Wikileaks publishes 17 Chapters of Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) language


(Pfffffft on Grayson; he was allowed to read TPP chapters, raised money on the fact, and never told what he saw.  “They’d prosecute little ol’ me!!!”)  Let him be the Liberal Hero, I guess.  Democrats need a few.

Here are the chapters and ‘annexes’, with brief analyses; pdf longer analyses are clikcable.

“The whistleblower and transparency website WikiLeaks published on Thursday the secret draft text of the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Financial Services Annex, a controversial global trade agreement promoted by the United States and European Union that covers 50 countries and is opposed by global trade unions and anti-globalization activists.

Activists expect the TISA deal to promote privatization of public services in countries across the globe, and WikiLeaks said the secrecy surrounding the trade negotiations exceeds that of even the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) that has made headlines in the past year.

Demonstrations erupted in Geneva in April as diplomats met in secret for the sixth round of negotiations over TISA, which would cover international trade in a wide range of service industries ranging from finance and telecommunications to transportation and even local utilities such as water. Protesters demanded that the draft text be released, but it has remained secret until now.

Public Services International (PSI), a global trade union federating public service workers in 150 countries, has reported that TISA threatens to allow multinational corporations to permanently privatize vital public services such as healthcare and transportation in countries across the world.

“This agreement is all about making it easier for corporations to make profits and operate with impunity across borders,” said PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli in response to the leak. “The aim of public services should not be to make profits for large multinational corporations. Ensuring that failed privatizations can never be reversed is free-market ideology gone mad.”

From Common Dreams:

“Under secret negotiation by 50 countries for roughly two years, the pact includes the United States, European Union, and 23 other countries—including Israel, Turkey, and Colombia. Notably, the BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—are excluded from the talks.

Along with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, which are also currently being negotiated, TISA is part of  what WikiLeaks calls the “T-treaty trinity.” Like the TTP and TTIP, it would fall “under consideration for collective ‘Fast-Track’ authority in Congress this month,” WikiLeaks noted in a statement issued Wednesday.

However, TISA stands out from this trio as being the most secretive and least understood of all, with its negotiating sessions not even announced to the public.” [snip]

Analysts note that the leak underscores the intense secretiveness of the talks, whose texts are supposed to be kept completely secret for five years following the reaching of a deal or abandonment of the process.

“That the negotiating texts say they are supposed to stay secret for five years is quite shocking, and therefore it is really important that the text is made public,” Melinda St. Louis, international campaigns director for Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, told Common Dreams.

“It’s a dark day for democracy when we are dependent on leaks like this for the general public to be informed of the radical restructuring of regulatory frameworks that our governments are proposing.”
—Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now

Via the New Zealand Herald:  ‘WikiLeaks reveals NZ’s extreme position in trade discussions’

The IBTimes:

“U.S. trade press secretary Andrew Bates told the Guardian that the U.S. doesn’t comment on alleged leaks, but added that “it is important to underscore that American services exports are at all-time high of $710.6bn, and those exports support 4.6m well-paying jobs all over the country.

“That is why President Obama has made opening markets for US services exporters a chief priority of his middle-class economics agenda,” he said.”

And because: BRICS (especially China).

Australia’s the (with video commentary by the co-deputy of the Greens):

“Trade Minister Andrew Robb​ insists TiSA will “strengthen job-creating services.” According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the most recent round of TiSA negotiations, chaired by the European Union in April, made “good progress” issues relating to domestic regulation and financial services.

Bless your heart/s, Wikileaks.  ♥  ♥  ♥

For the global corporate plutocrats:





12 responses to “Wikileaks publishes 17 Chapters of Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) language

  1. Ner0bama’s gratest hits on his 8 year trek to Utopia (literally “nowhere”):


  2. love the clip witless’, bruce. (i never stop trying to perfect a stanley impression, meself, much to mr. wd’s chagrin.)

    but ya don’t get it: he’s legacy shoppin’! here’s what julian calls it:

    fdl posted on it, and one conversation went: ‘we need a good billionaire to help us!’ another said: ‘maybe omidyar (as in: “Pierre”) can get off his butt. (smacks face)

  3. 0, my implication; entirely! LegAssy: serial lying DEM reneging; a pitiful li’l pool of PPCACA, 0bamacareLess; and the take the TiPA/TPP/TTIP, get the $HAFT$ trifecta (0, and he’s So GAY!)! Unless, of course, he precipitates WWIII armageddon or the Grate DEM DEPREϟϟION, in the meantime!!!

  4. for the rabble, we are still in a depression. but naked capitalism posted a piece by an economist whose essay was akin to: ‘just before the banks crashed last time, these things were afoot’. lots of it was about loads of mergers and acquisitions, purchasing debt, selling debt…but i got lost in it, so bailed a bit too early to grok it. but sure, it’s all been foretold because capitalism simply refuses to be reigned in.

    well, unless you count ‘letting mr. market decide’ all the rules (shhh; there aren’t any)

    meanwhile, O is sure goading china over the south china seas ‘islands’. nato is staging was games everywhere, and tra la la. kiev has started the war on the donbass again, and oh, ya gotta love this; let me go find it.

    oh, bother, i couldn’t find the original ‘invitation’, but mccain, fascist karl bildt, and mikhail saakashvili were invited to ‘advise’ poroshenko. looks like he turned it down. he’d first said that he’d have to see if t
    were against the senate rules ‘and that sort of stuff’.

  5. high-freaking-larious!

  6. Well, in a nutshell, we the people aren’t buying $TUFF (nor the camel’s nose-TPP under the tent-$kirt) and the 1%ers are headed for the bond market hills Thanks for the face-palm Hillarity* (at least it had an “ACTION” link)!
    *still hasn’t been called to “weigh-in” on TPP, either

    • exactly, but so many people around the globe can’t buy ‘stuff’. and at the same time, lose huge chunks of the social safety net; it just doesn’t have to be this way. people are dying of it, for crissake. well, reporters must have gotten the memo from hill-gurl’s team NOT to ask, then. folks are saying that bernie sanders rails against it, but hell’s bell’s, he’s apparently aready said he’ll supporrrt her when he drops out. what a socialist! (even Democratic Socialist)

      but look:

      added on edit: the bouncing ball made me crow with delight! just brilliant!

    • i assume that effort was afl-cio driven? it’s good trunka is opposing the scheme; he’s been so in obomba’s pocket for years, down to selling ObamaDontCare to the membership. then he felt ripped off when he actually saw the pos in action, heh. truly got pwned by the prez. he’s an odious creature of capitalism, but: i dunno how much Congresscritters bend towards their constituents any longer, given the contributions given to them by Bidness.

      house critters do have to run for re-election every two years, so that may cause some of them to sniff the current zeigeist winds, eh?

  7. i was just on marie harf’s twitter feed looking for more agitprop on ukraine and found this hilarity. most all of the comments underneath were scathing.

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