Why Build the Green Party? – Jill Stein on TRNN (1/3) (2 & 3 below)

13 responses to “Why Build the Green Party? – Jill Stein on TRNN (1/3) (2 & 3 below)

  1. i’m posting these as a pubic service; i don’t know if i’ll vote green this time or not, or even vote for any candidates for federal office. we’ll see.

  2. Thank you for putting this on, wendye. I can see that Jill has grown as a public speaker, and her bio is an interesting one. She is a wise woman.

    Perhaps by 2016 the cracks we have seen in the edifice of complacency will have become more than cracks but actual fissures. I’m always hopeful, but as for you it is certainly ‘wait and see’.

  3. As a registered green, these “folks” aren’t serious about being ready for prime time. I couldn’t even keep them from splitting their vote in ’00; the best chance they’ve had. A decade and a half & STILL no organizing organization (duplicative, but IMPERATIVE). Can US haz The REVOLUTION, NOW?!

  4. that’s just about what i said on a piece at fdl a week or two ago, bruce. i’d further asked where the hell the ‘green shadow government’ has been for all these long years?

    were there great strides in electing greens to state offices? not that i’ve heard, and that’s one prerequisite for gaining political power, yes?

    (on the other hand, jbade at my.fdl is touting jon stewart for prez, lol.)

  5. I have to agree with both of you, after watching the next two parts of this series. Jill Stein seemed to become a shadow of her former self, not someone with the energy of a stayer in touch. Such a pity as she does have the experience we have all had down through the years, though she was quite young in ’68. And I thought from the points she was expressing in the first segment about moving on to something different from the early paths she chose that there would be more of that now. But there was nothing new. She sounded tired and defeated to me.

    (By the way, I can’t seem to log in at fdl any more, have tried several times. Tell CTuttle I did want to thank him for the Ukraine Monsanto piece – or ask him to come over here and I’ll thank him in person!)

    I was expecting a fresh approach, but I think the torch has passed.

  6. oh, my. thank you for confirming what i/we expected, ww. i never did take the time to watch more than half of part I.

    nah, fdl was down for 5 days starting the 10th, then was quite crippled from then on, although one might get into either tab, and with great luck open a diary, and better luck…get a comment to load. it took me perhaps three full hours to get *most* of my recent diary on police lawsuits published. i won’t even try to post there again until it’s fixed…if it ever is.

    ctuttle has just been putting other people’s work into diaries, apparently trying very hard to create content since so many of the diarists have left, apparently due to lack of funding, if i understand it right.

  7. Well hello beautiful people. Long time no talk. I have been a busy wee bugger. LOL.

    Bruce- I am also active in the Green Party. Yes I agree with you. Some of the folks on the National Greens seem completely unprepared for prime time or even willing to act as such. having said this- I have a great deal of hope for the Green Party. keep your eyes on the Minnesota Green party.

    Cheers all you folks.

    Hello Wendye Davis, as always send greetings to Mr Wendy Davis. I will send my condolences to Mrs Michael Cavlan for you. LOL

    Damn- so the “other place’ is not doing so well? Oh well. I never really go there anymore. Not even to look to see who is posting.

  8. hey, michael cavlan. yes please send my condolences to miz cavlan, the poor woman. ;)

    yes, fdl and my.fdl have been suffering outages of one kind or another for three weeks now; one wonders… well, never mind.

    oof, the first americans in minnesota have been doing a lot! i do still mean to do a bit of a roundup re: #nativelivesmatter, but i may just post it here if fdl keeps behaving as it has. it’s far too hard and time-consuming to want to get in to make edits, see if there are new comments, yada, yada.

    i did end up reading some of the ‘how to be a cop blocker’ info somewhere or other. good. i read the piece of offal who ran over the protestor you had attended was never charged. of course. but then, in the final analysis, spencer ackerman’s coverage of the homan square blacksite in chicgo was shocking, but not altogether surprising. it is, however, good to see that the stories have grown wings.


    you’ll likely remember that tarheelDem was the first to write of his horrid experience after his arrest pre-nato protests; it turns out he was in homan square, as well. brrrrrr.

    don’t work too very hard, or miz cavlan will find another ailing relative to tend, mebbe even one you’ve never heard of. ;)

  9. Homan Square, as inimically opposed to human care; it is not contrary to the fact that the Chicago ‘school’ has spawned the epitomes of Pieces of $hite; including the current occupant of the Offal Orifice and its harpy aspirant, $lick Hilly! This BushCompany sleeper cell portends years of oppresidency to come; witness the youthful depravity of PNACi Rahm Emanuel, whose regime enables its farking Retard InHomanity!

    Bush crime ‘family’ “Values” : The JEB IS UP!

  10. Wendy dear

    I have just finished writing an article on police brutality. Once it is published by the local on line newspaper- Twin Cities Daily Planet- I will send the link to here. It is one of my most radical and provacative pieces to date IMHO. I sent my former campaign manager a copy. She loved it.

    I am holding off on publishing for a week. there is a reason for it.

    Peace to you and Mr Wendy Davis. Mrs Michael Cavlan already recognizes the hopelessness of her position. She seems to have made peace with it. LOL

  11. bruce, i did do signal boost for #HomanSquaare shut down at my.fdl.


    but yes, it’s all part and parcel of the powers that guard the empire (may we render them into some parallel universe soon.

  12. i/we look forward to the link, michael cavlan. miz cavlan sounds like one wise woman. ;) give her my best, as well as mr. wd’s.

  13. Just to say whilst I am still a kiwi that the video at the Herald site has the NZ Green spokesperson front and center, but that same mild quality that is so annoyingly nonconfrontational to him – whereas I think if they’d featured Nicky Hager it would have been more hardhitting. Still, that they have it at all is something I guess.

    It does remind me of way back when I posted the silly ditty about Waihopai and was so fuzzy about what those lovely white mushroomey things were. Greenhouses? Nah. Anyway, maybe the southern opposition is getting itself more organized, maybe not. They’re pretty late to the party is all I can say.

    Well, my youngest son has introduced me to Smashing Pumpkins, so there’s that – we live and learn!

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