Gov Jay Nixon: ‘Violence Will Not Be Tolerated’

…when the Grand Jury announcement come in, of course.

Protestors in Ferguson find that declaration hideously ironic, considering…that he has 1000 National Guard members standing by, the po-po’s have loaded up on weapons, and…

‘Navy Veteran Exposes Disturbing DHS Presence Near Ferguson — and Gets Fired for It’

TopRightNews reports over 100 DHS vehicles, not police cars as Mark Paffrath mistakenly called them.

Gosh, I wonder if the Gov and the Police and DHS security forces will ‘tolerate’ any violence from the St. Louis chapter of the KKK?

AnonCopwatch and Anon#OpKKK have been unmasking and naming some of the Klan near Ferguson, and claim one is a cop, and was behind the pamphlet (shown) threatening protestors in advance of their violence, looting, terrorism, etc. after the assumed non-indictment of Darren Wilson comes down from On High. One Klansmen they claim IS a cop. Anon#OpKKK has been (ahem) disabling some of their Twitter accounts and causing quite the kerfuffle with the Klan. [Update: perhaps only one]

We are forced to wonder both: Who taught them to hate? Can they be redeemed? So many of them are such hard faces to gaze at for long before being forced to glance away with distaste, if not revulsion. Can we see them as shadows of ‘there but for the grace of the goddess go we’? Ah, too hard, too hard… Back to Ferguson.

From 11/17/14: Protestors disrupt traffic for 4.5 minutes of silence & hold “mass die-in”

Yesterday St.LouisToday shed some light on what’s up with McCulloch’s hatched plan, as well as the grand jury process in general, nine of the twelve votes needed to attain a ‘true bill’ for indictment, etc. But this is the clearest narrative attributed to McCulloch I’ve heard yet:

‘Typically, grand juries hear only the evidence provided by prosecutors to establish probable cause, but McCulloch has said that the Wilson grand jury would be given the amount of evidence that is typically presented at a trial. Instead of simply reviewing a medical examiner’s report, jurors would hear from the medical examiner, he has said. They would also hear from witnesses and would hear every statement made by those witnesses — whether to the media or via social media, he promised.

I had not known that the jurors decide when they’ve heard enough evidence, and remember: McCulloch has been ‘presenting evidence’ for close to three months now. The former DA they interviewed said that typically the evidence to the GJ takes about 45 minutes, though it might stretch to a few days depending on witness availability; both Bmaz and MasoninBlue agreed that typically, a max of two hours could be close to right to indict the proverbial ‘ham sandwich’.

That former prosecutor, Eric Zahnd:

‘…has been the prosecuting attorney in Platte County, in suburban Kansas City, since 2002. He is a past president of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys and has been a vocal critic of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, saying the governor was “fueling tensions” in Ferguson by neither supporting McCulloch’s decision to have a grand jury investigation, nor replacing him with a special prosecutor.’

Protestors in Clayton are shutting down intersections as I type. Lots of police, of course.

What T-shirt message could be simpler, and yet so hard to imagine?

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p.s. I signed up for notification when the GJ’s decision is announced; I’ll update if it’s today

9 responses to “Gov Jay Nixon: ‘Violence Will Not Be Tolerated’

  1. hey Wendye

    As I have pointed out repeatedly to any and all Democratic Party corporatist apologists, Governor Nixon is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY Governor of ol’ Mississippi. He is threatening the protesters and at the same time flat out refusing to mention the brutality and violence of the police there.

    Yeah, “lesser evil” my ass.

  2. My own personal T sez, “Too MANY A$$ $OUL$”; i think Smoky (or at least his pigeon) would agree.

  3. hang tight, and i’ll answer comments later, but for now, christ:

    ‘MO Governor Jay Nixon has activated the National Guard’
    Jefferson City, MO –

    ‘Gov. Jay Nixon today signed an executive order activating the Missouri National Guard to support law enforcement during any period of unrest that might occur following the grand jury’s decision concerning the investigation into the death of Michael Brown. The Governor said the Guard will provide support for law enforcement’s objectives of maintaining safety and protecting constitutional rights.

    “As part of our ongoing efforts to plan and be prepared for any contingency, it is necessary to have these resources in place in advance of any announcement of the grand jury’s decision,” Gov. Nixon said. “These additional resources will support law enforcement’s efforts to maintain peace and protect those exercising their right to free speech. The National Guard is well-suited to provide security at command posts, fire stations and other locations as well as perform other functions that will free up law enforcement officers to remain focused on community policing and protecting constitutional rights.”

    Gov. Nixon’s executive order also establishes that the Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis County Police Department and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will operate as a unified command to keep members of the public safe and protect property, while allowing citizens to exercise their constitutional rights. Under the executive order, the St. Louis County Police Department will have command and operational control over security in the City of Ferguson in areas of protests and acts of civil disobedience, should such activities occur.”

    scary nigra alert, and the GJ announcement will come: ‘later this month’. not today?

  4. i’m so sorry; i’m done in and need to fold up shop. but i gotta share a link and two deliciously dark tweets:

  5. Michael: yeppers, dem supporters: when will they ever learn? both corporate-loving shills for the empire, and have a bit of wiggle room on social issues, some call the 3 Gs: god, gays, and guns.

    as thd and others are wont to say: the dems may go down to obscurity like the whigs. mary landrieux fighting for congressional approval off the xl pipeline, claire mccaskill telling the protestors in ferguson not to prejudge the grand juries decision.. well, mmmmhhmmm.

    Bruce: too many assholes, indeed, though smokey’s squab-on-a-stick might be willin’ to cop a plea for leniency. ;)

  6. With US’ “Homeland” looking down the gumbarrel of the KXL pipeline and the grand jury’s stalling in showing its hands, why wait to Protest, InDeed!
    Wilson didn’t blink.
    (I’ll defer on Smokey’s stool pigeon for his belated coop-eration, though)!

  7. wendye

    Here in Minnesota, the newly re-elected “progressive” Congressman Rick Nolan just aided the Koch Brothers by voting “aye’ to the Enbridge KXL Tar sands pipe line. Along with two other Dem Congress critters and the other Repubs. “Progressive” “Blue state” Minnesota elected reps – more voted for the pipeline than against it.


  8. well, mary in IL advised me over yonder that the senate vote was still one vote shy, 14 dems voted with landrieu (sp?). how much does it mean? rail tankers, according to steve horn, can pick up the slack, so…the only place it matters for now is…on the ground, say: across lakota land. poor squab!

    michael: oh, my. who knows what their incentives were purported to be. i reckon jobs! jobs! jobs, eh? or: tit for tat bribes, bribes, bribes from corporate lobbyists. in the end: dems suck, r’s suck, and what.a.fucking.mess, since peeps refuse to vote for third parties, or bolt to revolution. labor strikes, moving money, stop shopping on holidays, tra la la.

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