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euro cards

euro cards

Hoo, boy; there are so many new posts, explanations, opinions and new (damned) statistics on the current and continuing Greek debacle to read, much less absorb.  Yves Smith is at work trying to prove that she’s right about the hard, hard, road for a Grexit, whether voluntary or forced, and ballasts her arguments with her long employment in banking IT issues and code-writing.  ‘Once Again on the IT Challenges in Converting to the Drachma’ (guest post plus), and (bucking conventional wisdom) ‘Dan Davies: Greek Banks Were Bigger Beneficiaries of the 2010 Bailout Than French and German Banks

The Death of Democracy in a Byzantine Labyrinth’ by Nicole at AutomaticEarth.com; readers seem elated to have her there again.  THD knows the site well; maybe others of you do, as well.  (A long, long, piece.)

This is a Betrayal’: Interview with Professor Spyros Marketos who teaches at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and is a member of the Truth Committee on Public Debt and a member of Antarsya.

The Lakota People’s Law Project’s ‘Native Lives Matter’ Report (pdf, 14 pages, very damning statistics).  It doesn’t seem to  rely on the stats  Mother Jones uses from the top graph in ‘Native Americans Get Shot By Cops at an Astonishing Rate, So why aren’t you hearing about it?’ from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; I’ve searched the site and never found the source of that data.

(h/t nomad): General Wesley Nutbar Clark on what to do with Lone Wolf Muslim Radicules (his WTF profiling is included)  His rant reminds me of the NSA program ‘report your coworkers for any emo provocations that might radicalize them.)  And do remember how many librul Dems supported him for Prez in 2002; oy.

Detention camps for Nazi sympathizers?  Well, Japanese internment camps, much to the horrific shame of the US, but…

Beppe Grillo calls for nationalisation of Italian banks and exit from euro; Five Star Movement’s populist leader compares Greek bailout talks to ‘explicit nazism’ and says Italy must use its €2tn debt as leverage against Germany’

“Grillo constructed what he called a “Plan B” for Italy, which he said needed to heed the lessons of Greece so that it was ready “when the debtors come round”. His plan called for Italy to adopt a clear anti-euro stance and to shake off its belief that – if forced to accept tough austerity – other “peripheral” countries would come to its aid. Grillo said Italy had to use its enormous €2tn (£1.4bn) debt as leverage against Germany, implying that the potential global damage of an Italian default would stop Germany from “interfering” with Italy’s “legitimate right” to convert its debt into another currency. He said Greece’s hand had been forced by the threat of bankruptcy to its banks, and that Italy therefore needed to nationalise its banks and shift to another currency. “[This] is how not to lose the first battle we will face when the time comes to break away from the union and the European Central Bank,” Grillo wrote.”

A sea turtle’s eye view of the great barrier reef:

From yadvashem.org: The Auschwitz Album: The Auschwitz Album is the only surviving visual evidence of the process leading to mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau’

“The photos were taken at the end of May or beginning of June 1944, either by Ernst Hofmann or by Bernhard Walter, two SS men whose task was to take ID photos and fingerprints of the inmates (not of the Jews who were sent directly to the gas chambers). The photos show the arrival of Hungarian Jews from Carpatho-Ruthenia. Many of them came from the Berehovo Ghetto, which itself was a collecting point for Jews from several other small towns. Early summer 1944 was the apex of the deportation of Hungarian Jewry. For this purpose a special rail line was extended from the railway station outside the camp to a ramp inside Auschwitz.

Many of the photos in the album were taken on the ramp. The Jews then went through a selection process, carried out by SS doctors and wardens. Those considered fit for work were sent into the camp, where they were registered, deloused and distributed to the barracks. The rest were sent to the gas chambers. They were gassed under the guise of a harmless shower, their bodies were cremated and the ashes were strewn in a nearby swamp. The Nazis not only ruthlessly exploited the labor of those they did not kill immediately, they also looted the belongings the Jews brought with them. Even gold fillings were extracted from the mouths of the dead by a special detachment of inmates. The personal effects the Jews brought with them were sorted by inmates and stored in an area referred to by the inmates as “Canada”: the ultimate land of plenty. The photos in the album show the entire process except for the killing itself.”

There are 56 pages and 193 photos in the album.  I can’t think of one single thing to say…

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  1. Pepe Escobar’s latest by way of Juan Cole’s Informed Comment, which published cross-posted TomDipatch. It’s that good.

    As GOP fumes re: Iran, Russia & China are outflanking West with New Eurasia Silk Road


    On the ground level, this should be thought of as part of the New Great Game in Eurasia. Its flip side is the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the Pacific and the Atlantic version of the same, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, both of which Washington is trying to advance to maintain U.S. global economic dominance. The question these conflicting plans raise is how to integrate trade and commerce across that vast region. From the Chinese and Russian perspectives, Eurasia is to be integrated via a complex network of superhighways, high-speed rail lines, ports, airports, pipelines, and fiber optic cables. By land, sea, and air, the resulting New Silk Roads are meant to create an economic version of the Pentagon’s doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” — a vision that already has Chinese corporate executives crisscrossing Eurasia sealing infrastructure deals.

    It seems that Beijing is not as freaked out about its stock market bubble-bust as Western investors are. I wonder why.

    • oh, my; even scanning it makes me wish i had time to read it now.. our daughter’s family is here, and keepin’ me hoppin’ and then some…) i did write up a post here on the AIID bank; the discussion was…lively, although you weren’t here to help. ;-)

      and on july 10, michael whitney had posted ‘Putin Leads BRICS Uprising’ which was a major tour de force. thank you; the balance of power seems to be shifting to a multipolar world. (i will say modi scares me, though.)

      i do remember one of pepé’s i’d linked to in which i thought may have had an over-arching enigmatic flavor akin to: “be careful what you wish for”, but i’ll bet you would have been able to sort me out on his message.

  2. A treasure trove of links, wendye, thanky! I can’t wait to travel the Great Barrier on the back of that turtle!

    And many kudos also for setting up the archives links through author names here – I just went easily to my essay on Peter Matthiessen’s “In Paradise” to refresh my memory vis-á-vis that Auschwitz ramp in your blue extract. I’m going to have to get that book out of the library again, see how my memories of it intersect with that essay and those photographs, the water of life having flown beneath both Ukrainian and Greek bridges since those writings.

    Eurasia, Europa and Down Under – pretty all enclosing and inclusive!

    • welcome, juliania, and yes, that will be interesting to review his book; do let us know. i haven’t made it very far through the photos; it’s just sooo hard. how amazing that they not only exist, but were never published before this, isn’t it?

      and wooot! on the greening of the jemez! webber has to a degree, and i’d intended to do a photo-essay about it, but other things keep intervening. oddly, that cloudburst with the contest between prometheus and zeus seems to have wiped away all kinds of green. isn’t that odd? and not just on the steepest parts, but some of the rolling foothills.

      i’m zany-busy with our daughter’s family here, and just found a bit of time while they went fishin’ to get online. one fun thing is that all three chirren love the new bits of paint i put on the swing set in ‘tiny park’. mr. wd helped me wire a giant gold bow onto the top bar just so they’d be sure to know that it was my gift to them. ;-)

  3. Meanwhile back in the Western Hemisphere, sometimes I read that Brazil is self-destructing from corruption (http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml) and sometimes I read that Rousseff crazy auterity agenda is doing the same from Brazil as it did for every other country where the plutocracy rages unconstrained! (http://www.salon.com/2015/04/20/paul_krugman_austerity_forces_still_wrong_still_dangerous_still_not_to_be_trusted/)

    I also have a brainy Facebook friend (Andrea Silverman) who lived in Brazil forever and I’m trying to steer her over here so maybe we can all hash it out together!

    • hey, jacob freeze. dunno which forbes piece on brazil you’d meant, but here are the most recent re: brazil, and very damning ones, although that’s forbes’ job, isn’t it? especially since the brics are challenging US global hegemony. i’d been reading that dilma had indeed been doing some heavy neoliberalizing by way of austerity and privatizations, but so has evo morales, sadly.

      the true socialist running against her recently, campos, was killed in a plane accident, and his running mate, silvas, didn’t even show up as much of a blip in the final vote tally, as i remember it. but because: right-wing neves, maybe she got more votes than she would have otherwise?

      but i googledy-binged, and see her popularity is polling in the single digits, not that i trust polls all that much. apparently even her second-in-command is planning on switching parties to run against her. all of it’s odd given her marxist roots and torture in prison. but the world’s indigenous are increasingly being oppressed and disenfranchised, and it’s not clear how effective their push-back will be.

      but yeah, the petrobas scandals never let up, and now the plan for the major belo monte hydro-electric dam are damnable. but look how many entries at upsidedownworld.org concern brazil. military police flooding the public schools? shit, oh dear.

      gorgeous palette on the lakewood grass, darlin’.

      on edit: salon’s back up now. funny how krugman’s recent rants against neoliberalism has earned him so much populist street cred lately, isn’t it?

      and yes, bring miz silverman over to teach us some things. i dunno which journalist are trustworthy on the global south’s nations, and more to the point: the socialist ones, save for VZ.

  4. But while I’m here and apropos of nothing…

    Grass – Lakewood CA – 7/26/2015

     photo Grass - Lakewood CA_zpsiukb5c05.jpg

  5. Andrea Silverman

    Miz Silverman reporting: Dear Wendy and dearest Jacob,
    First of all, if BRIC means up and coming nations – Brazil no longer makes the cut. I wonder how it will pull off the Olympics in 2016. I’m amazed they pulled off the Copa (World Cup for you Merikuns) without the MSM giving nary a glance at the turmoil behind the stadiums. Wendy, I have not checked your Brazilian sources but took note and will. FWIW, here’s my main man on Brazilian econ: http://jimwygandsblog.blogspot.com.
    BTW, I am a dummy when it comes to economics. Helps me understand how really dumb people must feel when it comes to, say, grammar.
    Back to that place where Jacob says and I truly do “live forever,” despite not being there physically since 2008. While I did live there, I never cared to learn much about politics, since 1) it was not my business as I considered myself a guest and tried to behave accordingly and 2) most Brazilians leave the dirty politics to the dirty politicians. Since then, I’ve learned that the right-wing is pretty much censored in Brazil. Since then, Brazilians are paying more attention to their dirty politicians.
    Aécio Neves is NOT right-wing. He belongs (at least did most of his political career) to the PSDB, party of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC) who was an academic, Marxist, and excellent president, previous to Lula. (He recently came out publicly against the current regime.) FHC tempered his socialism once he became president. Many of Lula’s boasts are about programs instituted by him. Lula only pretended to temper his socialism once he became president. Despite leaving office with 80% approval, he can’t go out in public these days without getting booed.
    Dunno much about Campos, but it’s common knowledge among Brazilians that, like many good men before him, that plane accident was no accident. I am not a socialist, but I do like Marina Silva. She’s an Evangelical, which puts a dent in her socialism. She also came up from a poor family, but has 10x the brains of and I presume way more education than Lula da Silva, her not-relative (seems half of Brazilians are named Silva) who did graduate fourth grade.
    Wendy, if you doubt polls, you should really doubt elections. Those polls were not conducted by the government, while the elections were. There’s no doubt in my mind (and many Brazilians’ that Dilma stole hers. She was almost as unpopular before the election as she is now. Google-binge “Smartmatics” — but you may not come up with much. They’re secretly run by the Venezuelans who ran the last election in Venezuela. They also have connections to Dilma’s election and even Obama’s, tho I admit, my sources are as obscure as Smartmatics directors intend them to be.
    Dilma is protecting the indigenous real well with that Belo Monte damn, né? She’s also protecting the Amazon rainforest so well that she loosened the law to allow ranchers to deforest it more rapidly than in many years. Back to the indigenous. Look up the blog Nação Mestiço – it may have been taken off the internet at large, but it still has a presence on Facebook and YouTube. They claim that the way mixed-race Brazilians (the majority) must choose between being black, white, or indigenous amounts to a sort of ethnic cleansing. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
    OK, that’s my edition for tonight. I’ll share some other links in the future — but you gotta tell Jacob not to be shy about reminding me.
    Hasta la Vista (I know it’s Spanish, but now that I’m in NYC, I’ve learned to love everything south of the border.)

    • glad to have ya here, miz silverman. ;-) pretty strong recommendation jacob gave ya, eh?

      ooof; sorry i got neves wrong; i depended on the wiki for election results, and as anyone can contribute to a page…. but how interesting to hear that it was he who’d developed the social programs for which lula de silva took credit. i did read one blurb, though, that he’d run partially on an anti-IMF platform, then signed up for a new round of loans. i also saw photos of dilma before and after plastic surgery, though. fascinating. ;-)

      loads of homework here, girlfriend, so i’ll need to poke around and answer or ask questions as i make the time. oh, and i’d almost told jacob that compos had been murdered, so i looked it up, and found the cleaner version of his demise (suspicions must have run high).

      no mention of ‘smartmatics’, but i do have a question or two about what you’ve said about the VZ elections; they’ll have to wait. as will a couple about your favorite colorful brazilian econ blogger.

      but here’s an english from portuguese translation of the Nação Mestiço site; fascinating stuff. when i’d covered the ‘Peoples Summit’ at Rio+20 back in 2012, it was the indigenous who caused me to see that neoliberalism and capitalism itself were really all about as morally and mortally reprehensible to both the planet and its free gifts, and to those of the 99% class.

      i wonder how much dilma’s cronies have profited from REDD, for instance.

      more as i can, and welcome to the café.

    • There’s always bad news about the rainforest, but as Andrea Silverman mentioned in her comment above, it’s suddenly getting so much worse with Dilma Rousseff.

      “Deforestation, as measured from images taken by Brazil’s DETER satellite system, far more than doubled from September 2014 through January 2015 over what it had been during those same months a year earlier.”


      • those are scary numbers, jacob, and how sordid of them to sit on the report until after the election. the atlantic dipole is a new one on me, i confess. oddly, fearnside never factored in foreign companies into the mix (those who would benefit from carbon swaps, for instance). bad news about the chinese plan to build a rail line from the amazon to peru, as well.

        it really is stunning for how many people greed far outweighs consideration for the planet’s health and survival. it was so heady when evo morales bestowed mother earth with the same rights bestowed on humans, and now… well.

        cripes, though, i see i’d meant to ask andrea a couple questions, and got mega-sidetracked again. there’s always so much to read, so much to catch up on.

        and when you’re ready, i/we would love to see a slide-how of your paintings.

        phooey on dilma. as an aside, i’ve read that the new BRICS bank will feature neoliberal loans, too. that wasn’t to have been the plan early on.

  6. Andrea Silverman

    (forgot to check the notify boxes)

  7. Bernie Sanders 2016 Organizing Kickoff Livestream 100,000+ people in 3,000+ meetings. Thought I could sign up for one near me but the four closest to me are booked up with over 600 registered…

    • thank you, lemoyne; i’m glad to see you’re tickled. and sorry you were unable to get in.

      i did spend parts of the past two days reading some of his speech transcripts (the shorter ones, and one at the SCLC) and listening to a NOLA soundcloud). (sigh) oh: and reading his praises at a site that decided not to host me several years ago…

      too long to go into tonight, esp. cuz i burned the hell outta three fingertips (carelessly) roasting tortillas, so…soon? life gets rather complicated these days.

    • here’s a transcript of bernie’s speech at the southern christian leadership cconference. i reckon you’ll see it as fulsome and vindicating your opinion that bernie *gets* the blm movement’s urgency…now. yeppers, some folks did some heavy lifting to bring him many facts of black lives, and gosh…he #said their names. for me, i’ll have to agree with this dissenter, and i’d add more, but for lack of time and incentive:

      “Bernie is still communicating ‘at’ not ‘with’ black Americans. This SCLC speech was an expected Sander’s talk-down telling the audience that MLK would support him and his economic populism over the radical voices of BLM and other anti-Police State activists. He conveniently left out all of MLK’s radical analysis of Capitalism and Militarism that underlies the economic points he made.

      The sickest statement was that Black radical activism was ‘useless’ unless it submitted to his program of White Middle-Class Reform. The best he could offer on the murderous Police State was tired nostrums about training and even recommended more Pigs in the Hood to confront the inferred real problem ‘Black Crime’ not a murdering Occupying Militarized Force. The most ludicrous statement was that things will be fine once people learn to ‘Trust Police” again, as if they ever did or should.

      His statement about ‘ going beyond state violence’ is Orwellian and beyond disrespectful inferring again that the State is not really the problem but a few White Supremacists are.
      I’m sure more than a few in that SCLC audience are wondering what the hell that Yankee Socialist was actually saying and to whom it was really addressed.

      It’s always inspirational to hear Middle/Leisure/Professional Class commenters explain how Working Class people should think and act, as if they don’t have the skills to lead themselves without assistance from their betters.

      Grassroots groups have and will continue to work together and support each other’s causes, that is occurring right now at the BLM conference in Cleveland where the Democrat Mayor is showing his support by sending in the Pigs to pepper spray the rabble. ‘Working together’ has a unique meaning when the Democrat Party, the other 1% War Party, is involved, whether it’s their pseudo-socialist barker or their slippery cynical humanitarian interventionist, joining them will lead to more destruction here and abroad, human and economic.”

      so good to know that MLK has reached out and touched him from the Great Beyond, though. oh wait. ;-)

      added: i should have provide some context. at an allegedly librul website i used to haunt for a bit, someone posted a diary about the rudeness, thus counterproductive confrontation oso and cullors committed upon sanders and o’malley; commenter peter was one of the few who pushed back on that condemnation, this the words i italicized were directed to the others.

      • Well … I am partly flabbergasted and somewhat bemused. I watched his SCLC speech and thought it perhaps a little flat. Clearly the commenter you quote would not have been happy unless Sanders had shouted Fuck The Pigs for 10 minutes. This discussion really deserves its own thread just because of length. Here is what Sanders actually said with some highlights on the misquoted parts and summary policy prescriptions that are ANYTHING BUT tired old nostrums – please compare to the spun-until-twisted gunk above:

        Of course the majority of people of color are trying to work hard, play by the rules and raise their children. But there are neighborhoods where mothers are afraid to let their children outside for fear of gang violence and drugs. And they are also afraid of their children being targeted by the police because of the color of their skin. No person should have to worry that a routine interaction with law enforcement will end in violence or death.

        As Martin Luther King, Jr., said; Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. [he quotes King on the issue of police violence and repression]

        Across the nation, too many African-Americans and other minorities find themselves subjected to a system that treats citizens who have not committed crimes like criminals. A growing number of communities do not trust the police and police have become disconnected from the communities they are sworn to protect. [He said people don’t trust police not that they should – but really if we are going have them (and, wow, do we ever ;-) the police must be trustworthy. Much more follows about how to get there …]

        Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice. We know their names. Each of them died unarmed at the hands of police officers or in police custody. The chants are growing louder. People are angry. I am angry. And people have a right to be angry. Violence and brutality of any kind, particularly at the hands of law enforcement sworn to protect and serve our communities, is unacceptable and must not be tolerated.

        We must reform our criminal justice system. Black lives do matter. And we must value black lives.

        We must move away from the militarization of police forces. We must invest in community policing. Only when we get officers into the communities, working within the neighborhoods before trouble arises, do we really develop the relationships necessary to make our communities safer. [in several other speeches he used the phrase officers from the communities and I believe that is his intended point here… ]

        We need a federal initiative to completely redo how we train police officers in this country and give them body cameras. States and localities that make progress in this area should get more federal justice grant money. Those that do not should get their funding slashed. The measure of success for law enforcement should not be how many people get locked up. [cut federal funding for out-of-control police + change the standard of success away from # of arrests]

        For people who have committed crimes that have landed them in jail, there needs to be a path back from prison. The federal system of parole needs to be reinstated. We need real education and real skills training for the incarcerated. [reinstate parole + work to reintegrate prisoners before release]

        We must end the over incarceration of non-violent young Americans who do not pose a serious threat to our society. It is an international embarrassment that we have more people locked up in jail than any other country on earth – more than even the Communist totalitarian state of China. That has got to end. [end mass incarceration!!!]

        The war on drugs has been a failure and has ruined the lives of too many people. African-Americans comprise 14 percent of regular drug users but are 37 percent of those arrested for drug offenses. From 1980 to 2007, about one in three adults arrested for drugs was African-American. [end the war on drugs!!!]

        It is an obscenity that we stigmatize so many young Americans with a criminal record for smoking marijuana, but not one major Wall Street executive has been prosecuted for causing the near collapse of our entire economy. This must change. [prosecute the real big-time financial criminals instead of teenage potheads]

        We need to end prisons for profit, which result in an over-incentive to arrest, jail and detain, in order to keep prison beds full. We need to invest in drug courts and medical and mental health interventions for people with substance abuse problems, so that they do not end up in prison, they end up in treatment. [end for-profit prisons!!! decriminalize drugs!!!]

        But we have to go beyond just violence perpetuated by the state. As we saw so horribly in South Carolina, there are still those who seek to terrorize the African American community with violence and intimidation. We need to make sure the federal resources are there to crack down on the illegal activities of hate groups. We need a new social movement to let all the racist haters out there know that they will no longer be accepted in a civilized society.

        On the last sentence: I can readiy see how peope can interpret that last xsentence as a slap in the face of the #BLM movement. However, #BLM has focused on police violence… until now. At/around their recent conference, the instigators of #BLM said ‘rhetoric is all well and good, but we need specific policy prescriptions’ and that they were working to expand the movement through intersectionality {on Democracy Now!}.

        Why people can’t see Sanders as someone who has focused on the intersectionality (racism+poverty+militarism) laid out by King 50 years ago is a little beyond me. Perhaps we can agree that: 1) some people will never be satisfied until we all enjoy the Justice Of God where none are harmed and that 2) haters are gonna hate.

        On ‘beyond state violence’ Senator Sanders has watched the FBI/DHS/etc/etc/etc focus on Islamic terrorism (which is comparable to shark attacks) to the near complete exclusion of white supremacist hate groups (which is appropriately placed beside police violence in his speech). This is an area where the Bush administration was better than Holder+Obama. (No shit.) Again, here is what he actually said:
        But we have to go beyond just violence perpetuated by the state. As we saw so horribly in South Carolina, there are still those who seek to terrorize the African American community with violence and intimidation. We need to make sure the federal resources are there to crack down on the illegal activities of hate groups.
        People of our ilk may need to lay aside the well-earned mistrust of the police-security state… that aside (if you can), do you have a problem with the state pursuing the actual terrorists who still work to cause black/brown/red terror, race war and/or secession?

        • er….are you saying that the transcript i provided with his campaign logo on it is incomplete somehow?

          well, thank you for the translations of what he really said, but i’ll forego any other critiques of my own, especially as your mind is made up, and we hear things very differently, and know doctor king quite differently. (he knows the non-radical king, sadly.)

          but i will say that i hope the larger BLM movement, and other Rabble class movements against police killings and epic brutality don’t get turned into some GOTV for ‘the sanders revolution™’.

          best to you, lemoyne; we’ll just have to disagree on who sanders is.

          • Wendy the transcript was fine. What I am saying is that interpretations like:

            His statement about ‘ going beyond state violence’ is Orwellian and beyond disrespectful inferring again that the State is not really the problem but a few White Supremacists are.

            Are Way.Off.Base if you read what he actually said. Ten paragraphs about state volence AND we need to do what has been needful and forgotten through the Obama years as white hate groups spawn, morph and consolidate.
            My mind is never totally made up – that’ll happen when I die. What I see is the wise leaders of BLM chivvying it towards an explicit intersectionality without losing their rallying point. I think they will find that Sanders is already there and has been talking about intersectionality for years and years. Many of the thngs he says above are definitely not new. I haven’t been a regular Brunch with Bernie listener for years, but Sanders is in a place that no other Presidential candidate even begins to approach.
            I am totally with you on co-optation of movements. Please understand that the only possibility I see for fundamental change without collapse and violence is through the ballot box, slim though that is. That is what may happen with Podemos in Spain, has (almost?) happened with Syriza in Greece and (perhaps) around Grillo in Italy.
            Occupy and then (un)Occupy Albuquerque feared co-optation so much they did not even want to hear about Move To Amend which actually loved and respected Occupy. What crushed (un)Occupy was APD. Because they completey failed to build bridges to other dissidents and unions that were open to the idea, there was no backlash against Berry, Perry and APD.
            Sanders has been a dissident fo’evah. Can you envision any other national candidate detailing the case that ‘Banks got bailed out we got sold out’ and explicitly railing against oligarchy? I can not see this chance coming again – ever.

            • i say good on them for refusing to be funneled into soros’s gatekeeping ‘move to amend’. (i wrote several indictments of that bogus fukkery back in the day) as to alliances with other affinity groups in the area, i” have to accept your criticism, since i have no idea….

              but jeffrey st. clair and a few others are having some edifying fun with the ‘Sandernistas!’

              but srsly, the sole reason i even care a whit about prez political theater in amurrica is because bernie is a tangential theme to the BLM movement.

              nah, it’s okay that you sangria-ed on the jumble sale.

        • blimey; this, lemoyne: “This discussion really deserves its own thread just because of length.”

          good grief; you have author privileges. please take advantage of them if you wish. (i won’t promise a thing on my own part.) ;-)

  8. Yesterday


  9. Latest Ellen Brown article (not long) from counterpunch on the ECB:


    I had seen that Tankus article (BC: before Chaco) and thought exactly as Ellen does – mafia tactics that can’t be justifiable.

    And returning, as I must, to Chaco, the comparison is this. There is Chaco and then there is Chaco. The wonderful explorations of the heavens that buttressed the role of the priestly rituals practised there in harmony with farming communities had developed into a system of sharing between haves and have-nots. This broke down when climate aridity for a brief period did its damage to faith both spiritual and between the two classes. It never had been easy farming, but there had come to be seasonal patterns in harmony with the vast astronomical wisdom. A huge complex of little farms traded pottery for corn when one farm didn’t do so well, and they all gave a tithe to the great house elites who gave them ritual and planting wisdoms. So it was win-win. You might say the golden era of Chaco is like the EU Varoufakis is yearning for.

    When aridity returned, even though only for a brief period, the haves stood alone, and most of the have nots just up and left. But it turned out that the haves couldn’t safely exist minus the eked out farm surpluses they had stored in their multitudinous storage rooms, the pittance of the have nots.

    Late stage Chaco there’s for the first time tension between stay behind farming folk who are starving and the elites in the great houses, the latter of whom try to protect their granaries with a warrior class and fortifications, employing the former on mega building projects, mega roads. Neoliberalism rears its ugly head as the system breaks down. It ain’t pretty any more.

    Climate. Climate. Climate. Societal stratification. In simpler times they maybe could have ridden out the drought, as the leavers did later in smaller settlements, and as their precursors had done. Chaco’s heyday was brief. They didn’t have computers then, but they’d made it too big to fail so it did.

    [Just my take with help from the above mentioned book, “Anasazi America”].

    Greece, do like the farming communities of Chaco Canyon: Up and leave.

  10. Hoping things are well on the home front wendydavis. The landline phone and thus my ISP has been out for near a solid week. Phone company customer “service,” I’ll spare you the details.

    Clicked an old FDL link, sorting through my bookmarks and read they are going off the air. Changing to a new name and new leadership structure with familiar personnel. Expecting you might have already seen Jane’s announcement yesterday.


    Glanced at few of the last posts and chorus and I thought I read all FDL will be archived and available (not sure where, maybe the new site, Shadowproof). I was late to the run of that whole Jane Hamsher show and am certainly glad I found it and got to, “meet,” you there, for starters.

    • good to see you, nonquixote, and i’ll spare *you* detail on the home front, given that i’m looking and feeling quite ravaged from them; sigh. i need to take some quiet time, i reckon….

      but yes, and while i have an aversion to post-psychic BS, yesterday (was it then?) i’d almost emailed a commenter here to ask if she’d heard any ite gossip. low on energy, i’d clicked in instead, and seen “after fdl”.

      guess all i can say is that i reckon if they don’t create some sort of Over Easy tab, they ain’t likely to get many site contributors. ;-) at least that was my impression from scanning today’s ‘OE’. kevin had declared they’d kept all our diaries, but i found it not to be so. maybe now. but i can’t think i’d get a disqus account to comment….

      but bless you heart, your mention of the new name caused me to find the T-rex tune i kept hearing in my head. i’ll play it, but i am also glad to have met you there, dear one. i am so sorry i never fin the time or energy to answer emails any more, but please know that it’s a whole ‘nother thing that adds to my ever-present guilt or shame.

      sorry about your your phone service; and i hope things are going well as they can be with your ‘extra mouth’.

      shadow cloak swift as a swallow,
      pantaloon down in the hollow,
      dancing, his voice like a cloud….

      • The best rest and recovery to you, and yes, nice surprises as my extra mouth has taken some unexpected initiatives and responsibilities, unbeknownst to me, that I was hoping for, but didn’t want to apply too much pressure or force with.

        Garlic is hung by the chimney with care…etc. Cover crops and last seasonal food plantings are in. Small batch of pickles started today. Rodgers had Hart…just the keys. Niters.

        • blimey, mr. wd had to remind me that last night was a blue moon night. cloudy here the past several nights, and it’s been too cool most nights for the garden to grow well (doggone it).

          glad tidings indeed about extra mouth. wooot!

          yeah, i need to get my shit together and sleep, heal, and meditate.

  11. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/08/corbyn-miliband-yvette-cooper-labour/

    One of the key things that the Corbyn movement shares with political formations such as Podemos and Syriza is the conviction that any serious anti-austerity strategy cannot rely on protest and social mobilization alone and that the question of political power has to be confronted. That is, anti-austerity movements have to set their sights on winning government office as a necessary and central component of a wider, ambitious strategy of change.

    I found this assertion interesting within the Scottish-England-Wales context.

    When does an electoral movement cease to become a means of co-option? What must it do (besides win the power to change things) in order to get credibility as an alternative? And how can it avoid painting itself into a corner like Podemos and Syriza have done? Also, how do nationalist movements, like those in Scotland and Catalunhya act as a catalyst to electoral mobilization?

    • nice to see you, tarheeldem.

      you may even want to bring the link to the Varoufakis thread on which we’ve been discussing (among other questions): how Left is syriza, what are it’s stated aims since 2014, what are tsipris’s aims, as well as some discussions on financial austerity as warfare by debt peonage, the burgeoning use of it as the empire gets more desperate, and so forth.

      to say the truth, i’m far too behind on reading the many links to offer much of anything by now…

      but the jacobin author indicates that corbyn is all that Leftish, yes? he doesn’t opine about whether or not Labour can be reformed from within, as far as i can see. the coup page is interesting as right Labour makes some shots across his bow; how does that work? to dissuade voters, or others to form a coalition government with him?

      it is creepy that the alleged socialist parties in europe have gone either so centrist or full-neoliberal that corbyn can be seen as a threat to capitalism. but then, some talking heads say that about bernie. ;-)

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