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Indefensible; the child was shot in what amounted to a drive-by murder:

From the Guardian: ‘Expert who called Tamir Rice death ‘reasonable’ talks police shootings – video of S. Lamar Sims, the senior chief deputy district attorney for Denver, Colorado ‘The horrifying lesson of Tamir Rice: White America will use “objectivity” to justify the murder of black children; A child with a toy gun was shot dead on a moment’s notice. There is no justice as long as this tragedy is excused’

But oh, dear; one of those ‘experts’:  @ShaunKing:

FIX IS IN. Investigator hired by Cleveland for #TamirRice murder rejected by DOJ for unethical support of police’

#TamirRice on Twitter, and a photo of the recent heart-rending memorial (h/t hfcMofo):


These six Baltimore Officers Friendly are on trial now for the brutal assassination of #FreddieGray; you will remember that the defense petitioned the court for a change of venue; it was denied, thankfully.

The defense had asked for some statements by police to be inadmissible, but:

‘Judge deems police statements admissible in Freddie Gray case’, as the two cops’ statements had been legally obtained.

They will be tried separately, the first trial is slated to begin on Nov. 30.

From TRNN: 3 Supreme Court Cases You Should Be Aware Of; Public Citizen’s Scott Nelson outlined three Supreme Court cases to the Real News that threaten the consumer and employee protection tool known as class action litigation’

From Democracy Now!: ‘The Rise of America’s Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles’

The 24-hour police guard detail was pulled off the Ecuadoran Embassy where Julian Assange has been living in asylum for 1773 days, and will be replaced by covert police.  (Hoping for an escape attempt?)  But this is unconscionable:

#Justice4Assange has outlined the facts of his story.

Via the Guardian: US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths; Guardian investigation into consequences of Obama’s migration crackdown reveals US deportees have been murdered shortly after return to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, with study saying as many as 83 killed since 2014’  Tip of the iceberg, they say.

Via BAR, Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adabayo asks: The Million Man March from the Perspective of Millennials: Which Way Forward?

“They journeyed to the Washington Mall by the hundreds of thousands, as had Black men 20 years before. They were led to believe that an ultimatum had been issued to Power: “Justice or Else.” But, “was the question of ‘Justice or Else’ ever raised or answered by the organizers?” 

“Please plan to attend the Anti-Police Terror actions on October 22nd through 24th during “Rise Up October” events in New York City. Please go to

 David Swanson: ‘When Peace Activists Met With The U.S. Institute Of Peace’

“I was part of a debate on Tuesday that involved a larger disagreement than any exhibited at the Democratic presidential candidates debate that evening. A group of peace activists met with the president, a board member, some vice presidents, and a senior fellow of the so-called U.S. Institute of Peace, a U.S. government institution that spends tens of millions of public dollars every year on things tangentially related to peace (including promoting wars) but has yet to oppose a single U.S. war in its 30-year history.”

From ‘Strong El Niño sets the stage for 2015-2016 winter weather’

Peeves: Fuck the Police, and the alleged ‘social safety net’ has holes large enough for a slim elephant to fall through.  Grrrrrr.

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  1. Wendy, I hope you persevere against the roadblocks and Kafkaesque bureaucracy we have for a safety-net. There are some good people there who try to help.
    When I visualize a ‘safety net’ I fix on the image of the nets hung around Foxcom worker barracks in China. The young workers who jump and are caught by the safety nets only option seems to be to return to the line on the roof for another try.
    With austerity being imposed as the cure for the problems that cause the need for the safety net the lines will only grow longer and the frustration about the holes more profound.

    • “The young workers who jump and are caught by the safety nets only option seems to be to return to the line on the roof for another try.”

      No, no. You make a bad crapitalist. The “option” they have is to suicide themselves elsewhere.

    • we will persevere, peter, and thank you. we went through a shit-ton of research and calls getting mr. wd’s mama a spot in a nursing facility back in the day, so we collectively do have some contacts at state-sponsored agencies who have been helpful in the past. but i reckon by now, many of their staff have been made redundant, so we’re having trouble getting calls and emails back. they must be terribly over-loaded w/ cases.

      seems like every answer poses three new questions to ask, and more documents, info, to seek out. i got tired of it and went out and cut a large pail of new flowers. ;-) but i will say i am glad we did get a fax machine a number of years ago. getting ‘the old man’ switched from medicare to medicaid is the tricky bit, now because The Rules are draconian, to say the least, and we don’t want him in a Shit Hole. me, i pray (apatheistically) for him to let go, and go for the light. yes, those suicide net photos get burned into one’s retinas, don’t they?

      but you caused me to remember this song of tracy’s from way back in 1988; just think how much worse things have gotten for…so many. it’s baffling more people don’t revolt, isn’t it? even though we know some of the reasons for it…

      as for our grandson needing help, all we can do is help our daughter keep poking the system indirectly. and dayum, if she isn’t doing it!

  2. The Cracker’s Advocates in high court don’t want no class action, there. They want the military to deal with any class actions that bidness cannot subvert.

  3. The “Peace Institute”. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    the mass protests against the war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, a movement dominated by sections of the middle class that rapidly receded with the end of the draft in the US and the withdrawal of American troops.

    Their subsequent rightward evolution tracked that of the ruling class itself [i.e., they were willing compradors, fooled by “progress”], with their politics becoming firmly rooted in the material class interests of better-off layers of the middle class. The personal fortunes of these social layers rose along with the stock market and real estate prices, the product of the growth of financial parasitism, which was, in turn, bound up with the global eruption of American militarism.

    So a “Intelligence Community” backed fraud, the Orwellian “Peace Institute”, is raised by degenerates. How can you petition such a devil’s(cracker’s)-child?

  4. with its counterparts in Europe, organizations such as the French New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) and the German Left Party, i[The ISO] has backed imperialist wars for regime-change in Libya and now Syria on the pretext of human rights. It has gone so far as to portray military operations by Islamist militias backed by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar—among the most reactionary regimes in the Middle East—as “revolutions,” while giving the same treatment to the coup orchestrated by Washington and spearheaded by fascist thugs in Ukraine.

    How could wow have found himself in such a camp accidentally? No No. He doesn’t want to just bring down all Arab Nations, he wants to bring all nations down.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Ha Bullshit. Ah, pardon me.

    • i wish i had time to read it, comrade x, but i’ll assume it ballasts your warning to me that not all independence movements are beneficial to most, or egalitarian.

      i haven’t read several links i’d put in; i just grab links here and there that sound like subjects worth exploring. thanks for adding content while i…continue my RL quest(s).

      • Exactly. The Catalan separatists, fragmented (that’s somewhat hyperbolic) politically, unite in allegiance to the neo/ordo-liberal EU. Even the “leftists”. Turns out the “Federalist movement (founded in 1943)”,” one of the earliest and most important promoters in Europe of the idea of an integrated Europe”, was exclusively funded by a blatant CIA front.

        Divide and conquer w/ all compradors serving the central intelligence.

  5. Wendy, OT but where was that waterfall pic taken?

    • in yosemite park. el capitan in the left foreground, i believe the falls are ‘bridal veil’, and half dome is shrouded in clouds. i didn’t take the photo, but it’s breath-taking, isn’t it? the valley is so jammed with tourists, and even thirty years ago, the campground was a veritable city. cars zoom through the park…’heading for the next curio shop’ as my pop said once about yellowstone park. but then the average visitor to grand canyon spends something like ten minutes there. click a pic; boogie on.

      the banner photos are all mine, though, and chnge randomly. it was a cool new feature wordpress added some time ago.

    • oh, this just came in on the newsletter. i believe you’d mentioned the movement earlier.

      “Rojava’s social revolution deserves more global attention and solidarity. The Kurdish autonomous region in Northern Syria is a working experiment creating a society based on direct democracy, with women’s empowerment central in that model. It is being organized beyond and outside a state-centric capitalist system; mutual aid and cooperation are challenging structural exploitation and inequality. Remarkably, all of this emerges out of the Syrian crisis where the predominantly Kurdish Rojava experiment continues despite an existential fight against ISIS, the fascist and genocidal caliphate.”

      • This past Tuesday [May 6th, 2015] President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with the proclaimed “president” of Iraqi Kurdistan (or “South Kurdistan” as they like to be called – an explanation of that later) [the neoliberal] Masoud Barzani to discuss handing over US weapons directly to his forces, the peshmerga forces that are currently fighting “ISIS” in Iraq and Syria.

        Wednesday Barzani attended a closed door meeting at the United States Institute of Peace which is headed by a neocon warmonger, Steven Hadley who is a a member of the Council on Foreign Relations …

        Yeah, Rojava needs your support since your Hegemonster will squash it too.

  6. Willy Loman is Henry Miller’s tragic comprador.

  7. Droning on.
    ” Basically a secret, unaccountable agency is running the global military of the most powerful nation on earth. A nation that prides itself on it’s open, democratic system of government. Odd …”

    that’s prolly cause one of its disciples is president
    he’s good at killing people, i’ve noticed. and
    assassination has always been one of the CIAs ‘bailiwicks.’

    • at least zenko’s piece was readable. jeezum crow, clicking into the Intercept just about blew my eyes and (what’s left of it) brain apart. and he’s right: some select congressional committee may even hold hearings, but it won’t yield anything, much like the TWO CC’s checking into mercenary dark army doings yielded some furor, then…nothing.

      but i’d thought that the coverage of this at RT had said that ‘the new snowden’ was from the DoD. oh, well, never mind. ;-) at least it finally gave scahill something to do.

      • Thankfully, the Intercept has taken the time to put its stories into context and explicitly name and link to the work of other journalists and even academics. This is a model that all national security journalists should emulate.

        OMGawdness, comrade! You, master reader, can’t get through essential NatSec journalism? And Micah of The Fink Tank lauds their doubly ineffective (you can’t read it and it won’t make no diffrence anyhows) journalism: that’s the Ultimate tragedy’s process of normalization.

      • pass me that bucket, hon. i think im gonna hurl.
        Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that U.S. drone policy is insane.

        ‘But one story told by the main drone whistleblowing reporter – Jeremy Scahill – shows just how insane it really is.

        Specifically, Schaill explained today that Americans target TALL people in Afghanistan and other countries … assuming that tall men must be Arabs or “foreign fighters.”

        In one instance, the U.S. targeted for drone assassination a man who they thought was unusually tall. In reality, he was a normal-size man … who happened to be surrounded by children.

        The U.S. killed the man and all of the children (other than perhaps a single survivor):’

        • mornin’, nomad. i can’t watch the video yet, but might be able to later, given that we have an obligation to know all of this. i just clicked into the ‘drone assassinations’ category on the right sidebar, and there are nine diaries there. i reckon they’ve haunted me forever; well, since bush’s administration started using them.

          and i’d exactly imagine the children tending their parents’ flocks, hearing the whine.coming toward them..and imagine how terrifying that was. is. signature strikes were indeed the most fucked up. one metric these fuckers used was that if a family could prove after murdered bug splat x or y hadn’t been a ‘terrorist’ later, they might get some US blood money. yes, we should all hurl or something similar.

          i should have paid more attention, but i think some of these diaries are naming the dead, from a project of the UK investigative journalism website.

  8. “My government believes Obama is quite mentally unwell.” It’s not possible to be head Hegemonster and be well.
    The Hegemonster is undergoing group therapy, though, in order to disseminate it’s illness …. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Normalizers and ‘Celebrity F–kers’ Greenwald and Scahill give opportunity for the severely ill to plead their insanity:

    It’s a very hostile world, and these people [journalists] seem to think they can live in a world that Bernie Sanders describes — where we’re all holding hands… that’s just a load of bullshit.

    Ah, like the patronizing, spy vs spy hegemonster bullshit is not an example of the crypto-tragedy this perverted society has dead-ended in. The society that can’t face it’s true ethic is the Ultimate (final) tragedy.

    So Greenwald and Scahill are compromised talk-therapists for the tragic society … as much as hegemonsters complain, they know their therapy is essential.

    • who’s schindler, i hate to ask? and translate this, please?

      “Normalizers and ‘Celebrity F–kers’ Greenwald and Scahill give opportunity for the severely ill to plead their insanity:

      ‘It’s a very hostile world, and these people [journalists] seem to think they can live in a world that Bernie Sanders describes — where we’re all holding hands… that’s just a load of bullshit.’

    • how ironic. blacks would riot if historic maniac impeached?
      sad but probably true

  9. Schindler I believe some “ex-intelligence” propagandist. The NatSec people, in their ideological isolation, need to propagandize to ameliorate their loneliness, justify their existence, and normalize their insanity. They come out all aggressive and shite, attacking G+S, but they need the exposure.

    • That once-Naval War College, testosterone-saturated, dickhead who got placed on administrative leave for sexting though he was waging twitter war on Snowden, etc. on office time. How Surveillance-State Insiders Try to Discredit NSA Critics.

      • ta, dear. he might be a dickhead, but at least he’s “chairman of the Partnership for Peace Consortium’s Combating Terrorism Working Group”

        can’t have too much peace for me. and war, as we know, makes peace. and terrorists are the other guys.

        and i just discovered all my work trying to help the old man…was for nothing. yes, i yam in a strange mood….

        but seriously, did gg’s “drip, drip”, then halt, change anything? except normalizing, as you might say.

        but oh: this could be veddy interesting in the end; DoJ replacing homeland insecurity? how ya doin’, jeh? Another Czar!!!

        • The old man has been liberated? I just escaped 10 minutes at Whack-Nut-Daily myself so I have a little sympathy for him.:

          Carlin’s announcement has prompted concerns that the US government may be using the cover of combating terrorism to go after political opponents. The Obama administration has been suspicious of veterans, gun owners and tea-party activists for years, Tom Fitton, president of the conservative Judicial Watch foundation, told WND.

          “Ironically, it’s probably the Justice Department itself that has done the most to foment racial violence in America over the last year or two,” Fitton said.

          I hope the old man wasn’t abused by that wing-nut world full time. Take a look at the Nudge Unit in UK; sick that it has been privatized but the numerous programs I saw looked innocuous.

          The FBI has been at the anti-terrorism (co-intel-pro) game long time; do wing-nutz have that on their fingered scales? Waaaah!

          This perverse country is still coked up on exterminating evil so rehab’s a new vocation.

  10. what doe WND really stand for? i’ve had some problems with SPLC over the decades, but this is funny, esp. considering that it had proved impossible to get them to add the ‘hate crime’ of the vicious murder of a great transgender kid in our area.

    “The SPLC has made more than $150 million in the past 20 years from advising law enforcement on socially conservative and libertarian “extremism.”

    “I see the fingerprints here of the SPLC. … If you don’t like gay marriage you go on their hate list,” he said. “Are supporters of traditional marriage going to be on this list of suspects? We have an epidemic of cop killing across the country. Murder is up. Drug crimes are up. We have a president who has abused his powers, and what is the Justice Department doing? Looking for new ways of going after opponents of the president.”

    no, it seems the old man has now balked at having a higher level of care now, so…we’ll see what happens next. (if that’s the old man of whom you speak.)

  11. “In some ways, [CFR’s China containment] represents a path similar to what happened a century ago, when the European branch of capitalist civilization entered upon a phase of suicidal destruction beginning with the First World War. This was also based on great power rivalry, and a narrow, often super-nationalist, definition of the national interest of each European country involved. There was a large element of delusional thinking involved one hundred years ago, especially on the part of the leaders of Germany, Russia, Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Similarly, the CFR and its study group assume that U.S. power is nearly limitless, when in fact U.S. power is limited and confrontation best avoided. In fact, the United States shares the planet with other powers, most prominently China, that refuse to be intimidated by either U.S. strength or will. The path proposed by the CFR in this report is thus also based on deluded thinking and will therefore likely prove to be disastrous in practice, possibly leading to an Asian arms race, growing conflict, and great power war. But if Washington gives up its goal of “primacy,” adopts a more realistic assessment of U.S. power, and becomes aware of the dangers to humanity and the planet posed by nuclear confrontation and a rapidly developing ecological crisis, then managing differences and nurturing widespread cooperation between nations for the advancement of humankind becomes possible.”

    • Your archaic analogies make interesting reading but offer little illumination in our postmodern world. Old nation state rivalries have little relevance to the final western capitalist penetration and dominance of world markets and the political, economic and military manipulation that New World Order requires. The Hegemon has only China and Russia resisting its dominance, Russia is too weak and China is too dependent on our markets, foreign energy supplies and commodities to push much beyond protecting their interests. The recolonization of Africa may be used to strip China of its sweatshop manufacturing dominance within a few decades, we already know how easily and quickly capital migrates to areas of competitive advantage with a young trainable workforce.

      The ‘ But if Washington’ plea in your conclusion shows a strange Pollyannaish naiveté about who controls and dictates policy in the US, it is Wall Street not the minions and quislings in Washington.

      • Wassamatta “comrade” “anarchist”, no slap and tickle last night? When you see quotes, google to find the author. Laurence H. Shoup highlights our own Fink Tank’s preoccupation with China. Obama and other hegemonsters have made it an obsession as well. So you grasp that is part of a con … waddya want, a diploma?

        The Hegemonster paranoia has potential validity; we are talking 80+ years out for an insecure, self-destructing empire. But The Fink Tank is not neglecting the crapitalist crisis, resource constraints, or domestic insurrection (it’s just not highlighting them) when it fingers boogieman China. The Hegemonster’s own rot is a prime motivation. So, it’s not that the Hegemonster is secure and in control. It appears you don’t understand the con.

        Our Hegemonsters’ provocation anticipates it’s decline and its war posture is more Orwellian, more desperate, more Thanatotic.

        Washington would give up it’s goal of primacy before Wall Street; I expect the author is not the nihilist you are.

  12. Hola, everybody. Still recovering from lots of crap lately, but wanted to share this case to illuminate my seemingly obstinate insistence that Black Lives Matter would better be framed as All Lives Matter.

    Note that this case received no national attention, despite being worse than the Sandra Bland case, and that it happened in Michigan in February, and the teen that got killed was wearing only a T-Shirt.

    Deven Guilford murder investigation

    Apologies for my internet ineptness. ;-)

    • hola, amigo; nie to see you. it’s good to hear you’re recovering from the crapstorm.

      i fixed it, but really, lots of black Twitter-ers (Tweeters?) had noted it, and even the free thought project had in june. so fooked up.

      i need to scoot for now, mr. wd is back from cortez with groceries. but i did spy an alternative mentioned at mmmmm….orchestrated impulse. i’ll dig it up, okay?

      • This incident shows clearly the futility of knowing and trying to exercise your rights when alone with an enforcer of the Police State. Most Black youth never need to display any of the resistance and presumption of rights displayed by this young man before he was executed.

        Trying to project it as worse or conflate this incident with the Black Experience in Amerika is a pitiful exhibition of either cluelessness or something beyond my comprehension.

        • realitychecker1

          Beyond your comprehension is a place I am very comfortable being, WOW.

          Having an entire population unite on an issue of life or death as opposed to a disfavored minority appearing to uniquely own that issue means you get to have a bigger army on your side, and maybe have a chance of succeeding in forcing change in our lifetimes.

          I know, I know, math is hard.

          • It is easy to be dubious about the motivation behind “All Lives Matters.” The “owners of the issue” are willing to exploit that doubt, i.e. to dis-empower potential comrades. It’s not due to neglect that they accept a smaller army.

            • realitychecker1

              Some clarification, please, Comrade-are you implying that the BLM leaders, like Deray, e.g., are more interested in their personal political advancement than in that of their movement? Or something else?

              • It’s a tendency. In foundation work, political balkanization is a professional opportunity. The ethic of “social entrepreneurship” is nursed by supremacists.

                The dismissal of “All Lives Matters” is an easy tactic in their political warfare.

      • realitychecker1

        Thanks for the link repair, m’dear. I’ve read up on this case in various non-mainstream forums. (Emphasis on ‘non-mainstream,” only exception being Huffpo very late in the game.) This link contains the best careful analysis I’ve seen.

        The police behavior exhibited is identical to all the black-involved cases we’ve discussed. All lives matter because all lives are similarly endangered by our modern police state tactics, IMO. Even my life matters (doesn’t it?).

    • “One example of transformational organizing that really inspires me is Put People First in Pennsylvania. Put People First brings together poor and working people to fight for the “things we need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.” Nijmie Dzurinko and the rest of PPF started by “making a spreadsheet of everyone we knew in all 67 counties in the state,” moving “county by county, all across PA” to build a membership organization for poor and working people that unites urban and rural communities, is multi-racial, and builds the people’s capacity to secure wins at both the local and state levels.

      Far from a top-down managerial approach, the organization’s campaigns and strategies flow directly from the needs of poor and working people. Not only do poor and working people form the backbone of the group’s membership, but every member has decision-making power. Currently, PPF is working on a statewide healthcare campaign to secure “legislation that insures healthcare is a universal, publicly-financed human right.” The campaign was launched by a vote at their 2013 membership assembly, and only after six-months of grassroots outreach where people identified healthcare as “one of their most important unmet needs.”

      While Deray is definitely a problem, political integrity is measured by what you build, not just what you can tear down. I support movements like Put People First because transformational organizing from the ground up, not leadership from the top down, is the key to a our collective political future”.

      “Now I was aware that yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Million Man March’, and had chosen not to feature it since the man has a long history of being anti-Semitic, homophobic, and a male chauvinist patriarch. But hey, that might just be me; or maybe not… The Popular Resistance newsletter had featured yesterday’s #JusticeOrElse march on Washington several times, and I admit that I was positively impressed by the invitation’s credo, but of course I can’t find it again. It was very inclusive of minorities, women, the poor, and allies of any complexion. You may remember that whites were banned from the original march, or so I’ve read.

      But given the fact that hundreds of thousands attended the event, and a hella lotta ‘luminaries’ , including rappers, actors, ministers (I chuckled seeing Jeremiah Wright), BLM activists, and mothers of many blacks that were murdered by police or vigilantes, I’m allowing readers to decide how to think or feel about it. Again, it will be mainly by Tweet, and I’ll include a couple…dissenters.”

      scroll down to see the demands in a tweet, but the long version was ‘justice for all of the disenfranchised, and i’d thunk of you. ;-)

      • realitychecker1

        Justice for all the people within our jurisdiction would get my total and undying support (see what I did there lol?).

        OTOH, I’d be kind of ashamed to tell blacks that they should settle for the kind of police treatment that whites currently get. I say that as one who has had police point guns at him on three separate occasions, for no good reason. Those experiences were terrifying enough for me to oppose police bullying of anyone, regardless of melanin content.

        Of course, I agree with you that bottom up is better than top down organizing, but it is harder to get such off the ground initially, isn’t it? People seem to like having a leader out front–it must be the power of the sheep gene lol.

        • i guess what i’d say about Black and Native Lives Mattering is that the movements have caught fire precisely because they never have mattered to this nation that was founded on capitalistic genocide and slavery. both (for lack of a better term) ‘races’ were only valued for their labor, and more recently…for fines over bullshit charges (and in some locations sent to modern-day debtors’ prisons, even now), filling mandated numbers of prison beds, keeping the drug war ongoing, and so forth. it’s not just the fact that both groups are murdered by police, and far and away more victimized per capita than others, expelled from school at a far greater rate for similar infractions than whites, given the death penalty more often; it’s the entire system.

          so, no, all lives aren’t endangered by police similarly.

          you can fiddle around with the data base at the Guardian’s ‘Uncounted’, although their count is less than Killed by Police on facebook’s ‘at least 943’ corporate media accounts.

          those people of color killed and brutalized while ‘in custody’ are a whole ‘nother ballgame, like in the chicago dark site prisons, like the one THD was taken to back in the day. for POC they are often seen as ‘weaponized threats’, even though unarmed, from COINTELPRO days forward to the present.

          it’s my experience watching Twit accounts that those who are most irate about the #black lives matter framing are the ‘go back to africa’ sorts; as in: they srsly don’t believe that POC’s lives matter one whit.

          on edit: ya shouldn’t ask such hard questions like this, ya know? “Even my life matters (doesn’t it?)” ;-)

          • realitychecker1

            I never have and never would suggest that blacks and whites are treated equally badly by the criminal justice machinery. I do suggest that police treatment of whites has gotten MUCH worse since 9/11, and including whites, as well as homeless and other easily victimized segments of the population under a “justice for all” ethic would mean that many more people would be willing to get radicalized for the cause, cause they know they all have skin in the game. Just as I do. And really, what the hell do we have on our side besides the potential to field superior numbers?

            Besides, Superman would like it that way lol.

            Comparing relative suffering among groups that could/should recognize their united interests is like giving a free “divide and conquer” victory to the oppressor class. Everybody dislikes obvious “me-firsters.”

            • yes, we seem to be circling back over and over. Rabble Class United, tra la la…but ‘me-first’ what??? never mind.

              guess you should join with Louis Farrakhan’s Justice or Else coalition, although ‘the else’…is commonplace: subvert the machine, iirc.

              • A tragic dialogue, comrade?

              • realitychecker1

                Wendy, I can hardly believe you don’t understand the “me first” reference. That is exactly what the BLM movement is all about. And it is bound to create resentment in every other police-aggrieved segment of the population. How could it not?

                But you’re right, we’ve all repeated our positions many times, so I’m done with it. Except to say, doesn’t it make you wonder why the Guilford case got no national coverage, and why doesn’t that bother you?

                • yesterday…or was it two days ago when you asked: binging Deven Guilford murder investigation binged 168,000 results.

                  and no, i don’t get ‘me first’, seriously. yes, more rabble will be next, but you seem to breeze by that every time we talk about this. and if not farrakhan, you can try to influence the blm movement. but no, we can’t control it, can we? and did you happen to look at my yesterday diary as i’d suggested?

                  on edit: it seems creepy-bo-peepy to me that the sole issue you bring up at the café now is that very particular issue of yours. it’s seriously hard for me to fathom.

                  • realitychecker1

                    Well, describing my contributions as “creepy-bo-peepy” is offensive enough to prod me into not being “done with this.”

                    First, “168,000 results” is a pure BS response to my point-how many bings did the Sandra Bland case get? Get my point now?

                    Second, I wouldn’t call it “creepy-bo-peepy” how you have been so assiduously promoting your POV on this set of issues, tho you yourself have described that devotion as “religious,” but I do note that maybe having raised a black child (as well as Native one) would naturally lead one to become peculiarly tunnel-visioned about an issue that is perceived to threaten them so directly. Understandable, but not necessarily the most thoughtful approach to these issues. We can all get carried away when we wax too subjective, can’t we?

                    Yes, I come back to the points I consider important over and over, perhaps because I honestly believe that is where the conversation could most usefully focus our energies. Is it lost on you (and others on the devoted left) that as we, INCLUDING ME, have put all our focused outrage into supporting various oppressed groups (women, POC, gays, transgenders) for decades, we have simultaneously allowed our civil liberties to be dumped into the trash bin of history. Those liberties constitute FREEDOM, and we have all lost our freedom. So yes, that sad circumstance matters more to me now than all the other sub-group based issues that the leftiest lefties devote themselvess to so religiously.

                    Sorry about that. NOT.

                    P.S. Now I’ve read your diary from the 17th, and the comments–ain’t it curious how I knew Deray was a piece of shit political manipulator before seeing all that reportage?

                    • two corrections: i’d said it struck me a creep-bo-peepy that the sole issue you comment on here is the black lives movement. and i’d said almost a religion and explained a bit as to the why of it.

                      now there’s no way i can take our son and daughter out of the equation, but i’d sure like to think i would still be putting myself into those others’ shoes, be it POC, the mentally ill, or other rabble disenfranchised. i’ve been blogging about this brutality since oscar grant was murdered at fruitvale bart station in 2009. i can’t recall linking the kids with it, but who can say? lots of white folks with no kids of color follow the movement scrupulously.

                      well, if i write a diary about it, of course i feel free to pres my points, and i can always hope you reach some epiphany. ;-) but beyond that, if i give suggestions for other movements that say they’re more inclusive on paper, you don’t respond. and the ‘me first’ angle does baffle me. if these extant movements reap some major changes for all, wouldn’t that include all the other rabble as beneficiaries? not to mention, i try to say that i have no influence on what the movement/s call themselves, in any event.

                      the bing hits on the investigation seemed to put paid to your contention that ‘no one was covering it’ was all, and as i’d said, i’d seen it a lot in the black twittersphere. now i can’t say that all of them care equally about white people killed by police, but a hella lot do, as do i. it’s just the disproportional numbers, as well as other injustices that contribute to it, and are tangential to it, as i spent time trying to explain above.

                      i dunno about your sixth sense or what; a lot of us were very curious as to why deray became the rock star of the movement, really. but no, i’d never call him ‘a piece of shit political manipulator’, even as upset as i am at him and brittany packet. even at my.fdl i’d been expressing some doubt about their overt comaraderie based on TFA. now that organization i will call a piece of shit. ;-)

                      oh, and i will say that our daughter cares about the movement, our son…not so much.

                      on edit: away from this infernal machine, it occurred to me that my first inkling of white privilege was during the years i spent substitute teaching at our local schools. i got pretty close to a lot of the kids, but discovered eventually that the reason the brown and red kids hit the halls first at the final bell of the day, maybe with a locker stop, but hit the ground running…was in order to try to avoid gettin’ the snot beat out of ’em by the white bullies.

                      the other eye-opener was living in truchas, nm, for a short time, and being ‘the other, with no civil rights to speak of, especially in terms of law enforcemenoh, and i had forgotten the bing search link i’d meant to leave on ‘deven guilford investigation’.

                    • “[We] have put all our focused outrage into supporting various oppressed groups (women, POC, gays, transgenders) for decades, we have simultaneously allowed our civil liberties to be dumped into the trash bin of history.”
                      Yes, I can see that’s a clever redistribution the masters would approve. In fact, you know the British liked to make compradors of a sect so that they could exploit their paranoia.

                      Of course, there is plenty of bigotry (and prole-ignorance) to make that exploit viable. But, if you were looking for a global sect of compradors, where would you turn?

            • i had this on a word doc for a post on black power dreams, empowerment, schisms, and whatnot.

              ‘This New Study Explains Why White People Deny Their Privilege’

              “A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, however, finally offers insight into how and why such privilege persists.
              It turns out, white privilege may endure not because white Americans uniformly hold racist beliefs about others, but more likely is based on their beliefs about themselves. When people are “faced with evidence that their group benefits from privilege,” the study’s authors write, they not only fail to take responsibility for such benefits, but find those claims “threatening” and even “claim hardships to manage this threat.” Essentially, white people may accept that “group-level inequity” exists but deny that they personally benefit from that privilege in order to protect their own self-conception.”

              there’s a li’l bit more here, although i looked at longer explanations on the study.

              • They “deny that they personally benefit from that privilege in order to protect their own self-conception.” HA HA HA HA HA. A racialist cognitive dissonance without racist beliefs? Jah.

                I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.

                Still, by the end. King understood better the comprador omerta.

                • what a great quote. it’s a tough realization for lots of us though. it may have been last year, but someone created a twitter hashtag that offered space for whites to spell out petty crimes they’d committed, but for which they’d gotten either total passes by police, or were issued warnings, as opposed to…you know, maxwell’s silver hammer.

                  holy smoke: i let my fingers do the walking, and found it, or at least one like it, and it’s still going.


                  on edit: ah, well; it looks like it’s gotten into ‘teh stupid’.

  13. How the CIA has influenced the presidency
    You won’t find it mentioned in the embedded media, but every president since Ronald Reagan has had direct or familial ties to the CIA. And if either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton are elected, the trend will continue.

    • lol. not probative, but funny, eh? meaning the obama bits… sorry, though, i got a bit busy on my new diary…

      • probative enough, a secret, unaccountable agency
        as probative as you’ll ever be able to get in this cloaked society

        • one has to put a hella lot of faith in william blum, given no sources, etc. it could be true, but i’m not taking it as proof, that’s all. but he is a slimey bastard, no doubt about it. lotta people claim that juan cole was cia, too. beats me.

          as an aside, blum wrote something a few months ago that just seemed plain topsy-turvy, though i can’t recall what it was.

    • Of Don Trump, “The mob connections of Donald are extraordinarily extensive”. He’s a close cousin of Jeb and Hillary.

      • Thank goodness Don Trump is such a bigot. I was imagining what a coup it would be for Donnie to come out in his first year of presidency with the first first husband (or maybe a striking, athletic, puer delicatus)…

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

        Ok. A little far-fetched, but maybe the Don could afford to be the Bi Billionaire pwesident? Ooo, wingnutz, watch out when the Don says fuck off …

        What would mark the America Nero more clearly?

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  14. FYI, no “Reply” button on your last comment responding to me.

    Let me be crystal clear, I have no problem at all with each person or group wanting their own personal interest to be the thing that gets the most focus. That is both natural and appropriate human behavior, IMO.

    But I also think there is a defensible value to looking at the big picture, at the things that affect all of us. And wrt that, my interest is not about BLM except as that it is a distraction from the larger picture that we are ALL losing our civil liberties and therefore are all losing our freedom. Additionally, I think it is a bad tactic because it will tend to divide and conquer us, which the masters would applaud.

    That I am a lonely voice in that regard only bolsters my feeling that I should keep sounding that note until it gets the respect it deserves. The issue that captivates me is police oppression as a tool of oppression for the masters. An appropriate focus, IMO, if one truly desires to achieve justice for ALL. As a member of the all, there are limits to how much sympathy I can have for sub-groups who say their problems count, and maybe we can talk about mine fifty years from now, or, even worse, that I am captive to some “white privilege” for giving a damn about the oppressions that I personally get subjected to. And I have a long list of those, so excuse me for thinking that is also worthy of consideration.

    WRT the Guilford case, Twitter is not the whole universe, m’dear, and 168,000 is approximately 1/18th of one percent of the population. Fact is, as interested as I am in these cases, I never heard of this one until this week. That should say it all. Zero national coverage for more than six months. Contrast with the facts and the coverage of the Sandra Bland case during the same period, and maybe you should concede the point.

    I won’t waste time on “me first”;. I believe it is overwhelmingly self-evident.

    Still love you, and like coming here to get stimulating interactions. This is probably the best blog still standing for thinking people. E.g. where else can one mine mental riches like those offered by you and Comrade X? :-)

    • i’ve got a terrible hegg-ache in my eyes; thus, kinda outta words. but this i can just paste in:

      “On ’10-10-15,’ the National Mall was packed with people of color, including many Indigenous people, for the ‘Justice or Else’ rally organized by the nation of Islam. Speakers called for uniting in the “common struggle… for freedom, equality and economic access.” Chris Hedges, who teaches prisoners, writes about the devastation that poverty wreaks, “…when you are poor in America, everything conspires to make sure you remain poor. The invisible walls of our internal colonies, keeping the poor penned in like livestock, mirror the physical walls of prison that many in these communities are doomed to experience.”
      A central message at the ‘Justice or Else’ rally was the need for communities to join together to meet their basic needs and to build community wealth. Les Leopold’s book, “Runaway Inequality: An Activist’s Guide to Economic Justice” is a good place to start learning how to do this. We also recommend the Democracy Collaborative website. There are many communities in the South that are building economic justice through local food systems. Click here to learn about them.

      There will be more opportunities in the coming week to rally in solidarity against structural racism and mass incarceration. Check to see if there are #RiseUpOctober events near you.

      good list of supporters of all complexions, faiths, and diverse organizations.

  15. Who has succeeded in the great attempt
    To be a friend’s friend;
    Whoever has won a lovely woman
    Add in his jubilation!
    Yes, who calls even one soul
    His own on the earth’s sphere!
    And whoever never could achieve this,
    Let him steal away crying from this gathering!

    Those who occupy the great circle,
    Pay homage to sympathy!
    It leads to the stars
    Where the unknown one reigns.

  16. Courage firm in great suffering,
    Help there, where innocence weeps,
    Eternally sworn oaths,
    Truth towards friend and foe,
    Mens’ pride before kings’ thrones —
    Brothers, even if it costs property and blood, —
    The crowns to those who earn them,
    Defeat to the lying brood!

    Close the holy circle tighter,
    Swear by this golden vine:
    Remain true to the vows,
    Swear by the judge above the stars!

    • place von schiller in context, please? unfamiliar, i Wikied him, and still cant tell (philosophy deficient, i yam). rewards in heaven? or his ‘if man could appreciate beauty they would be better men’?

      i remember using this one on my Beethoven post.

      • From Wiki:

        He elaborated Christoph Martin Wieland’s concept of die schöne Seele (the beautiful soul), a human being whose emotions have been educated by reason, so that Pflicht und Neigung (duty and inclination) are no longer in conflict with one another; thus beauty, for Schiller, is not merely an aesthetic experience, but a moral one as well: the Good is the Beautiful.

        If beauty appreciated man he would be better

  17. Obama stands up for Black Lives Matter!!! Yay!!!

    Obama Breaks Down ‘Black Lives Matter’ During Panel on Criminal-Justice Reform

    “I think everybody understands all lives matter,” the president said. “I think the reason that the organizers used the phrase ‘Black lives matter’ was not because they said they were suggesting nobody else’s lives matter; rather, what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African-American community that’s not happening in other communities. And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”

    If only there were someone in political office who could do something about it. Where oh where can we find a person in office who can actually address this atrocious state of affairs? Oh where, oh where? Oh who, oh who? Oh woe is me!

    • Here’s Barack Obama in 2017

    • HA HA HA HA HA. Specific problem. HA HA HA HA. O, you’re such a good minstrel.

      Poor O. Who am I? I have gained the world, but who the fuck am I?

      You are poor american hegemonster, comrade.

    • but look! the root folks are srsly cheering him, as if…yeah, he has nuttin’ to do with their *increased* immiserations. rall got fired for drawing him swarthy, then…rehired…or something. ke-rist. thanks, nomad.

      • Yeah, at KOS. They had a point. Rall does draw an apelike Obama.
        And ROOT is controlled black press. I wanted to comment there but would have had to (re)sign up to Tracebook to do it. No thanks. Ain’t that odd?

        • ‘Tracebook’; highlarious. kos didn’t sound right, but i finally remembered it had something to do with…the PoPo!

          yep, LAPD.

          • Maybe was a different firing.

            “To this depressing roll call, liberal cartoonist Ted Rall has now accidentally added his name. Last week he posted a drawing mocking President Obama to the website Daily Kos. Daily Kos rejected it, writing:

            Your depiction of Barack Obama as ape-like is intolerable. Being critical of Obama is not the problem. Through British and American history, blacks have been subjected to racist depictions of themselves as monkeys and apes. No excuse is acceptable for replicating that history no matter what your intent. If it happens again, your posting privileges will be suspended.”

  18. #FeesMustFall Nationwide student protest in South Africa yesterday against raising university fees.
    “There will be a 0% increase in fees for 2016, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday. Ahmed Areff, News24

    “We have agreed that there should be a zero increase,” Zuma said in a televised address.

    His address comes after a meeting with student leaders and university officials following a nationwide protest against increased fees.”

  19. Babies beware!!! This could happen to you! Watch where you sleep!!!

    “Merely by being in that room, Bou-Bou had assumed the risk of coming under attack by a SWAT team. By impeding the trajectory of that grenade, rather than fleeing from his crib, Bou-Bou failed to “avoid the consequences” of that attack.”

    • good gawd all-friday, nomad. one comment: “Next time a cop dies I’m going to be sure and tell his family that “hhe shouldn’t have impeded the trajectory” of the bullet.”

      i’d peeked into counter current news yesterday, and two of the top stories were police murdering dogs. i couldn’t even bring myself to watch the videos; one was intentional murder by car…several ‘swipes’ included. psychopaths should be screened out, but i dunno which tests are even reliable. oh, bou-bou, you poor thing; i’ll bet it still hurts.

  20. Diddy Says Voting is a ‘Scam’, No Longer Believes In ‘Vote Or Die’ Message

    Well wha happened between 2004 and now?
    Diddy Says Voting is a ‘Scam’ and I say Obama is the proof.

    • do you think diddy gets that? odd that he seems to care what candidates are or aren’t ‘talkin’ about’ relevant to ‘us’ (i assume blacks). clearly a candidate can say just about anything…then not deliver on promises. and when all there is to vote for nationally are duopoly candidates…ish. thanks but no thanks.

      whassup with kanye west planning to run for prez next cycle? is that who i mean? whoever it was got an endorsement from some person i remember as rather…politically horrid.

      • Why did I say there has never been nor will be a black prez?
        The Triumph of the White, Male Ruling Class (I): One Fucking Great Country
        Fascinating and entirely predictable fact of the week, month, year, decade and century: no matter who is elected the next president of these wondrous, unique United States of America, “the last, best hope” of all the planets in all the multiverses ever posited in your strangulated imaginations, with respect to every matter of consequence, the next president will be … a white man! Surprise! This is one fucking great country.

        • ha. silber is a master polemicist of the ‘eyes wide open’ truth-telling kind. i can’t really remember when i began reading him, but i spent quite a bit of time with his alice miller chronicles website. but i’d never seen this one, but it must have been later on.

          he’s like a. at washingtons blog and dredd blog; so many internal links go to their own previous posts, don’t they? ;-)

          yes, biological and functional are good terms to show the variances at play. concerning his righteous belief that anyone wanting to be the Imperium’s ruler is mad with hubris, it caused me to go find this huxley quote:

          ‘“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. “Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.” They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.”

          ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

          thus, those obedient followers, especially of the red and blue true believers… well, you get the drift. i visit a ‘librul’ (read: centrist/right, really) website i was banned from now and again. they are arguing dem politics, of course, and most still love O, but lament that the Rs wouldn’t let him ‘get things done’. oy, think what he’s ‘done’! but the hill-gurl gets many accolades, cuz she has a vagina, thus is ‘pro-family’…or something.

          on edit: i’d meant to mention that the Imperium’s exceptionalism isn’t just in aid of ‘civilizing’ others, but exporting democracy to many nations both directly and indirectly by deep state NGOs. some are mentioned in one of my recent posts.

          • great quote. “millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.”
            and millions of black people taking racial pride in something they ought to be thoroughly ashamed of

            • when dada-esque artist anthony freda sends me one of his new pieces, it comes with this quote:

              “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

              ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

              and yes to your final sentence. but they also take pride in the black ‘misleaders’, as well.

      • “whassup with kanye west planning to run for prez next cycle?”
        Kanye doesn’t have the qualifications.
        For a black to become prez he has to have been raised by CIA agents and then preselected by the oligarchs.

  21. no black person has ever been president and probably never will

  22. Another singing president. Take that, Obama.

    I’m liking Putin more and more

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