In honor of #Kalief Browder and #Kenan Davis who’ve become the dreaded… #hashtags

Rest in Peace.  …and for the thousands in jails across the land who’ve never been charged with a crime, much convicted; and for all those who’ve ever spent any time whatsoever in solitary confinement torture chambers.

From this morning: ‘Last Angola 3 prisoner could go free as court delay expires’

“NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The last of the Angola Three prisoners is still waiting to hear whether he will walk free after more than four decades in solitary confinement at a Louisiana prison farm.

A federal judge ruled earlier this week that Albert Woodfox must be released immediately, saying the state has never proved — and never will — that he was responsible for the stabbing death of Louisiana State Penitentiary guard Brent Miller 43 years ago.

But the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stayed his release while deciding whether to hear an appeal from Louisiana Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell, who wants to try Woodfox a third time for the guard’s slaying.
That stay expires Friday afternoon.”

Via RT: “Teenie Rogers, the widow of slain prison guard Brent Miller, has said she believes the two men were not involved in her husband’s death, and previously called for the release from prison, the Times-Picayune reported.

“If I were on that jury, I don’t think I would have convicted them,” she wrote in the Los Angeles Times in 2008.”

His conviction has been overturned several times, but he’s been retried several times as well, and found guilty.  Because: Black Panther.

Solitary Confinement in the US: Too Much More National Shame’, by wd, 2012 (a brief history)

Angola 3 News blogsite

via keeganNYC: ‘Miami cops shot & killed a homeless man carrying a stick in front of 50 children today:  Note: in many accounts, he was ‘brandishing’ a stick.

From the New Left Forum, June 2015 (video here; 1:43:02) via BAR:  ‘Policing in U.S. is Illegitimate’

“The purpose of policing in this country is to control Black bodies, to control poor people, and to protect the interests and property of the wealthy,” said Thenjiwe McHarris, director of the Human Rights at Home campaign of the U.S. Human Rights Network. “So, it is essential for us to not just talk about reforming policing in the United States, but to challenge the legitimacy, the existence of policing in the United States.”

9 responses to “In honor of #Kalief Browder and #Kenan Davis who’ve become the dreaded… #hashtags

  1. atlanta black star: ‘NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Can’t Find Enough Black Recruits Because His ‘Broken Windows’ Legacy Has Left Too Many with Criminal Records’

    (not that being black guarantees anything about a po-po as far as brutality, but wow;…how ironic)

  2. guess officer friendly didn’t resign from the force because: remorse.

    it’s the daily mail, but i guess i’d believe it.

  3. On Kalief Browder and Kenan Davis, there are not words adequate.

    On Albert Woodfox, it is time judges, it is time. Release the man so he can properly sue the state of Louisiana.

    On Bratton, de Blasio knew exactly what he was getting and went ahead anyway. How exactly does he claim he fulfilled his campaign promise? Did de Blasio not hear about Bratton’s treatment of Veterans for Peace at Occupy Boston?

    And it seems that Officer Casebolt ripped open the oozing puss of racism and expectations of segregtion and white supremacy in the “most desirable place to live in the US”, McKinney TX.

  4. i reckon de blasio’s just another wolf in sheep’s librul clothing, but he doesn’t have to care, does he? teflon with good PR staff. and still, we know that blacks don the white skin of their master class when they button on their police uniforms; the exceptions to that are so small, they are negligible. because: slavery.

    ah, jayzus; how could i have forgotten to check, no matter now busy the day’s been? oh, dear. they try so hard to spin it well:

    ‘Albert Will Remain Behind Bars Pending Appeal –Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, But Not Forever (A3 Newsletter)’

    “We are sad to report that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to continue the stay and block the release of Albert Woodfox until the State’s appeal is heard (read articles by The Advocate and Washington Post).

    Though it means some months before Albert will see his long overdue freedom realized, the court has granted an “expedited” status for the appeal. Oral Arguments are set for the week of August 31st. The State’s written argument as to why they believe Judge Brady’s order should be overturned is due on July 10th. Then Albert’s team has three weeks to respond before the State is allowed a final rebuttal on August 7th.

    Despite the overwhelming calls for Albert’s freedom from the people, congressmen, NGO’s like Amnesty International, and 3 legal rulings overturning his original conviction, the State continues their cruel campaign of vengeance against Albert. Enough is Enough. Once again we see that, as Robert King says, “Legality and Morality do not shake hands in the court room”.

    Though we are disappointed our friend will not be released today, we remain confident that the truth of his innocence and integrity of his struggle for justice will ultimately free him, sooner rather than later, and will continue to shed light on the dire situation faced by thousands left in solitary for decades for no legitimate reason. We have spoken with Albert, and although disappointed, he remains stoic and wanted to let everyone know he remains strong and will never give up till he gets justice.”

    Expedited. Pffffft. Again: Because: black panther. Quite like: because someone has to stay in prison for the death of two Fibbies (leonard peltier)

    when one thinks that herman wallace died three days after his release, after spending 41 years in solitary…who cannot weep for him? i expect that at least he was glad to have a few breaths of free air before he went to the great beyond, may the gods bless and keep him.

    i can’t think of a thing to add on casebolt and mcKinney, ‘don’t mess with texas’. ougtta see the state’s new abortion restrictions. i never wold have believed the women of this nation would fail to rise up and become the breadwives over all this; i guess: piecemeal is why.

  5. @rebelZowsla ” snatch and grab arrests in oakland” #BreakTheCurfew

    goodnight, moon; goodnight hairbrush; good night killings by police…

  6. an the hits keep on rollin’. jezum.crow.

    via keeganNYC: ‘Grand jury clears officer who killed man during traffic stop’ (atlanta, from 2011)

    more stories of killings for brandishing: umbrellas and flagpoles (rsly), and this from last year:

    it’s got to stop.

  7. If the kayaktivists who are blockading Shell’s Arctic drilling platform in Seattle can keep going 24/7 for more that 3 or 4 days, this form of protest could get very interesting. For now the Coast Guard is trying to clear them out. But there is a lot of coast between Seattle and the Beaufort Sea.

    • zounds; the popular resistance newsletter had been keeping up with the sHell No kayactivists, but their wee photos didn’t come close to showing the magnitude of size differential. it seems the mayor of seattle is doing all he can to help; if i get a minute i’ll bring the link. guardian, i believe.

      i remember the platform that washed up on the shore from ed teller’s coverage. cripes. ‘all of the above’. yes, and we remember when obama was saying he’d protect that region with his….with his…(never mind).

      yes, here it is.

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