More protests in Milwaukee and NYC; Cleveland Protests over Tamir Rice’s Assassination

The video of 12-year-old child Tamir being blown away in two seconds can be seen here. Note the question asked by the dispatcher three times: “Is he black or white?”

This page from has a handy schedule of this weekend’s events; our thanks. At least 100 Ferguson protestors planned to make the trip; shortstack is already there. Events started at 10 a.m. with a rally and forum at Cudell Recreation Center, where Tamir was murdered, then there will be a demonstration at 11:30 at the Second District Police Headquarters, 3481 Fulton Road. The killing of mentally ill Tanesha Anderson by Cleveland Serve and Protect officers will also be highlighted.

#TaneshaAnderson‘s story tells us #blacklivesmatter less to cops when they are mentally ill. Less to all when female …

Most of the Day #11 of 11 days of #ThisStopsToday demonstrations will happen later in the day, so I’ll fill in as they occur and I have time.

Cops have blocked all entrances to the Cudell Rec Center’s parking lot, and a car pictured on #TamirRice tried to run over a few protestors; the drive is said to have been waving a gun around. No news about police chasing him down for an arrest so far.


Betty Shabazz @curlyheadRED · 1h 1 hour ago

The man in his car said he would shoot us all but the cop is saying we threatened him. This is crazy yall.

Tamir’s 16-year-old brother spoke, and thanked people from around the nation for coming to Cleveland. His grandmother spoke, her voice trembling.

A small group of the 74 Ferguson FreedomFighters were arrested, and have been released.

@deray (McKesson): “If you cannot imagine freedom, then you cannot fight for it. If you cannot dream while awake, you may sleep forever. #Ferguson”

From New York:

Well, holy woop woop! No silver bells and sugar plums today! #NoShopping!

The Mall of America is ShutDown!

‘Mall of America looks like a war zone. All it’s missing is a tank.’

Minister of Riverside Church reminds us not to stop fighting for justice until it flows down from the mountains in rivers. #ThisStopsToday

Standing applause, support & love to the families of those killed by NYPD; #NoelPolanco’s 17-year-old sister: “I don’t want to see anyone go through what my mom is going through.”

LIVE Kansas MO, #ShutItDown #BlackLivesMatter protests has Highway on/off-ramp shut down by police (live at )

With ‘41 Shots‘, the Boss commemorates the 1999 brutal police extermination of Amadou Diallo in the Bronx.

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9 responses to “More protests in Milwaukee and NYC; Cleveland Protests over Tamir Rice’s Assassination

  1. It’s a fine exposé of what really happened, michael cavlan. so good to see the wide approbation of it in the comments; good on you! a damn cop bumped into a very courageous white woman protestor at the beavercreek walmart protests. no, he won’t be cited, and we don’t know where either she nor the uppity negro they arrested are.. but i hope she files a civil suit again the cleveland pd.

  2. wendyedavis,

    I was watching the live coverage of the march yesterday in Milwaukee, via the internet. Easier to follow for my brain, anyway.

    I contacted several “news” rooms this morning who had been labeling it a protest and a demonstration, which it was, but urged them to consider at least ONCE using the words “for social and economic or racial justice,” and quit the meme about police “being ready in case of rioting,” as nothing of the sort was obviously being planned.

    I did go and read @deray’s excellent comments, found something I had known about and forgotten, regarding the threat by Bloomington, MN (been there) fixing to press charges on MOA activists, I pulled this link about SLAPP:

    Out digging some root veggies from unfrozen ground after an overnight rain, day 2 of this winter. Thanks for the update on your story Michael C. right on, glad to see the support in the comments.

    Peace and Resolve, everyone.

  3. The Mall Of America protests in Minnesota – folks. An update. The 25 people arrested are indeed being charged and the Mall Of America management are considering trying to have them fined for “damages and lost revenue.”

    Seriously. There are now discussions on keeping a regular vigil at the Mall Of America to expose their racist policies. This is the same place that had my friends Patricia Shepard and Reyna Crow arrested at an organized Idle No More Round dance last year. The MOA stopped all Native looking people and arrested these two.

    Just to make it even clearer- the corporate owners of the Mall Of America- the 555 Corporation have been involved with very very dirty deeds in regards both Native Americans here and First Nation folks in Canada.

    There is going to be the picket line to expose the MOA and an organized boycott. There is also discussions on organizing ANOTHER shut down. Also there are Court Support actions being planned for the 25 people arrested.

    Things are getting hot in Minnesota. Merry Christmas folks.

    Love to you all here and to Mr Wendye Davis. LOL

  4. Oh and love to all folks at “the other place” since I am unable to communicate there. LOL

  5. Fox News caught changing a chant from “til killer cops” to “kill a cop”.
    An honest mistake they say..suuure it was.

  6. No, Mayor DeBlasio; the anti-police brutality and murder protestors seem to have decided that waiting until after the murdered cops’ funerals wouldn’t serve the need for Justice.

    Woot, woot! They’re out in strength in Milwaukee and NYC!

    deray mckesson‏@deray /deray/status/547537008642781184Power of the people. Milwaukee. #DontreHamilton

    @sustainableOWS /sustainableOWS/status/547529742862540803At least 1,000 people on #ShutDown5thAve march, headed East on 52nd at Madison Ave #BlackLivesMatter

    @shawncarrie /shawncarrie/status/547533822632288257#ShutDown5thAve is shutting down 5th Ave.

    @deray /deray/status/547524625601929216And stores have closed. Mayfair Mall. #DontreHamilton

  7. good on you, seriously, nonquixote. (damn, these giant tweeties are hard to navigate past here) note to self: as soon as life sloows down, find out how to make them a third smaller on this site always.

    slapp: interesting stuff. but yes, i almost always like what deRay has to say. bassem masri: not quite so much recently; dunno what’s up with him lately.

    michael: i added milwaukee an mall of america stuff over yonder. it’s just that so few, if any, read here lately, it’s hard to add everything i add in the comment stream here as well. that’s why i cross-post the links, so that you can read over there as well, if interested.

    but i thought 47 were arrested? and they were soliciting bail money like crazy. looks like they shut down mayfair mall tonight. ;)


  8. why i certainly do thank you for that link, anonymous. i saw it via email, too it to the folks ‘discussing it’ on kevin’s piece on the front page, but…no one came back. it was of course, ‘just asking’ who showed the video. pffft.

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