Because ‘riots’ must be what the PTB and most media want

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Yes, we were given a heads-up earlier this month when the AP published the ‘leaked’ information that the Ferguson PD, state cops, and indeed the DHS (assumedly) nation-wide fusion centers were planning for ‘riots’ if the sham grand jury failed to indict Darren Wilson for some degree of murder. The police have pushed and prodded and provoked the good citizens there over a course of 77 days to no avail, but gee, that hasn’t kept the MSM speaking of the Ferguson ‘riots’, has it?

As recently as the last several nights, the Twittersphere has been noting that there were plenty of ‘strangers’ throwing water bottles and such at cops, trying to elicit even stronger police tactics that would rile legitimate peaceful protestors.

From yesterday: ‘Missouri Police Stocking Up on Riot Gear Ahead of Grand Jury’s Decision’, (AP) October 24, 2014, (stlouis.cbslocal)

‘FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Missouri police have been brushing up on constitutional rights and stocking up on riot gear to prepare for a grand jury’s decision about whether to charge a white police officer who fatally shot a black 18-year-old in suburban St. Louis.

The preparations are aimed at avoiding a renewed outbreak of violence during the potentially large demonstrations that could follow an announcement of whether Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will face a criminal trial for the Aug. 9 death of Michael Brown. [snip]

Police are attempting to better document events and handle widespread arrests more efficiently. To ensure it’s at full strength, the state Highway Patrol is limiting trooper vacations around the time of a potential decision, and local police may be put on longer shifts.

After the initial clashes with protesters, the state Highway Patrol purchased more shields and equipment for its officers. St. Louis city police recently spent $325,000 upgrading helmets, sticks and other “civil disobedience equipment,” said Police Chief Sam Dotson.

More than 350 St. Louis officers now have been trained in civil disobedience tactics. St. Louis County police and state troopers also have undergone training, focused largely on ensuring they understand protesters’ constitutional rights.’

What a novel idea for the po-po’s to be helped to ‘understand protestors’ Constitutional rights, eh? It’s true that they backed off their initial mega-military responses to the early protests, but it’s hard not to imagine that the MRAPs and sound-cannons won’t be lurking nearby, just waiting to spring into action at a moment’s notice when the expected non-indictment comes down and folks hit the street. How many agents provocateurs will be taking part? But then, we shouldn’t forget that ‘visiting’ St. Ann Cop Ray Albers was suspended for pointing his assault rifle at citizens and yelling ‘I will fucking kill you!’ So, there is that. And the FPD might just take note of Amnesty International’s recent report on human rights abuses by cops in Ferguson. I will say that the authors of the report evidence far more faith in the DOJ than I can even imagine by now… Oh, yes, and we are so very pleased to know that Eric Holder is ‘exasperated by the leaks’. Pffffft.

Along with the Ferguson Police’s ‘preparations for the riots’, we’re told that the cops and even the Ferguson-Florissant schools will be given one day’s advance warnings. Does that provide any hints to what the GJ will do?

Media whores and leaks

In the category of media whores willingly acting as scribes to the PTB, but even selectively publishing the most damning parts of the recent leaks of Darren Wilson’s alleged testimony in front of the grand jury, it was refreshing as hell to see this editorial at the StlAmerican, ‘Discovery, ethcis, and the killing of Michael Brown, Jr’.; some rather long but very worthy snippets:

‘Like the protest movement associated with the municipality, Ferguson, that employed the police officer who killed Michael Brown Jr., we believe there was sufficient evidence to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with the murder of this young man. Officer Wilson should have told his side of that story immediately in a detailed police report that should have been made public when the ACLU and other groups requested it through open-records laws. Wilson’s version of the shooting, as documented in the police report he was bound by duty to produce, and all autopsies of the deceased should have been open to public view for two months now, not shrouded in mystery. Or, conversely, they should have been sealed from public scrutiny by a judge, but made available to both sides in an adversarial trial process, where evidence should have been carefully vetted and challenged by both sides in open court, and all witnesses cross-examined by opposing counsel, in open court.

This did not happen, due to the decision of St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, which we find suspect, and the political cowardice of Gov. Jay Nixon, which is legendary. In the absence of a fairly adjudicated, orderly and adversarial trial process, we have been thrown open to the tawdry open media marketplace, the ethics of which hit a new low this week. First the New York Times and then the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published versions of Officer Wilson’s testimony that would not have been admissible in court, given that each report was third-party anonymous hearsay. In each case, the reporter claimed to get the testimony from an unnamed person who allegedly heard it from an unnamed official who allegedly heard the testimony from Wilson. In plain terms, if questioned how they know what they are telling us to be true, the reporter’s answer would be, “Wilson told somebody who told somebody who told me.” In our view, this chain of testimony is far too weak for this information to be published or taken seriously – we need to hear from Wilson, not a reporter who listened to somebody who listened to somebody who listened to Wilson.

Everyone from the youngest, hardest protestors on the street to former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch took these anonymous third-party hearsay leak stories as evidence that Officer Wilson will not be charged with murder. The young brother on the street and the former top cop both came to the conclusion that the verdicts are known, by the grand jury and the Department of Justice, and we are now being shown selected pieces of evidence that support the verdict we will later be told. We do not have the privilege of challenging this evidence or cross-examining the witnesses; we only have the word of reporters and editors who themselves did not interview the witness or hold the relevant evidence in their hands. We are left in the dark by irresponsibly unprincipled journalism and denied the light of the adversarial American justice system that should be the envy of the world, if it were only operated according to its principles.’

Many media outlets have been reporting in this FoxNews fashion: ‘Dr. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco who also reviewed the documents, concurred that the autopsy “supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun” and that it did not support claims Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.’ But apparently even Melinek is crying foul about the reporting, saying her remarks had been taken out of context. She even went on MSNBC to explain the differences.

Chris King, the editor of the St. Louis American was also offered the ‘leaked testimony’ he so decried the other media whores having published, but refused to print, as this Breitbart-esque hit piece notes. He was also on MSNBC, and I just found the link again. And this:

As well as moar Negro-farming (h/t ChéPasa):
@chriskingstl · 1h 1 hour ago
“I know how #Ferguson would fund $1M annul. police consent decree – muni courts! Making poor people more miserable, more likely to explode.”

And jezum crow, the Negro-baiting trolls have practically taken over the #Ferguson account. Reading many of them can make one feel unclean, depressed as hell, and in need of a shower… But this is a fave or mine:

Right for the wrong reasons and named players, by my lights.


David Correia had it right days ago:

From KRQE news yesterday: ‘Sources: No federal charges likely for APD Foothills shooters’, moar leaks, anonymous sources!

‘The two Albuquerque police officers who shot homeless camper James Boyd in the back, killing him, during a March 16 standoff in the Sandia foothills likely will not face criminal charges in the federal system, KRQE News 13 has learned.

Although a federal investigation is ongoing, the evidence so far is not enough to get a team of FBI agents, local prosecutors from the U.S. Attorneys Office and lawyers from the Department of Justice over the towering hurdle that stands in front of charging officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez with criminal civil rights violations, according to multiple sources who are familiar with the investigation.

Federal prosecutions in police shooting cases are rare, but not unheard of. They require the stiffest proof: essentially the same standard as deliberate murder.

The team on the ground in Albuquerque does not appear to believe it has the evidence to clear that standard and win the Boyd case in federal court, the sources said. (my bold)

But the Justice Department has not yet made a final determination on whether to pursue charges.

A federal grand jury during the past few months has heard testimony and reviewed evidence in the Boyd shooting case, News 13 has learned. It is unclear whether prosecutors have asked the grand jury to vote on indictments, or whether they intend to.

In the federal system, prosecutors sometimes use grand juries as a vehicle to subpoena witnesses and review evidence, not as the final say in whether charges will be brought.’

Now I was unaware that grand juries could be used just to ‘review evidence’, but please watch the helmet cam video at the link of James Boyd’s assassination if you haven’t already. Can you fault him for pulling out a pocket knife or two to protect himself from the ravages on the German Sheperd k-9? Not to mention that the pour soul was in the process of putting them on the ground when the first shots rang out.

But lest anyone believe that the evidence isn’t there, especially for Killer Kop Keith Sandy, I’d say that first degree murder charges might be in order if outside forensics experts could enhance the recording and find Sandy’s precise words about weapons.

From the Abqjournal, Sept. 29:

‘In the hours before Albuquerque police shot and killed a homeless, mentally ill camper in the Sandia foothills, one of the officers was recorded on a New Mexico State Police officer’s dashboard camera, calling the man a “lunatic” and threatening to shoot him during a conversation about Taser shotguns.

In the recording, APD detective Keith Sandy tells State Police Sgt. Chris Ware that James Boyd was a “f***ing lunatic” and that he was going to shoot him with some type of shotgun. That part of the recording is difficult to make out, even when enhanced, but the remaining portion of the conversation is about Taser shotguns, which are considered less-lethal weapons.

In a supplemental police report released Monday by the Albuquerque Police Department, Ware first told investigators he didn’t remember what Sandy had said but, after listening to the recording, said Sandy was talking about a Taser shotgun, which fires rounds from a longer distance than a hand-held weapon. [snip]

Local civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy, who is representing Boyd’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and APD, said she thinks Sandy says on the recording that he’s going to shoot Boyd in the penis. She said Ware’s response – “You got less lethal?” – implies Sandy was talking about lethal force. But, she said, no matter the type of weapon, Sandy’s intent was violent.

A lovely man, dear Officer Sandy.

Zo; is the APD busy ramping up their supplies of riot gear? Protests after James Boyd was murdered were large and dealt with quite militarily. Likely, I’d say. And possibly in Austin, as well, as Killer Kop Charles Kleinert, who was actually indicted on manslaughter charges on May 12, but has had his trial postponed four times already. Legal Eagles suspect they’re trying to arrange a plea deal. Yes, those folks of conscience and justice in Austin are about as dedicated as the folks in ABQ are. The latter have been trying to change the system, but to little avail so far.

But in the sobering words of W.E.B. Dubois:

‘A system cannot fail those who it was never built to protect.’

Tearing down the old one, and rebuilding the system will be a hard task, but we do still try to imagine a better world; at least most days…

p.s. I had thought to bring the recent development on VonDerrit Myer’s private autopsy, but that is all quite complex, a bit beyond me for now, and likely beyond your time for reading. I did stick in some links at the end of the comments in my last post.

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23 responses to “Because ‘riots’ must be what the PTB and most media want

  1. Race riots in Ferguson or anywhere in the US will be seen as entertainment or justification for hardening attitudes about “Those People”.

    I still think that if some of the people in Ferguson took advantage of the promise of “equal protection under Sharia Law” offered by the Islamic State the money and conflict resolution teams would roll into town and the whole nation would join in neutralizing the threat.

    Riots and demonstrations don’t threaten anyone in power and are simply viewed as training exercises to sharpen the Occupation Forces skills.

    Alexander Cockburn’s “Black Paranoia” at CP has more background on this subject but it will probably leave you even more depressed.

  2. my larger point by bringing in ABQ (not race, but class) and austin, not altogether race, was that it’s a concerted effort by DHS and those who would love to clamp down as tightly as possible on dissent.

    but i still can’t figure out why or how you figure sharia law into the mix. will the counterpunch piece offer me a clue? i’ll read it tomorrow.

    i’ll offer a piece deray mckesson in ferguson said is a must read, ‘In defense of looting’ at the New Inquiry, another heterodox piece as cockburns sounds as though it may be.

  3. The killing of James Boyd was an outlier, most of the people shot by police in Albq are Brown but you are correct that the homeless and MI are also targets deemed unworthy of protection.

    McKesson’s rant about private property and looting, as a tool of class warfare, is interesting logic but a weak tactic and seems to be a desperate attempt to bring back the days when mass disruption produced some change. There was a connection during the Civil Rights and Anti-War era between a sometimes sympathetic news media and public opinion that caused lawmakers to respond but their real fear was of Communism and its getting a foothold in the Homeland . It was difficult to sell our brand of exceptional democracy with police violence and riots broadcast to the world nightly. This fact is also true for the New Deal era but there is no longer the Red Menace that the masses might join to confront the failures and cruelties of Capitalism.

    The only idea that truely threatens Capitalist hegemony today is Political Islam and its spread is producing responses from the PTB, not only military but soft support for moderation. Just as the Communists offered equal treatment regardless of race so to do the Islamist, even if it is a harsh and conservative regime.

    This fact mocks the US claim to moral superiority and is why the Islamic State has offered protection to converts in Ferguson. It was a rhetorical offer but a rhetorical response would strike real fear into the hearts of the PTB just as the embrace of Marxism, by many people, did in earlier times.

    It doesn’t have to be a fact just the possibility of people joining in Jihad might slow or stop the senseless killing.

  4. uh-oh; i’ve forgotten who mcKesson is, so sorry to keep apologizing for my brain’s holes.

    i agree about communism having been a countervailing force for capitalist profiteering and the creation of more poverty in fdr’s day, but i did not link it to civil rights. i did not know that I had ever offered protection to converts in ferguson, but it does cause me to consider a few things.

    given that conversion would be the way to equal protection for all *except for women*, of course, a movement that is featuring ‘women in the front’, i can’ t see many would be up for conversion. i also reckon the optics would be simply horrible, myownself.

    but as to jihad being the only countervailing force to the Imperium, i guess i would also factor in the BRICs, or at least according to their bold claims. i’m still not up on IS, ISIL, what have you, but i really dunno that the west is bombing the shit out of them to the tunes of a billion bucks so far because they fear them, or tout the fear to keep war alive on a couple dozen different fronts. now i do understand that in your eyes that makes me incredibly naive…if not willfully ignorant.

    so…would the *possibility* actually work, or would those who threatened it be made bigger pariahs in the eyes of the media (thus the public). at least with the communist union members, they struck and were murdered, and they struck again (esp. miners), and often had three families backing up one striker financially. even then, the horrors had to grow large enough for some sympathetic media stories.

    well, that’s all i’ve pinged so far; gotta go do more sunday chores, but hmmmm about it some more. and eeep, i haven’t read either of the links yet, what with chores and answering comments over yonder. you might enjoy this piece though, it smacks of roordan in ferguson. (i figure he was one of the key leakers…)

  5. Political Islam is the only viable challenge to the Capitalist hegemon. The BRICS are all Capitalist countries run by and for Capitalists, some of them may be more social oriented but they seek a multi-polar Capitalist world.

    I think we need to give the Women of Islam more credit for their own strength and internal struggle for rights, they don’t need Western Imperialists help especially our military help.

    The idea of people in Ferguson converting to Islam and declairing Jihad can be viewed as a theateratrical device, a powerful blow to the Amerikan psychology of exceptionalism. Our Ruling Class only acknowledge and respect power and real threats to the status quo.

  6. you’d never mentioned ‘non-capitalist’ threats to the Imperium, but does IS have some economy it relies upon that isn’t capitalistic? for the women, it’s not up to me to speak for them as a westerner, but my point was that given what i’ve seen in ferguson about women (and youth, of course) as being at the forefront of the movement, it’s hard for me to imagine them being amenable to even agreeing to the theatrics of joining the faith. and of course i could be oh, so wrong…esp. as a white woman of privilege.

    but here is an idea, wayoutwest. you might sign up for a twit-account, and post the idea on the #ferguson account. (i have no idea how the twitterworld works, but i imagine a person could find out readily.)

    i did finish the cockburn/st.claire piece, and may have more to say about it later, but for now, i think they left out a whole ‘nother sick story, even as well as they covered so many hideous deeds done to blacks over the past century. i searched, and lo and behold, came up with jeffrey kaye’s piece. he does travel the dark side so very often. yes, i knew half of it, but the compilation is depressing as fuck.

  7. oh,, my. one strange thing that’s been going on is that my unconscious mind is triggered when i’m either in or near water, as though the angels of my unconscious are aquatic. in the bath i realized: oh, deray mcKesson; sorry again to be so…whatever it is i yam.

  8. I’m glad you realize that your prospective is biased but you still projected that bias onto the people of Ferguson, which highlights the shock value of my imagined scenario. There are already many converts to Islam in the Black community and Christianity is the White man’s religion so I’m not imagining anything that radical or unusual. An interesting factoid is that women converts to Islam. in the US, outnumber men by 4 to 1.

    i’m not advocating and would never presume to know what is the best path for anyone especially with regard to religion, I was simply asking “what if?”

    Thanks for the PA suggestion but I will never join the stunted Twit Universe where language has returned to babble.

  9. whale of a lotta blacks go to church at the white man’s religion, though, lol. yes, i projected, but in some ways because of what i’ve read on that and other ferguson twitter thangs. but that account has pretty much been taken over by race-baiting trolls, in any event.

    yes, an interesting factoid, but i’m not thinking the numbers are all that high, and i have no clue how many muslim converts might be in ferguson. i can’t blame you a bit for not joining the odious twitterBabble. i only use it for the art that fdl won’t allow unless it’s ‘in the commons’, and to capture the immediacy of the zeitgeist during protests, etc.

    bugger, though; i was re-scanning the ‘black paranoia’ piece to say more about the surprises and numbers i saw there, but i’m jammed for time again. bread day, lemoyne is tryin’ to lure me into a project, i have three others myownself…you know. a regular day. ;)

  10. I agree with your heading, wendye (sorry to be late; my computer has been whacking me aside the head, and nontechnocratic me had to wait for outside assistance on it.)

    I have a strong thesis: remember fractals? As it is in Ferguson, so it is in Ukraine. Thesis supported by msm’s coverage of Putin’s latest lengthy speech and questionandanswers that is featured on today – transcript available there on today’s left column plus also at

    Scrolling down at, the last piece by Norman Pollack, one of his best I believe, gives excerpts of Putin’s speech plus good analysis. His thesis is similar to yours, wendye, that the media totally distorted the speech in order to ramp up the hostilities, which is what they’ve done from the getgo in Ukraine.

    To wayoutwest, the James Boyd scenario really wasn’t an anomaly, though having it so well recorded video-wise was – the situation between the Albuquerque police and any homeless disoriented person, or even one who has a home but creates a disturbance, has been woefully aggressive. It doesn’t have to do with race but with supercharged punitive tactics against the witless and the despairing, whomever they may be.

    Fractals go pretty much everywhere, don’t they? Banks…education…healthcare…the environment…

    Happy Halloween, I guess – which brings in the pumpkin riots as well. In other words, not a bug but a feature. My granddaughter will be Mary Poppins – Mary Poppins plus Putin, now there’s a combo to right the world. My offering.

  11. Here’s the link to Putin’s speech. I think the title says it all.

  12. whooosh; long and longer. i’ll try to read pollack’s excerpts, and i gave pollacks to the folks on ds wright’s odd post on the election. happy halloween for now. i need to shape my loaves and tuck them into their little pans, figure out if i can do lemoyne’s post. but fractals and mandlebrot sets? i love them; the same mysterious patterns repeating. yes, our senses do seem not to be mysteries, but near-certainties. ;)

    Bugger; it won’t embed….

  13. to say that pollack was blown away would be understating it. damn, i wish i knew a bit more about russian history, esp. post-kruschev era, and more of the key figures he mentioned. no time to learn, really. i tried and failed to discover who the 108 attendees were. fascinating diplomacy, though; thank you, juliania. he got the Imperium spot on, and endlessly fighting the intentional blowback from its constant interference right as rain.

    pollack said he conceded russia’s part in some mess, but i dunno to what he was referring really. and i was glad he said fie to his praise of assad. no wonder the ‘papers of note’ were hysterical in their characterizations of the speech!

    had you watched the speech at RT, or would you want to? translations drive me round the twist, but i did grab the link if you’d like me to embed it…

  14. Perhaps one of y’all could produce some rationale for indicating fractals such as this asymetric epitome

    bear any relation to “Banks…education…healthcare…the environment…”;
    anymore say, than Rohrshach’s ink blotter:
    Take the “test” (hint: no matter what your responses, you’re certain to diagnose out as “deeply disturbed” !~)

  15. but if you follow it out, ‘the big beetle’ keeps reproducing itself. but: moar homework? okay…but juliania will be glass 2/3 full, i will be ‘oppositional defiant disorder’ and therefore, DSMV diagnosed. ready for straight jacket, woe is me.

    i know this cuz the only rohrshach we have in the house is in the kitchen in an open plan in a tiny 12-sided hogan. a friend traded me body work to build a cupboard behind the cooking range in a verrrrry weird corner, on some days i see a knees-front supine woman giving birth to a devil figure; on other days i see two steep-rooved houses with chimneys on one side, pooofing smoke. both seem quite right. ;)

    oh, and we have those giant beetles down-cellar. they stink to high heaven when they fight their duels. i believe our son brought them in when he was a wildland firefighters; they called them ‘stump-fuckers’, and would attack them when they sawed down burning trees to build fire-breaks.

  16. Wendy, I’ll drop the Muslim conversion meme because it seems to make you uncomfortable but don’t dismiss the tens of thousands of women in the US that have chosen Islam over Christanity for various reasons.

    Sunday is the most segregated day of the week in Amerika and the ancestors of about 30% of the Black Christians were whipped into that church having been Muslims when they arrived in the Land Of Religous Freedom.

    Are you going to write a post on Putin’s speech? I think Pollack’s admiration for his speech missed some of the troubling undertones expressed because there is such a small minority of people who see Amerika as it really is.

  17. i suppose it does make me uncomfortable for several reasons, among them being the fact that you seem to change the discussion here and there. but i wasn’t aware that so many west africans were muslim, to say the truth, and i do despise the history of christian missionaries in africa. and the degree to which christian missionary schools mightily helped indigenous sociocide. i still don’t see why you’ve rec’d that folks do convert and claim equal protection under the law of ‘political islam’ if females are only just so equal, lol. nor have you explained what capitalism as to with islamic state, but i reckon that’s of small consequence.

    i’m not a believer, simply an apatheist. but what i saw during ferguson october were many of the citizens allied with, and glad for…all of the black clergy who came and stood between them and the cops. now maybe there were some imams there, and i’ve forgotten. but at least one or two of the new black panthers were said to be acting as police provocateurs. are they muslim? i really don’t know.

    no, i won’t write up anything on the speech, i barley got through pollack’s excerpts, but i’ll be glad to post an open thread on it; i’d love to hear what you saw that norman either didn’t, or didn’t have time for. let me know.

    shit’s falling apart here again today, so i’ll be in and out.

    On edit: Light bulb! or are you speaking more of joining Nation of Islam? also, i’m uncomfortable since i don’t know what to do with your suggestion, and you didn’t care for mine to you, so…

  18. Bruce, my reference to fractals (which wendye has given a lovely mathematical visual for) really only referred to the patterns in plants and mountains as I remember them described on some PBS program some time ago – so the ‘small’ would be media disinformation about protests and police brutality, and ‘large’ media disinformation about international confrontations. We are so used to media disinformation these days that we have lost hope for there to be any unbiased news – and even online ‘somebody’ knows who we are and what we are reading as soon as we click on, so obligingly do the stories which might attract our attention appear.

    Everything, then, must be viewed fractally – that there is a hidden pattern, and in our present and maybe forever situation, the pattern is unavoidable. That’s the half-empty part of the glass, but even that one can be considered a potential fullness, since awareness forces us to think for ourselves – we must have no Cronkite mentality now. On anything. We can no longer say to ourselves comfortably “and that’s the way it is” because we know full well somebody really wants us to believe them more than they want to tell the truth.

    And wendye, I so admire your “oppositional defiant disorder”. I think it corresponds to the brave folk in Easter Ukraine (and probably in western parts as well) who do not accept what has been forced upon them. As with Russian support for those close relatives of theirs, all power and spiritual help to you in your worthy advocacy!

  19. Well, someone wanting us to believe them also came up with the denigrating frame, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) for the likes of Wendy (and me)! I’d reframe Them as the subterfascist state; but sadly, I’m sworn off such linguistics and acronyms.

  20. yes, ww, you’re on the right track. ‘Fractal: a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.’ and oh, ho: mandlebrot sets are entirely mathematical constructs that us fractals to demonstrate chaos theory. zoomin’ stuff; almost makes me wish i knew higher math, as did the pbs program i saw on both subjects. a degree of disorder that won’t be tamed! :)

    damn, bruce; i forgot to take the test! but see when you spoke a bit more straightforwardly, you received a response. and i believe that perhaps you beetle is an example of a mandlebrot set.

    i did see at BAR that the black is back coalition is staging events at the white house on nov. 2 (omali says here at the end) along with a large coalition of other black organizations. went to black is back and found him at ferguson (he’s been active forever, but lives in st. petersburg, bruce. on fire here; fuck the system indeed!

    i’ve been working off and on a deportation post, and just can’t find the right angle yet to make it gel. sigh. it’ll come, it’ll come…

    Here’s leMoyne’s piece on a long walk protest he made with a 90-year-old woman; you’ll love it.

  21. Omali might disagree, but having been to 4 non-violence/anti-war protests from Bush, thru 0bama; I’ve yet to witness any “Penniless” County/St. Pete police repression in my ol’ greenbench hometown, despite its being a prior racist/ current Republican bastion. Hope he leaves a contingent to protest on 11/2 there, as well (if so’ll, Be THERE*)!
    *Nothing posted at, yet.

  22. This morning, supposing to myself that lifestyle is a mini fractal of protest made me warm and happy inside, so I’ll take it. Yes, I do recall those mandelbaum sets stretching to infinity computerwise – lucky thing though there’s such a thing as wind or as others call it spirit, tends to play havoc with spiderwebs though the wee critters keep on trying!

    [How’s that for an enigmatic post-Halloween-post?]

  23. it’s just fine, lol. and a good dios del muerto to you, juliania.

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