#FergusonOctober Day 3

No one had bitten when I asked if I should crosspost all of this here, so…I haven’t.  And I’m sorry that it’s taking all of my attention and online time.  Real  Life keeps throwing monkey wrenches, so my time is limited.  I’ll be back for the other comments as soon as I can.

Peace and solidarity,


8 responses to “#FergusonOctober Day 3

  1. A small tub for the dripping ice, maybe?

    We are charmingly rural after a fashion and most town meetings, all full county meetings and the one “big,” city council all have professional videographers live broadcasting public access channel and then within minutes of adjournment, have the latest meetings up on youtube. Minutes, agenda, bidding contracts, committee and department requests for bill payments are all online, right down to new pair of trousers for officer x or a thumb drive for the county clerk.
    Understanding the subtexts of which people are directing which state politicians or the other way around, is where it takes time. I had to wait for the online version of inspector Lewis. Niters.

  2. ah, the ice melt goes…where it goes. but thanks for the idea. finally got someone to agree to come diagnose it. extended warranty owners make any of that nigh on to impossible. what.a.con. and the fridge is a mere five years old, and already parts have been ‘discontinued’. clear packing tape and jb weld are my friends… ;)

    hmmm; cortez city council (17 mi west) has its own teevvee channel. still, what we found at mancos town council was that groups of like mind often met outside of town hall to plan their schemes.

    yes, i see where the hidden back-scratching would be the thing to ferret out, if possible.

  3. The demonstrations will end at some point but the police killings will and are continuing and the method of emptying their guns into the victims displays training and contempt for anyone who resists the Police State.

    The do-gooders will show their support for the underclass as long as they follow their rules and don’t express their true rage in the streets. When and if that happens the DGs will condemn the undeserving misbehaviors and return to their segregated enclaves.

    The irony of the Church involvement here is that Amerikan Christainity and democracy offer no real protection for minorities, in fact they perpetuate the oppression, while Islam and Sharia Law, however strict, guarantees equal treatment and protection.

    I know i invite criticism but if the black flag of Jihad was seen among these demonstrations there would be immediate calls to fix the problems before this ideology spreads. Who knows what reforms might be offered if the PTB and the status quo were actually challenged.

  4. Can’t argue with your first paragraph much except to say that it will take relentless pressure from citizens to change it at all. Killed by Police on Facebook counts 1619 since May 1, 2013, 200 since Michael Brown. How many were ‘justifiable’ ethically, morally, and sincerely? 10 or 15%? the burden should be on police to prove it.

    citizen pressure helped slow down killings in oakland; ABQ of course is still waiting for the federal consent decree, but given the crap citizen review panel ‘reform’ the council just passed and the city attorney implied the Feds had okayed…oh, me.

    yes to librul do-gooders, which is why i popped off a bit at poor mary, in IL bringing an msnbc live link. ptui. the clergy, hmmm. i’d been discussing with THD my disappointment during the full-on occupy days when dave degraw and two black ministers made a big doo-rah about supporting the movement, then went back to their pulpits on sunday to urge their flocks to gotv for obama. given that i’m a child of the 60’s, i saw social gospel as one arm of the civil rights movement; MLK on one hand, the and panthers and malcolm X creating a very nice tension that worked fairly well.

    I may be wrong since the moral monday folks seem to have made some plans either before they came to, or when they arrived in ferguson, but what i thought had happened was when the young folks got pissed off at the religious leaders’ speeches at the venue where cornell west spoke (rabbis, priests, ministers, at least one imam), and said ‘we’re the ones putting our bodies on the line, so hush your peace and love stuff’ or however it went, the religious folks heard them, and participated in direct action civil disobedience with them. but as i say, i may be wrong about how all that went down. in any event, i liked it, and i liked that there were tensions between the various ideologies and affinity groups. i can imagine if the young uns had acted out there rage with ‘broken window’ tactics that many would have backed out. but remember: they are a disciplined group (the fergusonians), and they know full well gov nixon is itching to cause a riot so he can use it to clamp down further (as per the reuters ‘leak’), and as THD suggested, prevent the grand jury from indicting wilson so that happens and he can use it as a campaign issue.

    yes, do please explain your final two paragraphs. i am aware of church oppression and authoritarianism, but i’m not at all aware of: ‘Islam and Sharia Law, however strict, guarantees equal treatment and protection.’ from woman to woman? surely not male and female alike, no?

  5. Relentless pressure from a tiny minority will change nothing because it won’t be relentless and few people actually actively support their cause. These demos are a minor annoyance to the PTB and they threathen nothing that they fear losing except some PR time and the occasional awkward interview. These police forces enjoy almost universal local and national support. The racism here is deeply ingrained and institutional and even these Church groups represent the status quo and only support moderate adjustments not destroying the system that maintains class divisions and domination.

    People don’t have to jump directly to rioting to demonstrate their rage but any agressive escalation of the tactics will be branded as violence and interdicted just as the earlier attempt to block the interstate highway was because it would affect commerce.

    Not being a Muslim or a scholar I don’t know that much about Sharia Law except that it scares the hell out of Amerikans, not because it is religous law but because it is “their” religous law not our’s, which may make it a useful tool. I do know that Muslim jurisprudence and law does not have the ingrained and institutional racism that is built into our system.

    I do wonder how Islamic law and customs involving women might have evolved if the ME had not been conquered and controlled by Western power and culture for the last 100 yrs. I’m certain that Muslim women will have a lot to offer on that subject in the future especially if it comes from their cultural and religous heritage and not from degenerate Western influences.

    There is an interesting factoid about the latest group deserving of our humanitarian intervention, the Syrian Kurds, who are Muslims that have women fighting as equals alongside the men. During their uprising in Turkey most of their suicide bombers were women and recently a woman fighter killed herself and some IS fighters, strange form of equality.

  6. that is interesting, and i just grabbed a link talking about it. for now, mr. wd is driving in from a water meeting, and i wanna hear what went on. talk to y’all in the morning…

    sleep well.

  7. please forgive me for not responding yet, and although i know your take may be completely reasonable, my new post may offer a bit of a key to why i am not convinced that you’re right. i believe that the third worlders, esp. women, can lead us out of this deadly morass, and that we really are on the verge of higher consciousness that will lead to relatively nonviolent revolution in several directions.

  8. here is the link; it reminded me of women being somewhat liberated by war efforts, as with all the rosie the riveters, squared. http://agonist.org/kurdish-women-soldiers-challenge-syrian-islamist-rebels-turkeys-erdogan/

    (i’m sorry; i need to go in a dark room; big ol’ hegg-ache commencing…) but just a bit more about your first paragraph.

    racism: i do rue the fact that with all the media attention, race has become THE factor in killed by police. i do my best to remind folks that it’s not simply a racial thing (though blacks have been killed extra-judiciously far, far more often and for longer than other colors, races’), but a question of class and expendability. i.e., in ABQ, iirc, none of the dozens dispatched like rabid dogs were black, but: homeless, mentally ill, physically challenged enough not to be able to ‘Obey!’ police orders, etc. these killings all used to pass unnoticed or unchallenged, but: the idea of pushing back on them is spreading, and will spread further. there are now at least five websites tracking them, and trying to make at least some sort of databases and analyses, a bit like ‘operation ghetto storm’.

    the tie-in that i see is that the rabble and to some extent, minority rabble, are fighting for their sovereign rights (idle no more, CA), turtle island indigenous (fighting on the ground against energy extraction and land/water/air degradation), against schools that ban indigenous studies and books as ‘treasonous’, economic injustice by way of capitalism, and many other inter-related themes. i need to get offline for a bit, but that’s at the center of what i wanted to convey. really, the gradual shift of consciousness that the indigenous have long predicted, and i do believe it’s spreading.

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