Bam! A powerful art exhibit. Take that, killer cops!

Via Michael Brown Art Exhibit Opened in Chicago and Cops Are Furious

“Police are furious about a new art exhibit that is all about the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

The display in Chicago, Illinois includes a life-size portrayal of Michael Brown as he lay face down, right after he was killed last year.

The exhibit also has an African American Statue of Liberty, and a noose hanging from a neon sign.

Art enthusiasts in Chicago say the police have been anything but happy with the display. On message boards and social media posts circulating the debut, self-described police officers had nothing nice to say about the display.

The art display includes a plaque with the words “I Can’t Breath (sic)” engraved on it.

These were the last words of Eric Garner as New York City Police officers choked him to death over a few pennies of tax on loose cigarettes.

As for the Brown family, the praised the exhibit, calling it an important piece.

Far from being a “racially divisive” piece as some police officers on social media have claimed, the artist is a Caucasian woman from New Orleans.

The art exhibit is set to be on display through August 10th of this year.”

32 responses to “Bam! A powerful art exhibit. Take that, killer cops!

  1. given that it’s a fine post on its own, i edited out your explanation as to why you hadn’t put it in an Open Menu, and expanded it a bit. i’m glad i did, cuz i swear i can’t see some of the items named by the artist. oh, and i added a short video for a major reminder.

    thanks, nomad. i’ve been collecting bits and bobs for a police killers and brutality post, but i hadn’t run into this one. i had seen that gov. cuomo recently pledged to always use special prosecutors when NY police kill citizens, but i’ve forgotten how their judicial system actually works.

    ha; you will say: “not very well”, but what i meant was who refers a case to be prosecuted, grand juries or a prosecutor.

    you even created categories! kewl.

  2. welcome, nomad. can you see the noose? i do have crap eyes, so there is that.

    oh, and it you click this link to #EricGarner hashtag on twitter, you can see the different coming actions demanding justice (is there such a thing now, really?) big sigh.

    • Yeah, very interesting. Haven’t really had a chance to see any thing further on it. It just struck me as a powerful image. Sort of brings the viewer to the scene of the crime. Reminds us that this body lay on the street several hours, during some of which time, the killer paced back and forth along these crime scene lines. It crystallizes that image. Brings it to the forefront of public consciousness.

    • they’ve almost caught up the the 608 corporate news accounts at ‘killed by police’ on facebook. and i’m glad some paper of note took on the project due the seriously high numbers of killings, many of them out and out assassinations.

      for crying out loud; i put up the eric garner twitter page, not the michael brown one. please forgive my addle-pated brain; one day soon y’all are gonna laugh me right of the intertubes.

      and yes, it’s a very in-your-face image, as it should be.

        • they both look intriguing, nomad, and echo some of my own sentiments i’d almost written about when they were more…timely. for now, i’ll have to put off reading them as i’ve got things to do in RL. i also have a few things you might be interested in that came in via ccr justice’s newletter. for now, i want a paste in a few opinion pieces on greece, then get on my pony and ride for a li’l bit.

          • Oh. And when and if you get around to it, try this version. I’ve highlighted (boldened) key points to make for quick reading.

            • oddly enough, the light grey font is too hard for my eyes, but i did read the original: an emphatic Yes. is Aisle C a bit of dark humor?

              these may be of some interest to you:

              ‘Rally to Demand Justice for Eric Garner’

              Law for Black Lives, July 31 – August 1 in New York City, a national gathering of lawyers, law students, legal workers, and ex-jailhouse lawyers. Law for Black Lives is more than a meeting or a conference – it is a call to action, an opportunity for legal advocates to come together and envision how we can best support this growing movement against police violence and white supremacy. Expected sessions will address topics including grassroots political power; ensuring that all Black lives matter, including women and LGBTQ folks who also face police violence; drawing connections between Black, immigrant and Muslim communities; challenging mass incarceration from inside and outside prison walls; examining the role of lawyers in movements for social change; and much more! For a complete overview, visit


              his widow apparently just turned down a civil settlement offer of $5 million. my stars.

              i look forward to the obama’s lullaby piece, and when there’s time, i may have something else for you to consider.

              on my ‘O, how paltry are human creations against the Titans of the Skies!’ piece (is it still visible on the main page?) ‘d popped off about some of the flag stuff to thd (odd as it was to find all that on that diary…) ;-) i may have offended him unwittingly.

              • Aisle C dark humor? I do have my moments. Basically it’s to keep track of things mainstream media has been hiding from me.

                Street makes an important distinction when he talks about to two levels of racism and how success on the surface level often reinforces racism at deeper ‘more covert institutional and societal level’. In this age of Obama we are constantly being directed cajoled and coerced into battles for symbolic victories, like a “technically black” POTUS and taking down the Confederate flag. Rather than the mortgage crisis, mass incarceration, war on drugs or any substantial actions that might address the conditions under which black Americans suffer. We get instead symbolic gestures and a diverting of energy away from those issues.

  3. yvette’s #1 was the one i wanted to talk about when it was all so much more thematic in the movement zeitgeist, and as i said, i almost stopped to write a post on it.

    “President Obama did exactly what he needed to do to calm the restless Negroes:

    1.) Encourage black people to keep forgiving”

    i looked at her expanded post on just that subject, and quotes by another writer. i even have some links that felt just right to me. some of the thoughts expressed were likening that rush to forgiveness to saying ‘yes, massah’, just to save one from the whip or noose. some said, and i believe, that forgiveness too soon causes feelings to be stuffed, whether rage, grief, massive resentment against a system that allows or even encourages such heinous racist crimes.

    many models in USian psychology want us to forgive those who harmed us grievously too soon. yes, i know many of the biblical imprecations for that, and that many believe that forgiveness confers grace on our ownselves…but that should be a private and personal matter, not performed in public at some judicial proceeding.

    well, i should likely stop, but if i check my word docs and find the links, perhaps i’ll bring them.

    but the reason i asked about your ‘aisle C’ site name… we worked hard at helping our black/azteca son find some way to use humor as a weapon against bigotry, white supremacy, and white reflexive fear of ‘big black men! even when teens. well, long story there, but he’d sometimes do a pantomime after a trip to Walmart, say, and being accosted going out the door for various imagined offenses.

    “Nigger on aisle C!” he’d intone with his hands around his mouth like a megaphone, trying to sound like the store speakers. and lord, love a duck, did he love this chrisrock sketch as a teen; prolly still does (me, too). seems archaic by now, eh?

    • LOL! ‘The natives are restless, bwana. I will calm them down for you.’!

      Aisle C means what it sounds like: I’ll See. “What the heck is going on here? WTF are these psychopathic people in control of our government up to? I’ll See. My search for truth. What the hell is mainstream media hiding from me? Aisle C.

  4. ya mean: ah’ll see, then. wow, the truth™ must be verrrrry far out there, eh? this is one dark little planet, as mr. wd often mutters.

    but when i went back to yvette’s place, the one one the right side bar was gone. shucks, it took a googledy-bing to find it, although i can’t find f.whazzit’s piece she’d referenced.

    but i did find a few of the other links i had, but on four different word docs. arrrrrgh! dunno if the discussion is worthwhile to you, or by now to this site, really.

    p.s. you’ve never said where you live, afaik. is it a trade secret? i live in the boondocks in the four corners, colorado.

    • Ever since an angry blogger threatened to kick my ass I have not been specific about my location. Call me paranoid but I don’t want some psychopath driving cross country trying to carry out his threat. It’s easy to deduce though. I’ll email you.
      There was another article I read that discussed the zombiefied nature family members response. Actually a couple places I saw this discussed, mostly on conspiracy type blogs. This one was a more “reputable source”. I think Counterpunch. But, I’m sure you don’t have the time, but if you did this video makes a convincing case, in it’s own colorful fashion, about the “hidden agenda”.

      Or, much shorter, go here around the 7 minute mark.

      • I mean the 4 minute mark. I’ll try to find that counterpunch article. It made some good points that I probably should file in Aisle C.

      • not so much paranoid as quite careful, but it’s likely i shouldn’t have asked; sorry. on the shorter video: well, quite unconvincing, but her channel also liked ‘planned parenthood sells dead babies to anyone who asks!’

        er…i shouldn’t speak for jacob, but my take was that he was waxing most facetiously so he could show us one of his superb portraits. ;-) chilling video, that ‘this is what happens…’, eh?

        this sister’s op-ed sang it well, imo.

        • oops. my mistake. sorry jacob.
          to be clear, not advocating either video. the direction to the last 4 minutes of the second was precisely to illustrate the seemingly scripted responses of the family members. the end of the first video is where the case (convincing or not) for the hidden agenda is made. also matches up with possible motives here:

          “I would wager that the Hersh story was planted in order to gin up renewed interest in the bin Laden saga, which could then be used to discredit Washington’s critics. Notice that the authors in bin Laden’s alleged library are those careful and knowledgeable people who have severely whipped Washington with the truth. The whip wielders are Noam Chomsky, David Ray Griffin, Michel Chossudovsky, Greg Palast, Michael Scheuer, William Blum. You get the picture. You mustn’t believe these truth-tellers, because bin Laden approved of them and had their books in his library. By extension, will these truth-tellers be accused of aiding and abetting terrorism?”

          • (scratching my head)
            i’m not sure that his list is quite right, but i’d hate to have to defend that, so i won’t. his twists and turns are a bit hard to follow for me, but there has been plenty of agreement that the hersh story was a bit of a psy-op. i didn’t see it at all at first, partially because he had been one of the preeminent journalists exposing many evils that the US empire has committed.

            but i did scan his piece saying that greece just missed a golden opportunity to unravel both the eurozone and…nato. i’d have to agree, although it’s not anything close to a done deal that even with a grexit, push or shove, they would leave nato (unless they kick them out of the Eu as well.

            but my stars; look at the expression he caught in the gorgeous cookie man’s face and body language.

            but do remember: that’s how i read what jacob said, esp. with his several lat lines that indicated…a bit of a spoof.

            • Not sure whose piece, Hersh or Roberts, is referred to here: “greece just missed a golden opportunity to unravel both the eurozone and…nato”.
              Whether the list is right, I have no way of knowing. The point is that “truth-tellers be accused of aiding and abetting terrorism”. Once that precedent is established they will be well on their way to shutting down dissident voices on the Internet. As Redsilverjay says, they’ll start with the noxious sites, like the ones that supposedly radicalized Dylan Roof. And we’ll be glad to see racist sites shut down, shut up or censored. But they are not going to stop there. They’ll encroach on them today but they’ll encroach on us tomorrow. Target the Internet.

              • i was referring to PCR’s piece at the top. yes, control of the internet is of prime importance, but i’m not sure whose sites qualify as ‘truthtellers’. fdl, for instance believes that since they used to host whistleblowers, they were under ddos attacks that broke the site. i guess i don’t subscribe to that point of view, myself. but i’d be hard pressed to name which sites are the most radical or revolutionary. but, heh, ‘the intercept’ believes they are, and lol to that.

                that so many social movements are so dependent on twitter and facebook bothers me a lot, though. but then, dissidents in so many directions have already been deemed ‘terrorists’ by dhs, that if they choose, they can shut down cell service as fbi planes equipped with triangulation beacons (i’ve forgotten the name of the software), anywhere and anytime they like.

                the trick is to not seem to be doing it, eh? kinda like obama going to visit a federal prison tomorrow. great psyop again. ah well, i’m feeling a bit cynical in my grief for the greek people, and what it means for the next dominoes falling to the neoliberal juggernaut, as my friend calls it.

                • I can see why you may be scratching your head. I have this habit of forgetting to say things I intend to say in my replies. That’s why I often have to follow up with a second reply to clarify something I said in the first. But anyway. I did make a mistake in indicating that the two videos (Silver Jay’s and the other) were equivalent. But anyway, yeah, it was actually the longer video that stated the “convincing” theory of a hidden agenda, i.e. attack the Internet dissidents. As I said, it resonates with what Roberts said, with the putative Hersh psy-op. True, these were books, but they are people, except for Chomsky maybe, that you never hear about in mainstream media but are known largely via alternative media, or the Internet.

                  “i’m not sure whose sites qualify as ‘truthtellers’.”

                  That is an interesting question indeed. It set me to thinking about my experience on the Net these seven years. I have been on the Net precisely as long as Barack Obama, Barama as I call him, has been president. Before that I was benighted by mainstream media. The Internet I found to be a great revelation. Several great revelations, actually. Perhaps the most fundamental one was that up to that point I had been living in a bubble of lies. Mainstream media was effectively the propaganda and mind control wing of the government. And that included people I used to trust, like PBS.

                  “fdl, for instance believes that since they used to host whistleblowers, they were under ddos attacks that broke the site. i guess i don’t subscribe to that point of view, myself. but i’d be hard pressed to name which sites are the most radical or revolutionary.”

                  Interesting. I have always thought of FDL as pretty truthful. Not that I visited there often but I don’t recall them drinking the Obama kool-aid. By ” most radical or revolutionary”, I assume you mean about truth-telling. There is so much misguided radicalism around. Sites which are most radical at telling the truth? I don’t know. You mean ones with a community of followers that engage in extended discussions? I don’t know? Of the bigger sites, I can’t think of a better one than FDL. Smaller, Washington’s Blog has a lot of truthiness. But I think for real truth, you have to go to the fringe. “Conspiracy theorists”. On an issue by issue basis. In my opinion, the best place to look for the truth is where the controllers tell you not to look. All they have to do to keep the best and brightest among us from examining something is to call it a conspiracy theory. They won’t even think about the possibility of examining it.

                  • i was scratching my head at PCR’s thesis. i’ll forgo commenting about fdl, but when some of were posting at the readers diaries tab my.fdl, which was jettisoned with ‘the big switch’), it did grow a bit more radical and truthful. i just wasn’t comfortable with pcr’s list in the main, was all.

                    but yes, issue by issue, and at least for heterodox but sincere attempts at the truth (i don’t see it as an absolute, by any means), some ‘enemy’ sites are very useful. other than rather small, boutique sites akin to this, i can’t want to post at any of the large venues, although i tried quite a few when tpm closed its readers diaries.

  5. So many “brutal cops” swarming all over the USA, but somehow I never encountered any of them, and it isn’t because I haven’t trudged all over Watts and Compton with my trusty cameras! In five years I saw dozens of people arrested, both black and white, but I never even saw a cop draw his weapon or strike a suspect.


    Not once!

     photo Cookie_zpsctsu2npo.jpg

  6. out of nestable comment spaces up yonder. i dunno if open salon even exists any longer, but i didn’t mean to imply that i’m lookin’ for a place to write or comment. ha; come to think of it i did try open salon way back, but after a week or two, i couldn’t even find my own posting place. jezum crow, though, i’ll bet i could name nine or ten sites i tried. only one i got banned from, though. i’ll likely just stay here.

    • Re a possible hidden agenda to attack the Internet dissidents. Right on cue, after another radicalized person’s rampage, General Wesley Clark offers the obvious solution. Go after disloyal Americans, (radicals, but only of a particular stripe…for now…) and lock ’em up. Freedom of speech should go out the window when we (the US) are at war.

      • dayum; bring out the minority report mechanisms! pre-crime profiling in all its glory! can you fucking believe how many ‘libruls’ were supporting clark for president?

        but srsly, wasn’t that exactly what cointelpro was? jail those mofo dissidents before they make war on us whities?

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