Choosing Hope: Barack Obomba’s Address to the UN General Assembly

tumblr_m2zqunI27h1qfc5cxo1_1280(As reported by White House aid Tanya Somanader, September 24, 2014)

“There is a pervasive unease in the world,” President Obama said as he stood before the United Nations General Assembly today. “A sense that the very forces that have brought us together have created new dangers and made it difficult for any single nation to insulate itself from global forces.”

 #1: A deadly Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa, #2: Russian aggression in Ukraine, and #3: the group of medieval murdering terrorists known as ISIL, which, left unchecked, could pose a growing threat beyond the region — including our homeland.

At the heart of that test – at the root of the world’s challenges — are two defining questions: Can the U.N. renew the purpose of its founding, and will the international community come together to reject the cancer of violent extremism?

“We Gain More from Cooperation than Conquest”

After the people of Ukraine mobilized popular protests and calls for reform, their corrupt president fled. Against the will of the government in Kyiv, Crimea was annexed. Russia poured arms into eastern Ukraine, fueling violent separatists and a conflict that has killed thousands. When a civilian airliner was shot down from areas that these proxies controlled, they refused to allow access to the crash for days. When Ukraine started to reassert control over its territory, Russia gave up the pretense of merely supporting the separatists, and moved troops across the border.

This is a vision of the world in which might makes right — a world in which one nation’s borders can be redrawn by another, and civilized people are not allowed to recover the remains of their loved ones because of the truth that might be revealed. America stands for something different. We believe that right makes might — that bigger nations should not be able to bully smaller ones, and that people should be able to choose their own future.

 “America Will Not Give Up on the Pursuit of Peace”

The President provided a clear sense of the priorities for American leadership — from supporting Ukraine, to testing whether a nuclear deal is possible with Iran, to combating climate change and disease, to combating violent extremism.

“This is what America is prepared to do — taking action against immediate threats, while pursuing a world in which the need for such action is diminished,” he said.

“Peace is not merely the absence of war, but the presence of a better life™.”

He noted, however, that our country has also failed to live up to our ideals. Ferguson, Missouri — where a young man was killed and a community was divided — brought America’s racial and ethnic tensions before the world:

We welcome the scrutiny of the world — because what you see in America is a country that has steadily worked to address our problems, to make our union more perfect, to bridge the divides that existed at the founding of this nation. America is not the same as it was 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or even a decade ago.

Because we fight for our ideals, and we are willing to criticize ourselves when we fall short.

Because we hold our leaders accountable, and insist on a free press and independent judiciary.

Because we address our differences in the open space of democracy — with respect for the rule of law; with a place for people of every race and every religion; and with an unyielding belief in the ability of individual men and women to change their communities and their circumstances and their countries for the better.

After nearly six years as President, I believe that this promise can help light the world.

Read my entire address here and watch me dazzle the world with Imperial  Light and Love.  And God Bless America!





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  1. Could we get a more insidious and morbid hypocrisy between BO’s speech and our rulers’ actions taken in our name? Unfortunately, yes, it will likely continue and be more harsh. I was momentarily confused over where the speechiness ended and your commentary was inserted, then poured a cuppa and came back to it.

    “You cannot justify human rights abuses with economic arguments.”
    – Kshama Sawant

    Might as well insert the appropriate theme music here:

  2. sorry to have been so unclear. it was a white house flack who provided the translation; my sole commentary was the art.

    the bruce cockburn made mr. wd weep as he watched. perfect choice, nonquixote. this is another case where the satire just writes itself; tragic evil hypocrisy indeed. guess i’ll watch now; rather weep before my toast than afterward….

  3. Reacting to the speech, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke with astonishment.

    “We earned the second place among the threats to international peace and stability,” Lavrov told journalists on the sidelines of the UN assembly.

    Not only the ranking of international threats seemed bizarre to Lavrov, especially in the light of the current strikes in Iraq and Syria that bypassed the UN mandate, but also Obama’s certainty that the world has become “freer and safer.”

    “I didn’t understand whether he was serious or not and whether there was an Orwellian element in it. Because George Orwell invented the Ministry of Truth and it looks like this philosophy is lingering.”

  4. We all know that growthism is a SUBSTITUTE for real fairness, a more equal society, serious redistribution. (It is what ‘socialists’ turned to once they abandoned hope of achieving socialism.) Let’s start saying so!

    Hand it over, Mr. Thiel. (Don’t go overboard with charges of hypocrisy, it’s just a provocation.)

  5. Reade concludes by arguing that common sense in the future will become commonssense, in reference to the revived concept of the commons that poses a way out of the endless quest to turn resources into commodities and expand the profit-driven economy.

    this “language of inspiration… that helps to make sense to the world out of the common good that we share[, of] the shared project of sharing and more, that could yet see the post-growth world as a place that is good, rather than terrifying and depressing, to live in.”

    And what shall we do with the hegemonsters?

  6. OR, your “libertarian”, creative crapitalist, AI-managed, Lord Thiel feudal future:

    Uber drivers in LA, the largest ride-sharing market in the country, held dozens of protests over the summer to oppose rate cuts. […]

    “We want the company to understand that we are not just ants,” Joseph DeWolf, a member of CADA’s leadership council, told me at the Teamsters Union hall in El Monte, California. “What we want is a living wage, an open channel of communication with the company, and basic respect.” DeWolf said CADA is signing up members, collecting dues, and plans to strike in LA if Uber refuses to come to the negotiating table.

    It won’t be easy. Drivers are going up against a burgeoning goliath valued at around $18 billion. The company just hired David Plouffe, who managed Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns; it’s active in 130 cities; and if company executives are to be believed, it doubles its revenue every six months.

    Uber drivers have no say in the pricing, yet they must carry their own insurance and foot the bill for gas and repairs — a cost of 56¢ per mile, according to IRS estimates. With Uber’s new pricing model, drivers are forced to work under razor-thin margins. Arman, for instance, made about $20 an hour just a year ago. And now? Some days he doesn’t even break minimum wage.

    His experience is quite common among LA Uber drivers I spoke to. For many, driving for Uber has become a nightmare. Arman often works up to seventeen hours a day to bring home what he used to make in an eight-hour shift. When he emailed Uber to complain about his plummeting pay, he said the company blew him off. Uber’s attitude is that drivers are free to stop working if they are dissatisfied, but for drivers like Arman who’ve invested serious money in their cars, quitting isn’t an option.

    when CADA leader DeWolf met with William Barnes, Uber’s LA director, Barnes allegedly laughed in his face.

    As DeWolf recounted, when he told Barnes that drivers planned to organize with the Teamsters, Barnes responded, “Uber would never negotiate with any group that claims to represent drivers.”

    Uber repeatedly ignored my request for comment on this exchange. Instead, the company issued a statement accusing the Teamsters of trying to “line their coffers” with new Uber-driving members.

    Uber claims there’s no need for a union; it instead asks drivers to trust that the company acts in their best interest.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  7. ack. okay, and so i went and dug up rupert’s essay, and beat a hasty retreat on accountta not even trying to comprehend it. but if he’s saying that all the people should enjoy the commons, and that the commons should be vastly widened, as opposed to being privatized at a hellish rate now, i’d have to agree.

    if he’s saying ‘suck it up and learn to live in poverty, there is no choice in a ‘new normal of totally necessary austerity’, then..fuck him.

    but see, our coward-in-chief waxed poetically at the clinton global initiative lately. so nice that they can profit so wildly while posing as philanthropists, isn’t it? (we will call them faux-lanthropists, eh?)

    “”The Most Important Title is ‘Citizen‘”: President Obama on the Significance of a Civil Society”

    har har har!!! ‘Bootstraps, baby!’

  8. i thought i remembered uber from NC; yes, i did, miracle of miracles:

    “Matt Stoller: How Uber Creates an Algorithmic Monopoly to Extract Rents”

    oh, and about ‘call it democracy’: all these years i’d never grokked that bruce was calling out the IMF as underpinning so much of the evil perpetrated on those who must be made serfs and victims of endless war. (mr. wd told me, and i looked up the lyrics.)

  9. Uber can’t keep it’s promise for good wages because

    over the last year, the company has faced stiff competition from its arch-rival, Lyft. To raise demand and push Lyft out of the LA market, Uber has cut UberX fares nearly in half: to $1.10 per mile, plus 21¢ a minute.

    You see, Lord Thiel has the prescription for your ills: monopoly is in your interest. Will good Lord Thiel be a philanthropist like Carnegie? You may have to wait generations if he gets that life-extension tech working. Or will he upload himself to Lord the Ultimate?

    Do you think you can overthrow a greater bad Lord if all they have to do is buy an algorithm to upgrade them to lesser bad?

  10. Our quotidian RePast. With an Obamanable four-letter acronym (AGBA). Can hear A Gawd Blast Amerika?)!

  11. thiel subtext? *his* monopolies would be in *our interest*?

    god blast ameika because: the banality of evil. yes.

    as good a place as any for this. apparently spike lee juxaposed some footage of michael garner’s murder by pig chokeholds as he gasped for breath…with scenes from his film ‘do the right thing’. i’d forgotten that one scene may have shown michael stewart, graffiti artists, murder by pig chokehold. no embed possible, but i’ll give the url, which will cause you to have to click into youtube to watch.

  12. No, he’s not saying “there is no choice [but] a ‘new normal of totally necessary austerity”; he’s saying that people have to get off the meritocratic illusion – that that enables their slavery by “their betters”. Their betters give them no alternative but horseshit like this:

    ’When people are free to speak their minds and hold their leaders accountable, governments are more responsive and more effective. When entrepreneurs are free to create and develop new ideas, then economies are more innovative, and attract more trade and investment, and ultimately become more prosperous.

    The antonym of philanthropist is misanthropist. The crypto-misanthropists horizons are foreshortened too, but they use the economic crisis to thieve. When the illusion of “progress” was seductive, they could say their time of thieving would subside. The end of austerity now is not “progress”, but an end to thieves.

    Bushit, O’Bummer, and their replacements will drone on about an eventual New World Paradise, but they have no alternative.

  13. Uber acts as if it’s doing drivers a favor by offering them work in the first place. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who loves giving inspirational talks about innovation, often claims that Uber helps people “become small business owners.” […] “Uber succeeds when our partner-drivers succeed,” Behrend said.

    But that is just empty spin: drivers aren’t partners — they are laborers exploited by their company. They have no say in business decisions and can be fired at any time. Instead of paying its employees a wage, Uber just pockets a portion of their earnings. Drivers take all the risks and front all the costs — the car, the gas, the insurance — yet it is executives and investors who get rich.

    Uber is part of a new wave of corporations that make up what’s called the “sharing economy.” The premise is seductive in its simplicity: people have skills, and customers want services. Silicon Valley plays matchmaker, churning out apps that pair workers with work. Now, anyone can rent out an apartment with AirBnB, become a cabbie through Uber, or clean houses using Homejoy.

    That’s who’s saying, “suck it up and learn to live in poverty, there is no choice in a ‘new normal of totally necessary austerity’”.

  14. Purpose is a for-profit enterprise that is marketed to appear like a non-profit. Their area of expertise is behavioural change.

     “[Purpose] has a non-profit arm, which incubates protests and accepts donations. This is cross-subsidised by its for-profit arm, which makes money in a variety of ways. It sells consulting services to big companies such as Google and Audi, and to charities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union.” – The Economist

    Just like Omidyar Network!

    Bow to your AI powered overlords.

  15. i took your translation of Mr. read to heart, and dropped a link to some of his essays on thd’s post; more academic than i can like, but thank you.

    great avaaz poster: wrongkindofgreen is the website cory morningstar used some time ago, and seems to have been abandoned, as i mentioned earlier…

  16. In the IC magazine publication Communications in Conflict, is noted a new form of psychological warfare termed ‘false hope.’ False hope, as a tool for subverting social movements, is unparalleled in its effectiveness. What once was crudely accomplished through political repression, censorship, educational indoctrination and misleading propaganda, is now supplemented, if not surpassed, through vertical integration of the non-profit industrial complex. Where Wall Street once had to rely on threats and bribery to intimidate or corrupt social movements, it now has a vast army of neoliberal foundations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social media at its disposal.” — Jay Taber, False Hope, September 6, 2014

    Fraud is socially beneficial!

    Purpose Inc. (with its co-founders) is a favourite of high-finance websites such as The Economist and Forbes and sells its consulting services and branding/marketing campaigns to Google, Audi, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many others that comprise the world’s most powerful corporations and institutions. In 2012, it raised $3m from investors. “Ford Foundation, which has given Purpose’s non-profit arm a grant, reckons it is shaping up to be “one of the blue-chip social organisations of the future.” Purpose, like many other foundations, such as Rockefeller […] also serves as an “incubator of social movements.”

    Hell, more lucrative than a new denomination!

  17. Nope, WKoG is on fire!

    While the behavioural change tactics used by Avaaz are on public display, double-breasted, for-profit Purpose, with its non-profit arm, sells their expertise behind the scenes to further the interest of hegemony and capital. Whether it be a glossy campaign to help facilitate yet another illegal “humanitarian intervention” led by aggressive U.S. militarism (an oxymoron if there ever was one), or the creation of a new global “green” economy, Purpose is the consulting firm that the wolves of Wall Street and oligarchs alike depend upon to make it happen.

    Activism is the advertising of the austere age.

  18. well done! one of the places i see that operative is indeed on the financial pages in aid of explaining why X stock or sector is crap, but *jut about to pull up!* and of course, the consumer confidence index, built on bullshit manipulated push polls. but those who’d said that barack obomba is one of the most successful madison avenue project evah were right, and they mustta used that playbook, eh?

    i expect clinton the fraudster and his wife use them as consultants, as well. t irks me to know end that amurrikans applaud him wildly as King of the Do-gooders while he fucks over haiti again (of course he did his big Mea Culpa a few years ago, so all is forgiven….and who knows who all else. now it’s not just bogus transgenic agriculture, but sweat shops and tourist hotels in the north.

    oh, i kept meaning to say that the venezulanalyis neswletter came in with a few tidbits that gave lie to my ‘the empire is leavin’ them alone for now

    one is on the right sidebar: ‘Venezuela’s Maduro Responds to Scathing US Editorials and Blames Capitalism for ‘Environment Collapse’, there’s a piece about his speech at the UN and not having been granted one of the alternative seats at the UN, and this video:

  19. holy crow, you’re right. how odd that none of the googledy links to the site worked for me. this promises to be a pip. (mouthy turtle island indun…) ;)

  20. this goes to the heart of what i’d asked about divestment in fossil fuels:

    “When Klein and McKibben herded thousands of college students across America to fight climate change by forcing their schools to divest in fossil fuels, no one stopped to ask if that would make any difference. Using the emotive force of the idea of divestment as people power — based on an intentional association with its use in South Africa and Palestine — 350 inducted hypnotic behavior that omitted any critical judgment. The fact that apartheid was opposed by a combination of boycott, divestment and sanction by national and international institutions in support of armed insurrection was lost on the climateers. Instead, they were hypnotized into believing that colleges selling back fossil fuel shares to Wall Street (where unscrupulous investors could then make a killing) was part of a magical social revolution. The same could apply to the nonsensical demand to end fossil fuels.

    The mystery of the KXL distraction, revealed by Cory Morningstar to be a choreographed hoax funded by Warren Buffett, is yet another example of hypnotic behavior absent critical judgment. As noted by Morningstar, the KXL protests and hoopla promoted by 350 made it possible for Buffett to develop an oil-by-rail empire, now threatening communities across North America with bomb trains, like the one that devastated the town of Lac Megantic, Quebec in 2013. As a diversion calculated to lessen effective opposition to fossil fuel export and over-consumption, seductive energy tales and celebrity-laden photo-ops in front of the White House substituted for popular education and political organizing. By the time Klein’s followers figure out they were duped into being Buffett’s pawns, he and his friend Bill Gates will have made a fortune shipping Tar Sands bitumen and Bakken Shale crude. For the present, the climateers have taken up poster-coloring and holding hands.”

    the author then pokes a bit of a stick at klein’s newly found anti-capitalism. (sigh)

    ah well, time for karma labor for me. garden and dinner prep are callin’ my name. glad you found the site’s still living. ;)

  21. Another informative thread, thanks everyone, yes IMF, “people on the hook with unsupportable debt.” I got the lyrics before, but the full meaning followed somewhat later and slower.
    Mosquitoes were ruling the garden this evening, was trying for some end of the season prep for next season’s garlic that goes in da soil about a month from now.

  22. While the popularly-expected cultural rituals of celebrity worship in America are familiar to anyone who watches television or reads People Magazine, its application to social media has become a powerful new tool of social engineering by Wall Street. The process of influencing a mass audience to respond reflexively to induced prompts — like marching in parades or flooding financial districts wearing the color blue — requires looking beyond the civil society fad of I-pad revolution, and examining modern social “movements” as cults. Icons like Klein are as interchangeable as Hollywood starlets, but mass hypnosis of social activists by Wall Street titans using foundation-funded NGOs is a troubling development.

    Remember the Ad Council and their social uplift propaganda? Well Cass and Sam thought they inject some government cash into this social media scam but apparently Bill and Warren don’t need it.

  23. i o hope that you took note of the avaaz and purpose discussions as well, nonquixote. they tell the degree to which Libruls are being schmoozed by corporate power gatekeeper Greens. i for one am tired of it, as i indicated in ‘tweeting while the world burns’ on the other thread. cute catch-and-release photo ops at the white house gate (esp. knowing the Prez is golfing in wherever at the time) do nothing but advance ‘feel-good politics’.

    damn, i’d have thought mosquitoes would stay away from garlic. maybe so, eh, but not from the hu-mons who are goofing with it? damn, those things eat me alive! given our drought, few of them came here this year. not many grasshoppers, either, thank the gods.

    here we’re trying to outguess the weather predictions for a sunday/monday night freeze. how much of the cannabis crop to harvest, how many of the gorgeous flowers to bring inside, how much…of anything, really? ah, i will be sick when it’s all brown. the flowers are insanely enjoying their last hurrahs: nasturtiums vining long an tall, 6 inch morning glories, bees galore for the first time all year..a few second growth flowers getting in on the act: delphs, daisies, blanket flowers, O-poppies…and the dinner plate dahlias keep on laughing to beat the band! sublime is all i can say.

  24. both ‘belows’ were tonics to me, bruce. in her pained disappoint at not going to woodstock, she created one of the premier and iconic songs of the 60’s, didn’t she? what a multi-talented genius she is.

    and oh, the monarchs. mr. wd saw several this year up at the ranch where he carpents, and i’ve seen the same one three times here. that’s all, and when i grabbed my camera to try to immortalize it, the li’l fooker flew away in disdain. or maybe she’d been a bomber turned into a butterfly, and had a date with…heaven.

    hippies! the only card membership i still carry (well, except for my universal free life church ministry card…same thing, i reckon.) ;)

  25. gumbo: gads, i kinda hate to read such a hard diss of naomi, but she did sit on the board for a time, thus… but i’d hoped she’d gotten religion about big greens; at the Nation link in that piece, it was quite unclear, really.

  26. Swinging through the jungle, a cautious monkey doesn’t drop the first vine until the second is firmly grasped. Fame, cash and first tier access can be strong masters. So can surviving to engage in the next phase of a battle which we can hope (back to the topic) might be Naomi’s case. Not holding my breath to wait and find out. Small advances:

  27. Doug Gilbert, author of “I Saw Fire: Reflections on Riot, Revolt and the Black Bloc”, is an anarchist living in the East Bay in California. This week on The Final Straw features a conversation with Doug:

    [54:55] We are literally seeing […] the tech industry [… conduct] classic counter-insurgency techniques. It’s like them creating front groups to ethnically and socially cleanse these areas and, also, all these tech companies are involved in all these philanthropy projects to gain the hearts and minds of the population they’re in turn displacing.

    a) another connection between covert warriors and the tech industry
    b) practice makes perfect.

  28. US instigated “Democracy,” getting kicked in their proverbial Ukrainian Balls. Innocent civilians likely to suffer most pain as usual.

  29. Meanwhile, Paul Craig Roberts has a way with words on Obomba’s UN proclamation, a whole lot of words. Down and dirty, pulling no counter punches.

  30. i yam so sorry to be so absent. real life has ground me down. but how fun: just as my email provider decided to work again, i read your paul craig roberts title, and mr. wd had mentioned it scant moments before!

    love, and i’ll be here tomorrow, gawd willin’ and the creeks don’t rise. (a possibility; big rains, rolling thunder, and a freeze predicted. hastening here to harvest all we can, and hope the wifi modem don’t ‘zzzzzt’ again. (it finally worked again, dunno how or why…) goddam, i hate tech when it don’t work right! if i ever blink out, i have hotflashcarol’s phone number, and if i can get thru to her, she can tell you whassup.

  31. Love your totally inclusively tolerant, free frame of reference ordination in the Lard of the Abbie’s “good (‘Steal This) Book’ ” of ol’ Time RELIGION; espoused musically:

    And ‘Maorically’ for the Kiwi among US ;-lp

  32. Since we are doing the musicey thing here. I just rediscovered this little gem.

  33. Just got confirmed reports. there was a policeman shot in Ferguson, MO tonight. Shot in a confrontation near where Mike Brown was murdered.

    Heads up folks.

  34. more association spammin’, huh, bruce? funny stuff!

    whoosh, michael cavlan, that one woke me up good ‘n proper! all i can find are a hella lot of flying rumors from last night, but npr says this, another tweet leads to this coverage, and now a manhunt is going on for someone who shot a cop car on the interstate and injured him with glass shards.

    female cop shot while investigating a *burglary* at a local community center, she was wounded in the upper arm.

    apparently even ron johnson (?) highway patrol chief says the shootings aren’t related to the protests.

  35. nonquixote: i like the metaphor, but won’t hold my breath either. i didn’t spot the *good news* in the mal contends piece, but i’ll try to read more carefully later. *try*, :)

    we got an inch and a half of rain and a bit of hail in the night. strong, hard, male rain, the dineh call it. overflowing ditches, and mr wd is trying to hatch a plan so the house doesn’t flood again… looks like not much of a day to harvest the garden. all the plants have been lain low with heavy wetness.

    lots of experts predicted that come winter, the gas would become a major game-changer in reverse, eh? i’ll look at the PCR piece as i’m able. heh, i just looked up yonder, and i’d mentioned ‘if the creeks don’t rise’, lol. oopsie, they did!

    just checked; this is klein’s most recent Tweetie, fwiw:

  36. No, not spam … ~ SAME. Maybe it aesthetically lost something by “Association” from the 1968 Millennium original :

    Still epitomizes the self-evident truth that all men And WOMEN are created equal.

  37. lol; still muzak to my ears (what a musical crank i be…) sorry. or not. :)

  38. The county instituted a tiny first step by unanimous vote to begin regulating industrial farm waste dumping on shallower soils. An LTE strictly for local consumption on this issue sent today, hopefully for publication this coming week. I’ll forward a copy to you for editorial suggestions. I am an amateur with that task.

    Walked over to get the canoe and 5 ruffed grouse browsing like chickens about 5 feet away, didn’t know they were supposed to be afraid or the food they were finding was too good. Camera in the house of course.

    Sorry to hear about the flooding, nothing unrepairable I hope. Summer in Autumn, had to come in out of the heat for a bit.

  39. by failing to fight these big battles that stand to shift our ideological direction and change the balance of who holds power in our societies, a context has been slowly created in which any muscular response to climate change seems politically impossible, especial in times of economic crisis (which lately seems to be all the time).

    Ha ha ha. Klein says right there we must fight capitalists to fight climate change. Of course, those are the Wrong Kind of Capitalist against whom she’s recruiting the good capitalists.

    She can hide behind alternative globalization or alternative capitalism, but for most capitalists she might as well be a commie. ‘Course, that wouldn’t get her the WKoG.

    Those Most Powerful have been willing to lay waste to livingkind before. Austerity and terrorism is their muscular response to climate change. Now is it likely that renegade capitalists have any more chance of overthrowing that death trap than a people’s revolution?

    Poor Naomi, she was shooting for something more Che Guevara-ish.

  40. ‘on shallower soils’. well, it’s something, anyway. a step.

    very cool on the grouse. yes, we hatched a plan that worked. mr. wd went out and parted the clouds with a yell after listening to the association video. stopped the rain long enough that the flooding quit. the lakes in the bottom land have dried up now, but eeep. it’s starting again. gotta get my butt out there and harvest more flowers if i can.

    more later.

  41. mongo, you might translate a bit more clearly, okay? clearly, she didn’t want to painted as a radical revolutionary anti-capitalist, but then again, she may have wanted to be involved in some spats that a) help to sell her book (jayzus, she was just on bill mahr and colbert) and b) shift the overton window a li’l bit. who knows where her heart is at this point?

    snow on the mountains here, but still cloudy; the freeze will likely come tomorrow night. house has nine vases of flowers and a few of cannabis. the scent makes one giddy.

  42. Was not aware that you had so many immediate neighbors, but good on Mr WD

  43. Bondo Mundo, I do so appreciate your candid assessment of the aforementioned monkey business.

  44. Wow, off topic comment at FDL Book Salon completely edited out of that main page conversation. Nice, thanks intellectuals.

  45. SEE? Free association works (particularly epitomized in Maori anti-opened heavens chant)! Great harvest of flower power there in legal Colorado; hoping here in ‘la Florida’ for at least a “medical marijuana” legitimation, come the November vote. Personally, more important than “IMA NOTA* VOTE”, for my diabetic neuropathies! (* None Of The Above)

  46. i’ve always told mr. wd that he should be the protagonist in a male-nipple movie (hat tip john irving’s owen meany), lol

    edited out? whose comment, nonquixote? i read a van jones book salon after the fact, and folks were soooo outraged by the deleted and moderated comments, i posted this one. it was held suspended for quite some time as management decided what to do… ;)

  47. dinnae sound maori to me, bruce, but the art was wonderful. lotta bands called ‘millenials’ it seems (from googling).

    i confess that ever since i watch the whale rider (half a dozen times) i often make the war face in the mirror. my face is so mobile that i used to tll people that i was on ed sullivan once to demonstrate my many faces. i frequently flip mr. wd’s zoris right off his feet.

    you really do have diabetic neuropathies? my stars, bruce. how simply horrid. i’m trying to think of the amino acid that’s said to help…

  48. Klein is trying to have her cake and eat it too: not first against capitalism but first against (the bad) capitalists:

    by failing to fight [… those] who holds power in our societies, [… no] muscular response to climate change seems politically [possible]

    She says she wants to “move the ideological pole far away from the stifling [capitalist weapon,] market fundamentalism”. To the capitalists, that is a declaration of war.

    Should we think the good capitalists will be our allies against the bad ones? That is almost ludicrous. The neoliberal/911 assault is too vicious, too well interpellated. I already suspect she doesn’t make her case in the book.

    I don’t care to know where her heart is, but I don’t see it’s in this battle.

  49. Please explain how Klein and Hedges have recently decided to procreate when the end of the world is coming? Have they decided to experiment with their own progeny or have they earned genetic redemption?

    Hah. Isn’t that a clue.

    I am enjoying a chuckle over danps’ MMT warning to liberals. So cautious, those liberals.

    Ha ha ha.

  50. naomi was hoping for more Ché? but my goodness, what a creepy metaphor for your former hero and klein joining forces; ish. :)
    sigh; i took some time tracking down the panel discussion they held, and it was in this piece of brandon j’s at fdl.

    McKibben, Hedges, Klein, Sawant and Sanders Speak on Next Steps for Environmentalists’ (i’d thought the ‘Oh, rancid left’ solnit was slated as well, but it seems not.

    he included a link to video at the real news network. you can watch, i won’t bother, other fish to fry.

  51. I too, loved whale rider for its female empowerment message upon the back of my favorite species(p.) marine mammals, which is what I loved and trained for, but had to settle for protecting the wetland base of the aquatic food web, instead!
    The maori (what-the) haka dance mimicked my career frustrations at not being able to evolve up to the cetacean level “job” wise. (and I appreciated it immensely, funny faces). Also progressively diminishing was contracting diabetes(2) halfway thru; and having to start battling the “progressively” increasing stabbing muscle pains followed by nerve deadening, bottom up.
    Thanks for the amino acid tip, I’ll follow up (sans Mary J.) …but here’s one for y’all : Avoid any ‘merck’ “shingles” (chicken pox, herpes) vaccination (they’re too strong, infecting my grandson, his father and me with the ACTUAL DISEASE ~ the allodynia post-herpetic torso surface and abdominal pain lasting up to a year or more is exponentially more excruciating than the remnant chronic shooting leg pains). Anywho, thanks for helping lighten our loads in life.

  52. oh, i’m so grieved that you’ve suffered all that, and that it led to your having never been able to get up to cetacean levels w/ your work. i finally remembered l-carnitine and l-arginine, but googled for more, and found, , quite unfamiliar to me: n-acetylcysteine.

    oh, my, i hear you on smallpox shots. heh. i got cold sores as a kid, and was prescribed giving myownself smallpox shots once every six weeks. now they say it will kill me, but….they won’t say when, lol.

    they never helped my cold sores, and finally any sunburn caused them, ugh. but i finally discovered l-lysine a decade ago, and if i catch them early, a couple doses of that over a few hours makes them retreat.

    remember the haka dance in ‘Invictus’? damn, that was fun!

    but is cannabis supposed to help diabetic neuropathy, or am i remembering wrong again? (have to click into Older Comments again by now. we are some kind of verbose commentariat here, eh wot? fla might vote Yes to mmj, yah? oh, i hope so, especially with a state so full of senior citizens…

  53. let me see if this shows up.


    these are ready-to-harvest buds. seeing them under a 30x magnifiying class is a true treat. icicle villages (the trichromes are).

  54. Thank YOU on all the amines … FL senior citizen, that’d be me (but prefer Eternal Flamer). Yes, THC on neuropathy and technically I can get my doctor’s prescription therefore; but I prefer the original ’67 therapy, epitomized in your glorious pinto’tea/day pictured above. Got munchies just viewing it :~) ‘Til November, “Convictus” scores’!

  55. be sure and google them before investing, right? and you hadn’t said if you get the oft-associated ulcers/infections, but if so, google colloidal silver and the condition.

    i prefer ‘colorado geezerette’ but each to his own. or her, lol. i sincerely hope the last minute anti-cannabis ads don’t tank the vote. crikey; sick mind here, but this made me think of cheech and chong, and one of son’s favorite songs… (i love it, too)

  56. About time to change the first letter, second word in the thread title from a H to a D. Funny how that fits just as well in the context of discussing Barry.

    Forwarded the link to your, “Democratted” piece to a WI state assembly candidate who lost in a recount to the preferred D candidate in the primary. Thanks.

  57. Correct. Thanks, and I’ve got the bacterial assaults under control; it’s the viral (e.g., Herpes sp.) that defy effective prophylaxis, diagnosis and cure, and can only be ‘managed’ for their pain. And let US Not get paranoid (like Chong with his ax’s roach-clipped rear-view mirror … hillaryous!) over the JEB-led agit-prop against the vote (it’s a slam-dunk). Keep Dope ALIVE (and inhaling, deeply)!

  58. it was bruce’s comment, i swear, that made me grok ‘change the h to a d’ in your comment, nonquixote. lordess luv a duck, that was side-splitting. might we go with ‘rope-a-dope’? and i soooo needed the laugh, as i’m working on another police killers piece. not my favorite suff, as i prefer both satire and hippie drivel, but given the circumstances, this is all bugging my soul and mind.

    bruce: do then, please google virus and colloidal silver, and also garlic as antibacterial/anti-viral. easier doses to control than golden seal, imo. warnings about colloidal silver are silly, as even nursing homes are using a mild topical cream for bedsores, often infected with anything going. it’s also efficacious for msrsa and other nasty iatrogenic infections, both viral and bacterial.

    Keep dope alive!

    and here’s a photo of the last flower tower that hadn’t shown a blossom yet. one lone cup and saucer. so many buds on the vine, dunno which other colors could come if they don’t freeze tonight or tomorrow (it’s raining again now, it will take clear skies to freeze…_ (big ol’ flower, ta boot!)


  59. You know, the CIA probably grew fond of their left gatekeepers after the end of the cold war. The had become part of the family,

  60. [Klein] reports that a nonbinding agreement signed in Copenhagen by the major polluting countries to keep the rise in the Earth’s temperature below 2 degrees Celsius is a joke: “[greenhouse gas] emissions are rising so rapidly that unless something radical happens within our economic structure, 2 degrees now looks like a utopian dream.” […] even the World Bank recognizes we’re on the track for a 4 degree warmer world—by the end of this century—[Klein] then quotes Kevin Anderson of the UK’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research: “a 4 degrees Celsius warming—7.2 degrees Fahrenheit—is ‘incompatible with any reasonable characterization of an organized, equitable and civilized global community’.”

    Maybe she’s having a Genetically Modified Kid.

  61. isn’t the ‘deep state’ essentially comprised of profiteers, rent seekers, and status quo lovers (as long as they hold the keys to the power?) and cia is ‘deep state’?

    nonquixote: fun stuff you forwarded ‘democRatted’. please pay the cashier $1.99 on your way out the door…. ;)

  62. Can you imagine being in the deep state and maintaining your integrity?

    “What the climate needs to avoid collapse is a contraction in humanity’s use of resources; what our economic model demands to avoid collapse is unfettered expansion. Only one of these sets of rules can be changed, and it’s not the laws of nature.”

    Obviously, the elect have a solution – population immiseration then bottleneck.

  63. Surprisingly, at least to me, there is no discussion of power and the wars in the Middle East that revolve around control of oil. Klein is aware of this, I’m sure, but still, she doesn’t address it.

    What, only half a manifesto in 500 pages?

    I wonder how many books a decade they have to write when on contract.

  64. Er, that primary was a messy situ with opened ballot bags turned over for the recount, near 200 paper ballots that were recorded on the original election scanner machines and election night canvassing, somehow disappeared.

    Could have been D party monkey wrenching or R party selecting who they thought was the least equipped challenger in the gerrymandered R district. Though we know the games both “parties,” are playing, we can see choices of least immediate harm to drinking water, etc by grass-rooting for one side or the other in the close to home races. After all, the Kochs are going after school board elections and such around the state.

  65. mundo: is that from the panel discussion? and forgive me for not remembering: are the degrees temp rises comparable to the ‘280- 300 ppm’ the indigenous say we must return to, or in line with mr. mckibben? O! for a memory!

    did you not mean ‘they might be having a gen-modified kid’? ewwwww….

  66. wow, advising ‘make sure there is a paper trail for votes’ seems naive with those sorts of skullduggeries at play. cripes. black box voting means that no vote counts are real, in any event. Pffft. how many ways are there tank democracy (even if ours is only a republic)? oh: buy elections!

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