How to post a diary at Café Babylon

If you’ve already registered, and are logged in, you’ll see your avatar in the upper right corner.  If you aren’t logged in, there’s a login button in the upper left Meta section just under the banner photo.  Hint: there is a Registration choice under Categories on the right sidebar, if you need it.

If you’ve been granted Author privileges (which requires registering, and: Oy; such.a.privilege it is!), you’ll see a Pencil + graphic in the upper right corner of the black space, as well as a dropdown menu under your avatar, one of which is Help!  Never forget that one, oh boy…  No, seriously, that menu is mostly for site administrators, but this page concerns How to Publish a Post, although these days it’s all about the Crap blogging software; this one shows how to Contact Support staff at wordpress’s “happiness team” (no, I’m not kidding).  At least, I’m assuming it will work, even though you’re not the site administrator.  But: how do they know?

But a Word of Warning: if you choose that Pencil­-in-the-upper-right-corner to write a new diary, you will get taken straightaway to the hideous “new and improved easy editor”, ‘beep beep boop/bong’ or some such teeny-bopper jive on a turquoise page.  If it suits your needs, that’s fine.  (I loathe.detest.despise it, and joined the WordPress forum Insurrection against it, to no apparent avail.)

For one thing, neither the Tags nor Category boxes work, if one wants to add a tag so that someone hunting the google cache sees it, that’s a hindrance.

Now on that blogging software, one *can* paste in text from a Word document, and the style tags (italics, bolds, hyperlinks, etc.) will show up, as far as I’ve seen, add images, etc.  If not, use a Chrome browser, and it will.

But I’ll show you how to get to the Classic Editor later, which is pretty much like (the formerly known as) My.Fdl’s WordPress editor.

To navigate to the Classic Editor:

You will need to be using a Firefox browser, and that’s just the fact of it, or at east I do, although both versions I have are ancient, and must be, as they still feature ‘Easy Copy’.   In the upper left-hand corner of the main page, hover your mouse under the WordPress Circle-W logo, slide down-stream and select WP administration from the dropdown menu.  You’ll be taken to your Dashboard.  Navigate your mouse down the black and white list to Posts (with a push-pin logo), click New Post from the menu that appears at the right.  You should be in Classic Editor.

In the upper right hand corner there’s a Help link.  It…er…helps.  A turquoise blue bar should also pop up in the lower right corner that asks: “Howdy!  How may we help?”  Very friendly team, except in a few cases…

When you want to add Media to your diary:

Place your cursor at the spot you want to embed media, click Media above the composition box.  You will see some choices:

Insert Media, Create Gallery (beats me) ‘Set featured image’, Insert Tweet, Insert Youtube (I wouldn’t recommend embedding a youtube that way), and Insert from URL.

First, Upload files: you take the window down to half size (One square, not tow overlapping ones in the upper right-hand corner just to the left of the X (close window), then open your Pictures files, locate an already downloaded image, and drag your choice into the Open Field.  When it loads, you’ll see it, and there will be a checkmark.  In the lower right-hand corner, click Insert in Post; it will embed in the spot you left your cursor.  The Pencil icon will allow you to place it Left, Center, or Right, give it a title if you’d like.  In the Insert Media box, choosing the Select Files box will open your pictures files; choose at will.

Otherwise, use the Text (html) tab, and embed an image that way.  You’ll be able to resize either way by clicking on the image, and when an outline appears, grab a corner with your mouse, and move it diagonally either in or out (smaller to larger). I’ve really never used the Search box; you can find more about that in the Help section, I reckon.

Tweets:  To embed a Tweet, find the time stamp, as in: 4 hours 3 mins.  Click it, and it will take you to the Tweet’s own page with a separate URL in the address bar.  Copy it, paste it in exactly where you want it in your post.  If it is a hyperlink, highlight it, then in the Menu box above the composition box, choose the icon that looks like a chain link breaking. Break Link appears when you hover your mouse there; click it: a Tweet won’t embed as a Live Link.

Youtubes are easy to embed by URL; copy the URL on youtube, click Insert From URL where you’ve placed your cursor.  The video or vimeo usually appears in the box, click Insert into Post.

More Breaks: Given that it’s good to see more than a few posts on the front page, I usually stick a ‘Read More Here’ break early on, especially for my own posts.  Place your cursor where you’d like it, then choose the icon on the top row of the menu choices above the composition box that shows a broken line between two horizontal bars of grey; click it, and a dotted line will appear in your diary.  The main caveat to that is that if you’d opened your post with an image, you won’t be able to navigate your cursor below it for some reason.  Zo: I usually *start* with a More break, then fill in an image afterward.

To Edit a post, follow a similar procedure in Firefox: Hover your mouse over the Circle W in the upper left-hand corner; navigate to, then click on WP Administration.  Navigate down to Posts, click All Posts from the menu that appears at the right.  When you see the post you want to Edit. click Edit under the title.  Then click ‘Update’.

If all else fails, email me at  and I’ll try to sort you out (TRY being the operative word).  Some peeps just can’t get how to blog no matter what, I’ve found over the years.  Of course, that may be down to me, not to them…but prolly not really; they were just great idjits.  ;-)

Other posting possibilities at the Café: On the right sidebar, under Categories, there will always be one named Open Menus.  If you have something you’d like to talk about (links, music, general angst (one of General Breedlove’s cousins), just click that and go to it (in comments).  A new comment will show up on the right sidebar as well, so someone will notice you’ve been there adding something.

Good luck if you choose to accept this mission.  ;-)


One response to “How to post a diary at Café Babylon

  1. you may not need to register if i’ve already invited you to be an author. but one weird little thing happens now and again: when you click on the wordpress logo (W in a circle), sometimes the dropdown menu to get to the wordpress admin logo doesn’t load. so it may require a few tries until it appears. your browser hopefully has a memory of the first few letters like ‘caf’, etc., or your firefox may have a ‘most visited’ dropdown menu.

    when it does, it takes you to a whole ‘nother menu in black, including media (library or add media), posts (new post of all posts to edit yours) etc

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