Alesia Thomas was killed by the LAPD. ‘Jury Decides LAPD officer’s fate in ‘assault case’ Update: Jury at an Impasse

aliesia thomas

(this case burns for me in a number of respects; in no particular order: mary o’callaghan’s hideously violent (self-loathing, i’d imagine) sexual verbiage, followed by the actual revenge for ‘failing to obey’. because alesia made the best choice that she saw in leaving her kids at the police station, and was killed for it.

because what she did was not ‘child abandonment’, and no one should have tried to arrest her. because no one in the LAPD has even mentioned who gave the orders for the first two cops to go to her house, much less make an arrest. because: the FOP tried to hide evidence, and by the way…lauded mary o’callaghan as ‘so exemplary’. hut-hut, semper fi, miz o’Callaghan.  and because she was treated like human rubbish, to be thrown into the bin to accord some mad sociopathic cop’s increased power over the Rabble class, as well as revenge for ‘failing to obey commands’.)

Update from Reuters: ‘Jury says at impasse in assault trial of Los Angeles police officer’

“On Wednesday, the jury’s forewoman told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Sam Ohta that the panel, which had deliberated for two days, would not be able to reach a decision even with more discussion.

After Ohta asked the jury if it needed any clarification on the law or other help, jurors asked for transcripts of some witness testimony and a legal definition of reasonableness. Ohta said that would be provided and told the jury to reconvene on Friday.”

Unbelievable.  The background:

Alesia Thomas, 35, mother of two, was killed by an 18-year veteran of the LAPD on July 22, 2012 after repeated grievous ‘assaults’ by former Marine O’Callaghan during her arrest, which ‘arrest’ was unwarranted.  Her alleged crime?  She was bipolar, and was in the middle of a crisis the night before, possibly even under the influence of cocaine.  Perhaps having taken community bulletins about ‘safe havens’ to heart, she took her two children, aged 3 and 12, to the police station and left them on the steps with a basket of clean clothes and a note with her mother’s address on it, asking that they contact her to ask her to care for her kids. Instead, within a short time, two, then later more for ‘back-up’, LAPD officers friendly showed up at Thomas’s door and accused her of child abandonment, and arrested her.  How much of Alesia’s killing was down to the complicity of the others ‘serving and protecting’, we’ll never really know, but some, certainly. Confused, apparently when Alesia opened the door and saw the officers, she’d apparently asked, “Do you have my children?” When she realized what was afoot, she’d apparently ‘struggled with the officers’.  She was cuffed, then shackles were put on her legs, although stories vary as to where those restraints were put on: inside or outside the house, but the shackles may have been used once she’d been partially stuffed into the car.  In any event, some reports said that the shackle chain was too short to clip to a hook on the floor. As so often happens to ‘suspects’, especially black ones, Thomas was vilified as a ‘drug abuser’ when some amount of cocaine was found in her system during her autopsy (whites, of course, only “use” the high-priced white powder).  One could almost hear thoughts of ‘crack babies’ ringing in the distance.  Her weight (228 lbs.) was also seemingly noteworthy in many media accounts. The ME had ruled the cause of death as ‘indeterminate’, given the cocaine in her system, and claimed that it wasn’t possible to determine what role, if any, ‘the struggle’ with the officers played in her death.  No bruises or internal injuries were noted in the report. Apparently the police commissioner and the civilian oversight board had seen enough bad police behavior in at least two dashcam recordings that they contacted a district attorney, and charges were brought against Mary O’Callaghan.  No, no; not for manslaughter, but for “felony assault under color of authority”, which could result in up to three years in prison. (AP):  ““I hope the community recognizes that the act of one officer cannot and should not be an overall reflection of this department,” (LAPD Chief) Beck said The dashboard cam footage was not released to the public, Chief Beck claiming ‘ongoing investigation’, yada, yada, to those who had requested it. During the first trial, Benjamin Crump, one of the attorney representing Thomas’s children, called O’Callaghan’s deeds “unconscionable”, and demanded the release of the tapes.  That was during the first trial, in October of 2013.  A mistrial was declared by the Judge, citing new evidence that internal affairs gave to a prosecutor new information about a sergeant who witnessed the 2012 incident, said Robert Rico, O’Callaghan’s attorney. Via the LA Times: “(O’Callaghan’s attorney Robert) Rico said the internal affairs employee approached Assistant Head Deputy Dist. Atty. Shannon Presby on Thursday morning and told him about a disciplinary hearing in which the sergeant testified that he advised O’Callaghan to stop during the 2012 altercation with Alesia Thomas. The sergeant didn’t mention ordering O’Callaghan to stop in earlier statements to internal affairs investigators, Rico said.” The new trial and pre-trial hearings were scheduled for April 2; opening statements began on May 20. From KCCAL 9: Oh, my, the extreme bias against Ms. Thomas in so many directions; compare it to nbcLA’s report here (sorry, it’s not on youtube).  It’s far more ‘fair and balanced’. Her final words had been: “I can’t breathe” (about twenty times.  Before that, she’d said, “If you’re going to kill me, just kill me! Kill me already!” This cop, with an “exemplary record”, according to the police union and her attorney, had warned Thomas: “I’m going to punt you in your pussy!”  She followed through on her threat. She chopped Thomas in the throat, then administered seven kicks to her genital area, and one in a thigh in alleged attempts to get her to sit back against the patrol car’s seat.  Thomas could not, or would not; but she went into cardiac arrest as her lungs filled with blood, and died. “On the dashcam footage, O’Callaghan can be seen smoking a cigarette as Thomas was unconscious in the back seat of a patrol car. O’Callaghan’s attorney emphasized she’s not on trial for Thomas’ death or for the foul language she used to describe how and where she would kick her and that she was only trying to help her.” Yes, indeed: help her into the Afterlife. Closing arguments began on June 1; (from the LA Times) “Minutes after jabbing her boot into the stomach and crotch of a handcuffed woman who slipped into unconsciousness in the back of a patrol car and eventually died, an LAPD officer lighted a cigarette and laughed because she had become “so hardened,” a prosecutor told jurors Monday. Assistant Head Deputy Dist. Atty. Shannon Presby said the officer appeared “immune from any empathy” during the 2012 arrest of Alesia Thomas.  “This is a police officer that is so cynical about the people she polices, she dehumanizes them,” Presby said during closing statements in Officer Mary O’Callaghan’s assault trial.” (With no apparent understanding of the truth of this damning claim): “But O’Callaghan’s attorney, Robert Rico, said that while the footage shows an “ugly” scene — a term that, he said, describes most police work — his client’s use of force wasn’t excessive. He told jurors that Thomas was flailing wildly and refusing to follow orders, describing his client’s actions as “necessary.” “For Thomas’ uncle, A.C. Moses Jr., watching the video in court felt like torture, he said. When Presby played the footage last week, Moses closed his eyes and let his face fall into his hands. “That’s killing me,” he said outside court. He looked down at a picture of Thomas printed on his T-shirt and whispered to himself: “God doesn’t make mistakes. *   *   *   *   * From today, June 2, at ‘Death of Black woman after police encounter sheds light on mental health, police abuse and cries for justice’, the author  bemoans the way black women are treated by law enforcement, and especially those with mental health problems.  She notes that only one of the five (sic) officers was charged, and she might only be sentenced to three years…if convicted.  This quote ballasts my contention that Alesia Thomas would surely have known this information: “Dr. Sandra Cox, executive director of the Coalition of Mental Health, Los Angeles, sighed as she told The Final Call the incident occurred directly across the street from their building.  Ms. Thomas followed the public plea to parents, advertised by Children and Family Services, and other agencies which is the directive to call 2-1-1, take your child to the fire department, the police department or a hospital, said Dr. Cox.  The directive is advertised everywhere, she said in defense of the slain mother. “She just didn’t walk away from them and leave them in the middle of the street … and then this happens to her.  The message that goes out loud and clear as far as I’m concerned is don’t take your children to the police department, because your mother may get killed and you may end up being an orphan,” Dr. Cox told The Final Call. covers one portion of the cover-up: “The prosecutor said the officers reported to emergency medical personnel that Thomas was “conscious” and suffering from “shortness of breath.” “This is where the cover-up began,” Presby told jurors, citing the misinformation as evidence that the officers knew O’Callaghan “had gone too far” but chose to hide behind the “blue wall of silence.” I can’t even bring quotes from O’Callaghan’s attorney; they’re just too much to bear in their grotesque blaming of Thomas for her own killing. There are eleven women and one man on the jury. Rest in peace, Alesia Thomas.  Many of your unknown friends will try to make your death count for something, cold comfort though it is.  May the community surround your children and your parents with love and light. *   *   *   *   * As soon as I see that the verdict has come in, I’ll update the title.  They might even reach a decision later today.

3 responses to “Alesia Thomas was killed by the LAPD. ‘Jury Decides LAPD officer’s fate in ‘assault case’ Update: Jury at an Impasse

  1. no news of a verdict yet. tomorrow, i’d imagine. to me, it’s not a good sign that over however many hours since 10:30 a.m. PDT they are undecided.

    i’ll check the news from LA in the morning. sleep well, dream of a better world.

    Enjoy this video of the PFC Band performing Miriam Makeba’s classic hit, “Pata Pata” live at Apogee Studio’s in Santa Monica, CA. Pata Pata is the name of a traditional dance from Miriam’s homeland, South Africa. You are sure to move your feet to the rhythm  and voices of the PFC Band live and on fire!! Sing along if you can… “Saququka sathi bheka, nants’ iPata Pata…”

  2. it doesn’t seem to be a good sign that the jury is still deliberating after a day and a half.

    but alesia thomas’s family’s attorney bejamin crump tweeted this a bit ago: ‘Police complete investigation into Tamir Rice’s death’

    seven months. poorly written and confusing as to whether the prosecutor decides on any charges after he reads “the exhaustive 3,000 page report” or the grand jury does, one journalist says that “It’s always up to Grand Jury thru Prosecutor’s Office”

    there’s been speculation that some cleveland sport thing has been holding up an announcement, but that would mean they’d be expectin RIOTS!, wouldn’t it?

  3. while we (I?) wait, a few more stories of killings by police:

    Shocking new video shows unarmed Utah man was listening to headphones when killed by police’, by the dedicated shaun king. i comes with seriously upsetting video.

    Exploring what it means when police refuse to provide medical attention to their victims‘ (he’d given the particulars of 47 killings in which no medical attention was given any priority, if ever.) “fuck your breath.”

    He’s been working on collecting the many killings by police for which police refuse to release known video. as we so often see, that is for a reason: their lies are uncovered.

    ‘June 4, 2015 by bayareaintifada: ‘White Mob Viciously Attacks, Nearly Kills Black Siblings and the Media Is Silent‘ (with injury photos, again, hard to witness)

    many disappearances of indigenous women go uninvestigated. are they dead? slaves?

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