nato’s twitter machine to see whassup, and the isis/isil bravado is even creepier than evil russia muscular hyperbolic threats. but in the end (and i have links for six different posts), i keep comin’ back to police killing people at will, and with virtual impunity.

    but: my father-in-law is coming to visit for five days tomorrow, so i won’t post until after that, and that’s prolly a good thing.

    ukraine is in the strangest holding pattern, with dueling press releases on kyiv passing the eu-pact they deposed yanukovitch over, and what promises/revenges are in the current plans. yats, of course, is yapping wildly like some heel-biter of a tiny dog…

  7. i admit i never read de toqueville, and even had to look up ‘tutelary’, lol. hedges reminds me of him a bit: pampered, intellectual in an ivory tower trying to Lead the People…somewhere. chomsky’s been kinda like that lately, no? or has he long been and i’d quit reading him?

    really, i only have the one wolin quote on inverted totalitarianism on my blogging help word document. should i care what this anti-democratic, anti-constitutional rule by oligarchs is called? ah, i dunno. mot people don’t even recognize what’s goin’ on, andin that i include some of my friends i always had reckoned were far more aware than the average bear. but mr. wd says he actually sees some of them with freaking political bumper stickers on their cars: hillary’s for one. holy smokey joe.

    gotta shut down; big storm tryin’ to come in, and my router is very sensitive to lightning. hope to goddess it rains.

  8. I think it’s kakistocracy (Definition ISIS: government by the worst persons). But looking it up, there was simply a picture of Obama; perhaps it’s a Barackakistocracy, as the epitome of the Peter Principle.

  9. When industrial farming growth due to favors granted to industrial farms for unlimited use of (in the public trust) potable water resources and completely unregulated dumping of dairy cattle waste onto Karst fractured limestone, pollutes 39% of private water wells in a nearby county, ISIS cannot cause greater fear to my well-being or for that of my offspring. Not feeling any safer for the local Sheriff having brought the already done deal to acquire an MRAP to the county board of supervisors for their, “blessing.” Thanks wendy, harvesting/preserving what we can, also.

  10. Ill, the Barackakistocrat refuses to effect this over Quarter CENTURY old water pollution ELIMINATION DEADLINE of the Clean Water Act, either –
    “33 U.S. Code § 1251 – Congressional declaration of goals and policy:
    (a) Restoration and maintenance of chemical, physical and biological integrity of Nation’s waters; national goals for achievement of objective
    The objective of this chapter is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters. In order to achieve this objective it is hereby declared that, consistent with the provisions of this chapter—
    (1) it is the national goal that the discharge of pollutants into the navigable waters be eliminated by 1985.”

  11. gads, nonquixote; even college campuses are getting 1033 armaments (‘just n case’, i reckon). wtf? but local is where it hurts most, the idiocy and calumny. i saw a headline that gov moonbeam may issue an order to stop ‘water on demand’ (although i don’t know their systems) cuz of the drought, and perhaps cuz the central valley is sinking due to depleted aquifers, *and* additionally that fracking waste chemicals are leaking into the water. kee-rist, we are so stupid as a species, or at least some of them are.

    mr wd is on two water boards, and has his employer’s proxy for a third, and that third one, especially, is really makin’ him crazeee. so: i feel your pain and anger.

  12. i have faith that obomba will indeed enforce the act quite soon, bruce. but in the meantime:

    ‘Obama delays key power plant rule of signature climate change plan:
    A week before major UN talks on climate change, EPA extends comment period for rule to cut carbon pollution from plants’

    “The proposed power plant rules were meant to be the signature environmental accomplishment of Obama’s second term.

    The threat of a delay in their implementation comes just one week before a heavily anticipated UN summit where officials had been looking to Obama to show leadership on climate change.

    In a conference call with reporters, the Environmental Protection Agency said it was extending the public comment period on the power plant rules for an additional 45 days, until 1 December.

    The delay follows heavy lobby by Republicans and industry lobby groups to delay the rule – or withdraw it outright. Fifteen governors had called on Obama and the EPA to withdraw the proposed regulations, which would cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.”

    oh, those evil republicans, always forcing him to do shit he’d planned to do anyway.

    y’all hopin’ the scots vote for independence? even as relatively ignorant as i am on the key issues, i sure hope they leave the queen. vote’s tomorrow, i’m sure you know.

  13. Alex "Baby Moor" Dumpling

    Poor Hedges, he’s driven wild. “[We need to be radical]” though :

    This is not a battle I would have picked. I prefer incremental and piecemeal reform. I prefer a system in which we can elect politicians to represent the governed and thwart corporate abuse. I prefer a United Nations that serves the interests of people around the globe rather than corporate profit. I prefer a vigorous and free debate in the public arena. I prefer a judiciary that is not a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state. I prefer the freedom to express dissent without government monitoring of my communications and control of my movements. I prefer to have my basic civil liberties protected. But we do not live in such a system.

    So “[We must have direct action; a march with greenwashers is a diversion!]”

    Resistance will come from those willing to breach police barricades. Resistance will mean jail time and direct confrontation. Resistance will mean physically disrupting the corporate machinery. Resistance will mean severing ourselves from the dominant culture to build small, self-sustaining communities. This resistance will be effective only when we refuse to do what we are told, when we turn from a liberal agenda of reform to embrace a radical agenda of revolt.

    To black bloc or not, that is not the question to divide us.

    Re the Scots independence, yes, a landmark consciousness raiser, but I wonder why these considerations don’t get much attention, hmmm?:

    [Will independence] strengthen the Scottish working class, principally by clearing the path for socialist revolution once independence is achieved and the nationalists are exposed and discredited[?] This is definitely one likely perspective that we need to keep in our hypotheses for a post-independent Scotland. But I don’t think that independence is a necessary precondition for socialist revolution as this seems to imply. There is no solid reason that it will help the socialist revolution. Did independence for the Republic of Ireland pave the way for socialist revolution? No and this was despite the fact that the independence struggle had a strong socialist character and was led by two revolutionary socialists, Connolly and Larkin, rather than the petty bourgeois Alex Halmond and the SNP. Independence led to decades of right-wing rule under Fine Gael and Finna Fail. For that matter, how many ex-British colonies experienced socialist revolutions following independence? The point is that there is no certainty at all that independence for Scotland will accelerate socialist revolution and no reason to use that as a justification for advocating a Yes vote.

    Are the Scottish working class aware that this could very well be a means of crapitalist divide and conquer?

    Independence may bring with it a certain confusion and disorientation on the part of the Scottish working class. Who now is the class enemy? After hundreds of years fighting an English-dominated bourgeoisie in the context of the United Kingdom, who now are we pitted against once we are alone? Is our enemy the Scottish bourgeoisie or the English and if we are still fighting the English who still control most of the economy, how do we fight them now on our own?

    Therefore, there may be confusion on how the class struggle should be continued once there is no direct political link to the UK and other British workers. Rather than accelerating the class struggle and the socialist revolution, Scottish workers may feel isolated and their class confidence could even decline. In a situation of crisis where no mass socialist alternative was present the divisions which occasionally flares up between Scottish Protestants and Catholics could becomes a real sectarian conflict, nurtured by the bourgeoisie and the nationalists to divide the working class. The point is that there are lots of possible scenarios and we can’t categorically say that the road to socialist revolution will be accelerated by independence.

    So why don’t we hear much caution broadcast?

    some left groups misguidedly see this as some sort of mass “working class independence movement” and therefore fail to attack the Scottish nationalists and layers of the bourgeoisie who are behind them.

    Is this another case of crapitalist “Heads we win, tails you lose?” And what about the authentic differences of opinion in the working class?

    It is not straight forward that workers voting No are backward layers with illusions in British capitalism, the monarchy and the Establishment. Some do, but a large section of these No-voting workers already see through the nationalists for what they are and have few illusions in an independent capitalist Scotland. Consequently, calling for a Yes vote can mean we are cutting ourselves off from an important section of advanced workers.

    Beware the next crapitalist seduction.

  14. "Baby Moor" Dumpling


    we’re not broke, it’s just that the money is in the wrong places. So we need to get more of the resources from polluters, whether they’re fossil fuel companies or whether it’s the military.

    Yes, but remember: the crapitalists now invest in death. This is not a miscalculation; it is a reversion to the old crapitalist methods for securing their profit. Pace, Naomi for your morale-keeping: there is an alternative, we have justice on our side:

    If we live up to our historical responsibilities and have a just climate response it would mean that the countries that created the crisis would lead the way, would cut our emissions first, but also help developing countries to pull themselves out of poverty without repeating our errors by leapfrogging over fossil fuels and moving straight to clean energy. Which would mean that this could really be a tremendous force for social justice. […] the book is a call for a revival of the kind of broad-based social movements that have won mass progressive victories in the past. We don’t have that anymore. We have slick NGOs, and everybody’s in their silos, and everybody tackles their issue and they only talk to each other. And climate change connects the dots between so many issues: labor, women’s rights, indigenous rights, reparations, the decay of our cities, the dismantling of the public sphere, racial justice, immigration. And why wouldn’t it be? This is our home, this is not an issue. So it is a framework, really, for bringing movements together.

    But, are the Ghandian peace and justice seekers, at the mercy of barbarians, to take heart in “decentralized”, subscription energy converters?

    It’s not that there’s no money to be made and no wealth in a green economy, in a renewable economy, or regenerative economy. That it’s not going to generate the kind of wealth that fossil fuels develop. Fossil fuels really do create a hyper-stratified economy. It’s the nature of the resources that they are concentrated, and you need a huge amount of infrastructure to get them out and to transport them. And that lends itself to huge profits and they’re big enough that you can buy off politicians. […] the problem with renewable energy is [that] you’re never going to make that kind of huge money off of it […] It’s a more level economy.

    Slight glitch there, Naomi. It is “that it’s not going to generate the kind of wealth that fossil fuels develop.” But it’s more than that. It is that our social order is based on the seduction of progress. The masters have no faith they can handle retrenchment, so they prefer terror and carnage as a means of control. If you really want to convince them another world is possible, show them that the working class really enjoys a good shagging.

  15. only have a few minutes online just now, but i did go dig out the relevant post. wonder if he reckons the worst greenwashers, among the ‘radical’ organizations? i clicked into his ‘beyond the march’ page, but didn’t find a list. insulted by tom dispatch touting mckibben for the nyc march, i gave jut one of cory morningstar’s posts about their funding. meh and a half.

    fun aside, though, before i remembered to add the text of the first sentene you quoted to his name in a search engine, i came up with this one, lol:

    ‘Chris Hedges Has 15 Minutes to Start a Revolution’

    were there an available transcript, i *might have* considered reading it; watching him at a ‘fighting bob fest’? nah. you can, of course.

  16. dunno who wrote the piece on scottish independence, but i did scan a transcript of wetherell (jacobin) and billy bragg debating at DN; ‘nationalism’ seems to be used as an accusation quite liberally by both sides. but, it went NO, about 45% to 55%. will the tories take revenge? is a question i’ve seen…

  17. Uri Avnery has written a very insightful analysis about the demise of the Western nation-state at Counterpunch. He also has a good explination why many people can’t identify the IS as the Islamic State and continue to use the old outdated ISIS or ISIL designation. It seems many people think that magic words will confine them to their current territory where wishful thinking and Western Hellfire will destroy them.

  18. hallo, westie. hope your trip was a good un. (or would you rather be called by your given name? i keep forgetting to ask). here’s the link; i’m still on F-i-L duty, so i only made it a third of the way through. more as i’m able.

  19. guffaw.

    for some people, no matter what they write about, they must throw in something like this

    “Zionism was a late effort to imitate this.”

    weird obsession.

  20. "Baby Moor" Dumpling

    The seductive devolution of the “modern nation state” fails to account for the global policemen, whose security no lumpenbourgeois nor capitalist will dismiss. Heralds of the death of the nation state should be announcing the monstrous successors.

    It is, of course, the communists who are not confused about the capitalist crisis, since they always look past the idiocy and incoherence foisted by capitalist society on it’s minions.

    A complete change of the socio-economic system in Ukraine and return to the principles of the welfare state, in which Ukraine achieved prosperity in the Soviet times, can be the sole salvation-bringing alternative to the current situation. We are convinced that the healthy forces of the Ukrainian society will prevail and drive the Bandera successors back into the cave from which they have crawled out.

    One wonders whether the jubilation of the “end of historians” has so infected the foresight of the crapitalist west that it will continue decaying for lack of sense.

  21. Hello Wendye Davis dear.

    Been terribly busy at work and other things. Back into it again. More to chat about but this is just a quick we hello.

    Chat very soon. LOL

  22. wayoutwest: the avnery piece is a bit over my head even on the second reading. in the parts of this levine article i’ve read so far, he theorizes about the imperium’s use of the old designations isis/isil:

    “The Islamic State (IS), or whatever we call it, chose to bring this war on – or, rather, to bring the United States back into a war that it started, lost many times over, and still never really quit.

    Obama and his crew don’t want to call the IS by the name it now uses. They favor the names it used to go by after it broke away from Al Qaida – ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant).

    They are said to think that if the old names prevail, it will diminish IS’s global reach, reducing it to a regional power. Seriously.

    Could this be what Obama’s publicists mean by a “strategy”? Perhaps; nothing amazes anymore.”

    he gets into lots of political theory of nation states (and not), but says that it was capitalism itself that required the construct of them. interesting, even though i’ve just started that part. ‘Fear of a caliphate’ (and boy, howdy, is that the buzzword that’s scaring the shit outta people, which fear he says was needed by the empire).

  23. mafr, i wasn’t quite sure what he’d meant by that sentence unless it was echoing what levine says in the piece above. that being that being that IS is no more of a killing machine than the idf…which also may relate to what baby moor dumpling *might be saying* about the global policemen, given the alliances the ‘west’ is making to ensure hegemony. i’m trying to picture what the precise relationship of the US and current israeli government is, but clearly it’s symbiotic in many ways.

    do say more though, please. i just tried to read at the saker’s place because of a piece i’d read at that said putin has let the novorossians know that they are not wanted by the RF. ooops, digressed too far: he brought up the fact that many of his readers objected to his use of ‘anglo-zionism’ (is that it?), but he’s stickin’ to it.

    meanwhile, i’ll be back when i can, because i am so fooking depressed about a whole ‘nother piece at counterpunch that totally ballasted my fears about the genesis and manipulation of today’s GARGANTUAN! march for climate justice. oh, and it seems it’s even worse than i’d feared. goddam veal pen climate gatekeepers and ‘movement’ profiteers.

    heh. i was musing that those who say capitalism is commodifying *everything* are right: that includes ‘dissent’. cripes.

  24. halloooooo, michael cavlan. you do work some long hours, son. come back as you’re able, and best to miz cavlan and her mama.

  25. A sleepless night waging ratwarfare, I’d
    Come unto this yere posting casting weary-eyed
    On yonly glaring visages (the video I mean)
    Each apparition looming grey or green
    Fortelling gloom in each oppressive glower
    All hesitant I felt to press the >
    And running on reserves of battry power
    But juvenated by the commentry
    Almost forgetting new encountered pain –
    Alack Alas! Greenwalded kiwis all are slain!
    Not to mention Scots (so we won’t mention ye)
    But then there’s moors in southern England-e
    So not all all is lost perchance . . .

    (Yikes, get me outa this bog and into this blog!)


    That’s better. Here’s my brilliant addendum. No use lefting at the blighters – it’s parry and thrust and step aside. Let’s confuse them by becoming more right than right and hoist that flag – Conservatism!

    We are all Putins now. Or, maybe Lavrovs. Yes, I’ll be him. Gonna be a Lavrov, rhymes with Pavlov but far more Socratic. I would have commented enthusiastically on Isaiah’s post, wendy-e; ah, but they shut off comments, leaving me . . .

    Drat, there I go again – must sleep!

  26. Well, if yall’d prefer some COMMODEfied dissent; howzabout recognizing that the definition of ISIS : US. As for Flood Wall Street, my suggested rallying cry for Monday is, NO Moar NYSE guys/gals; $INK the $tock exchange! But in my more fevered dreams, I imagine a truly OWSt. “stock exchange” tableau with Dimon, Geithner, Obama, burning Bushs, Cheney, Yellen, Bernanke, et al; pilloried along The STREET, exchanging a final round of the blaming each other, as they wait for their turn at the firing post against the Wall at the end of the Street in the terminal Banana Republic they’ve made of US! ‘Apre DEM, le deluge’ !

  27. “heh. i was musing that those who say capitalism is commodifying *everything* are right: that includes ‘dissent’. ”

    That’s part of the brilliance. It doesn’t really stand for anything. It’s all public relations. that’s why someone can go from being a good friend to an evil enemy so easily. It’s so clever, that you’d almost think it’s designed.

    I also think that a lot of people become obsessed with the idea of capitalism, that some other “system” will work better.

    The system is not the problem.

    we created the systems. We are the problem.

  28. interesting about saker. writers try to create short catchy phrases, that’s one of his I guess.

    and Great Poem Julliania!

  29. looks like the national party won 61 seats, labor 31 seats, but apparently internet mana none? i saved this link for you, guessing you’d find it interesting, if not agreeable. ‘Greenwald in New Zealand: Grandstanding doesn’t get more condescending or counter-productive’

    i did see some of snowden’s quotes from the Moment, and i was quite disturbed by them. he seems to have a very different view of democracy than i do.

    dunno about the moors in s. england, ww, but the catalans indicate they’ll still work hard for independence. too bad about the scots, imo.

  30. bruce, i like the tableau you’ve described, even though you left out a few, especially greenspan, hank paulson, lloyd blankfein…. but the people’s march is today, iirc. and ahead of it, the stars have been out in force! i’ll stick up a couple great cartoons and the gupta piece; here i can paste in the whole thing, and may do so.

  31. public relations is exactly it, mafr. and if ya can profit from it, hoo boy!

    well, i do think the system matters quite a lot, as does a constitution, as well as mechanisms for enforcing the laws and protecting civil rights of the nation’s people. if the purpose of capitalism is to make ever increasing amounts of money, and all the laws protect the capitalists over the people, we need another system. yeppers, any system can be derailed by corruption, criminal greed, and evil.

    there does seem to have been a time where capitalist excesses were kept in check *domestically* (what, 90% top marginal tax rate?) in the past, but not so capitalist foreign policy (cia assassinations of leaders has been going on since at least carter). but with the cute meme of ‘globalization’, there now are no sovereign boundaries for capital. if the ttp passes, it will arguably put a lot of the 99% into the ground, literally.

    but: be comforted, lol. the empire will fail before the system changes, i think. guess that’s why so many folks are operating here and there trying to create more equitable local systems and jobs.

    saker: i started to say that he’d brought up that one in explaining that his *new one* would take flack, as well. but i couldn’t recall what it was. guess i’m just not cut out to read there.

  32. Blondie's "Baby" Dumpling

    If you can frame it as grandma and kids and immigrants and labor you could make it safer for politicians to come out and support.

    Cooptation, sure. Got to replace those terrorized activists with someone productive. The great turning must preserve the profiteers If not the profits.

    Say, didn’t this used to be called astroturf?

  33. Wendy, what do you think about the demise of myFDL? You can call me anything you like, well almost anything.

    Deep Green Resistance is discussing Decisive Ecological War, to save the planet and humanity but not civilization while the Big Greens are marching the rubes around in circles. We need more Ed Abbeys and less Bill McKibbens.

  34. i really will be back as soon as i can; i’m just flooded with obligations with mr. wd’s father here, and i used the time i had while they’re gone for an hour posting the gupta piece. gotta bake an orange-cornmeal cake, then i’ll have a few minutes anyway before dinner prep.

  35. ha; yes to astroturf, blondie. i just peeked into earth first, and their advice was to not dissuade folks from going (even tho x, y, and z turf battles), but to join a few local battles they named….

  36. westy, i really have no idea what to make of its demise, or at least shrinkage, although i just peeked in and saw almost no comments again save for stuff that was mother-shipped. at first, i didn’t have the button to ‘write post’, so i wondered if i’d been set adrift. later, the button was there, then not, then there…arrgh. the place has just been getting more and more moribund, although isaiah from the readers diaries and a couple others seem well-loved.

    it was hard for me to grok what the future plans are, to say the truth. wouldn’t they want my.fdl for the extra clicks? that’s what ad buys are based on. beats me; time may tell, i reckon.

    had to go find deep green resistance, and here’s their post and a video about green energy as a false solution. long video, i haven’t the time to listen, and no one else in our wee house would care to. :) (nebraska football is comin’ on the laptop via play by play soon).

    but please do bring more if you’re able. oh, and brandon j has a post up at fdl and is tickled that naomi klein has brought capitalism into the discussion.

  37. Blondie's Dumpling

    myFDL’s axeman is leaving and all FDLserfs will have to gatekeep themselves … or they will be axed. Enjoy your promotion!

    O. And all FDLserfs must steel themselves for more brown nosing.

  38. kit’s leaving, but i thought that dakine was the one credited with many of the bannings. i just looked in, and the entire rec’d list has a *total* of 19 comments, many posts on the front page have next to none. ‘nfl crimes’ did very well, though… ;)

  39. Blondie's Dumpling

    Maybe so, but my take is that O’Connell held the Bishopric of Gatekeeping. Where will the fickle FDL commune drift now?

  40. oh. i hadn’t known that. but i have noticed that i haven’t gotten front-paged in a whale of a long time, save some innocuous non-social/political posts once in a blue moon.

    but where did everyone go? place is a ghost town, eh? what, once i post there next i might get four comments total? ay yi yi!

  41. Thanks, mark/mafr – I felt much better getting that off my chest! “Moor” as in Dartmoor, wendye, though the double take amused me as I put it in – Scottish moors, dontcha know, and hey, South England’s got that one. Not that the poem meant too much other than that wiggly thing atop my old pressure cooker.

    No, don’t think I’ll go to pando as I can guess his take (gotta watch my wiggly things.) I loved Glenn’s ‘take’ at the Town Hall, a memorable night with Assange and Snowden contributing. Quite an effort to go thousands of miles in I think Glenn said 40 hours, so I hope he enjoyed tripping about the moors whilst he was there. It was an historic event, anyway, so not gonna tarnish my memory of watching that live.

    Sometimes you should be careful what you wish for, and maybe Mr. Key has bitten off more than he can chew. This will be his third term and nobody left to blame . . .anyway, enormous lot of comments over at on Martyn’s ‘Humble Pie’ piece, a few of mine included. I won’t repeat here but I don’t fault Greenwald nor Kim Dotcom for the information they were eager to convey, and in time it will settle in. Quite a luxury to be annoyed at ‘foreigners’ telling you what you need to know and I hope that wasn’t really the case. 800 people got turned away from the hall that wintry night, so some folk did want to hear it.

    But, pray, what were the objectionable comments from Edward Snowden? (Apart from the wish that he’d divulged them sooner, though timing is always a matter of impact.)

    One of the comments linked back to this:

    Floridian programmer describing how the vote can be hacked back in 2006. I’m not sure, but I think they did away with exit polls in NZ this time around. Hmm.

  42. US Floridians don’ need no steenkeeng hacking; simply A (JEB) BUSH Brother’s riot in hisPANIC town to $TEAL the election for Big Brother Dubyous in ’00?!
    Why settle for subterfuge when Brute, Coup Laida force’ll DEW (see also, subsequent 9/11 False Flag, by same Poppy cabal).

  43. Oh yes, now that one was televised, all those white shirts! There’s so much ground for New Zealand politicians to cover; why, they’re just getting started!

  44. hmmmm. allow me to say at least for now, that given that you won’t even go to the pando piece written by a fellow kiwi expat to avoid his take ‘tarnishing’ your memory of watching and loving it, i can’t imagine you’d let in any criticism of snowden’s (and in the past, quite similarly greenwald’s) take on democracy, juliania. quandary time for me, sure enough.

  45. “i have faith that obomba will indeed enforce the (Clean Water) act quite soon, bruce. but in the meantime: … ”
    I don’t Think SO:

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