During the 2015 Selma March, Another Unarmed Black Man Was Killed by Police (Madison, WI)

(Note: if you can’t see the whole Tweets, hold down Control, press -, then +, and they should justify.)


“Chief Koval said it’s not clear if Robinson had any sort of weapon.

Initial findings at the scene did not reflect a gun or anything of that nature that would have been used by the subject,” he said.  When asked about the number of shots, Koval said he thinks it’s safe to say there was more than one shot fired.

The officer was knocked down by a blow to the head. He was taken to the hospital, where he was expected to be treated and released.  Koval said the first officer responded around 6:30 p.m. to call of a man dodging in and out of traffic.

“Before we arrived, the call was updated by another complaintant who indicated that this same subject was responsible for a battery,” Koval said.

The chief says the officer went to the apartment he thought the man had gone into, where he thought he heard a disturbance and forced entry to the apartment.

“This same subject then assaulted my officer and in the context of mutual combat, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject,” Koval said

The first officer and others started CPR. The man was taken to the hospital, but died from his injuries.”

Same cop killed someone else in 2007; he was cleared of wrongdoing. (NBCwashington)  Veteran Cop shot him!  Must have been a good shoot; now they’re claiming Tony ‘assaulted’ the cop.

How many more, indeed?  Far too many already.  People saying they are sick and tired of hashtags for those killed by police, tired of trying to remember so many names.

In Ferguson:

Radio foxnews:Fired Ferguson Cops Identified’:

“Capt. Rick Henke and Sgt. William Mudd resigned Thursday, sources confirmed Friday. Also Friday, city spokesman Jeff Small said Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty was fired Wednesday.

Emails were included in a voluminous report that accused Ferguson of using its police and municipal court as a revenue engine, unfairly tapping the pocketbooks of the poor and blacks.

It was not clear whether the three were alleged to be senders or recipients of offensive emails. They could not be reached for comment.

The sources said Henke was associated with an e-mail from 2008 suggesting that President Barack Obama would not be president for very long because a black man can’t hold a job. They said Mudd was associated with an e-mail from 2011 suggesting that CrimeStoppers paid a black woman who terminated a pregnancy.

The Justice Department report also detailed other emails as well, including one that depicted Obama as a chimpanzee.”

It was so good to read that Obama was at the March in Selma; it must prove something.

Obama’s Dead End Criminal Justice “Reforms” by Glen Ford.

“The presidential task force’s grab bag of suggestions seeks only to make the Mass Black Incarceration State more palatable to the victims.”

In New Yawk City:

‘Judge Tells NYPD to Follow the Law, Demands New Stop-and-Frisk Tactics‘ (sorta; including “furtive movements aren’t grounds”)

“Of course, Patrick Lynch wasn’t happy. In a short statement the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President said, “police officers are going to have to travel with an attorney just to interpret these new stop and frisk regulations.”

Unfortunately, the rules won’t do nearly enough to change the culture of the NYPD. And with NYPD Commissioner Bratton’s new focus on broken windows policing – where the NYPD can arrest you for damn near anything – we can be sure the harassment of communities of color will continue.

37 responses to “During the 2015 Selma March, Another Unarmed Black Man Was Killed by Police (Madison, WI)

  1. Short of IgNoble “peace prize”-refudiating Armageddon, WTF has li’l Bro’ LEFT To prove? His utter double-thinking, double-speaking despotism? :

  2. arrrggh. i hate to see it, but one of my earlier favorite activists on the ground is sooooo obama-favorable now, though i won’t bring a tweetie. similar to: he will up his game now, almost for certain. (poor schmuck) dayum, i wish black agenda report would get on their accounts. i’d even written to glen ford and half-begged him. i swear i can’t abide having a twitter account. unless i’m forced into it if they close the readers diaries at fdl. between twitter and daily kos: how is an old crone to choose? ;)

    perfect graphic, but your link went to an unknown google page, bruce.

  3. The link was a graphic “fail” of the same image; but I too, don’t give a twit or interfacebook. Even before the Big 0 swept in 2008, Pullosi Punch had already sold out their big Mo IMPEACHMENT opportunity in 2006; Zer0bama then sealed it with his $ellOut Wall $treet-theater. The Quisling Vichy Delilah DEMaddict Aaron Bushs!
    I remember attending a 2009 DC ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice march featuring David Swanson (carrying my Anti-DingleBarry DESPOTUS sign); but until your BAR link, I’d not heard of the Omali Yeshitela/Black Is Back march of 11/7 that same year. Until all these groups merge; together with their “represented” constituents in their overwhelming (currently discouraged) MILLIONS, I despair any equable effect. Meanwhile, Omali and Glen ROCK, and I’ll try to follow the BAR ledes.

  4. i’m failing again to decode your wordplay, but you do seem always so focused on obama. yep, he’s indeed damaging to actual systemic change for people of color, no doubt. but at the very root is capitalism itself, which for blacks, latinos, and the indigenous, required a slave wage class.

    as to unification of a radical left (if there really IS one), i went and dug up the link to this piece:

    ‘Celebrate What Makes us Human: Toward a Coalition of the Radical Left in the US’ by Alexander Reid Ross.


    lots of good stuff in it, even while some of it seems nigh on to impossible in certain climates, populations, etc. but as to his contention that people of color and occupy sorts can form a coalition, there is plenty of thought out in the movement that white privilege negates that idea. perhaps down the road? i dunno, but the blacklives movement wants to take leadership, understandably.


    somewhere i have a link to ‘the light grey movement’… i like that.

    yeah, BAR rawks! bruce dixon is in the (where are they?) green shadow government.

  5. Hello wendye,
    Sorriest state in the union and I live here, but thanks for the post. The opposition to the status quo is alive and at work though.

    As far as fdl, I’ve been able to find it, read it, but my computer freezes and I needs to force a shut down soon after I tries to log in…hmmmm.

    Better days ahead is the goal. With the above freezing temps predicted for the next 8 days, we might get the grassroots growing some more, here. Lots to do, we realize.

  6. My point is someone’s got to lead and tell the traitors epitomized by (but no means confined to) 0; and to cry NixOn them and demand that they GO!

    CORAL is a great concept (and acronym) I’d love to “graft” onto and FOLLOW, bleached though I am. The greens oughtta stand with ’em too; in the solidarity of a reverse color revolution against U.S. police state’s white supremacists and their Company puppets.

  7. hallo, nonquixote. you may indeed live in the worst state, but lots are coming closer all the time, and whoosh: how many *cities* are simply horrid now.

    yeah, i’ll post at my.fdl if they can keep it up for two or three days running, otherwise, it’s not worth the bother.

    yes, great kickback in WI, for certain, and with spring on the way? who knows what the people might collectively accomplish if more united.

    p.s. back soon, bruce.
    nice to see you. :)

  8. well, as O seems to be the worst of ‘they purveyors of capitalism run amok (some say even Marx never envisioned what we’re living now), as mr. wd asks: “if the Imperium of chaos rules…who is aragorn? who is Our Gandalf?”

    i loved the CORAL allusion to the magic that the aussie indigenous see in the pre-acidified, plastified reefs as ‘the art that epitomizes what human life should emulate’. sooooo lovely an image, not to mention ‘healthy’

    “CORAL united globally against white supremacy!” (i’d order bumper stickers and t-shirts.) sadly, on counterpunch, no comments are permitted. will the idea take off? which have, including eisenstatdt’s ‘gift economics’ and so many others, including proponents of worker paradise cooperatives (mondragon, etc.). why hasn’t the idea shot up to the stratosphere?

    well, i’ve been working on a venezuela piece, and srsly: the western capitalist deep state ngo’s(NED. CIA, et.al.) just may have their way soon, and that will be a fucking shame.

  9. Besides my being decidedly non-fiction, I’M beyond my Aragorn “Paving Paradise” anti-pavement pounding days; though if I don’t get a haircut shortly, I could soon pass for Gandalf, ALMOST:

    But as you say, seriously; RFK Jr., “Bob” Redford or even Russell Brand might qualify if they’d dismount their parochial ponies and address the comprehensive conservation of the CORAL seas, instead (it might just[ly] be another rhetorical gig; but at least THEY’D Mean it!). If such “Candidates” could coax the Gandalfian Mike Gravel from his chilly exile of Seward’s Icebox, selling ‘hemp’ (he SAYS he;s not thru with politics); their words might be a contemporary match for the wisdom and courage of his deeds.
    Beats Billaryan and J.E.B.i burning Bush PNAC Attacks! (Can’t we return THEM To fiction?)

  10. State paper of record performing “due diligence,” to paint Mr Robinson black and officer Matt Kenny white:


    Sparing you the actual link to a tweet from one of our worst case racist twits though. Ashamed to admit these people actually populate the state. Claimed Tony Robinson would have been alive if he would have gotten real jail time for armed robbery.

    Hopes that personnel besides the two aging retired Milwaukee detectives now employed with the State Dept of Justice that were assigned as the “independent,” investigators in the Dontre Hamilton case, are not brought in here again in Madison.

  11. ya kinda like the white dudes, do ya, bruce? :) blech on rfk, jr., brand? dunno, while i like him, i can’t see people rallying around his flag globally/westerly. redford, hmmm, a least on some issues, but my position has always been that third-world women will lead us to the light. in this nation? who knows? globally, perhaps, but there is reason to say we are in dire need. is one leader necessary for a nonviolent revolution? what will light the spark? why hasn’t it been lit already?

    oh, too many are still too comfortable, yes? i have a friend who maintains that we’ve been living under a *right-wing* revolution for some time now. i wonder if he meant ‘coup’….

  12. ah, nonquiote; don’t be embarrassed for your state. the movement pushing back on police brutality and senseless killings has really brought the racists out. the original #blacklivesmatter on twitter ha been almost totally been taken over by ugly racists; simply horrid reading. but yes, tony has been already been deemed worthy of assassination. i reckon whoever doe the investigation’ will conclude that kenny was justified in dispatching the rabid skunk.

    there was a vigil tonight for him that’s just ending. a number of (ahem) folks offering….their dissenting opinions. it’s almost too easy to despair of humanity.


  13. i wish to hell fdl’s management would be more forthright about whassup with the site barely working. ctuttle had mentioned (among other odd and contradictory things) that they might ‘pare down the news and my.fdl’, whatever that means.

    i’d love to know if my.fdl might be closed. my $125 rent on this place is due soon, and (heh) for a limited time, wordpress will sell you and upgrade to ‘business’ for another $100 (if i get what they mean). *if* that would have increased capabilities for comments, including style tags, hyperlinks, and larger windows, plus a few other thing, i’d consider if…for that eventuality.

    it’s over a month now that the site’s been on the fritz, can’t see anything’s been solved. one wonders how many peeps will even come back if and when they fix it. participation was so low even before that, sadly.

    Madison Groundwork Action


  14. Thanks for this, wendye. I commented already, but it does seem the ptb have (wittingly or un-) recreated the violence that simmered around the original march. The NYT actually had a photo of my brotherinlaw on his way to it – anxiety written all over his face. It was the real deal.

    Call us Ishmael, I guess. Be well!

  15. Interesting post from a Madison area blogger on recent police problems, suggestions and directions.

  16. it was a good piece, but what was the way forward the writer mentioned? the ‘young, gifted, and talented’ group or movement, perhaps? i’d seen it mentioned on the twitter machine.

    steele: now there’s another fine mess, and yes, all of his testilying should be scrutinized.

    on edit: i’d (sigh) forgotten to say that another unarmed man was killed by police yesterday. not black or latino, but perhaps he sold little bags of weed, so i guess the swat team will have no regrets that he’s been dispatched.

    Meet Derek Cruice‘; a tragic introduction.

    Not to pile on more hideous news, but: Man Tells Police ‘I Can’t Breathe’, Tells Cops They Are Killing Him, Dies In Police Custody, March 6, 2015

    Second edit: from four hours ago, :) (reminds one of all of the days pro-collective bargaining/organizing peeps occupied the space)

  17. I’m not sure on the way forward, but I think our youth seem to more instinctively know who are and what is responsible for the tragedy. Beyond being lied to anymore. Let’s hope and encourage them.

  18. well, they rock. my eyes are leaking tears. middle school and high school students walked out of class and helped #shutShitDown.


    i am soooo proud of them all. yes, solidarity! (but i didn’t find the young, gifted, talented tweets)

  19. Don’t know how I missed this over the weekend, oh yes, the weather was warmer. “Governor,” Scott Walker fails to fund outside investigation of officer involved shootings. Sheesh.

    Click to access 0309taylor.pdf

  20. no surprise there. 20 cop shootings since dontre??? whoa, nellie.

    did you see the ones i put in above? it just Has.To.Stop.

  21. tribute to war dead by roger waters , Jeff Beck, and a video maker.

  22. whoosh; what an exquisite production, and what exquisite pain and reverie it brings, mark. “left in no man’s land” could be the exact language used to describe the horrors and propaganda of all wars. quite sobering, and a reality check from the seething rage i’ve been feeling as i work on a new piece on the Empire v. venezuela.

    but in the end, there are slow deaths and war deaths brought by those who don’t see all of us worthy of justice, adequate food, housing, medical care, or even jobs.

    as a bit of an antidote, you might like the CORAL piece i linked to…somewhere. i forget if it had been on this thread or not. lemme go and fetch it.

    yes, here it is: alexander reid ross, but he writes on lots of different eco and other issues.


  23. Followed the various commentaries today, there was a late evening interview with a person from the young, gifted and talented coalition that got cut off before I got a name or further info. There will be a podcast available in a day or so usually.

    The guy was pointing out the ygandtc was not going to be silent about protesting the murder of Tony Robinson and do what authorities were suggesting, to sit back and wait for the investigation to be completed, as he said, the coalition was already hearing the predictable verdict and that was not going to mollify them any longer.

    Here’s a link to an alternative soource for WI news. The article/letter is dated a couple months ago but visit the home page for some more recent info from Madison. Will send along the podcast when I see it, I want to hear the ending few minutes. Somehow the taped interview was delayed at start up and cut off at the top-of-hour radio news time.


    Thanks for the musical interludes, messages, instruction in essential humanity.

  24. Many thanks internet gremlins whoever you may be – I picked up this issue on my trek – the article front and center on what is currently happening at Chaco – another weepworthy issue:


    “After sunset we park at a cleared, flat spot. It seems like an old natural gas well pad, but I can’t quite make out the infrastructure in the darkness. He’s stopped here to watch the flare from an oil well. It’s about a quarter-mile away, but we’re talking loud over its roar.

    Then, without warning, Eisenfeld hops back in his truck and takes off again.

    As he pulls away, a great horned owl sweeps up, landing on a pole atop an elevated metal tank.

    My heart’s still thumping from the surprise of the bird’s giant wings. I want to watch this owl forever. Or as long as my eyes can see through the dark. But I need to get moving. I don’t know the route back to the highway.

    As his taillights disappear down the gravel road and around a corner, I remember what he’d said to me a few months earlier. I remember his urgency.

    ‘I’m 52, and I’m kind of going, ‘All right, what’s going to happen in my lifetime? And what kind of planet are we leaving our kids?'”

    Kudos to Laura and the Reporter.

  25. Pardon me, Laura Paskus, that is above. A really fact filled, stellar article.

  26. thank, nonquixote, although i admit that at day’s end the letter is too long to grok. as for the podcast, could you pick out the pithy points for us? my auditory discrimination is poor…unless i can see people’s lips move. :) even so, sometimes i read transcripts. but good on the young and gifted folks. it’s akin to the ‘i am a man’ movement, no? or ‘i’m black and beautiful’, given that the movement is trying like hell to remind people that black women, the transgendered, are also being killed, and few notice.

    the movement lives.

    as an aside, i never saw my.fdl online today, leaving me to wonder…

  27. oof, juliania; even though i only took the time to read half of her delightful narrative, i liked it a lot. and yes to the sky views of chaco, and yes to the spiritual and cosmological (she’d forgotten t add) beauty of the place as a metaphor for…all we’ve forgotten to learn from the past. (she also forgot that some were cannibals, but i can see why she breezed by that…) ;)

    thank you for it. when will they (we) ever learn?

    nope; i cannae find a good version of ‘where have all the flowers gone, so: i’ll play this one of my very most favorites.

  28. Very beautiful and appropriate music, wendye. Yes, the savage side of empire shadows the Anasazi in pueblo memory – the latter part of the article more or less documents the invasion of exploratory gas wells and reminds of the methane cloud over the Four Corners region that dwarfs anything else in the US. I’m sure it’s affecting our weather down this way – one moment freezing, the next hot as blazes. The excerpt I quoted is her final paragraphs. Thanks for taking a look. The Reporter has become a rather chintzy faux Santa Fe read, so this article stood out for me.

  29. bruce put a photo of those wells gassing off as seen from space once. the idiocy of it is horrific. more fracking horror is that as the central valley in CA sinks due to the overuse of underground aquifers (it’s all unregulated for some crazy ass reason), the fracking ingredients are poisoning it all that much more. yeah, a new bill might regulate it, but it will take FIVE years for the plan to take effect, create the needed bureaucracies, etc. most farmers will likely head to the northwest.

    water wars are comin’; i hear the ‘smartest’ law school graduates are specializing in water law.

  30. (patricia bynes) “She continued, “We don’t need new faces to the same culture, so I’m not ready to jump up and down yet to celebrate his resignation. I want to know how are they vetting the people they are going to be looking at to come behind them and are they making structural changes to ensure this abuse of authority doesn’t run rampant anymore. Something structurally needs to change…We don’t need another, ‘Good ol’ boys,’ network and I need to know that before I pop the champagne and get ready for a toast.”

    yes. just so. thanks, marym. knowles should be next. weren’t most of them at the kkk ball (i forget what the annual event is called)?

  31. this is bad: ‘Two police officers are shot in Ferguson‘ (outside the police dept.):

    “St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said one officer was with his department and the other was with the Webster Groves department. Both were being treated at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where Belmar spoke, and were in serious condition.

    The chief said at least three shots were fired. He described the injuries of both men as “very serious gunshot injuries.” Neither injury was considered life-threatening.

    Police planned to hold a news conference at mid-morning about the shootings and protests.

    The Webster Groves officer was shot in the face. He is 32 and has been on the force five years.

    The county officer was hit in the shoulder. That officer is 41 and has been in law enforcement for 14 years. Belmar said no suspects have been identified in the shootings.

    The officers had been standing in a group when the shots were fired. The gunfire was “parallel to the ground,” Belmar said, leading him to believe the officers were targeted.”

    the guardian’s coverage is more thorough, and you don’t have to take a quiz to get in.

  32. Story on DN has protestors/witnesses saying the shots were fired from uphill on a adjoining road to the north of where the protestors were.


    I don’t know as I would fully believe Belmar. Does not change his theory that the officers were “targeted,” (Hyperbole much? Two individuals being shot while avoiding body armor (?) of course were targeted)

    Parallel to the slope of a hill also qualifies as parallel to the ground. Sad incident regardless.

  33. missed this, nonq. no, it’s a bit nonsensical. some of the protestors aren’t convinced that *they* were the targets, either. what a bloody mess.

  34. … Hi wd … it is me shootthatarrow ….

    … A worthy piece about Tony R. … Senseless, tragic act …

    >>> So very easy to kill a human and on a planet of over 7 billion plus humans where many humans are being killed or ravaged to death every day and night by Nobel Peace Prize holder USian War Bastard, WarMonger and War Criminal Barack Obama and his agents in CIA, the Pentagon and the likes of Kagan Nulan it may seem lost in the endless blur of death.

    >>> For Tony R. it was The World Ended.

    >>> As it is for any human who meets death in ways that came unexpected or not due to a long life lived that ends in the natural ways and repose of a human’s life twilight and passing into the star lit universes beyond life and living here on Planet E.

    >>> I am ” butterflying ” around your site wd on this early Sat AM checking out the various entries and comments — am hoping to make doing so more of a repeated pattern wd … ;-) … As it is these days trying to access, navigate or interact comment wise at FDL has become daunting if not simply undoable betwixt the hostile adware now infesting FDL and the ongoing malevolence coming from who or whom is plainly making FDL site quite dysfunctional these days …

    >>> It has been disappointing that the FDL Site Management has not been more forthcoming with FDL Page One reports and information as it would be fairplay after all these days since The FDL Troubles began to be upfront with the reasons, reveals and who, what, why and what is next stuff. Disappointing to see FDL site spiraling away and down from where it was just a year ago. One could speculate as to why — I hope it is not due to someones or anyones decision(s) to move FDL towards being more like DKos politically and peddling R vs. D junk politics and It Is Hillary’s And Women’s Turn In The WH In 2016 … One can hope not ..

    >>> well … time will tell the tale … best wishes always wd …

    Nice site here … will visit more often … sta ;-)

  35. ‘allo,, arrow, and welcome back. please flit and (butter)fly about to your ♥s content. lovely prose on death itself; thank you. such a tragedy, tony’s needless murder, and that calling 911 for help for mental health issues so often results in death…is becoming all too common.

    i just stuck up another similar story on another thread. mom called 911, as her son was off his meds, and behaving strangely. she walked out the front door when the cops got there, son followed, and was holding a screwdriver, not ‘brandishing’ it. within seconds, the cop hot him six times (iirc). of course he died. i haven’t seen any interviews with ‘mom’, but i have with tony’s mom. anguished, of course, but very emphatic about not hating cops.

    having seen some of ctuttle’s comments about the likely demise of fdl, i finally emailed kevin g asking him to publish any news on what’s going on with the site, and let folks know if my.fdl is being closed. or not. *if* i understood him, he said that they don’t want to announce anything until they move to a new server, restructure the site, *and see* if they can incorporate my.fdl with the switch. iow, nothing has been settled about it one way or t’other, apparently. i just wish they could tell folks even that much for now. but he reckons in one or two weeks they’ll know.

    some folks say they’re using ‘proxy servers’ whatever those are. ;-) i do worry that many folks just won’t bother coming back, this has been going on so long hope i’m wrong.

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