Malcolm X was assassinated 50 years ago today; he was 39

A Storify, largely from #MalcolmX on Twitter:

This is Manning Marable on Democracy Now; I watched, and included the one above (which I haven’t yet watched), but his reconstruction of X was very contentious at the time, and I wish I could remember more about why that was.  It’s just been so many years ago now that I read all about the major kerfuffle.

The Legacy of Malcolm X: Malcolm X died fifty years ago today, just as he was moving toward revolutionary ideas that challenged oppression in all its forms’, by Ahmed Shawki    (Ahmed Shawki is the author of Black Liberation and Socialism, from which the following is adapted.)

From the Jacobin link, X’s April 3, Cleveland, Ohio ‘Ballot or the Bullet’ speech.

Fascinating: NYPD won’t honor FOIA requests on X’s surveillance:

8 responses to “Malcolm X was assassinated 50 years ago today; he was 39

  1. And, where are the X-ceptional whistleblowers?

  2. do you mean those who might ‘leak’ the nypd/fbi files on X’s assassination?

  3. Indeed, I’d blow the FOIA-requested X Files in a heart-beat … anonymously, of course!

  4. (i actually looked on wikiLeaks twit thang just in case…. )


    on edit: i just looked again, nope. but i did find this chiller that a friend sent me earlier.

  5. Indeed. US refuses to see Chicago as grounds of BushCObamanable Amerikan putsch:

  6. er…wasn’t that meant to be a half bush, half obama face with mustache?

    but who knew i might have found dubya less odious by now?

  7. Machts nichts. They’re both Company men Bush-diving fer gawdfather Poppy. Putschland ueber Alles!

  8. yes, i was just referring to the oft-seen half ‘n half photoshop, was all. you’ll appreciate this, i think:

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