Signs of the Season to and from the United States of What the F*ck

You might enjoy listening to the magnificent singing by this Texas children’s choir as you peruse the Signs of the Season.

Historical note from Dec. 29, 1860:

After the Seventh Cavalry had murdered almost 300 men, women, and children beneath a white flag of truce at Wounded Knee Creek, toward evening some of the wounded and dying were taken to a makeshift hospital in the Pine Ridge Episcopal Church. Over the pulpit was a Christmas banner that read:

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.

You can read more about the barbaric carnage at the link, including the medals given to the soldiers. It may move you to tears.

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5 responses to “Signs of the Season to and from the United States of What the F*ck

  1. i apologize for the Tweets and Pics being so mega. I’ve meant to ask the wordpress folks how to jigger the css code to make them smaller, but i never make the time. it took about three weeks of back and forths to resize the videos smaller, so…i haven’t been overly eager to make the request so far. ;)

  2. I’d prefer they were exponentially broadcast upon the entire space around the world; along with the closing sentiment of this seasonal classic of the summit of the ’60s:

  3. i assume that you mean that the Twitter images and signs should be broadcast worldwide? listening…listening…

    ah: for christmas we’d get what we deserve. hmmm. i guess ‘chickens coming home to roost’ may be what we collectively deserve, but my hope is that we can help stop it all before then. domestically, we do not deserve it, i hope, as so many re fighting back now, saying: ThisStopsToday! enough for a tipping point to nonviolent revolution? maybe, maybe not.

  4. Wendye

    Thank you for this stellar article. You are the greatest. yeah the US of WTF is right eh?

  5. ah, all i did was round up and lasso a few of the tweeties, but thanks. it’s likely evident that it was the final two that sparked the whole post. but yes, the united states of what the fuck was…fucking stellar!

    all the best to you.

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