BREAKING: Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Has Been Reached [Update]: No True Bill on Any of the 5 Indictments

I’ll update as needed. Among reports, it’s not clear if the decision itself will be announced, or simply just that the GJ has made its decision and has been released.

Why yes, Mr. President,  Holder: we know.  Can’t wait until you install Loretta Lynch.

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) November 24, 2014 1:34 PM

KMOX News has received word from the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office that a Ferguson grand jury decision has been reached.

Gov. Jay Nixon’s plane is arriving at Lambert Airport this hour.

A source close to the situation says Nixon is here to take part in a news conference planned sometime later today. The content of the news conference is not yet clear.

Earlier today, KMOX News asked the spokesman of St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to appear on the air to go over the timeline of the grand jury.

SLToday: Grand jury has reached decision in Ferguson case

‘CLAYTON • A St. Louis County grand jury has reached a decision on whether to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson and officials will reveal it tonight, the Post-Dispatch has confirmed.

Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch had pledged that if Wilson is not indicted, most of the evidence presented to grand jurors would be publicly released, but a statement Sunday from Court Administrator Paul Fox said a judge must review the material first.

If there is an indictment, only the charging document would be revealed.’

That paper had also announced yesterday:

‘The grand jury can issue an indictment on any of those four charges. It also has the option of adding a charge of armed criminal action, authorities said.’

‘Darren Wilson quietly married his girlfriend  Barbara Spradling, whom  Anon #HoodsOff claims  is a Klan member.

Madan FillionVerified account @rubinafillion 2h2 hours ago

14 responses to “BREAKING: Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Has Been Reached [Update]: No True Bill on Any of the 5 Indictments


    I will be the protest tomorrow at the Minneapolis Police 3rd Pricinct offices. Reports on it later.

  2. Mike Brown’s corpse’s been catapulted by the propaganda (as have so many of his brethren, worldwide under US bully puppets). May he now rest in peace; may We NOT!

  3. i can’t apologize enough. no one has been here for a few days, i got no emails…so i didn’t even update to indicate: no indictment on any of the five counts. i am so bushed i can’t even type.

    i swear: tomorrow. and good-o, mcc; night, bruce.

  4. Holy crap

    I am going to be in an assigned role for the protest in Minneapolis today. The Facebook event page as almost two THOUSAND people claiming they will attend. Now the local corporate media, the Star Tribune did an article today that has basically advertised the rally. Giving time, date and location.

    Gotta go Wendye. Will keep you and the rest updated as possible. Cheers to you and Mr Wendye Davis. Mrs Michael Cavlan is a tad worried for her activist husband. She is also going to be with her family for Thanksgiving as I am working Thanksgiving day and that weekend.


  5. This is WaPo video that ds wright posted this morning. cops trashed protestors, failed to protect even white property, fire depts. wouldn’t put out the fires cuz ‘it was too dangerous!’ athena1 over yonder posted video and tick-tock showing that for one fire, it was some of the hundreds of tear gas canisters the po-po’s fired that lit up the fires.

    best of everything today, michael cavlan; wish i could be on the street, too.

    yes, bruce, may we collectively not rest in peace!

  6. jayzus, michael cavlan; i found this just after finding a twitter pic of one of the minneapolis protests:


    BREAKING – GRAPHIC VIDEO: Unmarked car plows over protesters in #Minneapolis; #Ferguson

  7. whoosh; i finally found this again:

  8. Wendye

    I was standing right beside the young girl who was run over. The car stopped at one point and her ankle was pinned underneath it. I was knocked over by the car. My assigned duty was a Street Medic. I helped treat the young girl until paramedics showed up.

    The police caught the guy, released him without even a ticket.

    It was attempted murder.

  9. The third picture- the guy with the bright orange hat and florescent green vest being knocked over. That was me.

  10. cripes, michael cavlan. no ticket. well, i’m assuming you’re okay other than bruises, sore muscles, and rage? and she was the only one hurt enough to require a trip to the hospital?

  11. yeah- the ambulance took her away. That was only pure luck. he could have killed her and others. No ticket. Police protecting their own red neck buddies I suppose.

  12. Wendy Dear

    the local corporate media (Minneapolis Star Tribune and KSTP) had stories that were blaming the protesters and claiming that the man who gunned his car through the crowd was trying to protect himself. Which is what the Minneapolis police are also saying. I made a comment that I was right there and that the stories are flat out lies. Both KSTP and Star Tribune scrubbed my comments.

    I am going to write a story about this. When i do can i share it on your site?


  13. Wendy David

    on a positive note the girl was only slightly injured. Also the protest went ahead as planned and we shut down the Highway 55 going into downtown Minneapolis.

    Full report later.

  14. sure you can; let me know how i can help.

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