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‘Obama Administration Calls for Limits on Testing in Schools’, NYTimes.  From what I could tell, the piece focused on arguments as to ‘jettisoning all testing (by Congressional policy)’ or the opposite.  For me, the larger subject is ‘teaching to the test all of the time’, not actual testing time spent on testing.

I’d thought Glen Ford had missed that wider point at TRNN with ‘Is Obama’s Education Reversal Political “Theater”?, but as I re-read, it seems I’d misinterpreted the rather stilted language.

‘Terrorizing School Children in the American Police State’ by Henry Giroux, November 2, 2015

‘For Black America, the Dream is a Nightmare’; Veteran activist and film producer Kali Akuno discusses his forthcoming project An American Nightmare: Black Labor and Liberation –  October 29, 2015, TRNN.   You may remember that Akuno wrote the forward for the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s ‘Operation Ghetto Storm’ report, detailing the exrajudicial killings of 312 black people in 2012.

Akuno:  ‘Black People and Their Labor are “Disposable”?

AJE: ‘Arrest made over string of St. Louis-area church arsons’; Churches in largely black neighborhoods were targeted; authorities say suspect in custody is African-American’, October 30, 2015

Find Out What the “Or Else” Is: March with the Black Is Back Coalition in Washington, Nov. 7’  From Mintpress News: ‘EU Nominates Violent US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition For Human Rights Prize’; The EU nominated Mesa de la Humanidad Democrática for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, despite the opposition coalition’s role in anti-government protests that grew increasingly violent before culminating in a coup attempt against the Venezuelan president.

Speechless, Spike.

(follow RevoNews on twitter for horrid photos and articles on the massive refugee crises.)

Meteorite or Space Junk?  On about Oct. 30,  a bright sky object fell slowly to earth at about 9:00 p.m. MDT, from the northwestern sky near the Pleiades.  It was perhaps four times larger than Venus is now at perigee.  Forgive me for saying that it lit up my life for a day or two.  But I wonder if it might not have been a meteor, given its size, and its slow plummet to earth.

Added on edit:  HfcMofo and I had been talking about this development over email: ‘Garza vs. McKesson: The Great Debate Over How the Democratic Party Will Liberate Black People’, by Glen Ford at

“One side wants the Democrats to sponsor a town hall meeting on racial justice, the other prefers that the Party hold a Black issues oriented debate. Both #BlackLivesMatter and Campaign Zero have earned semi-official status as Democratic Party affiliates. The question is: Who is taking care of the “movement”?

“Neither wants to confront Power (the Democratic Party and its candidates) with core demands — beyond the ‘demand’ for a debate or a town hall.”

Representatives of the two wings of Black Lives Matter last weekend jousted over the merits of holding Democratic Party-sponsored town halls on racial justice, versus a formal, televised debate on issues critical to Black people, also to be sponsored by the Democrats. The exchange took place on Melissa Harris-Perry’s program on MSNBC, which acts as the Democratic Party’s corporate cable outlet. A casual viewer might conclude that the incipient movement ignited by the murder of Michael Brown fourteen months ago, has been swallowed whole by the Democratic Party. Certainly, the #BlackLivesMatter network, co-founded by Alicia Garza and two of her comrades, and its offshoot, Campaign Zero, honchoed by charter school advocate DeRay McKesson and like-minded colleagues, have encamped deep in the bosom of the Democratic Party, where movements go to die.”  (more here.)

She’d also sent me a link about the CEO of Twitter offering to hold a debate among Dem candidates with a focus on black lives egads; but I haven’t been able to rustle it up.

And woot!!! The Royals won the World Series!!!

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  1. ha; on twitter there is/was #OpKKK there used to be #HoodsOff, but it may be disabled. so many white supremacist organizations, though. remember ‘the veiled prophet ball’ in st. louis that some Black Lives folks crashed last year?

  2. society, particularly in rich countries, must move towards a stationary state or steady-state economy, which requires a shift to an economy without net capital formation, one that stays within the solar budget. Development, particularly in the rich economies, must assume a new form: qualitative, collective, and cultural—emphasizing sustainable human development in harmony with Marx’s original view of socialism. As Lewis Mumford argued, a stationary state, promoting ecological ends, requires for its fulfillment the egalitarian conditions of “basic communism,” with production determined “according to need, not according to ability or productive contribution.”

    But hegemonsters, who’ve been cultivated for oppression, will immiserate basic communists and aggregate more power and sacrifice untold lives to maintain their domination. Fighters for a metabolic rebalancing must realize that the exploitative culture they work within will exploit their savings, forcing them to use less than what is sustainable or even eliminating them.

    The long term goal of systemic transformation raises the issue of a second stage of ecological revolution, or the ecosocialist phase. The primary question, of course, is the historical conditions under which this change can come about. Marx referred to the environmental pressures of his day as an “unconscious socialist tendency,” which would require associated producers to regulate the social metabolism with nature in a rational way. This tendency, however, can only be realized as the result of a revolution carried out by the greater part of humanity, establishing more egalitarian conditions and processes for governing global society, including the requisite ecological, social, and economic planning.

    Otherwise, the resistance will only be examples for the sadists.

    • goodness; that came from a fulsome essay, comrade. i love what i understand of it, and wish i thought i had time to explore all the links. do you suppose anyone will take the ideas to paris at the end of november? partly why is ask is that the Indigenous, whose credo and demands were similar, if not using the same verbiage, were forced to participate in side meetings in rio, what…2012?

      a tangential development in agriculture, there have been recent conferences concerning: beyond sustainability, *regenerative agriculture*, but sigh…with so much to read, i hadn’t done more than read the term. thank you, comrade x.

      come to think of it, the mayan prophecies concerning their new calendar were much the same, although a large focus was ending war, of course.

      • At least there was a deadline for the Mayan apocalypse; the Jesus nutters will be waiting forever. One might take the “revolution carried out by the greater part of humanity” as wistful, but it’s a superior normative to those of the checkered reality.

        • it was nutters who’d interpreted the end of the mayan calendar as ‘apocalyptic’, really. that’s why some of their spiritual leaders actually made videos to contradict them.

          wisful, indeed, but it’s also the revolution of values and brotherhood that MLK spoke of, as well as others in the black prophetic tradition, and indigenous holy people all over the planet. remember ‘seventh generation’ thought brought by female elders? ;-)

          • “apocalypse” in the sense of ‘unveiling’. Nutters often take a germ of truth and elaborate or misapply it so as to obfuscate. Being gawd’s peeps gives them license for thought-pollution. Who does their rectified language really serve?

            Could it be Shayton?

            HA HA HA HA.

  3. did you know as a federal gov’t employee, you can be fired for not paying your taxes? of course the person who told me this, as a nice obama-lovin npr listenin liberal, had no problem with this, rationalizing that the person was fired for not demonstrating proper deference to the boss and work place etiquette by mouthing off loudly on the phone about her personal problems. The whole office could hear her, incl. the bossman Colonel!!!! how awful to deal with that when you are trying to deny Vets their long-term disability benefits!

    • The , not paying taxes, firing rationale doesn’t make sense, because federal and state taxes are deducted directly from paychecks before employees have a chance to not pay them.

    • no, i didn’t know that, jason, but i’m not a bit surprised. it’s even stupid, isn’t it? next step: modern debtors prison with no job, plus: you’d have assumed that Their Brilliances might have thought a step ahead: ‘if person X is fired, how can we garnish his/her wages?

      breaks your heart to see not only vet denied benefits, but the ‘claw-backs’ in the (socialistic) safety net altogether, not just medicaid. and the massive pension rip-offs. i read a headline the other day concerning yet another grand bargain obama ‘agreed to’ (read: arranged) in secret meetings with congressional leaders concerning health insurance. i didn’t have the heart to click in.

      ‘bossman Colonel’. ;-)

  4. yeah. i pay every pay check. and again every april. i haven’t googlized this issue but the person who told me this may be misinformed but is definitely not lying. supposedly everyone in the office hated this long-term person who got fired and the tax thing was an excuse not limited to one or two years of “violation”.

    • Civil Service employees enjoy many benefits and protections not offered private sector workers so there had to be something much more illegal than the vague, not paying taxes, excuse, not filing tax returns or cheating on tax forms might be cause for dismissal.

      Office rumors with misinformation may not be lies but still lack the truth.

      On another topic, I’ve been watching the rumorfest about the Russian jet crash over at MOA and the tinfoil Mad Hatters there have come up with some creative nonsense. The latest fantasy is that a US stealth Predator drone shot it down to teach the Pesky Russians a lesson. John McCain predicted this scenario so it must be true.

      • after peddling for a year lies about the MH17 thing & Ukraine in general, were i on the russian team, the 1st thing i’d look for in this part of the world is foul-play. on the part of US proxies known as ISIS.

      • maybe i should do some fact-checking before posting stuff, but i was looking at this tax thing thru the prism of the gov’t being able to control a generally affluent & intelligent part of the US work force-federal employees. and how happy other workers are to see someone get fired if that someone is “disrupting work” and their psychic investment in pleasing the employer.

  5. it appears that i hadn’t seen falling space junk the other night, but a fireball from the taurid meteor shower (h/t mr. wd) going on for another week. and yeppers, the seven sisters/six pigs/pleiades are in taurus. the waning moon allow them to be even brighter. they’re pieces from the comet enke and another ‘speculated’ comet, whatever that means…

    going back to standard time had one glorious advantage last night: before bed, the constellation harbinger of winter, orion, was rising over the small mountain to our east, just below taurus. his belt rose in a straight line vertically from the horizon. simply breath-taking.

    • It’s good to know that the Sky—Lab is not falling. At my farm in southern AZ years ago I observed long lasting low trajectory multi colored fireballs streaking across the valley on a number of occasions. They provided a great show and it is amazing what a small bit of matter at high velocity can produce.

      A friend brought me some large meteorite samples from a crater in southern NM with intricate melted and burned surfaces. I wouldn’t have wanted to be near this site at the time of impact that left a large crater in a hillside.

      • good to know, indeed. but otoh, there’s WT(1190)F on the way. ;-)

        how fine you were gifted some meteorite pieces; i don’t recall ever seeing any. and how cool you saw so many fireballs in AZ. this one was so large, but as id said, moved so much more slowly than any i’d ever seen, that it made me wonder if it were something different. there’s a huge windstorm here now, forecast to bring loads of clouds, so it might mean that the night sky will be blotted out for a bit.

  6. apropos of nothing…poor David Petraeus. even The Surge in his pants didn’t work out.

    • lol.

      ‘we’ll leave 8000 troops there to train afghan security forces (sotto voce) plus 23000 mercenaries….shhhhhh

      and some nation-building research will come home for future operations to spread democracy.

      • i know. who really gives a flying f. what happens to petraeus in the grand scheme? but he was director of you know what when that info came out about his affair (assuming that’s what it was all about). who is it that’s spying on the CIA director?

        and petraeus being lauded as some kind of savior in 2007 and later. ugh. do people remember this? McCain saying, “Now we have a strategy for victory” at the Iraq surge. Now?!??!? wtf were you doing before this? were we not pursuing ‘victory’ for the previous 4 years? but we are not even supposed to question these people’s basic competence, much less the strategy, goals, morality, justice, etc.

        • in the interest of Not Posting About Stuff I Don’t Know About, the wiki article on Petraeus and The Scandal that unmanned him sounds plausible, the whole cyber-harrassment/FBI thing, but there are some weird characters in the narrative. And info being withheld from the white house and the public till after the election, that ain’t legal either.

        • good griefers; i’d forgotten that he was the author of the iraqi ‘surge’ before the afghan (orta) ‘surge. yes, paula broadwell.

          and ooof: stanley mcChrystal’s exposé by michael hatings, then hastings’ very suspicious death by…car bomb? hacked on-board computer?

          well, in the interest of saving what’s left of my sanity today, i’ll forgo the wiki piece.

          are they trotting out petraeus as much as kissinger lately? but oh, my. iraq. stormin’ norman. reminds me of a song…

          • oh god, stormin’ norman. those were some awesome Power Point presentations they ginned up, weren’t they? the media lapped him and his “war is theater” Hollywood special effects right up.

            I don’t think Petraeus is back, thank heavens. i’m thinking of him b/c of how he was so lauded and how reality is quite otherwise AND how he illustrates that we don’t really know who’s spying on who. or so i tho’t.

            i had forgotten about michael hastings. ugh. another gary webb?

            • whooosh; i’d never thought about the comparison of michael hastings’ ‘suicide’ to gary webb’s.

              but hold the phone, amigo. if there’s gonna be a new rule about ‘Not Posting About Stuff I Don’t Know About’ here, i might as well shut the place down for lack of content.

  7. Like most Soviet ecologists at the time, Fedorov accepted some aspects of the Club of Rome’s 1972 Limits to Growth argument, which focused on natural-resource limits to economic growth. But he insisted on an approach that more fully accounted for social and historical factors. Moreover, he argued that the authors of The Limits to Growth had erred in failing to consider the crucial challenge represented by climate change. Fedorov’s arguments relied directly on Marx’s theory of socio-ecological metabolism: “The authors of the materialist theory of social development,” he wrote, “regarded interaction (metabolism) between people and nature as a vital element in human life and activity and showed that the socialist organization of society would have every possibility to ensure optimal forms of such interaction.”

    Whereas the bourgeois organizers finally saw the congregation of humanity as a resource to be exploited for their salvation.

    • i’m not following that well just now, comrade x; i’ll try again later. but what a worthy discussion to have.

      i do wonder, though, if it could all be made into more of a Common Tongue form, it might be heard and understood by more of us. but that discussion used to happen here and there at the anticapitalist initiative website, though most of it was greek to me. :-)

      • “Limits to Growth” is a timestone for the golden age of crapitalism. The exploiters could not become socialists; they had to revert to the manor of their erstwhile enemies, the feudalism of lords.

        It won’t work.

        HA HA HA HA HA.

  8. In 1961 Fedorov and Budyko called the All-Union Conference on the Problem of Climate Modification by Man in Leningrad to address the emerging problem of climate change—the first such conference in the world. That same year Budyko presented his paper “The Heat and Water Balance Theory of the Earth’s Surface” to the Third Congress of the Geographical Society of the USSR, in which he arrived at his famous conclusion that anthropogenic climate change was now inevitable under business as usual, and that human energy usage needed to be addressed. In 1962, he published his landmark article “Climate Change and the Means of Its Transformation” in the USSR’s Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences, in which this conclusion was again advanced, together with the observation that the destruction of ice cover could generate “a significant change in the regime of atmospheric circulation.” By 1963 Budyko compiled an atlas of the world’s heat balance system. “Budyko energy balance models” soon became the basis of all complex climate modeling. In 1966 he published (together with colleagues) an article on “The Impact of Economic Activity on the Climate,” describing the history of anthropogenic climate change. In it he indicated that human beings—through actions such as deforestation, swamp drainage, and city construction—had long affected “the microclimate, i.e. local changes in the meteorological regime of the surface layer of the atmosphere.” What was new, however, was that anthropogenic climate change was now occurring over large territories and globally.

    So. Since crapitalism good and communism bad, doubt was manufactured for Amerikkkan wingnuts to maintain crapitalist power. Whereas Lysenko polluted science with his politics, the a-bomb idiots polluted politics with their anti-science (and class war).

    • so you are saying global warming is a commie plot? as general jack to ripper said, talk about you hardcore commie conspiracies. but that’s how your commie operates. (yes, i do know people who say this kind of crap. must be from all the fluoride in the children’s ice cream.)

      • HA HA. No, I am saying “global warming is a commie plot” is a crapitalist plot.

        • more accurately ‘the predictable outcome of capitalist greed and expansion’ or something? you have me remembering how smart it was for OPEC, etc., to keep oil prices low enough to keep humans addicted to owning one, two, or three of their own little boxes on wheels, polyster fabric ropes, no hemp allowed,, nossir, and US policy of underwriting oil companies who never paid for the externalities caused by their fucking up the environment globally.

          but it’s okay; if ttp and ttip get enacted, the corporate tribunals will take care of it all. :-)

          oh, and remember the author of ‘the gift economy’ model. and by the by, was naomi klein’s book really blaming capitalism for climate change? i’d read opinions that it really wasn’t.

          • Jah, global warming the predictable outcome of the negligence, contrived ignorance, and false solicitude of crapitalists. The late 2nd millennium bloom was very profitable for them. But you can see from Jason’s stumbling that “blame it on the commies” was too tempting a fraud for the doubt manufacturers. Some commies had too great an interest on the consequences of consumption and thank gawd for crapitalists that Amerikkkan fools would condemn all things commie for them.

            • Thanks for the excerpt about Fedorov & Budyko, a bit of important history especially in a time when cyclical Global Cooling, new Ice Age, was the topic many climate scientists were discussing.

              Blaming Capitalist for GW is accurate but what do we blame for the Soviet contribution, State Capitalism? There apparently was denial there also as the USSR/Russia is still the fourth largest total contributor to CO2 emissions,

              There may be a lesson from the collapse of the USSR and its inefficient heavy industries that has resulted in major reductions of CO2 emissions from Russia.

              The only apparent effective way to dramatically reduce all CO2 emissions and even slow GW will be to crash Industrial Civilization and stop breeding just as has happened in Russia.

              • “what do we blame for the Soviet contribution, State Capitalism?”
                Economic development by the state was driven by international competition as well as domestic welfare.

                the USSR’s degradation of its environment worsened in the first decade after Stalin’s death in 1953, with the discontinuation of the Great Stalin Plan for the Transformation of Nature and the more rapacious exploitation of resources. Six days after Stalin’s death the Ministry of Forest Management was abolished and forest conservation was reduced to a much lower priority. (Yet it was not until the post-Soviet era that Vladimir Putin was finally to sign altogether out of existence Stalin’s Group I of protected forests—those under the highest level of protection and preservation.)

                The USSR obtained high rates of growth through a form of extensive development, drawing constantly on more labor and resources. By the end of the 1950s the weaknesses of this approach, and the need to develop more intensive forms of development which took into account resource limits, were already becoming apparent. However, inertia within the system, and an accelerating Cold War, prevented a transition to a more rational economic development path.

                Economic religions impel international competition for the faith of citizens (“market” crapitalism fooled the eastern Europeans a decade before it pulled the rug out from under most everyone.) Also, as Amerikkkans should by now have learned through their suffering, international aggression maintains domestic oppression. Hegemonster perverts claim that aggression is a law of human nature in order to naturalize oppression; they even provoke aggression in the population to buttress their case (hey realitychecker-ed).

                Socialism in one competitor state is thus outplayed; a competition between “capitalist states” and “state capitalism” results (ending in our “corporatocracy”). The looming disaster these states are generating (and are exploiting) has much to do with crapitalism; it could even be argued that more authoritarian states would be more inclined to prevent this disaster. And it’s surely the case that the elite’s response to the crisis of their proles’ welfare is greater authoritarianism.

                The size of the All-Russian Conservation Society in 1985 is impressive. Even so, given the path since chosen by crapitalists, it’s dubious that the Russian state, under pressure from citizens and concerned scientists, would have been able to get the crapitalists to relent. Indeed, it’s almost seems the Russian leadership succumbed to depression and allowed the “regression” you note, exiting this “progressive” game of chicken.

  9. The only route to consciousness is through struggle:

    The malign consciousness, however, must divide consciousnesses.

    • Kwame Ture: “Capitalism does not lie some of the time, it lies all of the time.”

      Capitalism is fraud.

    • KT: “The major enemy to our unity is zionism. […] I know them every step of the way. They are the slimiest slime that imperialism has ever produced.

      La crème du nationalisme decorates their wasteland for lebensraum.

    • KT: “America [circa 1995] is more ripe for revolution than ever before.”

      In 1997, the Zbigster publishes “The Grand Chessboard” and PNAC is formed.

  10. KT: “America [circa 1995] is more ripe for revolution than ever before.”

    In 1997, the Zbigster publishes “The Grand Chessboard” and PNAC is formed.

  11. “We are revolutionaries and we believe in dialectics. Out of confusion comes clarity.”

  12. this gorgeous deer person has been around our place a lot lately, but for the past two days, he hasn’t been. now i’ll feel silly for worrying if he comes back, but…it’s deer hunting season. it’s not rutting season yet, nor are any of the does in our local herd seemingly in season, so i don’t reckon that he’s just gone lookin’ for love.

    his rack is the shape i love, sweeping out, then up, almost like a bowl, and that mottled brown-and-buff ..a lot like polished marble. anyway, he’s been a gift to behold, and i hope if anyone shot him. they were hungry as hell, and not after his antlers.

    • that’s a beaut.

      who knows whether it’s true or false, good or bad and who cares! it’s great cinema! ah, spectacles.

      • as nomad’s contribution, it’s a play in one short act, jason. brava, bravo!

        please do talk among yourselves. i get so busy with RL’s foot on my neck, creating new content, answering month-old emails, and tra la la…it’s nowhere possible for me to answer all of the comments here.

        but my stars: the handsome fellow returned this evening! two five-point brothers were here the past couple days, but my friend did indeed return. i did try to communicate to him how glad i was that he was still among us, and tossed him a few golden delicious apples in gratitude. i will sleep and dream better tonight, i admit. :-).

  13. Who is weak? Who is strong?

    • Blah, blah, blah. “He just became very hard-line and very different from the Dick Cheney I knew and worked with.” Stupefying boogie analysis of personalities from a bullshitting crapitalist who profits from his son’s errors and then sells his bullshit history for legacy’s sake and his evil spawn.

    • good grief; papa CIA bush had developed dementia even before he left office. if he’s further into ALZ, imagine what he may have blurted out in that condition, with no self-monitoring system left. wonder why babs allowed the interviews, or has she ‘crossed over’ already? mebbe it was a Skullybones comrade?

  14. Darwin showed that selective elimination of that fraction of the excessive variety of organic forms least well suited to their environment is responsible for the evolution of adaptive functions. Similarly, Shannon demonstrated that information can be precisely measured by comparing a received signal to the variety of signals that could have been received, but were not thereby reducing uncertainty. In both cases, what is not present (but could have been) is as important as what is present, whether for determining functional appropriateness or information. Although the possible forms not reproduced during evolution or transmitted in a message are neither material nor energetic, they are still critical influences in the world. Consider a search team looking for a child lost in the forest. Though 50 people may join in, only one will find the child, but without the other
    49, it is unlikely the child would have been found.

    something I call “emergent dynamics” theory adds a game-changing twist. It shows how a process I call “teleodynamics” forms a bridge from matter to what matters. In so doing, it leads us into realms where most natural scientists fear to tread.

    To explain teleodynamic (end-directed) processes, such as those found in organisms or human minds, we need to step beyond the way complexity and information theories use “constraint”, to explain how
    constraints can become their own causes, how constraints become capable of maintaining and producing themselves. This is essentially what life accomplishes. But to do this, life requires more than self-organisation and more than molecular replication: it must persistently recreate its capacity for self-creation.

    Although living systems depend on self-organising processes to create their orderly structures, life must involve more than a mere constellation of self-organising molecular processes because there is no real “self” in self-organisation. What I mean by self is an intrinsic tendency to maintain a distinctive integrity against the ravages of increasing entropy as well as disturbances imposed by the surroundings.

    To be truly self-maintaining, a system must contain within it some means to “remember” and regenerate those constraints determining its integrity which would otherwise tend to dissipate spontaneously. This can be achieved when two or more self-organising processes become linked so each one generates the constraints that make up the boundary conditions necessary for the other to occur.

    teleological-like properties turn out to ultimately depend on some variant of the self-referential circularity of this sort of
    formative process. This is because the causal circularity between these interdependent, self-organised molecular processes creates an unambiguous site of “self”: its intrinsic capacity for self-creation
    constitutes a precise self/non-self distinction which is independent of any specific material embodiment. And it is this “self” that most needs to be explained before we can even begin to consider the nature of
    Although the leap from simple autogenesis to subjective
    consciousness is immense and speculative, this analysis may still provide the first hint to a solution to the dilemma posed by our version of Zeno’s paradox. This is because the origins of life and the origins of consciousness both depend on the emergence of self: the organisational core of both is a form of self-creating, self-sustaining, constraint-generating process.

    Ultimately, this kind of reciprocal, self-organising logic (but embodied in neural signal dynamics) must form the core of the conscious self. Conceiving of neuronal processes in emergent dynamical terms
    allows us to reframe many aspects of mental life. It suggests, for example, that the experience of emotion is intimately connected with the role metabolism plays in regulating the self-organising dynamics of the brain’s information-generation processes.

    This is because self-organised processes are generated by incessantly perturbing a system away from its equilibrium. This essential component of “self” generation is inevitably in tension with the shifting availability of energy in the brain. The metabolic signals we map with fMRI and PET-scan imagery may be serendipitously providing evidence that conscious arousal is not located in any one place, but constantly shifts from region to region with changes in demand.

    Could this be the beginnings of a theory of the physical world that doesn’t leave it looking absurd that we exist at all?

    Goodbye, crapitalism.

    • where on earth are you getting all these great eco-sanity essays? now this one, i’ll admit, ain’t worked its meaning into my noggin yet, and i will try to watch the ‘la jeté’ video, but oy: 24 minutes?

      uh, just a note to you: you keep puttin’ an ‘r’ in capitalism. just so’s ya know and all. ;-)

  15. Berkeley yesterday
    On Thursday morning, more than 2,000 Berkeley High School students and teachers staged a march through the streets of Berkeley to protest after the discovery of a hostile image posted on a school computer the day before.
    In a scene reminiscent of the high school’s December Black Lives Matter walkout, demonstrators streamed through UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza about noon after beginning at Berkeley High and later chanting outside of City Hall. Their actions came in the wake of news that an image containing threatening language toward black individuals was discovered on a school library computer Wednesday.

    Chicago today

    • my stars; thanks, marym. and yes, there was a noose on campus about a year ago. good on them, but did you read the comments? pretty clueless, altogether. they needed to speak out in solidarity for one another to feel a bit safer. i suppose they know the history of the free speech movement at sproul hall, mario savio and all?

      good on the chicago students, as well. and the students in boston; it would have been nice to see bradley in the photo, but maybe liz warren was to much to want to miss. ;-)

  16. Cambridge MA
    To Bradley, a youth advocacy coordinator for Y2Y Harvard Square, the nation’s first nation’s first student-run, overnight homeless shelter for young adults, bricks symbolized the stability that she and many other homeless youth so desperately seek.

  17. Debs, 1918:

    There are today upwards of sixty millions of Socialists, loyal, devoted adherents to this cause, regardless of nationality, race, creed, color, or sex. They are all making common cause. They are spreading with tireless energy the propaganda of the new social order. They are waiting, watching, and working hopefully through all the hours of the day and the night. They are still in a minority. But they have learned how to be patient and to bide their time. The feel—they know, indeed—that the time is coming, in spite of all opposition, all persecution, when this emancipating gospel will spread among all the peoples, and when this minority will become the triumphant majority and, sweeping into power, inaugurate the greates social and economic change in history.

    “In August 1919, Hoover became head of the Bureau of Investigation’s new General Intelligence Division—also known as the Radical Division because its goal was to monitor and disrupt the work of domestic radicals. America’s First Red Scare was beginning, and one of Hoover’s first assignments was to carry out the Palmer Raids.”

    Hoover was a stutterer as a boy, which he overcame by teaching himself to talk fast—a style that he carried through his adult career. He eventually spoke with such ferocious speed that stenographers had a hard time following him.

    Talked fast so he couldn’t hear his self-criticism. He made a good comprador.

  18. from nov. 7, EXCLUSIVE | McGinty questions Rice family motives (cuyahoga county prosecutor McGinty) several videos are included; disgusting.

    sorry nomad, but it’s hard to deal with the R idiots. the sole reason i’ve mentioned clinton and sanders is that i figure folks ought to know what they’ll be voting for if they choose to vote for one of them.

    but yeah, that whazzit news-o-tainment anchor was another lying tool.

  19. Here’s what I wrote from earlier today. Since I haven’t been ‘active’ of late, this is least I could do, or so I believe.

    Today, There Are Forty-Three Million Persons Mired in Poverty…

    One of my many favorite writers had this to say recently and she carries her byline forward for being a much-maligned Optimist. As such, Linda Valdez, writing for a much conservative-oriented publication, has this to say in her “Godless or not, it’s how you behave that count’s”:

    “I have known atheists and people of faith who were honest, decent and compassionate. I’ve known members of these groups who were despicable. So it doesn’t alarm or reassure me that the latest Pew Research U.S. Religious Landscape study found an increase in the number of people who say they don’t believe in God. It’s not what somebody says what they believe that matters. It’s how they behave toward themselves and their fellow human beings.”

    And from this starting point for Common Sense, I find it consequential that none of the 14 presidential nominees for the Republican Party or for the three in the Democratic Party, as of yet, since I too am a much-maligned Optimist, that none of these wannabe Presidents have directly addressed in either form and function, to lift our fellow citizens out of poverty.

    Further, another Common Sense observation is the that our national debt in 1980 did not exceed $350 billion, and now, today, our national debt exceeds $27 trillion, and subsequently, we now have more citizens in poverty than ever before.

    Of course, conservatives, albeit Republicans and Democrats firmly believe that low tax rates will create more wealth and thusly, job creation can be accomplished, and yet, this accrued wealth moves up the latter to the already wealthy, and therefore, a loss of one-third of the middle class in these past 15 years, is just another onerous sacrifice that emblazons America’s “exceptionalism.”

    From another perspective, and in his column of today, Paul Krugman of the NewYork Times, has this to say:

    “With job growth at rates not seen since the 1990s, with the percentage of Americans covered by health insurance hitting record highs, the doom-and-gloom predictions of his political enemies look ever more at odds with reality.

    “Yet there is a darkness spreading over part of our society. And we don’t really understand why.

    “There has been a lot of comment, and rightly so, over a new paper by the economists Angus Deaton (who just won a Nobel) and Anne Case, showing that mortality among middle-aged white Americans has been rising since 1999. This deterioration took place while death rates were falling steadily both in other countries and among other groups in our own nation.”

    Now, I don’t often argue with the likes of Krugman and others who have highly visible platforms among the national media outlets, but in this instance, I am thoroughly disappointed these many splendid “voices” when they fail to display their much-maligned Optimism.

    To wit, Krugman, like many of the writers, have simply ignored history of the 1970s and where the Great Society brought forth the Employment and Training Act. And since the quickest way of out being mired in Poverty, is the mobility for changing the economic environment of a non-existing infrastructure of no readily available jobs or into implementing a governmental environment for job creation.

    In closing, another Commons Sense observation is that there is not one or any of the Fortune 500 companies being sizably invested on any Indian Rez in America that is leading to jobs availability and which goes to adequately demonstrate that “disenfranchisement” both in terms of politics, business, and finance, continues apace. And sadly said, none of the 17 candidates for their respective political party’s nomination, can bring themselves to amply address the anger and distress among America’s poor. Otherwise, the two issues of “universal voting” that would start at a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, and the reintroduction of the Employment and Training Act, would bring voters out on election day, should these respective political parties implement a simultaneous and more vigorous effort at a “get out the vote” construct. But they won’t since ‘corporate capture’ continues to become America’s waylaid future.


    • my credo is that one “should always do the least one can do” (h/t: hawkeye pierce). ;-)

      hello, jaango; nice to see you. in fact, i’d been brushing up a bit this morning on some passages of yaqui don juan matus’s conversations with carlos castenada, and had thought of you. part yaqui, aren’t you?

      i reckon i’d agree with mz. valdez on that issue, but krugman is a cheer-leader for the Imperium, so please don’t sweat disagreeing with him. ask him how many of those crap new ‘217,000 jobs’ (or whatever) jobs USians are struggling to hold down, for instance. or about the almost-dissolved social safety net that further degrades their lives and futures. and ask how the New Rules for ObamaDon’tCare are working out now that the open enrollment has commenced, and most of the Co-ops were forced to shut down their businesses.

      yeah, krugman has no clue; he needs to get out in the world some, doesn’t he? i dunno who’s even got enough energy to be angry at the right people by now, jaango. it’s easier to believe what the nightly news tells them who’s to blame, tragically.

      by now, i can’t even think job training programs matter to the US work force; far easier to issue more of those SB-1 or whatever visas to import workers who have da skills they’re lookin’ for, and rob them for a time…then send ‘em home.

      i’d thunk the bern had some plans, as well as the new ‘populist’ clinton, for…er…lessening wealth disparity. election season means Stupid Season to me, though. a candidate can say anything he/she pleases. take Obama and his ‘walking shoes’, for instance. yeah, bern has a bit of cred with that…maybe. he’s visited a few labor strikes here and there. ooopsie; i’m demonstrating that i’m not an electoral optimist, aren’t i? ;-)

      oh, and janet yellen believes the Employment Figures are indicative that it’s time to up the fed rate…sure, darlin’; US workers are doin’ jusst fookin’ fine.

      “would you like that Supersized?”

  20. Wendy,

    Chuckles! And it was good.

    Unfortunately for Sanders, he has a long way to go, given that the Democratic Party has been continually led by the conservative Democrats for these past 35 years, includling Clinton and Obama, as the code wise Neo-libeals, continue to “haunt us.” And haunt us they do since Trump and, are determined to conduct their ethnic cleansing, and to my everlasting chagrin.

    Of course, it hard to induce much if any satire despite my knowing full well that the rhetorical flourish has no gravitas in this day and age for espousing the nonsense that ‘collects’ the votes and as such, strengthens the re-election opportunities for candidates. However, my attention is always drawn to the SCOTUS, and that’s where I usually focus my politics.

    And as apt for any emaciated dickster: “I’ll be back!”


    • i reckon the bern’s another PEP (pretty progressive except israel) and is definitely an imperialist, given the weird things he says about more war, continuing wars, etc. i’ve seen headlines claiming that clinton is trying to outflank him ‘on the left’, and that made me laugh. but by and large, the sole candidate i’ve read anything much about is sanders, and that’s just cuz i want folks to know who they might be voting for.

      i also laughed that his fans are jubilant over ‘his idea’ to create post office banking, which the ‘save the post office’ folks have been touting for years. (switzerland has done so for practically ever.)

      be well,

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