a tax break 4 me, & a belated happy birthday to nonquixote

Gotta help ’em pay for another nuke

with my increasing memory loss, plus numerophobia, filling out the forms is bad enough.  i can’t remember a year since my brain damage two (?) decades ago that the the IRS hasn’t sent back my returns with red marks all over them; last year’s mistakes were epic.

this year is even more fraught, as it turns out the IRS seems not to even send out the instruction booklets, which of course used to be full of things one needs to fill out the paperwork.  I dutifully went to their website yesterday, printed most of the forms I need, save for all the worksheets, and I did find a way to read the tax tables, and likely will discover where the fook to send all of it when I (hopefully finish).

anyhoo, smoke has been comin’ outta my ears over it all, but at least they were kind enough to send us the envelope of vouchers so that we can pay our quarterly taxes.  you might think that’s self-serving; I couldn’t possibly comment on that…

if I need some breaks, I may pop in, but in the meantime, please talk to one another.  Some good news: I finally heard back from our friend the Commie (I’ve forgotten all his screen names), and he sent an hilarious link I hope he’ll share on the most recent  Open Menu.  Good to know he’s alive and (hopefully) well.

meanwhile, if any of you know what this Tweet from Wikileak signifies, I’d love to know.  I tried to stick ‘Pierre Omidyar’ into the filter, but was told I needed to fill out all three boxes…or something.


4 responses to “a tax break 4 me, & a belated happy birthday to nonquixote

  1. Wendy,
    I have been reading your blog for a number of weeks, and as such that Firedoglake has been encountering a large number of problems, I have looking for a blog to participate in.

    What do you think? Any recommendations beyond Babylon Café?


  2. hola, amigo. i confess i’ve been up to my neck in high tax muddy waters all day…and am seriously messed up and pissed off (obamaDon’tCare fines, anyone?) fuck them and the horses the rode in on. see how rude I yam?

    what do ya have in mind, jaango? you’re absolutely welcome here, whether as a commenter, reigistered commenter, or even an author. but if i send you an invitation thru wordpress to become an author, you have to know that i’ll continue to argue against your signature essay concerning ‘when chicanos and indigenous’ reach population parity (which i do love see for the future) that it will transform the democratic party. ;-)

    but if you’d rather register so you could have an avatar, and a similar login to the one you use at fdl, see this Registration page, which i hope explains ho to effect that.
    https://cafe-babylon.net/category/registration-and-contact-me/ it also has my email, so you can let me know which way you’d like to go. but gadzukes, since josh marshall shut TPM’s café, i’ll bet i’ve tried half a dozen sites, and since the my.fdl doesn’t seem to be coming back from the dead any time soon…i reckon that this place might be at least a port in the storm, no? hardly anything akin to that megaphone, sadly.

    but let me know; i gotta get back to the taxman after a hot bath. best to you.

  3. wendydavis,

    Add me to your stable of Participants– fit me into what ever category you deem appropriate.

    And attached, is my first contribution:

    Is the NSA Searching “for your junk” and More?

    Within our national security state, the FISA Court has, over these many years, approved the Federal Government’s ‘quiet’ agencies to search our Privacy Construct and to the point where this approval is currently at over 35,000 applications while rejecting a minimalist 12, over these past 34 years. And as per the usual, this FISA Court does not have a Legal Eagle representing, we, the general public when these applications are addressed and virtually approved. Consequently, Section 215, and all that this entails in public law, we get short-shrift, when viewed from the perspective of the general public, and worse, when viewed thru the prism of the voters.

    Of course, Section 215 is up for renewal in June of this year, and still, the general public will have an exceedingly difficult time for changing the “better” Democracy aspects/ attitudes of the current Cabal of the “Connivers for War” as well as the undistinguished and yet the relevant politics that animate the Right, as well as the behavior from the “conservative” Democrats. As such, today’s Status Quo.

    However, John Oliver took the ‘bull by the horns’ and when he interviewed Edward Snowden during these past few days. And from there, it only gets worse, given that the mainstream media outlets and their acolytes, will not challenge Congress but will “report” on this PR battle that will surely take place in the early two weeks in June when Congress takes its vote in the latter two weeks in June, and which, when implemented, will super-charge these ‘quiet’ agencies to go beyond the “junk” and perhaps bring forth the long distance cameras for the smooch that generally takes place in the bedroom. And if you’re in a same sex marriage, be so advised, albeit, surveillance has shifted to entertainment.


  4. may i suggest two things for now? stick you contribution on the current Open Menu, then try my registration instructions i linked to above. i think i got it right, but in my spare time (ha!) i’m tryin’ to sort out a linux user who’d like to author, and another who *may be*, as he’s having trouble.

    nor have i finished my instructions for how to post diaries here, as wordpress flummoxed the old way (classic) that’s like my.fdl’s. but it did find several ways to bypass the hideous ‘new and improved’ (ugh) editor.


    i just reckon that few will see your contribution on the dick pics here, although, well, marcy wheeler says that it’s the fbi that will search those ‘real things’, and i found a different sort of truth in the video. but no matter, stick it in the open menu, okay?

    back to the salt mines.

    (stick this url for the video in, but remove the parentheses first, if ya like.)

    ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEVlyP4_11M ) the ‘dick pics discussion starts at about 25 minutes.

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