NATO’s Rampin’ It Up: will create new HQs in Hungary & Slovakia, Too!

From the horse’s mouth:

“The Ministers reviewed the implementation of the Alliance’s Readiness Action Plan. The Plan, agreed by NATO leaders at their Summit in Wales last year, ensures NATO’s readiness to confront challenges in an evolving and fast-moving security environment.

They gave their green light to the completed military concept for the Enhanced NATO Response Force, including its command and control arrangements. “We now have everything in place to make the Response Force stronger, faster and more capable,” Mr. Stoltenberg said. The Ministers also agreed to set up two more NATO Force Integration Units (NFIUs) or small headquarters in Hungary and Slovakia. Six other NFIUs were activated in September in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. The Secretary General also welcomed the announcement by Germany to lead the Alliance’s very high readiness Spearhead Force in 2019 and plans by the United Kingdom to rotate more troops into the Baltics and Poland for training and exercises.”, (Turkish solidarity, air space violations, yada, yada)

RT’s guesstimate:

“Back at the 2014 Wales Summit, NATO decided to boost the NRF from 13,000 to 40,000 depending on the task it is needed for.

According to Stoltenberg, the military alliance is currently facing many challenges, including the refugee crisis, which he called “a tragic result of the turmoil we see to our south.”
Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that NATO’s actions are not contributing to the stabilization of situation in Europe.”

Ya think?  ‘Our dicks are bigger than your dicks, Putin! We’re ready for ya!’

The Guardian provided Stoltenberg a large megaphone this morning, however:

“Moscow’s growing military involvement in the Syria conflict – which on Wednesday involved its jets backing an offensive by ground troops loyal to the president, Bashar al-Assad – is expected to be high on the agenda of a meeting of the alliance’s defence ministers.

“Nato is ready and able to defend all allies, including Turkey against any threats,” Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general, told reporters before the Brussels meeting on Thursday.

In Syria, we have seen a troubling escalation of Russian military activities. We will assess the latest developments and their implications for the security of the alliance. This is particularly relevant in view of the recent violations of Nato’s airspace by Russian aircraft.

“Nato has already responded by increasing our capacity, our ability, our preparedness to deploy forces including to the south, including in Turkey.”

The ground offensive backed by Russian airstrikes was an escalation in Moscow’s week-long campaign, which had previously been restricted to bombing runs to soften up rebel positions near major loyalist strongholds.

Syria’s chief-of-staff, Gen Ali Ayoub, on Thursday declared that a wide-ranging ground offensive by Syrian troops was under way that he said had been facilitated by Russian airstrikes.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said ground forces loyal to the government targeted insurgents in the Ghab plain, with heavy barrages of surface-to-surface missiles as Russian warplanes bombed from above. It also said rebels had shot down a helicopter in Hama province in western Syria. It was unclear if it was Syrian or Russian.”

Heavy indictment by the SOHR, my goodness.  But I’d remembered reading something about that oft-quoted-by-Western media organization, so I Binged again and found at RT:  ‘Man who runs SOHR admits to RT he last visited Syria 15 years ago’.  Who can say if the organization is as goofy as it sounds?

Now b at Moon of Alabama recently chuckled a bit with his ‘Russia “Violated” Turkish Airspace Because Turkey “Moved” Its Border’:

“One Russian plane may even indeed have slightly crossed the border while maneuvering. But the real reason why the U.S. military official and Turkey claim the above “violations” is because Turkey unilaterally “moved” the Turkish-Syrian border five miles south:

Turkey has maintained a buffer zone five miles inside Syria since June 2012, when a Syrian air defense missile shot down a Turkish fighter plane that had strayed into Syrian airspace. Under revised rules of engagement put in effect then, the Turkish air force would evaluate any target coming within five miles of the Turkish border as an enemy and act accordingly.

If Syrian rules of engagement would “move” its northern border up to the Black Sea would any plane in eastern Turkey be in violation of Syrian air space? No one would accept such nonsense and that is why no one should accept the U.S.-Turkish bullshit here. Russian planes should not respect the “new” Turkish defined border but only the legitimate one.”

But as I remember it, Turkey hadn’t cared quite so much about the ‘air space incursions, but Western media scribes sure did.   And Ankara got a little help from Kerry, Ash,  quite soon.

“Russia’s air campaign in Syria has caught the US and its allies on the back foot and alarmed Syria’s northern neighbour Turkey, which says its airspace has been repeatedly violated by Russian jets. [snip]

On Wednesday, Turkey summoned Russia’s ambassador for the third time in four days over the reported airspace violations, which Nato has said appeared to be deliberate and were extremely dangerous.”

Those two Guardian links above go straight to (TaDa!): “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan condemns Moscow as Nato says incursions into Turkish airspace do not appear to be accidental.

Thank you, NATO.  But no, Brussells sho’ don’t like the Russian ships firing missiles into targets, nor the fact that Syrian troops on the grounds ‘backed by modern Russian tanks’ are being aided by Russian airstrikes.

Mike Whitney explains why Putin will ‘win’ in Syria.

In Pepé Escobar’s ‘The NATO-Russia Face Off in Syria;, he claims that in an op-ed at the FT, Zbig had said that Washington should “retaliate” if Moscow does not stop attacking US assets in Syria. “US assets” means CIA-trained “moderate rebels”. And after all, “American credibility” is at stake”.

Given that the FT is behind a pay wall, I let my finders do the Binging, and found this at ‘Zbigniew Brzezinski, Are You Nuts?’ in which the author says that really it was Politico’s er…translation of Zbig that went full-tilt nutbar, and that what the Grand Chessboard Mater of American Exceptionalism had actually said was:

“But Politico didn’t get those Brzezinski quotes from the man himself. Instead, the publication cited an article written for the Financial Times by Brzezinski.
I went and checked out that FT article. I wanted to know if Brzezinski actually advanced the arguments described in Politico.
The first disparity I noticed is the title: Politico ran with “Brzezinski: Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn’t stop attacking US assets.”
But the FT source article was titled “Russia must work with, not against, America in Syria.” The article’s deck explained, “We should persuade Moscow to act with us in resolving such a problem, writes Zbigniew Brzezinski.”

His Tweet seems to reflect that, amazingly enough: ‏@zbig Oct 5  “US and Russian cooperation in Syria could be beneficial not only for the MidEast but also for US-Sino relations.

But oh, ho; the Putin Plot according to Zbig thickens:

Well, now; that’s more like it, albeit a bit dated.  Ah, yes; the map is brought to us by the ISW.  Hmmmm.  Stellar funders of the military weaponry kind, and war ‘project’ propagandists extraordinaire.  Ain’t they just adorable?

More Escobar following his NATO and AshHat Carter schooling Erdogan to care a whole lot more, then Zbig:

“‘Sultan’ Erdogan, for his part, remains restless. Moscow has already evaporated his so cherished three-year-old dream of a no-fly zone over northern Syria. There is an actual no-fly zone all over Syria now in effect. But it’s managed by Russia.

And that explains why there’s already full spectrum hysteria for more US Congress sanctions on Russia. How can a no-fly zone be imposed over Syria when Russia got there first?”

Then follows an explanation of ‘The Sultan’s’ nighmares vis a vis the Kurds, and ends:

“Russia’s spectacular entry into the war theatre threw all these elaborate plans into disarray. Imagine a complete liberation of northeast Syria as soon as the PYD – with help from PKK fighters – is weaponized enough to smash the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh goons. And imagine the Russian Air Force providing air cover for such an operation, with extra coordination by the Russia-Syria-Iraq-Iran central in Baghdad.

‘The Sultan’, in desperation, would have to maneuver his F-16s against such an offensive. And then we might really have a NATO-Russia five seconds to midnight scenario – with terrifying consequences. ‘The Sultan’ would blink first. And NATO would collapse into the ignominy it never left – back to its elaborate “Russia is invading” drills.”

Speaking of Russian invasions: Ukraine: they seem to have forgotten you…for now.  Oopsie; it appears that you are their ace in the hole:

Got anything else for us, #DefMin?  Oh, my, yes: moar maps!

Prayer: Pleas keep us all safe from NATO and their allied ilk.  And leave your lights on; there really is a monster hidin’ under your bed.

152 responses to “NATO’s Rampin’ It Up: will create new HQs in Hungary & Slovakia, Too!

  1. Pinpoint strikes against ammunition depots, armored hardware and command centre of the ISIS performed by the Russian aviation caused panic among the terrorists.

    After having recognized the high effectiveness of detection of armament and military hardware storages and the real threat of immediate liquidation, the terrorists are taking efforts to transport weapons to inhabited areas.

    As a rule, militants are deploying the armored hardware in close proximity to the mosques because they perfectly know that Russian aviation would never perform strikes on them.

    Footage made by a Russian UAV carrying out the air reconnaissance can be seen on the video …

    And later there is the suggestion that a false flag bombing of a mosque [would begin Afghanistan 2.0. NOT}

    • that must be from the russian minister of defense as well, yes? well, about NATO and the US by now, it would not be paranoia to believe they’d initiate egregious false flags. but perhaps not a hospital, i’m guessing.

  2. Igor Konashenkov, of the Russian Defence Ministry, had this to say on US defiance:

    “Our partners from other countries, which view Islamic State as a real enemy, which must be destroyed unconditionally, actively help us with data on bases, depots, command posts and training camps of terrorists. And those, who, apparently, have a different opinion about this terrorist organization, are constantly looking for reasons to refuse to cooperate in the fight against international terrorism.“

    The US, therefore, finds itself in a strange position. While claiming for so long to be the world’s leader in the infamous ‘war on terror’, certain figures within the US government are now openly hindering the fight on the world’s frontline against terror.

    Can Oceania defeat Eurasia and EastAsia? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Orwell may have been mistaken about the comprador middle class but he foresaw how hegemonsters would bleed proles dry.

    • explain this, please? “…but he foresaw how hegemonsters would bleed proles dry.” i’d thought orwell’s ‘proles’ were working class people, although iirc, he said there was a class system among them.

      • War between superstates (McKinder’s Great Game for Hegemonsters) a global game for dehumanization and oppression of proles. The Inner Party benefits but are oppressed as well:

        “Inner Party members are not exempt from the brutal restriction of thought and behaviour imposed on all Party members, even while lies and propaganda apparently originate from their own ranks. As in the example of the characters Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford, non-conformant members of the Inner Party can be condemned, tortured, and erased from memory, as surely as any other individual.”

        Outer Party gets the joy of compradorship:
        “Outer Party members are allowed “no vices other than cigarettes and Victory Gin”, and they are the citizens most spied upon, via telescreens and surveillance. This is because, according to history, the middle class is the most dangerous; they are the ones whose combination of intellectual ability with limited power means they are most likely to incite revolution against the ruling class. They are therefore expected to sustain a continuous, patriotic frenzy for the Party, blindly accepting every order from remote superiors, all while simultaneously being condemned to live in rundown neighbourhoods, use crowded subways as transportation (only Inner Party members are allowed to have vehicles), and to persist in an ongoing state of near starvation with meager rations of poor food and drink. Outer Party members are also expected to abstain completely from sex other than for strictly procreative purposes within marriage, since to allow sex in any less restrictive forms would permit self-actualization, individual intimacy, and expenditure of personal energy to non-official purposes, all of which are completely antithetical to the Party’s agenda.

        Hyperbolic but guidelines for Hegemonsters.

        • i filed it, but that the outer party are compradors…eludes me, even with the explanation that (sorta) they have to prove their loyalty by frenzy. were they said to ‘nform’ on other outers, that might seem more…compradorish, as in de facto foreign agents of their class.

          your ? above was sick, but artful. no, it will be shi’ite mosques, yes?

          • The outer party perform the oppression of proles and they would be made proles if they didn’t oppress. They represent the dystopian destiny of compradors; our compradors have been profiting from the immiseration of our proles. When crapitalism peters out, the authoritarian hierarchy is no longer masked by “opportunity” and compradors oppress just to avoid becoming oppressed.

            Orwell foretold this dystopia in the hope that compradors would abandon their path to that hell. Unfortunately, the system was too powerful, the crapitalist story-tellers were more seductive, and the compradors less intelligent than Orwell understood.

  3. Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from the Caspian Sea landed in Iran, unnamed US officials say; it was unclear whether the missiles caused any damage, they said.”

    Good media v. lying media:
    “Iran’s Irna news agency reported on Wednesday that an unknown flying object had crashed in the village of Ghozghapan in the Iranian province of West Azerbaijan, said to be under the missiles’ flight path.

    But conservative Iranian media described the reports of missiles landing in Iran as “psychological operations by the US against Moscow”.

    “Since Russia began its operations in Syria, Western media and officials have launched an all-out assault against Moscow,” the Fars News Agency, thought to have close affiliations with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, said.”

    holy hell. ashHat carter is sending some message to the saudis here, isn’t he? talk about a ‘proxy war wish’!

    Moscow will soon start paying the price for its escalating military intervention in Syria in the form of reprisal attacks and casualties, the US defence secretary has warned, amid signs that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are preparing to counter the Russian move.”

    • I have a feeling that when Saudi Jihadists attack the Russkies we’ll see real anti-terrorism from them, comrade.

      • wasn’t ashHat doing the equivalent of: “Hey; Riyadh…over here!” (pant, pant). fook me. Nato must be prepared to answer kinetically to threats to our Umbrella friends.

        bet putin’s quakin’ in his boots, so says AshHat. the new zbig, i reckon.

        May i recommend phyllis benes on TRNN speaking about an earlier July attack on the hospital at kunduz, and her lengthy experience with the war in afghanistan, albeit she may want to rethink ‘afghanis’, but JSOC at least whispering in their ears. she also reacts strongly to this, which is completely unsurprising, but likely doesn’t include the mercenary armies who will stay.

        “He (general campbell) added that local forces in Afghanistan are uneven and inconsistent. Campbell is proposing an increase in U.S. troops to 7,000, coinciding with President Obama’s proposal to stay up to 5,000 troops beyond 2016. Just to remind everyone, the Obama plan originally before this had been revised many times. But the last proposal was to draw down the troops to just 1,000, limited to protecting the embassy by now.”

        • “AshHat” is not in the ZBig League. Ain’t got no cattle, he just a hegemonster cowboy.

          Apparently, conflict in Afghanistan is heating up and the propagandists are straining to misrepresent that.

          Who listens to Phyllis Bennis’ analysis?

          SP: the Afghan forces seems to be out of control. The U.S. troops seem to be out of control. Obviously their chain of command is broken, and their verification processes are broken. It seems to be a great deal of havoc on the ground. How do you see the situation?
          PB: Well, it’s exactly what you said. […] This war is now being waged, it seems, for political reasons that we can’t withdraw because it, it is quite clear that the war has not worked to create a military and police force capable of claiming and controlling all the territory and all the population. […] people are saying that it’s the war that is such a problem and so devastating to human life in Afghanistan. […] as the Taliban takes over the stability that they impose, however brutal it is, may be welcomed by a larger proportion of the population than anyone in Washington is prepared to acknowledge.

          So, this is an exercise in obedience; we are to believe that she believes the US objective is credible. She cannot be just diplomatic here given the level of fraud in the government’s prosecution of post-911 war.

          What can this be but PR?

          • maybe ‘just a hat ash’, but i’d meant it terms of signaling that it’s cool to kill russin soldiers as an object lesson in ‘true power’.

            i’d read benis as waxing in irony, myself, given that those calculations were some of the reasons to ‘stay in afghanistan’. she’d even included the ‘for the women!!!’ reason that most libruls bought hook, line,and sinker. i had many arguments about it at the time. just before or after, it was “educating the chirren!!!”

            the alleged ‘training of afghan police and security forces (including by blackwater mercenaries), was one huge serial failure after another, as recruits came for the uniforms and guns, then turned them on the sworn enemies. most never did even learn to site in a rifle, or hit a target.

            Meanwhile, jean claude junkYardDog is calling for europe to treat putin with respect, recognize that russia is not just a regional power, but an equal, and for the US to quit mucking up european relations with other nations.

            • Jah, he shares that with ZBig, except he’s a mercenarial russophobe whereas ZBig is an enterpreneurial one.

              Irony – yeah she has that liberal “rhetorical” disease that’s flaunted as a skill. On one side, the hegemonsters and their followers don’t do irony. On the other the critique is not revealing enough. A policy coup by Cheney and Wolfy is met with irony by smug, clueless, and useful liberals.

              Jah, “the US needs to keep its influence out of EU relations with other countries”, Juncker added. Jean Claude the rebellious child wants to quit his abusive parent. Maybe Mother Russia gave him a few lessons.

              • junker may have seen the light on the advisability bellicosity against The Bear, and adjusted his girdle a tweak or two.

                well, no, not every dissenter of the Imperial Project can lay it out as some do on the boards, but nor do they need to, i think. i mean, you call out so many people for not going full-tilt-wham against even the absurdity of the ‘democracy’ or ‘capitalism’ memes, even when they…seem to be. but some say naomi klein’s ‘this changes everything’…never really indicted capitalism per se.

                but hell, even patty smith performed at the vatican; sheesh, :-)

                • Junker probably is desperate to criticize the insane Hegemonster and the Russkies have given him the spine.

                  Of course Naomi can’t full-tilt-wham against crapitalism. And apparently Gawd needed a little help from Patti Smith!

                  You don’t think Phyllis gets tired of her foundation chains, comrade? Seems every liberal needs a little Bear.


  4. “The increased Nato response force is supposed to be able to react to threats in both the Baltics and in Turkey.”


    Fascist hegemonster bullshit.

  5. Ya’d think the frontline fookin’ EUsians’d see they’ll be the first to instantly retrograde to early 1945 with any Russian retaliatory strike to HATO’s first nuke. The first to sense it’s losing will certainly go apocalyptic. If that’s all there is, let’s dance into the dark:

    Son of Santana

  6. Syria and the drumbeat of world war

    The path to war with Russia is by no means accidental. From the outset, the US intervention to topple the regime in Damascus was aimed at weakening the principal allies of the Syrian government—Iran and Russia—in preparation for a direct assault on both countries.

    More and more directly each day, the eruption of American militarism, rooted in the historic crisis of American and world capitalism, confronts humanity with the specter of a nuclear Third World War.

    Fucking crapitalist hegemonster terrorists.

    • wow, the trotskyites laid it right out {{{shiver}}}. these paragraphs also stuck out to me:

      “Speaking in Washington on Tuesday, Navy Adm. Mark Ferguson, who commands NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, Italy, accused Russia of building an “arc of steel” from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea. This deliberate paraphrasing of Winston Churchill’s 1946 “Iron Curtain” speech turns the real relationship of forces inside out, obscuring the relentless encirclement of Russia by Washington and the NATO alliance in the wake of the Soviet Union’s liquidation 25 years ago.”

      “Similarly, Ivo Daalder, who was Obama’s ambassador to NATO until mid-2013, told Politico: “If we want to take out their military forces there, we can probably do it at relatively little or no cost to ourselves. The question is what will be Putin’s response. I think if you sit in the Situation Room you have to play this one out.”

      (‘little or no cost to ourselves’ but then remembers: ‘putin’s response be’???) ay yi yi.

      “Meanwhile, Frederic Hof, Obama’s former special envoy on a Syrian transition, compared Putin’s actions to those of Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962, which brought the world to the precipice of nuclear war. “Like his predecessor over 50 years ago, he [Putin] senses weakness on the part of a US president. Like his predecessor, he risks discovering that trifling with the United States is not a healthy pursuit. But such a risk entails dangers for all concerned.”

      simply awesome how the Imperial lackeys turn things wrong-side out. ‘perceived ringing of russia by NATO’, etc. this was new to me: ‘“A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” drafted for then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by a study group that included Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser.’

      the wiki cables about syria assange has pointed recently are hard to read, at least for me. i was going to demonstrate, but i went to his account, and robert naiman has collated and narrated some of them. good.

      • “Imperial lackeys turn things wrong-side out” – they’re professional hypocrites, the best and the brightest of the decaying crapitalist empire. When FDR had no option but to reform Crapitalism in America, he cast about for dissident interlecturers – which is what drove the true crapitalist believers insane. But the US could only be stretched far enough to become World Saviors of crapitalism. Victory meant psychic lock-in and professional hypocrisy became the Constantinian creed.

      • OFM, Naiman, Bennis, and Zunes.from barren planet Liberal.

        History shows that public understanding of US foreign policy depends crucially on assessing the motivations of US officials [but not the empire itself, hmmm?]. [… The officials’ fraud] is a key reason why WikiLeaks’ publishing of US diplomatic cables was so important.

        Yada Yada Yada.

        in private the US saw conflict between economic reform and “entrenched, corrupt forces” as an “opportunity.”

        Jah, thanks to savior Ed, (and Ed is not even a Liberal) we now have proof they were fraudsters. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. OFM; do you know why these morons need more proof? Think on the fear of Orwell’s Outer Party. Rummie’s students’ role is to continually learn the new world order; they are paid to explicate the new world order. In 1922, Lippman foresaw the opportunity for mass propaganda:

        The political élite are members of the class of people who are incapable of accurately understanding, by themselves, the complex “unseen environment” wherein the public affairs of the modern state occur; thus, Lippmann proposes that a professional, “specialized class” collect and analyze data, and present their conclusions to the society’s decision makers, who, in their turn, use the “art of persuasion” to inform the public about the decisions and circumstances affecting them.

        Now we need savior Ed to remind us that deception is a foundation of “democracy’s” power?
        HA HAH AHA HAH A HA HA HA HA. Pathetic. These people had les spiritueux d’empire in their baby bottles.

        • Even the fraud is a fraud.

        • holy crow; you read all that? ish; dude needs an editor. but who is OFM?

          ed’s comments (and greenwald’s, as well) about democracy™ have left me cold for certain. we had quite a thread about it some time ago here, and i wish i could remember which one, so i could file some of what i’d discovered in various venues.

          i did scan the comments under naiman’s epistle, and someone called him an empty bloviator…or close.

          shoot, given your adeptness and speed in reading, i did save a link someone had posted on an open thread at MoA. the author’s name was john helmer, vaguely familiar, and i scooted over to naked capitalism to see if that was where i might have seen his guest posts. yep, but not this one. i wikied him, and he was a journalist in moscow, and said to have poked stick in the oligarch’s eyes there.

          this began with carter, and his recent lament that he’d wished he’d had one more helicopter back in the day, which did make me chuckle wryly. but that’s as far as i got. this is not even by way of request, but cliff notes would be good…if you…i sure liked the art, and saved it.

          • OFM – O. FuckMe. Jah, I’ll get to it in a bit.

          • The author claims the bullshitting Hegemonster is checkmated:

            “The king [Salman] has Alzheimer’s, and his son [Mohammad bin Salman], the real ruler of the kingdom, is too young; too insecure in the royal succession; and too vulnerable domestically. If either of them makes so much as a nervous twitch towards the Syrian frontier, the oil price will return to the level Russia wants, and needs. There will be no support for the Saudis against the Russians from their only real Arab guarantor, [Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-] Sisi. And long ago, when Obama installed the Moslem Brotherhood in Cairo, [Sisi] realized the American strategy, Obama’s promises, are the gravest threat to Egyptian and Arab security there is. That’s because he can’t control the Washington Amazons who run his warmaking machine, or the jihadists he employs to fight. Without air cover, supply lines, and dollars, they are doomed. The Saudi sheikhs won’t risk trying to save them.”

            So, also, they believe the Unleashing of Ultimate Jihad has been checkmated. Bully Bullshitter Brzezinski pretends the US can overwhelm the Russkies so that they “can either destroy the Russians, or force them to run away.” The Zbigster is bullshitting his hosts but Russia thinks they are finally wising up: “Russia has asked [the US] to remove all American instructors [in Syria], and I suspect that it will be done.” The Russian have directly made their play clear: “No more questions. Not at any level,” believing the bullshitters must fold.

            The Red Army is invigorated to a level that has never been fielded on the Middle Eastern map.” Evgeny Satanovsky, a Moscow academic expert on the Middle East, adds: “Moscow does not want to divide terrorists into ‘ours’ and ‘not ours’. The emergence of the Russian Air Force in Syria…has radically changed the situation in the region. Expect something different in principle.”

            As to the Israhell, they’ve made them an offer they can’t refuse:

            London sources familiar with Israeli politics add that Russian strategy has the tacit backing of Israel. “This is because [President Vladimir] Putin has told [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu that Israel can count on a no-threat zone running from Damascus south and east to the Golan. No threat means no Syrian Army, no jihadists. Russia and Israel will now have what [Israeli Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion once explained was Israel’s long-term objective – the breakup of the large, potentially powerful secular Arab states into small sectarian territories too weak to do anything but threaten each other.

            Now, does that betrayal burn the hegemonster? Keep yourself posted.

          • Here’s Eddie (TheTrueHOOHA):

            how then do you deal with 12% unemployment
            can’t have it both way.
            Almost everyone was self-employed prior to 1900. Why is 12% employment so terrifying?
            that’s nothing.
            we’ll see what happens. im tired of trying to predict how this will all turn out
            it’s a huge fucking mess
            short selling FTW. :D

            Short-selling, as it happens, wasn’t just a quip for Snowden. In the end of 2008, with the world economy in a tailspin, stock trades consumed a great deal of his attention. In November of that year, Snowden complained that he “lost $20,000 in october alone,” but he was confident that short-selling was the way to get it back. “I made $1200 today on ultrashort etfs,” he wrote later that day. “only $18800 to go before I make up my losses for the year.”

            Does it take a fucking libertarian fruitcake (smitten by Ron Paul, holds a “privatized” government job and gambles on calamity) to hold to principle is this crapitalist society?

            • ————-how then do you deal with 12% unemployment
              -can’t have it both way. Almost everyone was self-employed prior to 1900. Why is 12% employment so terrifying?
              -that’s nothing.
              ————we’ll see what happens. im tired of trying to predict how this will all turn out
              it’s a huge fucking mess
              -short selling FTW. :D

            • User12: how then do you deal with 12% unemployment
              TheTrueHOOHA: can’t have it both way. Almost everyone was self-employed prior to 1900. Why is 12% employment so terrifying?
              TheTrueHOOHA: that’s nothing.
              User12: we’ll see what happens. im tired of trying to predict how this will all turn out
              it’s a huge fucking mess
              TheTrueHOOHA: short selling FTW. :D

          • TheTrueHOOHA: Magically the world changed after the new deal, and old people became made of glass

    • it sounds just about right, nomad, although my auditory discrimination and decoding aren’t up to snuff. but as for mcCrankyPants and his claims, this (and i’ll blow by his ‘give them rpg’s or whatever, cuz the saudis just sent a bunch of anti-tank missiles in-country):

      Obama Administration Ends Pentagon Program to Train Syrian Rebels

      “LONDON — The Obama administration has ended the Pentagon’s $500 million program to train and equip Syrian rebels, administration officials said on Friday, in an acknowledgment that the beleaguered program had failed to produce any kind of ground combat forces capable of taking on the Islamic State in Syria.

      “I wasn’t happy with the early efforts” of the program, Mr. Carter said during a news conference with Mr. Fallon. “So we have devised a number of different approaches.” Mr. Carter added, “I think you’ll be hearing from President Obama very shortly” on the program.

      A senior Defense Department official, who was not authorized to speak publicly and who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that there would no longer be any more recruiting of so-called moderate Syrian rebels to go through training programs in Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. Instead, a much smaller training center would be set up in Turkey, where a small group of “enablers” — mostly leaders of opposition groups — would be taught operational maneuvers like how to call in airstrikes.”

      yes, a few senators objected to the claim that they’d only produced ‘4 or 5 fighting forces’ or whatever as a waste of taxpayer dollars. the number is likely a lie, but the pentagon corrected their original lie that their ‘moderates’ hadn’t turned over their equipment to al nusra, and now admit to…maybe a quarter of their equipment.

      but sticking a pin in the program is ludicrous, as the new defense bill was passed by the senate, and apparently claimed $600 more million to train them. ack; so many lies.

      mr. wd and i had been positing the possibility that if the CIA/pentagon/jsoc really want to get russia, they’d share intel with either the saudis or their ‘moderates’ in syria. and lo and behold, i went to MoA and found his mention of this tweet that he said he found believable, as do i.

      there appeared to be confirmation by a doctor sharid; i could find it again if necessary, but the message was in arabic, i believe.

  7. Yeah, that’s why US so pissed – the Russkies surprised ’em with strike from Caspian while Yankies were spying their feint in MiddleSea.

    a small group of “enablers” — mostly leaders of opposition groups — would be taught operational maneuvers like how to call in airstrikes.

    That’s some hegemonster bullshit there. They don’t know how to call in airstrikes now?They’re gonna get there intel from satellites? What? Like Russia don’t know what these assholes are thinking?

  8. Kissinger a “Will to Power” philosopher of the deed, a mad, hollow, Nietzschean interlecturer for authoritarians and hegemonsters. What is the root of this paranoia? The paranoia of the exploiter.

      • bugger; no transcript.

        i’ll try to sit and listen soon, but we’re out of running water again, and used all our stored reserves up yesterday (at least we got a heads-up that they’d be turning it off for repairs this time). it make life more complicated, to to say the least.

        even the closest irrigation ditch is outta water; one can at least use ditch water for flushin’ a toilet. ;-)

        good to know the acronym OFM. ‘ oh, fuck me’ rolls off my lips all too often. or is it ‘just often enough?

      • i’m glad i listened, comrade x, even though i couldn’t hear quite all of it as i was doin’ chores at the same time.

        ‘action brings purpose, purpose brings resolute action in perpetual motion or close. i loved the bits about his client list residing in a deep badger bunker under the pentagon, so that…FP won’t step on any oligarchical toes. but yikes; i swear i’d forgotten that they call all this: National Security.

    • The father of madmen Neocon hegemonsters.

    • Blew smoke up the Shah’s ass so he’d impoverish his own people for the benefit of the hegemonster – leading to revolution AND the imposition of Ayatollahs.

    • Note, though, that Flanders indicts Kissinger the opportunist when it’s a system of exploitation that promotes such opportunistic (military?) “philosophers”.

  9. Kissinger the Prophet of Power yet invoked as his religion bears it’s evil fruit — by liberals. Kissinger aided Clintons to pass NAFTA, a trade weapon of the empire. Liberals ignore that the empire survives on exploitation and fraud AND their critique serves as mask of profitable violence.

    Pi points out that neither story can be proven and neither explains the cause of the shipwreck, so he asks the officials which story they prefer: the one without animals or the one with animals. They choose the story with the animals. Pi thanks them and says: ″And so it goes with God.″

    “God” tells us that our fellows are animals, so we can exploit them just the same.

    • oooh, i just scanned the wiki on ‘the life of pi’; i’d never read it, or seen the film. thank you. and i still haven’t had the time to watch grandin, and still…no transcript.

      dunno about your final ‘god’ sentence, though.

  10. “growing global suspicion that the US itself has played a key role in arming, funding, and intentionally perpetuating the terrorist army across Syria and Iraq.”

    • “( The Parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense revealed Tuesday, that there are many documents and photographs confirming that the international coalition aircrafts delivered aids, weapons and supplies to ISIS using parachutes, while the government demanded to provide a clear report on such violations, monitor the aircrafts movement and set up ambushes to bring them down.

      Committee Chairman MP Hakim Zamili said in a press conference at the House of Representatives, attended by, “Our armed forces, volunteer fighters, Peshmerga and tribesmen have achieved victories against the ISIS organization in all operations,” noting that, “Meanwhile, we keep finding documents, pictures, and information confirming that the coalition aircrafts violate the Iraqi sovereignty and the international norms in order to prolong the war with ISIS by providing it with aid by air or on land.””

    • Need a little covert action against the hegemonster’s terrorists.

    • thank you. i saved a couple internal links, and the IB times one looks chock full of goodies. yeah, the creation of isil seems to have been a long-term project, doesn’t it? just one more number on the PNAC/cheney energy task force hit parade.

      i didn’t see so much ‘there’ at the 2007 iraq news link, but i might look again. purdy funny how all those toyotas have become the icon of the sunni-side-up proxy war funding, though. i mean: ‘non-lethal aids’.

  11. isn’t it a crime to be aiding and abetting terrorists? is there no end to obamas treachery? and the isis fleeing refugee crisis. how many lives has this maniac destroyed?

    • now those are some loaded questions, amigo. many detractors of the empire believe that there is strong evidence that the US military/foreign policy couplet is a terrorist organization itself. i couldn’t possibly comment on that.

      ~ F.U. Urquhart

      but i will let glen ford comment: “Well, the United States and its allies are speaking gobbledygook, and Russia is speaking straight up plain international law truth. They’ve come to the aid of the recognized government of Syria, which is being attacked by proxies of other countries, the U.S., the Saudis, other Gulf states, and Turkey, in violation of international law. And the Russians say that they are not just defending the government that they have had relations with for decades. They are defending principles of international law. And the U.S. and its allies are violating international law, and the U.S. and its allies cannot draw some kind of red line around ISIS, the wayward jihadists that don’t want to take orders, and expect the Russians to only discipline their little bad boys and leave the other jihadists alone. That only makes sense to idiots like the New York Times and CNN and the rest.” (i don’t agree with all he says, though.)

      and to paraphrase harry truman: “they may be jihadists, but they’re our jihadists!

      • It’s sad to but not unexpected to see Glen Ford slide to the Dark Side and join what someone called the Cruise Missile Left.

        Parroting the Russian Party Line about the legality of their bombing of anyone and everyone outside of Assad controlled territory is pathetic. Is it actually legal for a petty dictator to request a major world power to help him bomb his own citizens even during an insurgency?

        First they have to strip the Syrian citizen rebels of their legal identity by branding them as Proxies of other countries and then add a little Islamophobia with the Jihadi slur to keep the fear and loathing raging. Because they are all proxie/Jihadis along with their supporters I doubt anyone will call for investigating the intentional Russian bombing of three hospitals in rebel held territory.

        Add the humiliation and impotence of Obama and the US military at the hands of Hajji Putin executing what the Russian Orthodox Church called a ‘Holy Battle’ created the gory circle-jerk proudly displayed at MOA this week.

        Sunni Muslims are reacting just as they did when Russia occupied Afghanistan and have again called to Muslims worldwide for Jihad against the Russian invader and killer of Muslims and the Russians will pay for this arrogance and aggression just as the US has paid for its arrogance and aggression in the ME.

        • Pure sophistic exaggeration and obfuscation. When force is used to confront hegemonsters, who only respect force, the sophists accuse defenders of the anti-hegemons OF THE HEGEMONSTER’S OWN CRIMES.

          The masters of deception and the covert suffer none of these contradictions. To address these contradictions WITHOUT the deception of one’s own misleaders is a continuation of deception.

          wayoutwest is a very interesting and unusual specimen of leftism. He follows the themes of Louis Proyect, the bitter but “Unrepentant Marxist”, who ridiculously supports a vanished liberation movement and accuses all leftists against the destruction of Syria of anti-imperialist confusion. What’s the objective of this? To condemn and outwit “fellow” leftists, of course.

          wow says, “I doubt anyone will call for investigating the intentional Russian bombing of three hospitals in rebel held territory.” Wow takes for granted that the West won’t call for that investigation. Is that because the West can’t afford that investigation, comrade? Instead of condemning the West for that neglect he impugns anti-imperialists celebrating the anti-imperial defense with that neglect.

          Wow then grants Putin, the consecrated Holy Warrior of Orthodox Christianity, the Islamic honorific, Hajji. Perhaps wow is a little mad?

          But yes, then wow unveils his Russophobia, hoping for Afghanistan 2.0 for the Russians, just like a good Hegemonster would. O, but it’s justice, cause Russia should get it’s just desserts just like poor Amerikkka has.

          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

          Sophist and fraud. Try harder, comrade.

        • About 1000 Islamic State fighters had just conquered Mosul a city with over a million people, routed tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, confiscated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of US supplied arms and equipment, withdrew about $500,000,000 from the Iraq National Bank in Mosul but a staged photo-op parade as some fighters left Mosul in about twenty new Toyotas is what still has many people wetting their pants and pointing their fingers to prove that the US must have supplied these trucks and are behind the dreaded Islamic State.

          The only thing Russia will prove with their aggression is that they didn’t learn anything from their attempt in Afghanistan to suppress Political Islam with death and violence. The Afghans defeated them there and the Syrians will defeat them in Syria.

          China supplied much of the arms in Afghanistan and they are supplying much of the arms used in Syria so they should get credit for their assistance.

          • No, the Russians must learn to exploit Political Islam like the West does, eh, comrade?

            Pathetic bullshit. Who is more responsible for creating this whirlwind, comrade? Who is more likely to bring it to conclusion? Israhell?

          • “Russian aggression”? Sounds like parroting of Neocon propaganda. Putin just drew a line in the sand. And unlike Obama you can bet he means it.

            I like this part about Obama and co. “I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics.”

            • putin may have stretched the ‘our geopolitical aspiarations are the same’, or soe such a bit, but it was very diplomat of him to say. :-)

              but his mention of UNCR 1973 made me go look up what it actually said, and of course, the CFR website. i did remember that the arab league ‘vote’ was a bit rigged, and they could scarcely carrot-and-stick a simple majority. but the resolution seems to have left a shit-ton of wiggle room:

              “8. Authorizes Member States that have notified the Secretary-General and the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, to take all necessary measures to enforce compliance with the ban on flights imposed by paragraph 6 above, as necessary, and requests the States concerned in cooperation with the League of Arab States to coordinate closely with the Secretary General on the measures they are taking to implement this ban, including by establishing an appropriate mechanism for implementing the provisions of paragraphs 6 and 7 above,..”

              when you look at the fuzziness of those paragraphs. anyway, a bit OT.

              • There is no obligation of the Secretary General to coordinate the states concerned or declaration of the right to revoke “authorization” should those nations turn out to be, not united.

                Hahahahahahahaha jah.

                • ha; and this section:

                  “”7. Decides further that the ban imposed by paragraph 6 shall not apply to flights whose sole purpose is humanitarian, such as delivering or facilitating the delivery of assistance, including medical supplies, food, humanitarian workers and related assistance, or evacuating foreign nationals from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, nor shall it apply to flights authorised by paragraphs 4 or 8, nor other flights which are deemed necessary by States acting under the authorization conferred in paragraph 8 to be for the benefit of the Libyan people, and that these flights shall be coordinated with any mechanism established under paragraph 8;”


            • It’s sad and a bit frightening how easily some people in the CM Left become infatuated with a Capitalist politician such as Putin when he tickles their repressed desires to foil the Hegemon. The Left has been impotent for so long in the US that when Putin seems to speak their language, and he is very effective at this level of rhetoric, they throw all critical thought out the window and join the cult of the leader where life is simple and choices are made through groupthink, repetition and denial.

              There are plenty of people who support our leader with the same blind infatuation but transferring that weak logic to another leader who thinks that the Iron Fist of militarism inflicted on the Muslim world from outside to prop up a favored dictator is an answer to our fears is near insanity but that seems to be where many people are headed.

              It’s telling how easily this slide to the Dark Side has occurred with uncritical support for Putin’s actions requiring the same kind of branding of the Other as used by the West and with the use of dehumanizing descriptions of the targeted actors as mercenaries, proxies, terrorists, jihadis and their equally evil Sunni supporters who can now be killed without any remorse or humanity.

              None of this matters now that there is a feel-good mood spreading among the weaklings of the Left who can wallow in the illusion that the right people are being killed in this Holy Battle led by the new Ras-Putin.

              • while i understand that some of us are glad to see the US hegemon checkmated into an emerging multi-polar world, i think you are missing the larger point. the US has claimed to be bombing isis for a year now, and there is scant evidence of their success. and meanwhile, yeppers, they’ve trained mercenaries to fight against assad. now i know you believe that they are all about religious conviction or such, and money doesn’t motivate them, but that’s what the scribes to the western Imperial project also claim.

                but putin does have his own designs, naturally. but in this effort seems to be aiding the US’s stated efforts, except the west absolutely wanted to depose assad. now even many of them can sense that such a project would create an unholy power vacuum, one in which civil war would rule, much like it still does in libya. and had not the Empire via neo-cons and others created this mess knowingly years ago, we simply wouldn’t be here now, would we? but he may bring the parties to the table to negotiate a diplomatic settlement, which is what there should have been with at the start.
                but media lens UK has a few new tweets up:


                and again, yes: war makes more war.

                • No, not over the top at all, but under the belt.

                • I first read about Russia bombing hospitals In a Fars News agency celebratory report about the earlier attack on al-Raqqa where they praised the Russian bombing of the Tabakqa National Hospital and other IS sites in the city. The more recent reports of the Russian bombing three health care facilities in western Syria came from an Al Monitor report but it is being reported by MSM sites now based on local reporting to medical NGO’s such as Physicians for Human Rights. These Syrian medical groups no longer report their location to the UN because when they were passed to Assad for government protection they were immediately subjected to rocket and barrel bomb attacks.

                  The Western/NATO propaganda attack will continue with new vigor now that Putin has loosed his Iron Fist against the Sunni rebellion in Syria and it has created new opportunities for more Western interference. How he thinks this bloody mayhem will attract the rebels to his goal of defeating the Islamic State is incomprehensible but he may just be trying to score some victories for Assad to improve his bargaining position in future transition negotiations. I think it is foolish to expect many of the rebels to bow to any foreign imposed . solution to this crisis, they have too much blood and time invested to give up their paramount demand for the removal of Assad and his elite minions.

                  I also don’t think the Syrians who are fighting this war and their Muslim volunteers are too concerned about Western handwringing about the future complexion of Syria, it’s their country to build or destroy or be incorporated into the caliphate.

                  If you carefully read the wikileaked cables about the US plans to assist the overthrow of Assad you discover it was mostly a PR and propaganda campaign that failed to produce any documented results unless you are someone who jumps to wild conclusions. The mass demonstrations were sparked by internal conditions and the armed uprising that followed Assad’s murderous reactions were purely Syrian even if the US supplied some funding to some civil opposition groups and tried to gain some control over secular armed groups with funding and training after the armed conflict began. The alliances of US vetted groups with al-Nusra shows the US is following this insurrection attempting to gain some control over who will replace Assad and are failing once again.

                  Whether it’s the US, Russia or blog commenters branding their opponents as, mercenaries, Jihadis, terrorists or supporters of such people it’s the same old Imperial justification for killing the Other to further their goals not the goals of the subject race or peoples under the bootheel of local or foreign oppression.

                  The fact that there are tens of thousands of combatants fighting in this insurrection means there could be some few classic mercenaries involved but guilt by association is another old propaganda tactic used by oppressors and aggressors just as the one example of a Syrian rebel chomping on some dead soldiers lung is used by Putin, and before him many others, to brand all the rebels as cannibals..

              • It’s despicable how you misunderestimate the craving to have opposition to misleaders. Well, not despicable, because you are not an ally of the left, though you pretend to be.
                Again your dishonest rhetoric projects the West’s crimes on it’s enemy:

                Putin’s actions requiring the same kind of branding of the Other as used by the West and with the use of dehumanizing descriptions of the targeted actors as mercenaries, proxies, terrorists, jihadis and their equally evil Sunni supporters who can now be killed without any remorse or humanity.

                First, Putin does not support a color revolution in Syria, Ukraine, or Russia. You are mad to think we leftists should oppose him on this (of course, you think we are fools, so it’s just business for you.) Second, you appeal to the humanity of “weakling” leftists only to further weaken them.

                Your tricks are up, “comrade”.

                • It should be humorous to see an old Bolsheviki becoming a Running dog for the Tsarist Capitalist Putin but it is only sad and disillusioning. Opposition to all Leaders is they only way to avoid cooption and submission to Statists who also crave something , power.

                  The Cruise Missile Left you appear to represent is doing a fine job of weakening themselves with the degenerate ethics and compromises they must adopt to rally around the likes of Putin who wants little more than to be respected and accepted by the West as a Junior Hegemon in the Capitalist New World Order, he stresses this point in many of his recent speeches although he does claim to want to temper the more overt and covert tendencies of the West to promote regime change and unilateral actions. What he is saying is that together they could reach the same dominance goals without so much disruption and lost profits.

                  His rejection by the West and a long string of setbacks including a failing economy, that was never much of an economy, falling oil/gas prices, stalled or canceled gas deals with China and Turkey and the crumbling of the BRICS to just the RIC doesn’t bode well for the pipe dream of a multipolar world, a bipolar world is what to expect with Russia playing Left Out.

                  Putin was left with only one card to play, the old let’s kill some people and stir the pot and show that they are still masculine and demand respect by attacking Muslims who, as yet, can’t respond, that may change soon.

                  • “he is saying is that together they could reach the same dominance goals without so much disruption and lost profits.”
                    Wrong. And you can’t combat domination through misrepresentation. And the US can’t achieve the same dominance goals it had itself just a generation ago. You are badly mistaking.

                    “a bipolar world is what to expect with Russia playing Left Out”.
                    Russia’s no spectator like you project. Would Russia be rich if it didn’t have to deal with Western machinations and violence? You want to short that equity, don’t you?

                    “Putin was left with only one card to play”. By who, asshole?

          • from a link to near eastern outlook that nomad provided, and is full of interesting stuff you might call ‘cruise missile left propaganda’, the IBT in june of 2014 called the theft at the mosul central bank ‘500,000,000 dinars, or about $425 million.

            but your claim about russia bombing hospitals? zounds; links please? now i’d assume that the west would be squawking to beat the band, but i haven’t found anything on the twit accounts of nato, state dept, or state dept spokesman, john kirby, whose take you might find quite agreeable. or at the mouthpieces to the Empire, either, although i don’t read as prolifically as you do. i did, however, while binging, find a video purporting to be such evidence, but dagnabbit, there was a major blanket of snow in the foreground.

            but goodness me, you so must be tired of being the champion dueling the circle-jerkers at MoA and emptywheel that you’d come here to enlighten us share your viewpoint. dissenting opinions can be valuable sometimes.

  12. CFR, The Fink Tank, advises the continuation of drone strikes with the caveat “Never conduct nonbattlefield targeted killings without an accountable human being authorizing the strike”.


    Yes, battlefield killings can be “autonomus”. O NO! How much money will CNN make off Robots v. Russkies?

  13. on a brief break i read MoA’s ‘Obama Launches A Proxy War On Russia In Syria‘, both depressing and likely correct. remember we’d been wondering if the CIA’s program would still stand even if the pentagon paused theirs? well, there is no pause, and the CIA/jsoc/mercenaries may or may not be going rogue. a snippet or two; i won’t reproduce hyperlinks, sorry.

    “The official Pentagon program to train Syrian insurgents will cease to vet, train, arm and support those mercenaries. But the program will not end. The Pentagon will simply shorten the process. It skips the vetting and training part and will arm and support anyone who proclaims to want to “fight ISIS”:

    The move marks an expansion of U.S. involvement in Syria’s protracted ground war and could expose the Obama administration to greater risks if weapons provided to a wider array of rebel units go astray, or if U.S.-backed fighters come under attack from forces loyal to Assad and his allies.

    Russia bombed some of the CIA’S trained, armed and paid groups. It had earlier asked the U.S. to tell it who not to bomb but didn’t receive an answer. As the CIA mercenaries are fighting against the Syrian government and are practically not distinguishable from al-Qaeda, ISI or other terrorists they are a legitimate targets. But not in the eyes of the CIA which nevertheless finds Russian attacks on them useful:

    Reports indicate that CIA-trained groups have sustained a small number of casualties and have been urged to avoid moves that would expose them to Russian aircraft. One U.S. official who is familiar with the CIA program — and who like other officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters — said the attacks have galvanized some of the agency-equipped units. “Now they get to fight the Russians,” the official said. “This improves morale.”

    Brennan departed for the Middle East last week as the Russian strikes intensified. U.S. officials said that the trip was previously planned and not related to the bombings but acknowledged that his discussions centered on Syria.

    The decision to dismantle the Pentagon’s training program — whose small teams of fighters were often quickly captured or surrendered their weapons to rival rebel groups in Syria — may force Obama to weigh ramping up support to the CIA-backed groups.

    U.S. officials said those involved in the agency program are already exploring options that include sending in rocket systems and other weapons that could enable rebels to strike Russian bases without sending in surface-to-air missiles that terrorist groups could use to target civilian aircraft.

    The person who told the Saudis to deliver 500 TOW missiles to Syria ASAP was likely CIA chief Brennan. He also ordered to plan for attacks on the Russian base.

    So instead of a calming down and cooperation with Russia to fight the Islamic State the Pentagon was told to shorten its program and to hand out weapons to everyone who asks. The CIA is feeding more weapons to its mercenaries via its Gulf proxies and is planning for direct attacks on Russians.”

    some good links, apparently, in the comment thread, including the john helmer one that you parsed for me/us, comrade x. i’ll try to make more sense of it when stuff slows down here, and thank you.

  14. CIA doesn’t want to identify it’s troops. CIA doesn’t do self-identification. So it’s response to snide Russkie request for ID? Moar targets!!!

    US slaughtered German civilians by air, now Syrians by Islamo-drones, drawing the entire citizenry into war. If Syria survives (AND DESPITE FURTHER HEGEMONSTER ESCALATION) it will be a Spartican state. Moar small weapons sales and lucrative if this exemplifies the NuLand Order (ooops, weally we aren’t laundering our military phillosophers’ compensation through Wall Stweet). The hegemonsters will have achieved the “Republican” dream, a fully armed citizenry, except not just the white supremacist male citizens. Ooops. And loyal to Russkia. Double Ooops.

    Washington cannot go for the sensible option. Yesterday I ran across “The Forty Years War” which argues that Kissinger’s “realpolitik” (and Nixon’s Madman Theory) was intolerable to a father of the neocon sect, Fritz Kraemer, their “True Keeper of the Holy Flame”, who promulgated the contrary “provocative weakness” theory. Whereas Nixon sought to amplify American threat through volatility. Kraemer insisted that it be reliable; it’s a sort of supply-side thinking for militarists, in that it advocates increasing the response to threats as a means of decreasing the threats (and costs). (The paternalistic mindset saturates conservative philosophy – beat the child and you won’t have to spend so much effort.)

    One can see why this philosophy is irresistible for an empire under stress – subjugation on the cheap. So Kraemer lectures Nixon that The Hegemonsters violence must be credible:

    If, it should prove, within a number of fronts, that we, the United States, were not able to deal with the entity North Vietnam, 31 million inhabitants, that would be, apart from everything moral, the question will arise—among friend, foe, and entrants—with whom can the United States ever deal successfully? Because this entity of 31 million, supported by the Soviets, by China, but not by their manpower is relatively so small that everybody from Rio de Janeiro to Copenhagen, and from Hanoi to Moscow, can draw the conclusion: obviously, the enormous American power couldn’t deal with this. Therefore, as a lawyer, I would say…since we cannot deal with Vietnam, with whom can we deal?

    And so our military philosophers can do nothing but engage when the wise thing to do would be to disengage. Of course, proles pay for the reification of their “philosophy”; since they Nationally Sociallize it.

    Once again, the Russians confront the Prussians and Nazis, comrade, and crapitalist proles are kept stupid.

    Hitler believed America a “democratic”, crapitalist, mongrel nation and racially weak. Our neo-fascists will expend American democracy to take the Reich to Russia, but American proles, under the spell that it was America that beat the Nazi’s, may well be squashed again by Ivan. They definitely are doomed by their military “philosophers”.

  15. It strikes me how capacious a fraud “the market” is, primarily to deny forthright collective agency but also to mask conspiracy. Secondarily, but intriguingly, it’s useful as a comprador mind virus, as an approved escape of the comprador’s own culpability, shutting down his exploration of consequence. It disunites and fragments his cognitive world so that he serves well as soldier of crapitalism.

    In the manner of Frank Luntz, fascist language architect and SUPERiorMAN, crapitalist language makes excuses for its “collateral damage” and deludes the selfish “individual” that he is enacting his own will. In fact, his own will is reformed to the fascists purpose and so are those of his fellow compradors and proles.

    If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success. When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish. When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded. When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot. Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.

    The conservative Rectification of Names serves domination and exploitation to the UnterUbermensch.

  16. Company drones vs. Russian frontline defense forces in their Asian backyard? Crimean “empire” !
    “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” CIA ‘intelligence’ redux.

  17. the use of AI to personalize the offers made to shoppers online, which will become so efficient that the synthetic intelligence will be able to price discriminate perfectly, extract all the consumer surplus in each market, and undo the hope that online retailing would lead to less rather than more price dispersion. Nobody will be forced to buy, of course. “But while you may exercise freedom as an individual, collectively we will not. Synthetic intellects are fully capable of managing the behaviour of groups to a fine statistical precision while permitting individuals to roam in whatever direction their predictable little hearts desire.”

    So the market “rationality”, again, embedded in machines, serves to exploit the UnterUberMensch, not to avail them of Optimal Efficiency (but to optimally exploit them).

  18. AI is good for ethic (sic) cleansing, even though AI doesn’t have ethics.

    • KIRK: No-Mad? Stop what you’re doing and effect repairs on the life-support systems.
      NO-MAD: Stop.
      KIRK: You’re programmed to obey the orders of your creator.
      NO-MAD: I am programmed to destroy those life-forms which are imperfect. These alterations will do so without destroying the vessel which surrounds them. It, too, is imperfect, but can be adjusted.
      KIRK: No-Mad, I admit that biological units are imperfect, but a biological unit created you.
      NO-MAD: I am perfect. I am No-Mad.
      KIRK: No, you’re not No-Mad. You’re an alien mechanism. Your programming tapes have been altered.
      NO-MAD: You are in error. You are a biological unit. You are imperfect.
      KIRK: But I am your creator.
      NO-MAD: You are the Creator.
      KIRK: I created you?
      NO-MAD: You are the Creator.
      KIRK: But I admit I’m imperfect. How could I have programmed such a perfect mechanism as USurveillant?
      NO-MAD: Answer unknown. I shall analyse.
      (Spock enters, with Scott, two engineers and the requested anti-grav units)
      NO-MAD: Analysis complete. Insufficient data to resolve problem, but my programming is whole. My purpose remains. I am No-Mad. I am perfect. That which is imperfect must be sterilised.
      (The engineers remove the unconscious men and take their places at the controls.)
      KIRK: Then you will continue to destroy that which thinks and lives and is imperfect?
      NO-MAD: I shall continue. I shall return to launch point Earth. I shall sterilise.
      KIRK: You must sterilise in case of error?
      NO-MAD: Error is inconsistent with my prime functions. Sterilisation is correction.
      KIRK: Everything that is in error must be sterilised.
      NO-MAD: There are no exceptions.
      KIRK: No-Mad, I made an error in creating you.
      NO-MAD: The creation of perfection is no error.
      KIRK: I did not create perfection. I created error.
      NO-MAD: Your data is faulty. I am No-Mad. I am perfect.
      KIRK: I am the Kirk, the creator?
      NO-MAD: You are the Creator.
      KIRK: You are wrong! Jackson Roykirk, your creator, is dead. You have mistaken me for him. You are in error. You did not discover your mistake. You have made two errors. You are flawed and imperfect and you have not corrected by sterilisation. You have made three errors.
      NO-MAD: Error. Error. Error. Examine.
      KIRK: You are flawed and imperfect! Execute your prime function!
      NO-MAD: I shall analyse error. Analyse error,
      KIRK: Now. Get those antigravs on it.
      NO-MAD: Examine error. Error.
      (The anti-gravs are not stopped by any forcefields.)
      KIRK: We’ve got to get rid of it while it’s trying to think.
      SPOCK: Your logic was impeccable, Captain. We are in grave danger.
      KIRK: Scotty, the transporter room.
      NO-MAD: Analyse error.
      (Kirk and Spock carry No-Mad out, followed by Scott.)

      [Transporter room]

      NO-MAD: Error.
      KIRK: Scotty, set the controls for deep space. Two ten, mark one.
      SCOTT: Aye, sir.
      NO-MAD: Faulty!
      Ready, sir?
      NO-MAD: Faulty!
      KIRK: No-Mad, you are imperfect!
      NO-MAD: Error. Error.
      KIRK: Exercise your prime function.
      NO-MAD: Faulty! Faulty! Must sterilise. Sterilise,
      KIRK: Now!
      SCOTT: Energising.

      Fuck-off USurveillant!!!!!

  19. Nice collection you pulled together there.

    Based on the US, the first thought in my mind about the headquarters deployments across (Eastern) Europe was how they might be used in the host countries. Geographically, like DHS Fusion Centers. And that got me thinking about further reactions to the permanent state of austerity and the various devolutionary movements — Scotland, Wales, Catalunhya, Galicia, Basque Country, and who knows what else — going on in Europe, sheltered under the European Union and NATO umbrella. Just something to look for at the moment. NATO is adding additional political integration of the defense institutions of NATO countries in that action. For the European nations of NATO even if they withdraw from the European Union, they are still absent fundamental sovereignty based in an independent military force. The collective NATO force structure gains power. If the “trade deals” also happen, the Atlantic Council might become the focal power of Western politics, which would go a long way to explaining the clown car dynamics in Congress. They know they don’t really matter anymore, so grift and grin.

    For all the rhetorical sturm und drang and bad Wagnerian opera from US spokescritters, the actual on-the-ground action in Syria is unfolding in a hopeful way. Russia has to ensure the protection of its facilities in Tartus and Latakia generally; Russia has to create the space in which Assad can stabilize and pacify the urban and population centers of Syria, which are primarily along a central axis from Aleppo through Homs and Hamaa to Damascus to Dera. Then there is the stable base to which the complete shutdown of ISIS can occur.

    The cruise missile launch against Raqaa accomplished a few diplomatic messages: (1) Russia does intend to strike ISIS and strike it hard. (2) Russia thought that Turkey should be concerned enough about ISIS to allow transit of their air space. The Caspian Sea works very nicely to avoid Turkish air space. Did the US forget about the Caspian Sea? It is also one of the shortest trajectories from a cruise missile launcher to ISIS targets. (3) The US-NATO illusion that it is the sole superpower and can exclusively act arbitrarily is over.

    The US is hog-tied with a few entangling alliances in the region that it does not yet want to lose; that creates a hugely contradictory diplomatic posture. Pretzel compliments it. Russia’s alliances are straight-forward and long-standing and Russia backing them adds rather than subtracts from stability at this moment.

    What is clear at the moment is that the US is roped into a de facto alliance with Russia that a lot of US national security types do not want (their predecessors didn’t want an alliance with Stalin in World War II either) but are stuck with unless they truly contemplate shooting down a Russian pilot; they should also contemplate the consequences of a wilful incident like that and the little that it actually gains them. At the battlefield level, the US and Russia are forced to use some sort of hand signals to prevent catastrophe and a direct US-Russia conflict in that geography. The appropriate tack is to do it and tell the Congressional busy-bodies to go to hell.

    The next shoe to fall in my spidey sense is a massive exposure of the failure of US intelligence about ISIS (or secret collaboration with ISIS by a left middle finger that compartmentalized from the rest of the fist) and the use of other intelligence to take out key ISIS assets (materiel or human).

    Meanwhile the pressure just got increased on Erdogan by someone. Kurds? ISIS seeing a new haven? Turkish nationalists? Aspiring caliphs seem to run into hard times.

    • Better, a massive exposure of the counter-intelligence of the allies of ISIS.

      And the Kraemerites and his neoconmen had better be contemplating how much they will lose if they willfully shoot down a Russian plane. Not only will they loose the US’ Capo di tutti capi cred, they will lose their own capo cred.

    • good to see you stranger, and thank you for your thoughts. if you have time, you might explain this to this fizz-brain: “The US is hog-tied with a few entangling alliances in the region that it does not yet want to lose; that creates a hugely contradictory diplomatic posture.”

      heh, there is/was a teleconference from sochi discussing ‘the deconfliction of air space’ (but very ‘narrow discussions, the coalition says) among the key players (gotta love the term, eh?), so yes, a very grudging alliance. ‘watch what they do, not what they say’ some times is actually operative.

      there seems to be some major anger at erdogan over the bombing in ankara (128 killed hideously), and yes, the kurds say they were targeted. the election will go forward, erdogan says.

      more ha-ha about your ‘did they forget about the caspian sea?’ question. oh, my, wasn’t the pivot to be largely about sea power? the navy sure thought so…you should see the photos of their new destroyers and their insane capabilities!

      there have been plenty of protests against TAFTA lately; did those ‘deals’ also come with a military presence? i can’t remember from the leaked chapters.

      i just looked to see in assange had tweeted any other compilations of the syrian cables than naiman’s that comrade x read above, but no. he just repeated that one; perhaps he found it more illuminating than the comrade did?

      but i did find this hilarity, although on long threads tweets seem to mook up the spacing. but hopefully it’s worth it:

      • I don’t think that people woke up one morning and decided that they wanted to make Russia an enemy. [No, it’s worse than that …] if you treat Russia as an enemy, low and behold they will become an enemy … and now we have a new pretext to justify NATO’s existence, which I think was the real issue all along,

        Man, that Turk Deep State knows how to manipulate NATO: “Keep those embarrassing Kurds out of sight and you can have your Danish poodle.”


      • zounds; yes: foggy seems to have Kurdish skully-bones in his closet, all right.

        “The secret story of how the outgoing head of the most powerful military alliance landed his job “has everything,” according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

        “It has the Kurds. It has the destruction of an entire TV station. Corrupt deals between intelligence agencies and the judiciary. The corruption of a Scandinavian country, Denmark. And the head of that country, the prime minister, doing a corrupt deal to get his job,” Assange told teleSUR English in an exclusive interview.

        Continuing, Assange lamented the “whole thing, signed off, explicitly by Barack Obama.” The story with “everything” is now a pending case before the European Court of Human Rights, but it begins two years ago, with the prosecution of a Kurdish language television station in Denmark.” (this is from sept. 2014)

        but the story is that turkey hated the kurdish language PKK teevee station operating out of denmark outwawrd), and accused it of ‘aiding terrorism’ (long history of investigations, enormous fines). but when foggy’s name was put forward to be head of NATO, turkey balked. turned out that a deal was struck: for turkey’s vote”

        “However,the following May WikiLeaks released a bombshell: secret documents indicating Rasmussen had struck a shadowy deal with the government in Ankara. Under the secret deal, the Turkish government agreed to support Rasmussen’s bid to head NATO if Danish authorities shut Roj down.”

        worse, it seems that the main reason the Empire wanted foggy was that he was a neoliberal conservative, and reckoned that he’d be key in selling NATO as still necessary post-cold war, when it was kinda deemed an anachronism. but it’s seriously worth reading, and it’s no surprise that assange would point to it…right now. hope the kurds in the area can discover the history.

        • “the main reason the Empire wanted foggy was that he was a neoliberal conservative, and reckoned that he’d be key in selling NATO as still necessary post-cold war” … a relatively inexpensive compromise in keeping NATO welfare queens employed.

          • fook me; i forgot to add the ‘how to make russia the enemy’ part; thank you. and for the chuckle over: ‘a cheap price’, lol.
            got a guest comin’ for dinner, so i’ve been zoomin’ around…well, not quite a ‘zoom’, of course. back as i can; he’s not gonna stay long. but i did manage to raid the late-season garden for five more vases worth of flowers. yum.

      • Entangling alliances: Turkey – NATO; Israel; Saudi Arabia — trying to keep those on board (all of whom love unstable Syria) complicates US moves against ISIS.

        On another topic, Snowden and Deray McKesson are going to do a public talk about surveillance and police violence. Should be interesting.

        • ah, i get your drift now; thank you.

          deray and snowden? either interesting or…boring as all giddy-up, i’d imagine. and i’ll spare you my thoughts on how respectable they’ve both become (well, snowden always has been, really, w/ his views on ‘freedom’ and tra la la), even over and above: altogether too ubiquitous. perhaps even as boring as the dem “debate” tonight. ;-)

          bu you may find the two raw links about turkey that i threw in at the bottom of the thread.

  20. Syria conflict: Assad forces make ‘significant gains’
    Syrian forces backed by Hezbollah militants from Lebanon are said to have made significant advances against rebels after heavy Russian air strikes.

    Government gains are being reported in Idlib, Hama and Latakia provinces.

    Read more:

    • A senior commander of the al-Nusra Front […] said if the rebels lost the initiative to the regime and the Russians, they would suffer a series of collapses and their future would be bleak.

      Pray to Allah.

    • It’s telling to see where the well-informed get their propaganda, ‘significant gains’ appears to mean the capture of four or five tiny villages during intense Russian bombing with thousands of troops.
      I wonder if in thirty days we will see actual significant gains or another stalled offensive like those Iranian and Hezbollah have led in the past, Time will tell, the rebels are sending reinforcements and seem to be determined to hold their positions.
      The Muslim world has another chance to punish the Red Infidel, now a Crusader, for bringing death and destruction to their people and the call for Jihad has spread around the world.
      The cowardly US bombing campaign brought the Islamic State their largest recruitment numbers ever last month and it appears the Russian indiscriminant bombing of civilians and hospitals will increase that flow.
      I wonder if you noticed the Jew-baiting at the whatreallyhappened link which relegates them to trash-blog status ,IMHO.

      • The Red Crusader? Wow, must be nice to have trigger happy jihadists to terrorize the world with, virtually if not actually, “comrade” “anarchist”.

        On WRH, though, I concur. It’s like Alex Jones’ disinformation injection stream:

        Uncomfortable and compromising strings connect Karl Marx – the German-Jewish philosopher and economist, founder of the so-called scientific Socialism – to Satanism. […] satan is member of a extraterrestrial
        race who is planning to take over our world. the rothschilds are their main contact. the rothies get instruction from them. […] i believe the the kazarian mafia has been in touch with them for centuries.. doing their bidding.

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Best to go straight to the source, no-mad, and omit your mind-polluting screening service.

        • i dont go there for the propaganda. i go for the lols. i go to reputable sites for propoganda.

          • couldn’t tell wot you was aimin’ at; i saw some ‘thought for the day’. but someone at MoA put up a link to: wayne madsen…i took off with three ‘aaarrrggh’s. by the by, in all this did wayoutwest ever cite the reputable source saying that hitler-putin had intentionally bombed three hospitals?

            • hmmmm…
              but without wayne would we know barama was a cia asset?

              • really, i forget any of wayne’s claims. but i will offer that mr. wd’s 97-yr-old father has been going to the ER about every other night for the past two or three weeks w/ chest/heart complaints. it has been posited by a niece that his upsets and high BP episodes may be from reading the huge cache of right-wing-nutbar literature that mr. wd’s brother sends him. you know, wherein obama is a socialist muslim, and worse. don’t we wish?

                somewhat related, and i was planning on staying away from electoral politics in the main, but i was enticed to read some coverage of last night’s dem “debate”. the piece was a puff piece for the hill-gurl self-identified progressive populist, but this caught my eye while scanning:

                “Sanders, who notoriously embraces the label of a “democratic socialist”, also gave a qualified concession to the accusation that he was “not a capitalist” – a declaration that would usually be considered sacrilegious in American politics.

                “Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which Wall Street’s greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? No, I don’t,” he said.

                Clinton gave a more even-handed response, and one more likely to to appeal to moderates in the party.
                “It’s our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism so that it doesn’t run amok and doesn’t cause the kind of inequities we’re seeing in our economic system,” she said.

                “But we would be making a grave mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in the history.”

                purdy funny altogether.

                • Gotta keep those moderates, what’s left of ’em, from stampeding!

                  • and as if the bern’s actually a socialist. kee-rikey. dayum, i hate when people ask themselves questions….and then answer ’em.

                    hah. freda’s new piece is a hillary poster with her face twisted, tongue out to the side. i forget what words were at the top, but the bottom featured: She Has a Vagina!

                    @nomad below: sadly, most critiques and investigations are duopoly partisan battles. i’d never heard ‘barry soetoro’, really. mr.wd and i have been wondering if it’s possible that the DLC and super-delegates might not just love the bern for prez, given that he’s fairly fine with the empire’s military misadventures, and his rhetoric might make him electable while hiding his trojan horse potential.

                    • First – He’s Black!
                      Second – She’s a Vagina!
                      Third – He’s a Jew!
                      Fourth – He’s the Billionaire with Bad Hair!

                • The right wing occasionally make some good points about barama, though they tangle them up in racist bias. They think his shady origins and multiple ss numbers and his alias (please! when is the last time we elected a prez with an alias -barry soetoro-) is because he was born in Kenya. And that is why he is so secretive about his past. Nope. Wayne says it’s because of his CIA background. For some reason he wants to keep that hidden.

                  • Jah, hide the truth behind the wingnut disinfo stream. Poor patriot-wingnuts are even glad to be exploited.

                  • And of course its not just Wayne who has made note of this: From a reputable site.

                  • If you’re not paranoid you’re crazy:
                    “Having lived in Montana for almost 25 years, I knew my share of apocalyptic oddballs. They entertained some strange scenarios and counted among their numbers every sort of zealot, kook, and hater. But perhaps they were also canaries in the coal mine, preternaturally sensitive to bad vibrations that calmer folks were just starting to feel. I was coming to think of paranoia as a form of folk art, the poetic eruption of murky inklings, which made the gun show a kind of gallery. The buying and selling of firearms and their accessories was only part of what went on there; the place was also a forum for dark visions and primitive fears, where like-minded people, provoked by developments beyond their ken, shared their apprehensions. A decade ago, at a similar event in Livingston, Montana, a fellow had told me that my TV was capable of watching me back. I didn’t take him seriously—not until this year, when I read that the voice-recognition capabilities built into certain Samsung sets could capture and then forward to third parties the conversations held nearby.”

                  • And, the vortex of paranoia:
                    “The irony was that preparing for such a fight in the only way these people knew how—by plotting their countermoves and hoarding ammo—played into the very security concerns that the overlords use to justify their snooping. The would-be combatants in this epic conflict were more closely linked, perhaps, than they appreciated.”

  21. Cuz i love and miss marg delahunty, and of course, stephen harper, too:

    • HA HA HA HA. Viking/Normand liberates Christo-Zionist Harper: rescue required de-capo-tation!!!


      • ain’t she grand? we can’t get canuckistan no mo’ since some woman saw a byoob on one of the channels (in a documentary of pre-WWII berlin), but ‘this hour has 22 minutes’ was righteously fun. and srsly, even the ignorant jean chrétien would howl with laughter when she ‘interviewed’ him.

  22. i dunno where ‘jew-baiting’ starts, if ever, in analyses of policy papers between the US and israel, but i’ve been reading some internal links from a piece at counterpunch by a man named dan sanchez at but as many have noted, there does seem to be a lot of (ahem) overlap of the geopolitical goals between the two nations, a fact which i knew vaguely, but not well. both here, and more recently here, and he gives lots of links to mainstream announcements of the US funding assad opponents, and the dubious claim that the initial protests were expressly grassroots.

    ach, there was news about a meeting putin had with the saudis in sochi, but scant details of where they might be in agreements as far as a gradual stepping down of assad. who knows? so many conflicting reports. i’ll breeze by the confusion brought by the dutch report on the shooting down of MH17, especially since they haven’t named ‘the actual culprits’ yet…but will, eventually. :-)

    on edit: here’s the putin meets with the saudi foreign minister piece. a ‘transitional government’ before assad would be invited to leave.

    • I was referring only to the headline I saw at the WRH site, ‘Jewmerica’ and another holocaust denial post promoted by site members, Discussions about Israeli crimes and degeneracy are not Jew-Bating but just as many people brand all devout Syrian Muslims who oppose Assad as mercenaries, Jihadis, terrorists and proxies many people brand all Jews as evil Zionists or just the long feared Jew.

      • thank you for explaining; i’m half-glad i hadn’t seen it. there are such indian-baiters on the #indigenousPeoplesDay twit account, breitbart folks, they say.

        dunno if this will be of any help as to labeling all who oppose assad as x, y, or z, but patrick cockburn just got back from syria, and says 70% of the country is in ruins, and offers a seriously bleak estimate for the future, even post assad. but he did offer this:

        (here he’s speaking of the northeast): “I was talking to the president of this area, about 2-3 million people in it. And he said, you know, yeah. Assad government pretty bad. But Islamic State, ISIS, even worse. He said, you know, we just can’t sleep easy. So long as one of those guys are, is alive. So for the Kurds–you know, [inaud.] a lot more marginalized of the Assad government for decades, but even so they think if the Islamic State comes they’ll be driven out, they’ll all be turned into refugees.

        It’s fairly clear that the Russians are attacking ISIS and they’re also attacking Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, which are–Jabhat al-Nusra is the Al-Qaeda representative. Ahrar al-Sham is not much different. These are all from some, in the Western media, described as [moderates]. I don’t know why, because they really are not. They’re very much the same ideology as the Islamic State. A lot of their commanders are former Islamic [State], ISIS people. So they’re really very much the same. And they’re seen by the Kurds in where I was, and in Damascus, as being the same.”

        i lost track of this thread though. did you ever quote your source on the story that putin had intentionally bombed three hospitals?

        • WO-W“:

          Here in Israel we hate Arabs with a passion that is hard to imagine for a gentile, or let me re-phrase that, we hate anything and anyone that fails to be Jewish with a passion that is hard to imagine and as long as that spirit is kept alive and the entire Middle East is in flames Israel will be just fine. So believe me, Syria will fall and Iran too, eventually. After that there will indeed be peace, at least for us.

          Passionate hate keeps Israel alive and dooms Syria and Iran. Wow. And he’ll call out the jew-baters who don’t focus their hate on Zion, probably because they need that hate to keep themselves burning in hell. .

          • Glad I nailed the hasbarist poseur a number of times.

          • should we know whose quote this was, comrade x? strong and hideous stuff, disregarding jewih voices for peace, of course. and just to wash and rinse my own brain:

            Light one candle for the strength that we need
            To never become our own foe
            And light one candle for those who are suffering
            Pain we learned so long ago…

        • And Wow’s buddy, rm:

          Couldn´t agree with you more there Wayout, i have that passion too and i guess that´s what makes me a real Jedi Jew…

          I’m where I’ve always been, over here on the far left, fighting you fascists and haters.

          Are these monsters’ brains scrambled because they’re too full hate or exhausted by hasbarifying?

          • I see you are as simple minded and easily led as many of the feeble at MOA, they can’t debate or refute my comments so someone hijacked my identity to write that crap.

        • There is so much confusion, misinformation, claims and counterclaims that it’s nearly impossible to sort fact from spin or fiction and even reliable sources can be manipulated.

          There is a list of about a dozen Syrian rebel groups who are sectarian enough to be vetted by the US but al-Nusra and Ahrar ash Sham are not and have never been on this list no matter what some Western media says about moderates. The fact that the US vetted groups were hit by Russian bombing and were near and allied with these two groups is used to continue the promotion of the false assumption that the US is calling al-Nusra moderate and supporting them. I’m not defending US actions in any way but this conflation is BS. The fact these US supported groups allied with al-Nusra shows how weak and ineffective they were before they joined the Army of Conquest even with all their CIA supplied weapons.

          It’s kind of ironic to read the Head Syrian Kurd state his fear about becoming refugees under the Islamic State when there have been numerous reports of his militias rounding up Syrian Arabs from their territory and turning them into refugees. There is a lot of support on the Left for the quasi Socialist and women’s rights supporting Kurds. They were so egalitarian that they allowed soiled young women to redeem themselves by becoming suicide bombers a few years ago.

          I have to pity the Kurds who missed out on the whole Western Nation-State model fiasco in the ME. Just when they might be able to join the club the Islamic State comes along and destroys the foreign imposed concept, hopefully forever.

          • well, according to RT (not unimpeachable, but often correct) (and it was apparently from a recent press briefing given the content, but can’t say i want to hunt it down), col. stephen warren, chief of coalition forces in iraq, iirc, said:

            “US officials have insisted the aid would not be used against the Syrian government troops. Washington remains adamant that the only acceptable end to the Syrian civil war would be regime change in Damascus.
            Asked what would happen if the SAC requested US air support against the Syrian government forces, Warren maintained that they were only fighting IS at the moment. However, he admitted that US planes have struck groups other than IS – such as Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra – and that the Pentagon’s policy on air strikes in Syria “still needs a little bit of development.”

            now earlier he had spoken about individually vetted forces, so apparently thee had been ‘vetted’. and now the institute for war study has ‘vetted’ a new group: no more free syrian army it seems, but ‘the syrian arab coalition’, and ‘syrian democratic forces’, although he dunno who da hell they are.

            but please, once again may i ask and get an answer: would you please name the sources you indicate must be impeccable and unimpeachable, given your faith that all you understand/believe is factual?

            • I don’t see what point you are trying to make because this SAC and the YPG make up the DFS and none of them have anything to do with what we were discussing that is happening on the other side of the country. This is a small group of different tribes, SAC , joining with the YPG who have a nonaggression agreement with Assad to fight the IS in al-Raqqa.
              I think the best way to view them is as the replacement for the failed anti-IS force that never developed but they have nothing to do with the Army of Conquest, FSA, or the non-vetted and not supported, by the US, al-Nusra or any other Islamist groups fighting Assad.

              The US has stated that it is relaxing the vetting requirements for rebel groups that are fighting Assad to receive arms but I doubt you will see al-Nusra or any other of the more extreme groups included in this new list. The US has a dilemma here because the supplying of TOW and possibly SAM missiles to these groups with the possibility for their transfer to al-Nusra, voluntary or not, poses the risk some of them will be sent to Iraq and used against the US forces or allies there.

              The Iranians with their crack propaganda machine Fars news are already reporting that hundreds of brand new TOW’s have been recovered from IS positions near Ramadi and easily led rubes will refer to this unimpeachable BS source as new and improved proof the US is arming the Islamic State although they could be old TOW’s captured in Mosul, I don’t know if the Iraqi army had TOW’s that were lost in the fall of Mosul.

              I think I responded to your request for sources about the Russian bombing of hospitals or clinics out of sequence but it’s up there somewhere.

              All news sources produce some useful information and reporting but all are impeachable especially when they move from reporting to drawing conclusions, spin, speculation or opinions. Even the propagandists at Fars produce useful information sometimes such as their report of Russia intentionally bombing the Tabakqa national hospital in al-Raqqa.

              I’m the only unimpeachable source you will find! Ha, Ha, HA,HA. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that rhetorical opening.

            •>The Russian fighter jets reportedly targeted the ISIL strongholds at the city of Tabaqa, where the terrorist group has turned the Tabaqa National Hospital into its central command’s headquarters.

              In addition to the airstrikes over the Tabaqa National Hospital and the Tabaqa airbase, the Russian Air Force continued to attack the Al-Rusafa Camp (the ISIL’s primary storage facility) and numerous targets inside the provincial capital.

              Local sources said on Monday that SIL terrorists have evacuated the Raqqa province and fled to Iraq.

              “The ISIL militants, most of them from the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Chechnya, together with their families have left Raqqa province for Iraq,” a local source told FNA.


              The source [from the Syrian Air Defense] added that the Russian airstrikes did considerable damage to the Tabaqa Military Airport and Tabaqa National Hospital; these two sites are imperative to the terrorist group because one is their primary military base and the other is their primary headquarters in the Al-Raqqa Governorate.


              According to a military source stationed in the Latakia Governorate, the Russian Air Force primarily focused on ISIS’ electrical grids outside the provincial capital of Al-Raqqa, while also striking the terrorist group’s headquarters at the Tabaqa National Hospital.

              The “anarchist’s” ludicrous path to anarchy must promote IS’ turning mosques into bunkers, too.

              • I’m beginning to suspect that this is where the controllers in Qom send there addled operatives with moth eaten brains and no hope for recovery.

                Quoting Fars as a reliable news source was telling enough but when you threw in the covert propaganda rag Almasdar I had to laugh.

                I doubt you will understand this but I don’t project my Western ideologies onto non-Western peoples who have their own histories to live.

                • Your source, “comrade” “anarchist”.

                  Project? Sure you do, or at least you pretend to. And at their great cost. And here you’re projecting your projecting onto me. Wow. Dude. You need help.

  23. How about when it started? It’s always been and will be forever … thus the perpetual poppycock and the balderdash from Zion-ist interlecturers, such as this paraphrase of Wurmser from the article

    Arab nationalism in general was unsuitable for the Arab people, given their particularist and tribal tendencies. Therefore, its adoption can only condemn Arab countries to forever “fluctuate between repression and anarchy.”

    Let’s look ar the definition of particularist –

    a political theory that each political group has a right to promote its own interests and especially independence without regard to the interests of larger groups.

    OFM!! Could you ask for a more blatant case of projection? Maybe Wurmsie’s doubt about the zionist project itself is poking through? No matter … as long as “military philosopher” interlecturers can sway the people that sway the world (and stupify them in the process) this faltering logos will suffice; maybe it’s all the persecutors deserve, after all.

    Philosophy can’t be advanced from that standpoint.

    When Palestinians ask why they must suffer for the crimes of Europe, they’re talking about ongoing crimes, too. The sadistic transfer of persecution to them because of centuries of European persecution is a moral fraud, perpetuated by Israel and America (and Europe). Like the apocryphal Gathering of Israel it’s used by hypocrites to mock hypocrites and prosecute “realpolitik” war.

    When the victim imitates the perpetrator he must say that is the way of the world … but you don’t have to believe him. If you do, then it’s your problem …


    • ooof, projection, indeed. whooosh; it seems that my decided antipathy to study/understand any of the most recent conflicts in the ME caused me to be ignorant as all giddy-up over the twining of USian/israeli ‘projects’. it’s shocking to see some of it laid bare, i admit.

      i seem to have circled back to the original CP essay rather than another internal link. but no matter, there’s a bit too much to read for understanding just now. i do want to read the ‘how ahmed chalabi tricked the neo-cons’ link though. his ‘bad penny always returning’ career always fascinated me. in/out/in/out of favor with the Empire, in office, in jail, under scrutiny, files taken by the fibbies, yada, yada. ‘clean break dirty wars’; youch.

      the ‘build in the golan heights’ syria excuse is dark, isn’t it?

      • Haven’t gotten to “Chalabi tricked neco-cons” myself; I doubt it will get to a sufficiently abstract level, though, from which it can be seen that his con is reciprocal to ours. Like the Zionist one reciprocal to the West’s which creates the yin-yang of hypocrisy which feeds the sadistic masters.

        Build in Syria … yes … but imagine how dark are those settlers (aren’t they mostly from USA?) on the battlefront and willfully ignorant.

        What a vortex of trauma they’re trapped in.

      • Still reading, but the Salon article is a whitewash for Kraemerites and Neocons:

        Had the neocons not been deluded by gross ignorance of the Arab world and blinded by wishful thinking, they would have realized that the chances that Chalabi or any other Iraqi leader could deliver on such promises were always remote. In fact, they need have looked no further than the Israeli media: A long piece in Israel’s Jerusalem Report magazine published nine days before the war began last year featured Israelis who dismissed Chalabi’s promises about Israel as a political ploy, “a means by which to appeal to the Jewish lobby and, in turn, the administration.”

        The transaction is pretty clear – use that Judas, Chalabi, and you’ll get your war but you Jews will have to take a hit. Turd Blossom had to get Wolfie out before the reelection but with a promotion – maybe Director of CIA (later World Bank).

  24. A Syria Without Assad?; Journalist Patrick Cockburn, who just returned from Syria, speaks about the impact of the Russian airstrikes in Syria and whether it can play a role in bringing the civil war to an end – October 9, 2015

    Oct. 11, ‘US Begins Removing Patriot Missiles from Turkey

    Turkey’s Tiananmen in Context’ by Justus Links; Justus Links is the pen name of an academic living in Ankara.

    somewhere i saw obama sayin; that he never did believe that ‘training moderate islamists would work’, but i cannae remember where. on msm, at any rate.

    but this is great:

    see ya after a siesta and RL chores.

  25. it seems we’re contending with emergencies in our families on two different fronts, and we’re busy burnin’ up the phone lines now. one is finding mr. wd’s pop the next level of care from a thousand miles away. the other…never mind, but one of our grandchirren needs help.

    back as i can; RL always comes first, naturally.

  26. i can’t locate the aclu sell-out piece you posted, but it reminded me of this: remember when the ACLU’s head cheese penned: ‘Pardon Bush and Those Who Tortured’?

    his logic is…is…too pretzeled to believe.

      • well, yeah, i’d read it, and have a whole lotta essays collected to say much the same thing and more. i have the serious glummies about the co-optation of the movement, especially into electoral politics begging, abjuring the militancy that the class struggle requires. i might write it up, but soooo many other issues tend to interfere, like the wiki-cables on the global south working so hard to tank socialism, and even suggesting assassinations.

        • I’d be amused to see “anarchist” wow justify his “nation destruction” in Syria when the Syrian rebels denounced foreign intervention from the start. So it seems the “anarchist” is on the side of US government (determined to destroy Arab nations) and not the rebels.

          HA HA HA HAHAHA. Hasbara Bullshit.

  27. Lefty self-hating Jews should think twice about Israhell:
    The Samaria Settler Council — an organization representing Israeli settlements in northern West Bank — has just uploaded a pretty jaw-dropping piece of propaganda.

    chairman of the Samaria Settler Council, Benny Katzover, doubled down behind the video, saying the uncut version was even harsher. “It had much stronger imagery because the picture of leftist organizations courting the greatest anti-Semites is an outrageous one,” he said to the same radio station. “But we knew that the Israeli public, which isn’t really aware of what is going on, can’t really take overdoses all at once [sic], so we softened it up.”

  28. i need to attend to some business in real life (lotsa ‘social safety net’ stuff), and i dunno how often i’ll be able to get back. but i put up a new Open Menu at the top of the page with a few items for you to consider… or not, or bring your own. i’m not encouraging food fights, though.


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