#FloodWallStreet – Today’s the Day



Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.  One Iivestream of events is here; this is global revolution’s stream.   Both are quite choppy.  “Mic check!”

September 22nd – Flood, blockade, sit-in, and shut down the institutions that are profiting from the climate crisis. Wear Blue.

On Monday, September 22nd at 9:00 am, thousands of people will gather at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan to confront the root cause of the climate crisis – an economic system based on exploiting frontline communities, workers and natural resources. On the heels of the largest-ever march on climate change, we have an opportunity to transform the economic system driving this crisis.

Wearing blue to represent the sea that surrounds us, we rise to the steps of the NY Stock Exchange at 12:00 pm, flooding the area with our bodies in a massive sit-in – a collective act of nonviolent civil disobedience – to confront the system that both causes and profits from the crisis that is threatening humanity.

There is no time to waste – Wall Street must be transformed. Through the power of people taking collective action we will build an economy based on justice and sustainability and stop the climate crisis.

This call is in solidarity with the
Climate Justice Alliance Call To Action

“We are also organizing to stop pollution and poverty at the source, confronting the extreme energy corporations causing the climate crisis. As we write, our friends and comrades around the world are putting their bodies on the line to stop the corporations responsible – mining corporations; oil, coal and gas companies; pipelines and refineries; biofuels plantations; nuclear power plants; waste and biomass incinerators, and a myriad other industries profiteering from the destruction of our communities, our cultures and our ecosystems.

From Mesa to Mountaintop, from Hood to Holler – join us as we meet the scale and urgency of the crisis by standing in solidarity with all frontlines of resistance and resilience around the world, and taking non-violent direct action against the corporations driving the extractive economy. We call on our allies to:

  • Join us in the streets of NYC for a week of creative non-violent actions for Climate Justice
  • Join us at the People’s Climate Justice Summit on Sept. 22 and 23, in New York ( etc.)

 Monday – #FloodWallStreet

9:00am – Gather at Battery Park for Breakfast and Music from Rude Mechanical Orchestra

9:30am – Speakers including frontline community leaders of the Climate Justice Alliance, Naomi Klein, Rebecca Solnit, and Chris Hedges

10:30am – Non-violent Direct Action Training and March
11:30am – March to the Financial District begins
12:00pm – Mass Sit-in in the Financial District

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52 responses to “#FloodWallStreet – Today’s the Day

  1. Wendye

    I have friends and allies who are gathering right now for Flood Wall Street. There are mass Civil Disobedience actions being planned and a radical anti-capitalist message being planned. There was virtually ZERO corporate media coverage of the Climate Change March yesterday of course. No matter. The corporate media are discredited and illegitimate now anyway.

    get ready folks.

  2. Jump- pushed- Potato- potatah-to.

    Can ya dig it?

  3. yes, i stuck the schedule up, and yes, the message is supposed to be far more radical than the people’s march’s was. can’t accuse solnit of being a radical, but…and old sourpuss wants to be. ;)

    guess who’s on their twitter feed? yeppers: billy mckibben. can’t tell if he’s there, but we may know soon. hope he doesn’t get to speak.

    good to hear you have comrades there. and thank you, thank you, for bringing the tune! a wonderful addition!

  4. I say, NO More making NYSE; $ink the $tock Exchange. Are ya’ll wearing of teh Blue (or international orange)? With both, ya get Florida ‘Gators’ !

  5. ah’m wearin’ blue, but kinda accidentally, cuz i dinnae want to toss yesterday’s blue shirt in the wash yet. ;) i loathe orange. unless it’s the fruit, of course. blue and orange ya also get (ish) the denver broncos…

  6. Michael Moon ‏@Moondizog · 2m
    I assure you that the #floodwallstreet protest smells like patchouli, weed, and urine.

    really the nypd cops seem to have been easy, but many came to get arrested. so, more and more barricades have been placed to squeeze protestors, and:

  7. Well in memoriam of the Scots’ foolish failure to remove their blue from the Union,Jack; I’ll reprise a Duping of the Colours for Queenie and Company:

    But back here across the Pond, as David Swanson sez: if 350/PCM/FW were serious (with 300K citizens), they’d have turned left at old 42nd Street and stormed the UN, yesterday (or preferably Tomorrow, when imperious Dr. NObama otherwise lip-bombs the world General Assembly with an exceptional solo mic check, AGAIN)!

  8. oh, now…that’s a flash from the past, and grand it is! well, *30K*, wasn’t it? some said 40,000, but… and swanson got that right. i have a few more links to provide info on 350.org funding for the last thread.

    but i’ll stick these in as well:

    Stop The Wars
    NYPD failed to escalate the situation into violence as protester deescalation succeeded.

    funny how democracy now didn’t carry livestream of this one, eh? omeone at fdl said who funds them but i’ve forgotten now…

    some pepper spraying, maybe two arrests, but i have to hand it to deblasio and bill bratton. quite a calm day considering the preparations.

  9. dark has fallen, and only sixty remain seated (bless their hearts):

    Sarah Jaffe ‏@sarahljaffe · 1h
    Even better, Marketplace just mentioned #floodwallstreet & said “don’t know if it was that but something put a damper on trading today”

    (the polar bear was arrested: file under surreal imagery)

  10. Here’s one ‘market’ reason from today’s Wall Street-theater ticker-tape worm:
    (Personally, I’m hugging the bear; I’ll have what Margarita’s having;-)

  11. I just heard that an ally of mine Elliot Hughes (who was beaten by police during the RNC St Paul 2008) was just tackled and arrested.


  12. oh, my; what a police state minneapolis was then. is your friend out yet? jail support teams seem to have been active thru the night, and they say that captain planet(s) and the polar bear are out now.

    and bruce: i’d missed saying how funny the red alert was.

  13. Well, the zeitgeist was with me yesterday, even if my mind wasn’t – out shoptrekking, absently went into the dollar store (and yes, blue from head to toe as well). One lone copy of a book yelled at me to take, so I did. It is “Letter to a New President” by U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, and I quote:

    “Show me a true patriot, and I will show you a lover not merely of his own country, but of all mankind.”

    “To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to be ever a child.”

    “The way in which the world is imagined determines at any particular moment what men will do.”

    Only a dollar. Deflation has come upon us.

    “I do not know how many years I have left, or even if I will still be among the living as you read these words. I’ve labored over here in my ninetieth year, for my state and country, but I will say this: if you are looking for partners in an effort to help us build a new era of national healing, I am ready to join you, and to enlist the help of a few friends here in the United States Senate and many more back home in West Virginia,too. We need to put our people back to work on the job of rebuilding the faith of the citizenry in their government . . .”

  14. whoosh, juliania; ‘rebuilding the faith of the citizenry in their government’ would be a herculean task without a systemic cleansing of politicians, lobbyists, pay-to-pay de facto permission, the revolving doors whirling at a pell-mell rate by now, an almost totally unregulated wall street casino, mandatory austerity measures writ large, a disappearing social safety net, 50 million kids in poverty and going hungry…and a government that has lost the consent of the governed almost universally. oh: revolution of the nonviolent sort? ;)

    but i hope the old man dies well with his hopes for a national healing intact; he did have a diplomatic streak in him, didn’t he?.

  15. He well deead, but his dreams, they are still on the stretcher for many many proles. And well they should be: Byrd does not commit to gooberment trustworthiness he sanctifies the faith of the people!

    The abused proletariat grant little attention to their own ruthlessness, let alone that of their leaders. Are the mislead the magnet of redemption?

    We should now be keening, “Was a crapitalist government ever theoretically trustworthy?”

  16. last entry before i try for some sleep. one old man tired me out more than our daughter and her three wee chirren. yes, it’s my friend old sourpuss:

  17. the corporate […] seeks to perpetuate the facade of democracy.

    “Crypto-fascism” passes from Adorno to Vidal. Is it for fear of being affiliated or preempted that Wolin clumsily coins it “inverted totalitarianism”? Is our neo-fascism distinct from Hitler’s fascism in that we put economics above politics whereas he put politics above economics? This implication obviously stinks. No, it’s another kind of fear that motivated Wolin.

    If the response of the corporate state is repression rather than reform then our strategy and our tactics must be different. We will have to cease our appealing to the system. We will have to view the state, including the Democratic Party, as antagonistic to genuine reform. We will have to speak in the language of … revolution.

    Isn’t that some mealy-mouthed bullshit!

  18. dunno the evolution of wolin’s ‘inverted totalitarianism’, nor where it’s wrong, but dagnabbit, i had to scan the piece to discover whose the final italicized words were. sure hadda be at the bottom. mealy -mouthed in that he seems to get that the dem party can’t be reformed? or was: revolution: the language of, what irked you? got a lotta comments, though. ;)

    clever of you to be able to use html tags as you write, by the by.

    meanwhile, the twitter says naomi klein will be on colbert’s show, guess that’s what it takes now, eh? pop culture teevee appearances?

    what.ev.er. grouchies got me; i’m gonna go water the garden.

  19. On the ground, trying to institute roadblocks to expansion of local pollution. 140 known pathogens in the industrial farm waste contaminate and 5 of those are concentrates of naturally occurring ones that used to be weaponized by the US army until 1961. Happily obsessed for the moment, pursuing with two key issues. Public health and corporate regulation.

  20. The polar bear obviously needed to be Dancin’ Bear. Not too motivational/inspirational there on the sidewalk.

  21. If it’s repression “we will have to cease our appealing to the system.” Sure Chris, keep issuing conditioned threats …

  22. To know what Fascism really is and why we must fight it and destroy it here in America, we must first of all know what it is we are fighting, what the Fascist regimes really are and do, who puts up the money and backs Fascism in every country (including the United States at this very moment), and who owns the nations under such regimes, and why the natives of all Fascist countries must be driven into harder work, less money, reduced standard of living, poverty and desperation so that the men and corporations who found, subsidize and own Fascism can grow unbelievably rich.

    – Henry George Seldes, crypto-socialst

    The term “inverted totalitarianism” is pedantic, obfuscatory, bullshit.

  23. It must not be forgotten that the word Nazi stands for national socialist German workers party, and that Hitler, while secretly in the pay of the industrialists who wanted the unions disbanded and labor turned into serfdom, was openly boasting that his was a socialist party-socialism without Karl Marx- and a nationalist-socialist party whatever that may mean. But it did mean a great deal to millions. The followers of Marxian socialism in Germany, split into several parties, would if united constitute the greatest force in the nation, and socialism and labor were almost synonymous in Germany. Hitler knew this. He capitalized on it. He stole the word.

    ‘Hitler was able to get 13 million followers before 1933 by a pseudosocialistic reform program and by great promises of aid to the common people. In the 26 points of the Nazi platform, adopted in 1920 and never repudiated, Hitler promised the miserable people of Germany:

    1. The abolition of all unearned incomes.

    2. The end of interest slavery. This was aimed against all bankers, not only Jewish bankers.

    3. Nationalization of all joint-stock companies. This meant the end of all private industry, not only the monopolies but all big business.

    4. Participation of the workers in the profits of all corporations-the mill, mine, factory, industrial worker was to become a part owner of industry.

    5. Establishment of a sound middle class. Nazism, like Italian Fascism, made a great appeal to the big middle class, the small business man, the millions caught between the millstones of Big Business and labor. The big department stores, for example, were to be smashed. This promise delighted every small shopkeeper in Germany. George Bernard Shaw once said that Britain was a nation of shopkeepers. This was just as true for Germany-and German shopkeepers were more alive politically. They were for Hitler’s Nazism to a man-and they supplied a large number of his murderous S.S. and S.A. troops.

    6. Death penalty for usurers and profiteers.

    7. Distinction between “raffendes” and “schaffendes” capital – between predatory and creative capital. This was the Gregor Strasser thesis: that there were two kinds of money, usury and profiteering money on one hand, and creative money on the other, and that the former had to be eliminated. Naturally all money-owners who invested in the Nazi Party were listed as creative capitalists, whereas the Jews (some of whom incidentally invested in Hitler) and all who opposed Hitler were listed as exploiters.

    – HG Seldes

    Are we to conclude that we don’t live under crypto-fascism because they aren’t crypto enough?

  24. The vast middle class, always caught between the aspirations of the still more vast working class and the cruel greed of the small but most powerful ruling class, has throughout history made the mistake of allying itself with the latter. In America we have the same thing: all the real fascist movements are subsidized by Big Money, but powerful organizations, such as the National Small Business Men’s Association, follow the program of the NAM in the hope they will benefit financially when the Ruling Families benefit.

    The domestic compradors and lumpenbourgeoisie must harbor the cynical crapitalist faith. Seldes became an American untouchable.

  25. mornin’, nonquixote. local is where the rubber meets the road, isn’t it? and good on you. that’s quite a few toxins, and my guess is that the weaponized ones might be neuro-toxins? thank you for the richie havens; i’ve played it twice now.

    michael cavlan: good letter, and i’m glad you got some comments, and do give our best to alan maki, eh? but yes, the man touting npr seems to be glad they’re talking about climate change *at all*.

  26. creative capitalists v. jewish exploiters: dastardly irony, oof. well, i appreciate the selden explanations of hitler’s perfidious cooptation of the workers (not that i’ll remember it), and yes, wolin’s term might be a dodge. but my stars, with all the *lumpen-* this and that, it’s small wonder so many folks loathe commie-speak, mundo.

    i hear you on old sourpuss’s equivocation, too. (caveat, caveat) rather unsurprising really, as he wrote ‘the cancer in occupy’, which kinda stopped the movement cold for a time.

    and as to your final comment: isn’t that why so often folks against their *current* interests, in hopes that one day…they will be the toffs? i used to marvel at that tendency of the land-poor ranchers, for instance. these days, nationally, it scarcely makes a difference. Vote for Bernie: a true socialist!/s

  27. I think the benefits of middle class complicity are more immediate than eventual. Frank’s “What’s the matter with Kansas” paradox has a long history. Frank appears to favor the “idiocy of the poor” perspective (characteristic of the twisted generosity of liberal capitalists). But there are other explanations. Here’s Reich’s which indicts “authoritarian machine civilization”:

    When this book was first written, fascism was generally regarded as a ‘political party,’ which, as other ‘social groups,’ advocated an organized ‘political idea.’ According to this appraisal “the fascist party was instituting fascism by means of force or through ‘political maneuver’.”
         Contrary to this, my medical experiences with men and women of various classes, races, nations, religious beliefs, etc., taught me that ‘fascism’ is only the organized political expression of the structure of the average man’s character, a structure that is confined neither to certain races or nations nor to certain parties, but is general and international. Viewed with respect to man’s character, ‘fascism’ is the basic emotional attitude of the suppressed man of our authoritarian machine civilization and its mechanistic-mystical conception of life.
       It is the mechanistic-mystical character of modern man that produces fascist parties, and not vise versa.  . . .
         My character-analytic experiences have convinced me that there is not a single individual who does not bear the elements of fascist feeling and thinking in his structure. As a political movement fascism differs from other reactionary parties inasmuch as it is born and championed by masses of people.
         I am fully conscious of the enormous responsibility involved in making such an assertion. And in the interest of this lacerated world I should like the toiling masses to be just as clear about their responsibility for fascism.

    When societies are rigged to adopt the inequalities of boom and bust crapitalism, perversions follow.

  28. in massage school, i took a class in reichian therapy and one in bioenergetics, developed by wilhelm’s student alexander lowen. good stuff, really. but you might remember where he lived, and the time in which he and freud lived (and boy, howdy, freudian theory gives me the absolute willies).

    alice miller wrote during that time, iirc, and saw authoritarianism as one of the key roots to generational and state violence, and i do agree with that formulation. but the passage you quoted i think misses the mark now, as more have become enlightened to those early (and largely silent and unwitting) generational teachings/models. but i do get the drift, just disagree that it takes an inner fascist to submit to fascist oppression. many allow it out of fear of change, fear of retribution (job loss, arrest, what have you), ignorance by propaganda, tribalism, or that they think they’re doing fine with the status quo, perhaps most importantly. many in the middle class are blithely unaware that ‘the third world is just around the corner’ for them, as well.

  29. Reich rejects Freud’s rooting human savagery in human nature.

    To reiterate, the compradorship of the middle class is more based on following their leaders than “hopes that one day…they will be the toffs”. The latter Frank attributed to the Kansas “working class” or proletariat.

    Reich was researching the etiology of a social pathology. Sure, the pathology has changed and society is deformed in new ways, but one would have to say the oppressions of propaganda, precarity, nostalgia, and selfishness, have been well insinuated into the social fabric. This has happened more by seduction than by threat of violence. I suspect that the “character structure” of American proles was complementary to this neo-fascism.

    As to the current means of oppression, though, the tools of the fascists now appear overwhelming. The question of whether the masses will stop this plague is probably moot as the threat of mass-extermination grows …

  30. i’d meant ”threat of violence” as more fear to actively dissent, but okay. you and i differ as to (esp) USians being able to wake up before the various windows close… but let me change topics, given what i found a couple hours ago, and the concept of ‘creative capitalism’.

    i was telling juliania on the other thread that i was amazed that when mr snowden dissed julian assange so egregiously in another barb about ‘good whistleblower, bad whistleblower contrasts, and that had i been he, i would have ended my skype call. he did not look amused. she expressed her approval of his staying in solidarity.

    now i can’t read his mind, but he tweeted this:

    which takes one to the press release at usaid. then i went to the omidyar group’s site (philanthropic, dontcha know) to read this quip:

    “How can we advance impact investing worldwide? Markets can harness innovation and capital for public good.”

    but keep in mind that wikileaks published lots of dirt on usaid as a cia front group, and recently concerning cuba, VZ, and ukraine.” and “Choosing between financial return & social impact is a “false conundrum” says @elevarequity’s Maya Chorengel”

    (pierre’s micro loans in india didn’t turn out too well for the borrowers, it seems.) and i’m pretty sure he invested his help for democracy in ukraine…

  31. Yes, Senator Byrd wrote the book, his last, six years ago, only that, and died two years after, having opposed the Iraq War with his friend Ted Kennedy, who died a year later, and having voted against the confirmation of Geitner – remember Geitner? But the big one he was most proud of was opposing the Iraq war. He already saw how damaging it would be to the credibility of the US around the world (as did we and do we – don’t we?)

    For the six year olds amongst us:

    “. . . it takes time to build the things that most matter. We built our tradition of democracy through more than two centuries, only to have our Constitution weakened during the last eight years [and shredded during the following six]. Those who tear down the work of generations in a self-serving frenzy need only a handful of years to wreak their havoc. Those of us who would build back our legitimacy must think instead of decades and centuries, not mere news cycles.” [The square brackets are mine.]

    The Squanderer in Chief thinks that bombs are the way forward. Deaf to persuasion, he is intent on bombing us [yes, us] back to Revolutionary days. or even some grim stateless noman’sland. He wants us to forget there ever was any alternative. But there always is.

  32. “For the six year olds amongst us:”

    youch; someone mustta had a double-serving of wheaties today! ;)

    (oops; i’d forgotten he died, but of course he must have. when i used to walk in the cemetery down the hill from our house, it always embarrassed me that there were so many headstones for folks…i’d forgotten had died.)

  33. “For the six year olds amongst us:” Well, it’s relative, ya know. When you’re 110, 50 looks like teen-age. ;)

    I say there’s diffrent kinds of hope. Some have a lot less pessimism of the intellect than others.

    Yes, I see Julian tweaking Glenn and his sugar-daddy, Omidyar with that one. BTW, surely Iran had some formidable compradors when it was run as a colonial dictatorship. I’m sure there are many of that lineage in the US. Pierre would be a prime suspect – I’m not going to search for the evidence right now.

    Now, Silicon Valley’s creative capitalism we can’t liken to Hitler’s fraud, but they are perfectly willing to use their image of “creative capital” to help mask their intercourse with the burgeoning security state. This works not just at the PR level but also for keeping their serfs from self-doubt. Now that I say that, perhaps there is a little more to this comparison to Hitler’s fraud …

  34. i’m sure iran did, post-carter administration. in that weird sort of synchronicity i love, somehow i ended up on billmon’s twitter thang (yeah, twitter rots one’s brain), *but*: he’d retweeted both of these links, much to my pierre-loathing heart’s delight:


    and i’d dug this one up in the meantime, and from a document i’d been working on to show who was who on the usaid boards and ned, (ish, boring expose…) at voltairenet, an interview with phillip agee, easily the single most important whistleblower evah. but no: gg had never checked out ‘pierre’s’ company….

  35. Thanks for that blast. The IWP of “Chicago: the most corrupt city in the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state in the most corrupt country in the world!”

    I wept with delight. Later for my recogitation.

  36. Regarding the DAI office in Caracas:

    Several people said how do we – what do we do about this? What their – the sentiment was, we’re proud to be working on this project. We print the checks; we know how much money is being spent. The U.S. government is working so hard to – and DAI – to help us change the democratic situation of our country, and to help make it more democratic than Chavez is willing. And yet, we don’t understand how they can create a civil society when we have our only (own) little mini Chavez here in the office, and they don’t care about us.

    Goddamn, it was so much easier when this was an old boy network. Here, you see the refrain of hypocrisy from compradors attempting to hold their masters to account!

    Rome added that office productivity dropped because female employees “were crying in my office a lot.”

    Eduardo had the audacity to loose a Freudian slip: “his office had the efficiency of a brothel”.

    Ha ha ha ha ha. I wonder If Eduardo had some issues with being a gigolo for demokcracy?

  37. i missed they ‘hysterical female employees’ bits, but it’s been a long time since i’d scanned thru the cables. and iirc, two or three years ago chavez ousted all the ngo’s (as did cuba, i believe), providing much fodder for the US state department and human rights organizations. interestingly, VZ isn’t quite so much in state’s crosshairs for regime change…at the moment, although plenty of hollywood celebrities haunt the #saveVenezuela or whatever twitter account.

    but the same folks who staged the coup against chavez (lopez, et.al.) seem to have plenty of money to wage their slo-mo coup against maduro.

  38. Where to start with Comparadora Democratica? Agee says:

    the preservation of US interests could better be achieved through the election of democratic governments formed by political elites who identify with the political class in the United States. Here I mean not the popular forces, but the traditional political classes in Latin America, to speak of one area, known as the ‘Oligarchies.’ And so the new American program, which became known as “Project Democracy,” was adopted and United States policy would seek to promote free, fair, transparent democratic elections but in such a way that it would assure that power went to the elites and not to the people.

    My primary thought is that this is the export of a product developed in the laboratory of America. It’s not an innovation, as Agee frames it. Second, he paints it as a means to “regime change”:

    I think that there is a great need to expose this and to denounce it for what it is, which is fundamentally a lie, to promote democracy but in fact to overthrow governments, to achieve regime change, or to strengthen favorable governments that are already in power.

    But I suspect they don’t ultimately strive to run a bait and switch. Instead, they want a population invested in the con of democracy so they can perpetually manipulate them and blame the delinquencies on the masses.

    Conmen Agee, Stockwell, Giraldi, Perkins, etc. were themselves conned and then disillusioned. Yet, they frame their deception as a fraud and not a con. Instead, the democracy they wanted to promote is a false ideal.

    The foreign subjects of the Empire of Liberty more easily connect the contradictions to the masked contempt for democracy.


    The analogy between USAID/democracy promotion and the NGOization of environmentalism/climate crisis is enticing.

  39. WD:

    the same folks who staged the coup against chavez […] seem to have plenty of money to wage their slo-mo coup against maduro.

    The Guardian:[Chavez passed] a 2010 law banning Venezuelan NGOs from receiving foreign funding. It was an open attack on the pro-democracy work done by NED and its ilk, forcing NED to start hiding the names of its grant recipients in Venezuela (although NED still spent over $1.5-million on democracy promotion inside the country in 2011, the last year information is publicly available)

    they want a population invested in the con of democracy so they can perpetually manipulate them and blame the delinquencies on the masses.

    Financial “investments” are a means to launder money for compradors, as it is at home.

  40. WD:

    the same folks who staged the coup against chavez […] seem to have plenty of money to wage their slo-mo coup against maduro.

    The Guardian:

    [Chavez passed] a 2010 law banning Venezuelan NGOs from receiving foreign funding. It was an open attack on the pro-democracy work done by NED and its ilk, forcing NED to start hiding the names of its grant recipients in Venezuela (although NED still spent over $1.5-million on democracy promotion inside the country in 2011, the last year information is publicly available)


    they want a population invested in the con of democracy so they can perpetually manipulate them and blame the delinquencies on the masses.

    Financial “investments” are a means to launder money for compradors, as they are at home.

  41. “…for the six year olds among us…” was just my way of saying that a clear sense of ‘the new world order’ really had its generational beginnings back when Robert Byrd was defending the Constitution and speaking out publicly against the Iraq invasion. I was saying, it has only been six years, so really there is not a generation yet that has grown up only knowing this policy. I was happy to see an excerpt from Ban Kiy Moon’s UN speech describing perfectly the perpetrators of this illusory state: ‘profiteers of perpetual warfare’ he named them. Bravo, sir! That is in total keeping with Senator Byrd’s Iraq speeches.

    Ban Kiy Moon: “”Diplomacy is on the defensive, undermined by those who believe in violence. Diversity is under assault by extremists who insist that their way is the only way. Disarmament is viewed as a distant dream, sabotaged by profiteers of perpetual warfare. But leadership is precisely about finding the seeds of hope and nurturing them into something bigger.”

    Sorry if I upset you, wendye; I meant it as a sign that we still have time to educate the coming generation, our grandchildren in my case. My feeling is that this policy, these degenerates, all are somewhat similar to ISIS, a disturbance in the force if you will, a momentary glitch in the arc of history tending toward an enlightened citizenry, holding fast to the good.

    Now going to read the rest of Moon’s speech.
    Peace and Light!

  42. well, i’ll have to finish the agee interview with those thoughts in mind. thanks for the extra digging into hidden ngo money, too. dagnabbit, i remember thiel’s name, and will try to read that, as well. insane title, though, and telling the big truth, eh?

    there are loads of things i need to attend to for now, and it’s already thursday o’clock, and a freeze is predicted for sunday night (boooooo…)

    but that’s exactly what ‘the opposition’ has been doing in VZ, including burning schools, hijacking staples, tra la la. then blaming it on the corrupt maduro regime. well, the odd killing here and there, too…

  43. frankly, i thought it was hilarious, juliania, even when i thought you directed it me or mundo. what did bother me was your bogus crap about my version of the truth upsetting unity. i hope it does, actually. if entities are acting as gatekeepers to massive change, yes…someone somewhere needs to buck the adoration accorded the Star Power ones. and i’ll continue to so, and you feel free to challenge my stuff as you will.

    break’s over; zucchini cake’s in the oven, more things to do. i see by email that you’ve answered my ‘unity on what, exactly’ question. i’ll be back on breaks.

    oh, and i may have been overly influenced by the transcript of obma’s UN speech my friend john kerry sent me this morning, but i hope you won’t discover that ban’s finger isn’t pointing at others than the Empire and it’s client states. (I may post some of it for fun later…)

    on edit: i’d meant to say that the new world order and globalization have been underway since reagan and newt, srsly. shredding the constitution? gathering steam, but plenty earlier than six years. think nixon, for one, and eeep, we would be glad for a nixon now, lol.

  44. Hmmm … third rate burglar or global banksters’ bagman? The Choice, reprised.

  45. Approaching quietly to hit “Wall St.” from the bottom up sort of. Will check back later, latest on home front at OE here.


    Further community action from summer and growing momentum, tipping points for some conservatives openly supportive. Looking at their property values more than their health, this does not apply to the folks in the video.

  46. “the choice reprised”, lol.

    hi nonquixote. what? ya couldn’t just bring the comment?? (i’ll go get it later, and watch the video when i have time; others too, i reckon. oh: i get it: boots on the ground in your community! very kewl!

  47. Yes, boots in the manure. Wasn’t trying to distract but people to people as you, your insightful self has suggested, wedges in the cogs, against the machine. Enjoying most all the contributions that stop by your doorstep, too. Shoot me if you ever hear me say i am too old to learn. Thanks once again for the forum.

  48. mornin’, nonquixote. lookie there; we maxed out the comments for a page. ;)

    oh, my yes, fight them on the ground locally. ‘most all’, lol. yeah, i don’t seem to walk the conventional wisdom road all of the time, eh?

    oh, my. is it then raw manure and offal they’re spraying? hideous. the video said the vote would be aug. 19, so i assume it must have been delayed? ‘precuationary principle’ applies to transgenic food and soil safetey, as well, but of course the ag dept. just takes the word of monsanto and cargill as to its ‘safety’. good luck with the vote, wood county.

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