Ukraine and Greece; two video interviews

Is Ukraine a Proxy Western-Russia War? U.S. Weighs Arming Kiev as Violence Soars


Syriza Needs Alliance Against German “Beggar Thy Neighbor” Policies

5 responses to “Ukraine and Greece; two video interviews

  1. i haven’t had the time to watch either, but i love cohen, and the trrn one was rec’d at naked capitalism.

    OY: ‘Britain to join Nato ‘spearhead force’ against Russia risk, says secretary general‘ – video

  2. A year after US’ PNACi putsch, there’s No QUESTION. It’s ‘our’ Victoria “Lebensraum” Nuland! And with actual Nazi, Merkel self-sicced on Greece there’s no need to “Fuck EU”; they’re doing themselves! Hope there’s some heroic Greek partisans reincarnate!

  3. We do indeed hope so, bruce!

    from the hashtag yves created: ;)

  4. this is hilarious (via NC): John Helmer: ‘The Political Motivation of Chancellor Merkel’s Embrace of Yulia Tymoshenko, and War’

    best parts of a great piece:

    “There is evidence in Berlin that Merkel was personally much too supportive of Tymoshenko than the Americans wanted. If Reuters is correct in reporting that in her post-prison telephone call Merkel said “Tymoshenko’s return to political life would also contribute to preserving the unity of Ukraine”, the Americans disagreed, strongly.

    To the US Government Tymoshenko was, is a corrupt fraudster. The two indictments introduced by US prosecutors in May 2000 and July 2001, charging former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko with fraud, money-laundering, and aiding and abetting others in crime identified Tymoshenko as one of Lazarenko’s criminal associates. The second charge sheet says that “beginning in approximately December 1995, a Ukrainian company called United Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU), which was created on November 20, 1995, by Yulia Tymoshenko, an associate of Lazarenko’s, was designated by the Ukrainian government as one of several companies to supply natural gas to Ukraine.” Tymoshenko then set up an English front company called United Energy international Limited (UEIL), directed by a Turk on her orders, as well as a Cyprus front company called Somolli Enterprises, which the US investigators had found to be “controlled by Tymoshenko and others”.

    The Tymoshenko fraud involved diverting Ukrainian state and company payments for imported Gazprom gas to UEIL, as well as to Somolli. The American indictments charge Lazarenko with abetting Tymoshenko’s theft of $140 million. She then kicked back to Lazarenko “more than $120 million” through Switzerland, Antigua, and other havens, with some of the cash reaching Lazarenko’s bank accounts in California.

    LazarenkoLazarenko (right) was convicted in 2009, and sent to prison for nine years. Tymoshenko was not prosecuted in the US. The FBI release, issued after Lazarenko’s sentencing, declared: “Yesterday’s sentence should send a strong message to corrupt foreign public officials—they will be held accountable if they misuse their office and try to make safe harbor in the United States… In this age of internationalization, we must diligently pursue corruption wherever it takes hold to help ensure public officials act for the benefit of their constituency, not for their own personal gain.” The FBI omitted to mention Tymoshenko. The US Government decided not to prosecute her. At the time, Tymoshenko was in her third year as prime minister in Kiev.”

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