Too Many More Murders & Lies by Police; Heavy on the Suicidal and Mentally Ill

I really do hate to intrude, but yesterday I hopped onto KeeganNYC’s account to see what might be goin’ on in Bill Bratton Land, and found a staggering number of hideous stories; the first seven are his, and I’m not bringin’ all of them by any means.

Thank you, Shaun King for writing this one up, and adding more fuel to the fire.

Extras of Interest:

Prosecutor challenges legal analysis of Brelo verdict’

“Legal experts tell WKYC Channel 3 that, even if granted the decision of Judge John O’Donnell is final and can not be overturned, Brelo, 31, can not be retried.

Those experts add, the goal of the 31-page appeal is to challenge the legal rational the judge used for part of the decision and to assure he does not use the same rational in future cases.”

Chicago Police Delete 86 Minutes From Security Video Showing Cops Shoot Unarmed Teen

“By all eye-witness accounts 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was unarmed when Chicago police officers shot and killed him.

But since the shooting occurred, police apologists have asserted that the surveillance video of the incident would clear everything up. But instead of clarifying what happened, the footage actually appears to have been tampered with.”

Today in Baltimore:

…in answer to this dreck:

‘Baltimore Police Union Chief Says Criminals ‘Empowered’ By Riots: Murders in Baltimore have reached the…  (Time Magazine)


The next #BreakTheCurfew is scheduled for the night of June 5.

A reprise from 2014 (

“CLEVELAND, Ohio — Nine non-African American Cleveland police officers accused the police department of racial discrimination in the aftermath of the deadly Nov. 29, 2012 chase in a federal lawsuit filed late Friday.

The officers – eight white officers and one Hispanic – claim the department has a history of treating non-black officers who shoot black residents “more harshly” than black officers involved in shootings, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio Friday.

The suit was filed on the eve of the two-year anniversary of the deadly chase, when 13 officers fired 137 shots at a Chevrolet Malibu driven by Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.”  Poor, poor, po-pos.

Yesterday’s Phoenix Mosque Protests; the opposition rally was far larger; good on them.  Folks in the Twittersphere are wondering if the National Guard was on standby for a hate rally posing as ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Tell it, bro.

12 responses to “Too Many More Murders & Lies by Police; Heavy on the Suicidal and Mentally Ill

  1. it seems that the ‘martin o’malley and FOP unwelcoming day of action’ was…halted. it may be due to the fact that o’malley announced his bid for the presidency today…from baltimore, but there may or may not be more to the cancellation, according to some blog talk radio dude asking ‘is it because someone in the movement threatened the fbi?’ if it’s for click-bait, shame the hell on him.

  2. Thanks for posting these. I’d seen some of them randomly. He’s also tweeting on-going actions in NYC centered around the facts of particular people shot by the cops:

    Then there’s this – actual info from the msm.
    It’s all horrible.

    • thanks, marym. add actions at will, please i have an overly scheduled day of chores and whatnot.

      i’d seen that headline tweeted, but never clicked in. at least their figure is closer to correct than the fbi’s, eh? but killed by police on facebook has the number of *corporate news accounts* at 471. so many, too many, and so many were totally unnecessary…and worse.

      i’d also been looking into the tragic killing of feras morad this morning.

  3. Too many! What I would like to know is are cops killing more people lately? Or has the media simply, for some reason, started reporting these killings more? I remember back in the day the only way you’d hear about these killings was Jet magazine or other black press organ.
    Police killings near 400 in 2015


    Washington Post – At least 385 people [have been] shot and killed by police nationwide during the first five months of this year, more than two a day, according to a Washington Post analysis. That is more than twice the rate of fatal police shootings tallied by the federal government over the past decade, a count that officials concede is incomplete.

    “These shootings are grossly under­reported,” said Jim Bueermann, a former police chief and president of the Washington-based Police Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving law enforcement. “We are never going to reduce the number of police shootings if we don’t begin to accurately track this information.”

    • chéPasa’s been keeping track of how many every so many days via the Killed by Police site’s count, and iirc, he counts three a day. then of course there’s the count by Operation ghetto storm of extra-judicial killings of blacks every 28 hours. (i think i have my coverage of that report here, if you’re interested, nomad.)

      as to why there are now news accounts, i can’t say, but the awareness is up. as to more? i’d guess so, although different charts compiled by organizations with a vested interest disagree with each other.

      but one of the reasons for the rise in them is surely due to the fact that most are getting away with it wholesale due to the two SCOTUS decisions that provide all the cute little tricks necessary for cops to utter: “i was reasonably scared for my life, and the lives of others”. utter bullshit, of course, but there it is; if they’re so terrified of unarmed people, or those who ‘fail to obey’, they shouldn’t be po-pos.

      there is likely a relationship, as well, to the number of PDs that hire vets, and that number should be tracked as well, since with all the military toys given the PDs, many departments give hiring preference to them. and of course, they have been brainwashed to view “the other” as “the enemy”.

      a couple more items of interest (denver is bad for police and sheriff brutality and killing): ‘Denver Sheriff Whistleblower: ’I Was Ordered To Destroy Videotape’ tip of the iceberg, one would imagine, and it brings up a lot of questions of past failures to prosecute.

      Shots fired: When police pull the trigger in South Carolina, investigators fail to answer key questions about what happened, fail to document the backgrounds of the officers and demonstrate a clear pattern of double standards that favor police.”

      but yes; another news organization is digging; good.

  4. Thanks for keeping up with this.

    It seems that some news media have begun to take an interest in doing what the FBI has failed to do despite being legislatively being mandated for several decades–keep statistics on police killings of civilians. And five months in, it’s equal all of last year. Remember awareness of last year only began with the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson. I suspect that the increase is precisely because there has been more scrutiny.

    But the media only recorded deaths from shooting. Not deaths from tasers. Not deaths in police custody. Not deaths in corrections custody. We are still waiting for the solid data. It looks like it will run over a thousand a year and be between 7% and 10% of all homicides. Just think about that one. Protect and serve. More of the pride, integrity, guts thinking with heavy on the guts (as in choots-paw). It is an acronym after all.

    The Baltimore FOP is experimenting with using a coverage boycott as a political tactic. “Miss me yet?” they ask as the neighborhoods that want justice are laid open to criminals not wearing blue uniforms. Makes me think of Serpico and about J. Edgar Hoover’s relationship with what in those days went by the quaint name of “mafia”. The neighborhoods and #blacklivesmatter are clear about what is going on. That tactic itself should be treated as a form of police abuse.

    And it is not even summer yet. But Texass is getting non-permitted open carry. The Huey P. Newton Brigade can now (or soon) saunter down the street packing low-slung double Western holsters. Or at least that is what the law pretends. Open carry didn’t work in a Walmart in Ohio nor did it help save Tamir Rice. The good-ole-boys have the illusion that things will be just like in those ante-bellum times. I hope we can halt this madness before reality body-checks them.

    • welcome, and howdy, stranger. choots-paw? a play on chutzpa? no comprende, amigo, otherwise.

      yes, the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. fibbies whined: no one ever allocate us the funds; that’s why reporting killings is strictly voluntary!” didn’t obama make some whopping claim that aye, gawd, they’d start keeping track *now* in his hilarious: ‘no more tracked tanks or grenade launchers’ speech?

      i’m not quite getting you on the baltimore shenanigns, i’m sorry. funny, we tend to think of *them* as mafia; how ironic.

      i see; shootings, not the other categories; killed by police does, as does electronic village. anyhoo, i did finally dig up this post of the ngo’s tracking ‘Counting Deadly Encounters with Police’, and some of the ways they’re tracking and sorting. lots packed into it. in fact, this org just finished with north carolina:

      florida has a seriously high number of deaths in their prisons and jails, and the state’s cops seem to have gone trigger-happy berserk lately.

      oh, and here’s a shorter version of the PDF report you’d mentioned concerning hyper-segregated cities.

      killed by police has been tracking since may 1, 2013 (at least 2,345 have been killed since then); michael brown was murdered on August 9, 2014, a year and three months later; james boyd in abq on March 16, 2014 five months before that.

  5. More msm coverage, this time from the guardian. it’s an in depth, interactive data base, searchable by state, gender, ethnicity, armed/unarmed, and ’cause’. dunno if holding a screwdriver while mentally ill would be considered armed or unarmed, but it’s an impressive array, and with photos. ‘The Counted: People killed by police in the US’

    their working figure is 464 killed, not far off ‘killed by police’s’ 471.

  6. Yes, nice to see that WaPo and Guardian are now tracking police killings, though WaPo is limiting their survey to police shootings rather than the whole picture of death at the hands of police. I think they’re limiting their statistical review only to shootings so as to reduce the overall appearance of carnage and to maintain a semblance of justification… their chart of weapons those shot by police were in possession of is charming…

    “Killed by Police’s” records go back to May 1, 2013. Not far enough to make any definitive statement about the police cult of death, but it’s illustrative of just how frequent police killings have been over an extended period: 3 a day, day in and day out, for year after year. There have been spikes and lulls throughout that period, but the average death toll stays remarkably stable. So far this year, the kill rate has been slightly higher, 3.1 a day, but I’ll speculate it will drop back down once some of the “reforms” kick in.

    Why such a high kill rate by American police, alone among developed countries, is a mystery — well, it’s not, really, but research and speculation has been spotty at best. The prevalence of guns in general, the extraordinary homicide rate in the US (police homicides contributing substantially to the overall number — around 10%) , and the militarization of police forces thanks to the War on (some) Drugs and the aftermath of 9/11 are all considered primary factors in the astonishing level of police killings in the US compared to nearly any other country at all, let alone “developed” countries. It’s a slaughterhouse.

    Some of the coverage lately has suggested tentatively that the high rate of police homicide is — perhaps — unnecessary, and a few experts are quoted here and there who say straight out that most police homicides are unnecessary. That’s a radical proposition still, but my own sense of the situation has long been that 90% or more of police homicides are neither appropriate nor necessary for any public safety purpose. The number of police homicides could be cut in half tomorrow, and public safety would probably improve. They could be cut by 90% and the level of harm to families and communities would be massively reduced.

    Instead of actually doing what’s right, however, police forces by and large are playing games with the public and the outrage against violent policing. In some places, they’re becoming more violent and blood thirsty, in others they are reducing “service.” And everywhere, they blame the victims of their violence.

    There’s always been local coverage of police homicides, almost always with the intention to victim blame and scare the public into compliance. The killing of James Boyd in Albuquerque in March of last year and the subsequent (“violent”) demonstrations against murderous policing started changing the dynamic, however. By the time Mike Brown was summarily executed on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, the dynamic of coverage had changed enough that it was now permissible to suggest that — perhaps — there was a systemic rather than a purely local problem with violent policing, and that — perhaps — something should be done about it. Once it became clear that there was a strong racial component to the killings, and that mentally ill people and others in crisis were particularly vulnerable to police killings, opinion leaders and media managers began to work with consultants and governments to propose “best practice” policing that would curb the tendency many police departments have had to kill the non-compliant mentally ill and to shoot on sight armed Negroes or ones believed to be armed.

    For now, though, it’s still just talk.

    The killing continues without let up.

    • oh, dear; if the weapons are ‘charming’, i’ll have to click, and hope that ‘cell phones’, upraised fists like feras morad and others, and keys aren’t shown. i reckon you’re right about ‘shootings’ v. all police weapons, and oy, there are few new taser killings that are hard to read, not that it isn’t growing well-known that they aren’t ‘safe alternatives to police guns’ or whatever. those tased to death while in shackles or ‘under control’ show just what tools of vengeance they can be, and too often are.

      yes to the eventual perception that there’s an epic racial component to the killings, and from where i sit, few would know about the local coverage were it not for the (accursed) Twittersphere, livestreaming, and related youtube embeds.

      i had figured you might say again that when the ruling overlords of PDs tell them: stop the killing, as seems to have happened here and there, it would at least slow down. nationally? not a bit of it.

      this story never made it to my awareness, nor ‘the movement’s’, as far as i remember.

      unarmed 18-year-old william chapman.

  7. it looks like someone must have helped with his burial costs; that was one sidebar of the story that was just awful. but no more protests! at least the usual sharpton folks haven’t rallied to the familiy’s side to beg for that, eh? mama’s parenthetical point was in the way of: ‘why are we alone?’ she may know how the usual scenario is some of the key attorneys take on the Black Lives murders, but who can say?

    My, my; is that officer a kindred spirit of dave grossman’s, or what? down to ‘flocks’, even. loved his biblical rhetoric, but this was too fun:

    “… although young recruits at entry level already are steeped in a strong desire to protect, unless they have prior military service, they do not have the skills nor the proper attitude to be able to do so. The skills and attitude needed to win in each and every challenge are not innate — they must be trained.”…

    which was what i was going to say in answer to your ‘militarization of the police’ ingredient: really, it’s the militarized *culture* of the police now, take away the toys, it’s still what it is.

    but ‘ISIS ISIS ISIS/Spartans!’ coupled with ‘‘3 crucial points about Obama’s evisceration of the 1033 Program’; fook me, he took nothing away, really. except, and this is from my last comment on the fook libby schaaf thread; i was trying some hippie cogitatin’ weavin’ a few things together….

    “in the opd consent decree was a section on boosting IT capabilities. related to that is this announcement via blackout collective on twitter: ‘Ten FBI Agents Joining Oakland Police Department‘:

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is committing $110,000 toward the creation of a state-of-the-art center for investigations in the Oakland Police Department, according to a briefing provided by OPD and the FBI at the Oakland City Council’s public safety committee meeting last night. The FBI funds will support the buildout of a $173,000 work space inside OPD’s Police Administration Building, and officials said the center will utilize the latest technologies to analyze social networks and track persons of interest across state lines. The joint effort will bring as many as ten FBI agents into OPD’s criminal investigations division to expand the department’s investigative capacity.”

    ….which of course reminded me of this piece at jacobin magazine that popular resistance sent this morning or yesterday: ‘The Demilitarization Ruse : President Obama touts Camden as a model of police demilitarization. But the city has taken counterinsurgency surveillance to a new level.

    what he describes is nearly ‘total information awareness’, harnessing citizens to watch the many city cams, and the dangers of the double edge swords of all of it. he loses me on some of his theses and takes on clinton, the koch, and more, but for the most part, it’s rather clear about why military counterinsurgency and police are cut from the same cloth, and the Big Hardware is rather irrelevant. at least in camden, and for now, i’d guess.

    added on edit: and right on cue re: tasers, revenge, and oh, poor kip taylor: ‘The police officer who killed Walter Scott in North Charleston was involved in at least 19 use of force episodes’, leading to this NYT piece:
    Use of Tasers Is Scrutinized After Walter Scott Shooting

    as far i as could tell with my moderate-to-crappy fast-reading skills, there’s no info on ‘lethal’ taser use, but suffice it to say that the north charleston PD uses them more than liberally, and:

    ““What I’ve found in practice is that it is used as a tool of retribution once they’re complying, being handcuffed or detained,” said John Gentry, a lawyer for a man who filed a lawsuit against Mr. Slager in April for an arrest involving a Taser last summer.

    Although the lawsuit attracted outsize attention because of Mr. Scott’s death, it was not the first formal complaint about North Charleston’s Taser use. A pair of 2008 lawsuits, which were ultimately dismissed or withdrawn, alleged that repeated uses of a Taser against Kip Black, a mentally disabled man, played a role in his 2006 death.

    In an interview in April, Mr. Black’s mother, Janie Mae Black, recounted feeling baffled that the police needed to use a Taser nine times to subdue an unarmed man who had been hospitalized weeks before, in part for mental illness.

    “He wasn’t bothering nobody,” she said of the afternoon in October 2006 when, according to one of the lawsuits, he spun himself around a light pole and then began chewing on his identification card in front of police officers. “He was going through whatever he was going through. They tased him to death.”

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