Wage-Slave Strikes 4 $15 Today (tax day)

(the transcript)

(If you can’t see the Tweets in their entirety, hold down Control while typing -, then + if you’d like the text larger again; they should justify.)

Americans are spending $153 billion a year to subsidize McDonald’s and Wal-Mart’s low wage workers’; here’s how (WaPo).

“UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education, which I chair, has analyzed state spending for Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and federal spending for those programs as well as food stamps and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

We found that, on average, 52 percent of state public assistance spending supports working families (defined as working for at least 26 weeks a year and 10 hours a week) – with costs as high as $3.7 billion in California, $3.3 billion in New York, and $2 billion in Texas.”  (there’s more, of course)

Bill to boost Nevada’s minimum wage to $15 draws clash at Legislature’, reviewjournal.com

Commonly heard (ahem) arguments between labor rights advocates and capitalists (but even the ‘good guy’ wants to put it to a vote):

“CARSON CITY — Backers of a measure to hike Nevada’s minimum wage to $15 an hour said Wednesday that the move would elevate workers out of poverty and reduce demands for public assistance, while critics countered it would shrink the availability of entry-level jobs and harm the economy.

(this gentlemen is always a detractor, including on #BlackLives issues)

34 responses to “Wage-Slave Strikes 4 $15 Today (tax day)

  1. Fight For 15 ‏@fightfor15 · 7m7 minutes ago
    300 people with @RBReich at an Oakland McDonald’s. 2 workers walked off the job and joined the #FightFor15!

    UFCW Local 400 ‏@UFCW400 · 2h2 hours ago
    We’ve taken over the gallery at the Virginia House of Delegates with #FightFor15 $15, full time, and a union for all!

    Fast Food Forward ‏@FastFoodForward · 2h2 hours ago
    BREAKING: die-in in front of a McDonald’s in NYC! Economic justice is racial justice! #FightFor15 #BlackLivesMatter

  2. Wooot! and really, if you just click the time stamp, a tweet will open in a new window. if you grab the url, paste in the comments here, it should embed. ooops; i think you know that. but i thought i had a die-in, and it might be the same. i love this stuff!

    ha; we call it mcDogfood; our daughter calls it ‘gag in a bag’. funny thing, it turns out it’s *expensive*, too. whoosh.

  3. didn’t know – will try next time – thanks -did a quick check for duplicates, but not thorough

  4. testing url (Chicago now)

  5. Saw some tweets that Chicago protest is in the thousands, marching toward downtown (probably there by now). More tweets/photo links at fdl.
    And this:

  6. i just saw those two over yonder, and came to say that you’d put the links there.

    jeebus; global demands! i loved: “i’d like a cheeseburger with a side of UNION” (or close to that). ha! and “i take care of your loved one”. rock and roll, folks!

    oh, and sorry i had to leave you to it; i just had to get some chores done, and now it’s time to make dinner. you’re a dear.

  7. Has anyone studied the actual economic effects that this $15 emancipation will cause, good and not so good? If the graph above is accurate this could affect 40% of the workforce One thing is certain our Capitalist Masters will not take this multi billion dollar wage increase from their profits, it will be passed on to the consumer or more drastic measures may be used such as Robot burger flippers.

    The copper miners in southern Arizona learned this lesson in the 1800’s, when they fought for and won wage increases, the Bosses just raised prices in the company towns and stores they were forced to live and buy in.

    • ha; i saw one tweet yesterday that for macdogfood, it would add 86 cents to the price of one of the big burgers: big mac, maybe? automatically assuming the pay rise costs *would be* passed on to customers. i read a certain amount of commentary on the financial pages a couple years ago when all this started, but the thumbs were pretty heavy on the corporate scales, of course. and yes, automation and fewer jobs were predicted.

      recently i read a piece at forbes by a dude who claimed to be for the $15, but mentioned both the former cautions, and added that that situation called for job training of those who’d be tossed out in ‘creative and ___’ training. (i could find it again if you really care, but it would have to be later, as i’m on a short break from chores here. in the meantime, i’ll throw some links at you. in the first one, matt vidal parses paul krugman’s theory on the fordist regime equals a waltonist regime’, but i got a bit lost in it, so i decided not to cherry-pick quotes. this may have been one of the pieces that talked about the mom and pop franchises that couldn’t afford the pay rise, as their margins were already low; i’ve forgotten.

      but paying workers more would obviously get more money into the economy, more purchasing power, taxing, yada, yada. and walmart workers, whose *new hires*, as i understand it, will get the promise rise, would likely spend their bucks at…walmart. heh; fdl-ers often say that they would never shop there; sadly, in cortez, there is no recourse *but* to shop there for some items, as the big box stores caused so many of the indie specialty stores to go under. sucks, but…there it is.

      anyhoo, have at it, iff you care to. oh, and oddly, the trotskyites at wsws.org haven’t weighed in, as far as i know.






      arun gupta calls its part in the movement ‘seiu’s strike in a box’


      • zo. i assume you didn’t click into the links i provided, then? or maybe you did, and found nothing noteworthy that you hadn’t known or guessed?

        that the seiu has been advising the walmart workers and walmart supply chain workers for a couple years did bother me. it may be the most benign of the national unions, but so often the Bigs are veal-penned into dems, and that has to change.

        trumka is very loudly against the TPP, for instance, but was loudly *for* obamaDontcare, and lo and behold, sits (or did when i began collecting ingo on both) on the board of either NED or USAID. that just about says it all, eh?

  8. Wayoutwest

    Orrin if the corporate masters try and pass it on to us consumers, we consumers will pass on them and use the power of our purchases and go to other places. that is the beauty of the ‘free market” The Free Market Of Ideas can win on the capitalists. Just saying’.

    Cheers all.

    • hey, michael cavlan; good to see you. what do you have? mac or PC? you can googledy/bing for copy/paste instructions for either, ya great idjit!!!! mr. wd said to tell you that *even he* learned how, and now he’s proud as goddam peacock. ;-)

  9. Michael

    I’m not sure where we will find these ‘other places’. won’t they also be required to pass on these increased wage costs? The Company Town has morphed into the Corporate Country and the first thing the Corps do when we don’t buy enough of their product is fire the excess workers to maintain their profits.

    Our Corporate Masters used to allow wage increases in the skilled trades because they were paid for by productivity increases until they got more greedy and wanted more profit. There is no way to increase worker productivity in these low wage service jobs even if it isn’t owned by a big Corp. They will pass on these new costs or they will automate to increase productivity and eliminate the less productive humans.

  10. Oh, and this first paragraph of matt vidal’s was interesting as all giddy-up concerning the *stockholders*, since costco pays so well. but the second and those after had me scratching my head as to his version of the truth of ‘why the bigs can’t afford to pay so much more’. dunno, but it made me uncomfortable, given…everything.

    “Costco, a competitor of Walmart, shows that the largest employers in front-line services can afford to pay their workers living wages. In 2004, Costco paid its workers $17 an hour. But this strategy may be dependent on the progressive vision of its co-founder and recently retired CEO, James Sinegal. While its stock has performed very well during its three decades, it has been heavily criticized by Wall Street analysts for prioritizing customers and workers over shareholders. Costco’s strategy appears to be based on a willingness to reject the demands of Wall Street for higher profits. It is an open question whether this vision can survive the change of leadership and whether the company will become the target of a hostile takeover.

    In any case, it’s likely that only a small fraction of employers in this sector have sufficiently high profit margins to afford such wages. As sociologists Misha Petrovic and Gary Hamilton have shown (in a chapter in historian Nelson Lichtenstein’s book), Walmart has been able to use its market power to dictate that suppliers commit to its own strategy of high volume, rapid-turnover, with low-margins.

    aaaaand: in about 20 minutes #getFreeNYC begins; maybe there will be more sources quoted, although they will likely be specific to NYC.

  11. Wendye

    LOL. I guess even I can learn about these new fangled computer devices eh?

    Wayoutwest- I remain convinced that the long term battle can be won. It will be won as soon as the American people take off their blinders and develop some actual political courage.

    This is a long term game approach I am talking about.

    • My Irish side wants to sip some whisky and look long as you do but my Norman blood wants to tip that bottle and pick up a battleax. I’ll have to settle for the sipping because no new Hastings seems to be on the horizon and besides I couldn’t handle that weapon anymore.

  12. Oh and FYI

    Minneapolis cops shot an 18 year old girl last night. She is in the hospital and her family are not allowed to visit her. Emergency protest being called. North Minneapolis might just become the next Ferguson. I will keep you all updated.


    • I’m afraid this incident isn’t going to fit the Bad Cop Shooting profile. The young woman was trying to stab someone during this incident and she will probably face serious jail time. Her parents have confirmed these details.

  13. bloody hell, michael cavlan. family not allowed to visit; ain’t that just special?

    here, babe. even you can do it! and we will be soooo proud of you! first is PC, second mac.



    peace? oy, yes.

    • The call to raise ridiculously low wages may succeed in some sectors, simply because labor costs have been driven so low that they are a relatively minimal expense. Profits will barely be affected by raising wages.

      But what law of nature requires corporate profits to be so astronomical anyway? It’s not some neutral “market” that determines wages and profit margins, it’s relative power. Workers are once again demonstrating they are not power-less, and that’s a good thing.
      As for the police shooting and killing spree, it continues.

      Protests at the hospital achieved the objective of allowing Tania Harris’s parents to visit her. She was shot twice by police when she “refused” commands to “drop the knife.” Her mother had called the police to protect her daughter from three other people who meant to do harm to her. When police arrived, of course, they shot Tania — as she had a knife in her hand to defend herself from the others who were trying to hurt her. She’s being charged with assault and whatnot and will be hustled off to jail once she recovers enough from the gunshot wounds.

      Message to mothers: DO NOT CALL THE POLICE FOR PROTECTION. They will shoot and they will kill your loved ones as soon as look at them.

      In other news, there was another police killing in the STL area overnight, a fellow named Thaddeus McCarroll shot and killed at his own home after… “negotiations failed” and the “police were forced to shoot and kill” him.
      Thaddeus was also armed with a knife which he was (apparently) not actually threatening anyone with. “Negotiations” included dogs and snipers, both dogs and snipers itching to attack. An officer is heard on video released by police — which shows essentially nothing — telling Thaddeus plenty of lies (“we’re not here to hurt you” yadda yadda, while snipers are aiming and saying “tell me when” and “I’m ready”, dogs are barking, and so on) and Thaddeus is saying he’s angry and upset and so forth. And then one or more shots ring out. The deed is done, Thaddeus is dead.

      Once again, his mother had called police for help because her son was behaving strangely.

      The video released by police in Jennings was eerily similar – sounding (you can’t see anything worthwhile) to the killing of James Boyd in Albuquerque, but it is being compared to the killing of Kajieme Powell in N. St. Louis so soon after Mike Brown’s killing in Ferguson. There are similarities to both.

      The repeated thing in all of these shootings is that someone had called 911 for help — not for gunfire/murder. Hundreds of cases every year follow the same pattern. Someone calls 911 for help for someone in crisis, often a loved one, and they get death to the person in crisis or their loved one, over and over and over again.

      The killing must stop. Mothers must stop calling 911 for help — they won’t get it.

      The video released by St. Louis County Police of the killing of Thaddeus McCarroll

      • i only have a couple minutes just now, but:
        yes, and good cops would have let her family in to see her, although apparently they did after protestors demanded it.

        as for the body cam of the ‘tactical officer’, it was appalling that the police believed it would show their extreme diligence in negotiating with him. i heard, as you did, the dogs whining to be involved, and the stridency of the negotiator’s voice. as soon as he bellowed, ‘who do you want to stab?’ i knew it was all over. ‘who are you angry with?’ as well. accounts say he held a bible and a knife, so who knows the extent of his mental condition? why not: ‘who or what are you afraid of that you feel you need the knife, thaddeus?’

        i thought i’d heard quite a few shots. further depressing me, enraging me was a piece at anon news on the sidebar of a page i was writing up earlier. it spoke of a $3 million settlement the family of chris lopez won it a civil suit. he was schizophrenic, and should have been in the wing of the colorado mental facility at pueblo, only was in the maximum security prison. (i think they turned it into such when they shuttered Pueblo state mental hospital.) well, i may be saying this backward, but at any rate, this is the least offensive video of the psychopathic guards (the others run to 45 mns, iirc) and ‘mental health worker’ who laughed while he died. this is the other area of law enforcement brutality that isn’t hammered on nearly enough. nine months in solitary. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

        • Yes, I recall the Lopez incident — along with a number of similar deaths in custody going back many years. Prostraint chairs are deadly, but even worse is the facile neglect of incarcerees in crisis — whether restrained or no. $3million in settlement for his family is probably not enough to change the culture that enables such things, but it’s not nothing, either.

          Speaking of multi-million settlements/awards the plaintiff’s atty for the Torres family in Albuquerque (jury award $6 million for the egregious killing of their son by APD detectives) was appointed special prosecutor of Perez and Sandy, James Boyd’s killers. Looks like Brandenburg is actually trying to regain some credibility with the public. Or something. Anyway, they say McGinn is one fierce cobra. Question will be whether she chooses to proceed with the charges or do something else and whether the defense will leave her be.

          According to one report I saw, police in Jennings first shot McCarroll with a beanbag — whereupon he dropped the Bible. Then a fusillade of shots rang out — it was almost simultaneous, you can hear it on the recording — killing him dead.

          In the case of Tania Harris, it’s amazing — shocking really — how quickly people adopt the police/media narrative (that she was shot while or after stabbing someone with her knife) even when they know the police/media lie and lie and lie and use formulaic statements to justify their actions and protect them from legal consequences, even when they aren’t lying outright.

          In this case, the police/media accounts entirely leave out the statements by her family and witnesses that she was defending herself from attacks by three others (black people in America are not allowed self-defense, of course) and that her mother had called 911 for help in protecting Tania, and that she was not aggressive when she was shot.

          It’s just amazing how easily police/media can shape the narrative to their preference.

          • ah, after reading the narrative of the long videos, i couldn’t bear to watch one. in denver, one death in custody that grieved me so much was marvin booker, a homeless man who would ‘preach’ mlk’s words to all who would listen on the streets. they tased him to death, and iirc, dragged his body into a cell like trash.

            another woman was killed at a denver cop shop lately, again tased, i think. the videos were taken far too far away for me to see what was going on. but of course, they are jut two of goddess knows how many. the fla director of corrections that the 346 who died in fl prisons last year ‘sound like a lot’, but aren’t, “once you dig into the numbers”. guess she tol us, the cow.

            but my, i dug up the mcginn appt., and plenty of interesting bits are in this version:


            ….including the fact that brandenburg had asked all other 13 state da’s to handle it, and all said no. and that the attorney for prerez just knows that once mcginn looks at the evidence, she will change her mind on charging him. or something.

            anyway, gotta scoot, but WOOOT! it snowed four inches in the night, but it’s melting fast. sure hope the peaks got a good dosing. i’m sure mr. wd will check the online local mountain snotel measurements when he has time.

            when the sun came up and began to burn off the fog…it was a sincerely beautiful sight to see.

  14. Please note that it was written on Friday March 6th, 2015 but due to technical copyright issues was not published in the Twin Cities Daily Planet until Saturday March 14th, two days after two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri.

    On November 25th, 2014 Jeffrey Patrick Rice of St Paul, Minnesota plowed his car into a protest against police killings in Minneapolis. After knocking over a group of protesters and trapping a 16 year old girl under his car, he sped away, putting others at risk. The Minneapolis police talked to him after the incident and let him go without even a ticket. Their initial report called Mr Rice the “victim” and the young girl that had been trapped under his car and others injured by him as “others.” The Minneapolis Star Tribune initially reported the police version of Mr Rice being the “victim” who was “fleeing the mob.” They also interviewed the mother of Mr Rice. They initially did not interview the parents of the young 16 year old trapped under the car of Mr Jeffrey Rice.

    On February 13th the Star Tribune reporter Paul Walsh reported that the Hennepin County Prosecuting Attorney is refusing to charge Mr Rice with any crime. The article further claims that Minneapolis Police are asking the City to charge Mr Rice. This is the same Minneapolis Police that called him the victim in their initial report. That has had a long and ugly reputation of racism and brutality. It also seems to lay hope that the local officials of Minneapolis who have done nothing but cover up and protect the thumper cops running rampant in Minneapolis will do anything about this. Or indeed the current “legal” system in place will protect us from individuals like Jeffrey Patrick Rice.

    I suppose we should next see an article extolling the cheap sale of a bridge in Brooklyn or the existence of sparkly ponies for us all.

    Instead all of this shows us an deeper and darker reality for the people of Minneapolis and elsewhere concerned about the issue of police accountability.

    Quite frankly, we are completely on our own. The current members of the City Council, including Mayor Betsy Hodges, Minneapolis Police Chief Harteau, the judicial system itself and the vast majority of journalists are not our friends and will not protect us. This is a chilling reality but it also has it’s own benefits. It shows us with stark clarity that which some of us activists have already known for a very very long time. That the current system, elected representatives, judicial system, police and media are no longer in anyway credible. That none of them can be considered legitimate.

    Which means that whenever any of these individuals call for some type of symbolic action that they can immediately be discounted as what we have seen for decades. Nothing but meaningless window-dressing meant to keep us quiet.

    However this also leads to a number of even more chilling conclusion. That we can no longer trust the authorities to protect us or for the system to prosecute those who attack us, even with video evidence.

    First it sends a message to others like Jeffrey Patrick Rice that they can indeed harm us and the authorities will not intervene. To use the legal term, it sets up a precedent. This lead immediately to the next conclusion. That it is up to us to protect ourselves. However there can be another even more ominous reality to be considered.

    If indeed it is true, that the legal system and judicial system are no longer legitimate forms of justice in the eyes of many, that there are people who will step in and exact justice by other means. Since the system has failed us and justice is indeed central to the ideals of humanity. That the ideals of Liberty and Justice for all, as extolled by revolutionaries like Thomas Paine

    Thomas Paine is of course the author of the book, The Rights Of Man and one of the leading proponents of the American Revolution. Thomas Paine and other early American revolutionaries realized that the British controlled colonies of the Americas were not a source of freedom and liberty. They did not recognize the British system of taxation or the system here as legitimate. As an aside, Thomas Paine was considered to be a significant inspiration for the ideals of Wolfe Tone, considered the father of Irish Republicanism. Central to the ideology of Irish Republican thinking is the illegitimacy of the British state in Ireland and all the institutions that keep it in place. While it is true that the original American revolutionaries were in fact themselves denying liberty and freedom to many people, namely Africans brought here as slaves, women, Native Americans and poor indentured slaves from Europe, the ideals behind them, Liberty, freedom and the illigitimacy of the current system remains relevant and central.

    This is the dilemma that those of us who have been fighting police brutality and accountability find ourselves today. All the current institutions, elected representatives, the “legal” system including courts, lawyers, judges; the media all are now seen as being opposed to true justice and equality in Minnesota and the United States today.

    This reality has always created the political vacuum into which individuals and groups can and will decide to act outside of the current system. Those who work to keep the system appearing ‘legitimate” and intact will use all the forces and powers available to them. We sen this in the late 60’s and early 70’s with the rise and organization of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, which was born in Oakland in direct response to police brutality and the system which allowed it.

    However to those who have arrived at the point of understanding that the system itself and those who cheerlead for it are themselves illegitimate, they have become irrelevant. They are in fact viewed as working, collaborating with the enemies of justice and equality in America.

    This is in fact a very dark and scary place that we who are struggling for justice and equality have entered into in the United States. We have not asked for it and in fact many of us have struggles, some for decades through the system to enact justice. The very fact that police brutality and even murder has increased, not decreased have shown us the failure of the system itself to enact a truly equal justice system here.

    History has taught us that groups like the Black Panthers were infiltrated by the state, precisely because they were a threat to them. Some are co-opted, bought out however then many of their leaders, like Fred Hampton in Chicago were themselves summarily executed by the police, on behalf of the system. Then we seen the importation of crack cocaine and heroin, mainly into poor black neighborhoods in the United States. Initiated by groups like the Central Intelligence Agency. All of this was documented in the 80’s by one of the last true journalists in the United States, Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News.

    From this the next generation of fighters for equality should take note of this and learn from these experiences. Do not accept the words or actions of those who try and legitimize a system that has proven to be corrupt beyond redemption. Ensure that any leaders who have even the appearance of being co-opted, selling out or working with the enemy, in other words collaborating are replaced immediately and kept clear of any critical intelligence or information.

    And remember, to quote from that tired out cliche of a movie made by and for the enemy- Rambo- “They drew first blood.”
    Michael Cavlan has been an activist on the issue of police brutality and accountability in Minnesota for over 15 years. He was raised in a poor Catholic housing project in northern Ireland during the “Troubles” as the conflict there has been called. He has been an activist since attending a Civil Rights demonstration for Catholics in northern Ireland in 1969 at the age of ten years old and remains a life long Irish Republican.

    • thanks for sharing your letter with us, michael cavlan. it’s good, and presaged *something* about cops being shot. i swear, though, i cannae remember who the shooters were, or what was said to have been their motivation. was that the incident in which some say that the protestors were the actual targets? i get them pretty confused, obviously.

      and hooray!!!! you learned the sacred tenets of copy/paste!!! your son will be proud of you, as i am, and mr. wd will be when he learns!

      but may i submit that you might want to substitute ‘lady’ for ‘woman’? we were supposed to have come a long way from those days. ;-) now miz cavlan may prefer your term, but none of my contemporaries do.

  15. I have learned the glorious art of copy and paste on my mac. LOL

    here is a copy of the article I made that was published in the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

    Thank you Wendye David dear. I am now in the same league as Mr Wendye Davis. LOL

    Wayoutwest- Oh I hear ya. I want to grab my own version of a battle axe m’self but… we aint there … yet.

    Hope springs eternal

  16. Oh and FYI

    I was out the door to the protest when my wife discovered that the young lady had indeed attacked another young lady with a knife. My wife enticed me to stay at home instead of joining said protest based upon that and well (smile) other ways that wives entice their hubby to stay home. LOL

    She wanted to keep me safe. //:-D>———

  17. Common Dreams is reporting on the Progressive Populist Now movement to unite the many Populists {grassroots}, Progressive {Liberal} and Left {Liberal} elements under the Democrat hierarchy’s astroturf.

    With front groups such as Campaign for America’s Future and Alliance for Just Society using loaded brands such as ‘grassroots’ and ‘holding their feet to the fire’ I’m sure many of our activists and some of the rubes will line up for their ‘Hillary Now’ buttons and corporate supplied stipends to spread the message.

    • i’m afraid you’re exactly right, peter, although i can’t recall what those organizations are about. but if they are anything like van jones…well then.

      shoot, my back space key isn’t working. ack, lots of keys aren’t. otoh, neither is the blogging software here. i can only get about an eighth of a post to show itself. fie on wordpress.+

  18. Wendye Davis

    thank you for the heads up. I am an old fashioned coot. I call my wife my “old lady” and she cals me her “old man.” So correction- the young woman was shot.

    Wayoutwest- thanks for the update. We are not hearing a while lot here in the Minneapolis corporate media about these details. I now regret not going to the rally.

    Common Dreams? Or Common Screams as i call them. I got banned from making comments there years ago. Apparently they have gained quite a reputation for banning non corporate Dem apologists at their “progressive” site.

    So it goes. I am still in the writing process for this topic of “progressive” censorship. Titles “Dissent Erased.” It is going on everywhere. happily there are alternative sites out there which do not censor. This site and Truthdig are prime examples.

    • good on you, cootie man. i call my husband ‘old man’, too; he calls himself “mr. wendydavis”. ;-)

      yeah, it’s gonna be a loooooong presidential election season, given that it’s begun sixteen months out. think of all the photos of ‘hillary the populist’ we’ll be exposed to, arrrrrrggggh. seeing headlines of her ‘railing against dark money’ is too much.

      on edit: i yam so glad miz cavlan may have offered to bake you your favorite pie or something to keep you home…. ;-)

  19. tragic and beyond, from popular resistance:

    “At approximately 1:07 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, April 11, during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating springtime in the Nation’s Capitol, a 22-year old man took his own life with a gun on the Capitol grounds with a protest sign taped to his hand. According to the Washington Post, the sign read: “Tax the one percent.”

    Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police Department released the young man’s name. He was Leo P. Thornton of Lincolnwood, Illinois. Based on what is currently known, the young man had traveled to Washington, D.C. for the express purpose of making a political statement with his sign and then ending his young life.

    Those are the tragic facts of the incident itself. But there is a broader tragedy: the vacuous handling of this story by corporate media. The Washington Post headlined the story with this: “Rhythms of Washington Return after Illinois Man’s Suicide Outside Capitol.” The message he delivered to his Congress – tax the one percent – has yet to be explored by any major news outlet in America in connection with this tragedy.”

    and the WaPo does the cha-cha-cha ‘back to normalcy’.

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