October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation is Underway

Really it’s only a link to a post…  at My.Firedoglake.   Couldn’t help myself.  ;)

11 responses to “October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation is Underway

  1. InDeed, and why only I-85 Atlanta? Long ago, Mario Savio: “put your bodies upon the gears” ! Why not at least St. Louis, and around the World; wherever US Poppy’s, Bully Puppets and PoPos perp.? We’re oppressed in Our MILLIONS.

  2. takes a whole lotta huevos to shut down an interstate. oakland shut down some streets, but i dunno if they were highways or not.

    yeppers, mario did say that, but the wider context is ;shutting down the machine, especially corporate commerce.

    gonna embed minneapolis for michael cavlan. ;)

  3. Wendye

    LOL I was at the Minneapolis event. We organized a march to the 4th Precinct which has the most history of brutality. Quite a god wee event. Wish we had more peop[le but still it was good. Taping off the entrance with crime tape and then a mass die in was pretty cool too eh?

    Now we in CUAPB (Communities United Against Police Brutality) are organizing a debate with the Attorney General candidates. needless to say the Green party candidate and Grassroots candidate and Libertarian Party candidate showed up but not the Dem or Repub candidates.

  4. well, duh, michael cavlan. you’d told us you would be; why else would i have put it up? ;)

    i tried to suss out which one could be you, but it was dark, so i kinda gave up. unless you had a knit stocking cap on.

    Bruce: never mind. hushmail must not be working for replies via msn, and i can’t even read the last one. ‘your pass phrase’; pffft. can’t even recall how old i am….

  5. oh, and yes: it was a great event!

  6. Wendye

    thank you for that little but important 9to me0 act of solidarity. I even managed to take poor beleaguered Mrs Michael Cavlan out to see a movie and have dinner afterwards. Not working the next day helped with that. Speaking of, gotta go. Work in the morning.

  7. welcome, michael cavlan; i was tickled to have discovered it. a movie and dinner? woot!

  8. Dinner, Movie indeed. Now on Monday and Sunday we are going to stay at a very very old and quaint hotel in a small town about 50 miles south of our house. A very nice dinner at an Indian restaurant (dot not feather-LOL) is also planned.

    THEN comes the woot woot! LOL

    We men folk are predictable creatures. :)

  9. oooh, that sounds so nice. yes: curry induns, not fry bread induns. ;) i’ve been learning east indun cooking, and so far…chicken vindaloo is my fave, but a pain the bum to prepare. ;)

    and you never said who or where you were in the marches…

  10. Wendye

    There was no video footage of me in the march. LOL I was on the other side of the march. I also had to leave early as it WAS MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY AFTER ALL!!! LOL

    Looking forward to eating curry and tandoori (my favorite) and some nice tofu and rice pudding. Swell as the delightful old room at the very nice, very quaint hotel

  11. see how ya are? playin’ hooky from the march just to celebrate your marriage date, sheesh. oooh, i’ve never made or eaten tandoori. really any indian cuisine, so i never do know what things are supposed to look like or taste like.

    have a great time, and my best to your long-suffering wife. ;)

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