DHS Is Paying Students to Spy on Classmates in the Name of Safer Schools for Some™

The author/s at massprivateI.com (as in ‘Eye’) go full-tilt Godwin, and I don’t blame them a bit. Rather than reconstruct what they’ve written, I’m going to reproduce most of their alert, although I might draw attention to a few of their links with bolds or excerpts. If this ain’t Minority Report pre-crime baseless assumptions from cradle to prison (at least in some locales using some of the related programs), I don’t know what is what is.

“Apparently DHS’s “If You See Something Say Something” spying program isn’t enough. Now DHS/Police want to turn school kids into spies.

The “Project Safe Campus” (PSC) program is an anonymous CASH rewards program that pays students $100.00 to spy on fellow classmates!

According to a statement from Detroit public schools…

“The goal of PSC is to increase the number of anonymous tips coming from the schools. Students who give tips that result in disciplinary action can earn $100 cash rewards.”

This program incentivizes schools and universities to spy on students.
Schools and campuses will RECEIVE $3,000 for EVERY actionable tip DHS/Police receive: (click to see on a separate page, then Go Back)

Project Safe Campus Pledge
Now the Crime Stoppers program is awarding tip matching donations up to $3,000 per individual student council for supporting and promoting Project Safe Campus in their schools”.

This is an incredibly dangerous program, A school or university that has budgetary issues will now receive $3,000 for every student they report to DHS/ Police!

The PSC program is funded by “Crime Stoppers” which is run by DHS. A ‘Crime Stoppers and Homeland Security’ search returned 108,000 hits. Crime Stoppers is in EVERY police department in the country and will soon be in every school.

DHS is using a clueless ex-NBA player and former Michigan resident to start a new nationwide student spying program, all in the name of SAFETY.

The DHS student spying program goes by a few of different names:

1.) The Louisiana Safe Schools program pays students $2,500 to spy on their classmates.
2.) The Laredo, Texas’s Campus Crime Stoppers program pays students $1,000 to spy on their classmates.
3.) Michigan’s “Fast Fifty” pays students $50.00 to spy on their classmates. [the cheapskates]

Isn’t it interesting these spy programs, got their start in areas where unemployment is high and incomes are low? Why would DHS/Police target low-income areas like Louisiana, Michigan and Laredo,Texas? Unemployed students eager to make some quick cash, now have an incentive to turn in their friends and family for a “fast fifty” or more.

Who in their right mind, thinks it’s a good idea to pay kids and schools to spy on students? Where does it stop? The ‘Greatest Generation’ fought to stop Nazi Germany which turned their school kids into spies. After WW2 Americans fought against the USSR which also turned their school kids into spies.

Have we learned nothing?

Who stands to profit from this brazen spy for-profit scheme? If you guessed DHS and private stakeholders (companies) give yourself a gold star:

“We know that we cannot do this work alone. That’s why we have expanded our collaboration with key stakeholders not only within the DPS family – including our own police officers, citizen patrollers, academic team, principals, staff, parents, students and our contracted security officers – but among outside partners and police agencies,” said Police Chief Stacy Brackens.

Students are being given assessments from kindergarten-college. Every student is given a “THREAT ASSESSMENT” by police and school administrators.

“The Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines (V-STAG) is a school-based manualized process designed to help school administrators, mental health staff, and law enforcement officers assess and respond to threat incidents involving students in kindergarten through 12th grade and prevent student violence.”

V-STAG was developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Secret Service, and the U.S. Department of Education.

For more info. about students being given threat assessments read:

American students are given threat assessments“.

“Universities are using data analytics to assess students mental health and much more”.

Common Core creates a womb-to-tomb dossier on kids and families“.

(Thank you, Arne Duncan, Bill Gates***, et.al.., for that last one:
“It is important to note that the DQC is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Alliance for Early Success, AT&T, and Target, all entities that will profit heavily by having lots of data collected on our children. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also funding a very alarming student database project called inBloom that already holds data that includes “name, address and sometimes social security number…learning disabilities…test scores, attendance…student hobbies, career goals, attitudes toward school – even homework completion.”

Updated 11/11/2015:
The Missouri University Police Department (MUPD) asked students to report ‘hurtful speech.’

The MUPD sent an email to students yesterday morning urging them to call them and report any hurtful speech they encounter on the campus. Click here to see MUPD’s report a student link.

The MUPD email asked “individuals who witness incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to call the department’s general phone line “to continue to ensure that the University of Missouri campus remains safe.” They suggest that students provide a detailed description of the offender, their location or license plate number, and even to take a picture if possible.

Read Eugene Volokh, who teaches free speech law at UCLA on the ‘call us about harmful or hurtful speech’ emails.

The article has a lot on The U.S. Dept. of Education’s  (USDOE) and the Michigan DOE’s   Restorative Practices (not to be confused with Oakland Fania Davis and Friends’ Restorative Justice program ) program which claims to reduce crime, improve student behavior, restore relationships, etc.   Some of their links didn’t work, so…I didn’t see that there was much there there.  If the author/s are correct about the expanding use of it, its overall aim is to create students more apt to be Cogs in the Vast Corporate Machine: bland, smiling, submitting to authority, and so on, while being forced into interventions by police, psychologists, and teams of some sort.

homeland security

Bonus material: 

Portugal senses a chance for change after pro-austerity government is ousted; a day after leftist coalition passed vote of no confidence to force out the minority administration, many hope for an end to sweeping cuts and privatisation.

Los Angeles Police Urged to Review Use of Force After ‘Alarming’ Rise in Shootings

47 responses to “DHS Is Paying Students to Spy on Classmates in the Name of Safer Schools for Some™

  1. RIGHT Outta the BushCObama Company 1984 Manual for these Oceaniacs’ Spies and Youth League. Next up: field trips to the town square for “terrist” public hangings! – OrWell

    • how did i not see this comin’? it’s just a logical Next Step for so many USian ‘goals’. but when your email comment came in, on another tab i ‘d been looking at a website that had this graphic on the left sidebar, and your ‘bushCobama also made me remember treble army.

      jeh johnson often gets over-looked in the scary black ‘servants of the people’, doesn’t he? (howya doin’, jeh? i’m just goofin’ around, listen to an interview with commie rapper boots riley talkin’ ’bout his new book: ‘Tell homeland security: we are the bomb!’

  2. Ah. D’ya think that shithead Sunstein took into account the likelihood of malpractice by master manipulators doing his noodging? Jah. Funny how these craptaculist “systems” have such spectacular failure modes. Like when “intelligence” agents pay off the “Northern Alliance” to locate the Taliban and they go for the double payoff instead of what the dumb-ass agents want – get paid to get the dumb-asses to kill the Northern Alliance enemies.

    These are power masturbators.

    • are you up late or…early? clue me in on this issue and sunstein?

      ‘power masturbators’ i reckon i get, but not your allusion to the double payoff; i seem to way behind now on afghanistan and syria.

      but srsly, this is hideous stuff, and the rhetorical question of why the program began in the poorest cities… well, yes. but who will be ratted out first? we can guess. but which cases will prove ‘actionable’ is really the key, of course.

  3. So much negativity, this is the best youth jobs program and quisling training system these people will ever be offered. It should be expanded to the general population to offer the MW worker a means to supplement their meager incomes. Moving students deemed as threats into the prison pipeline will create new job opportunities freeing up those positions they would later take if they weren’t refilling the private prison populations.

  4. Creeping fascism, comrade. The shithead pretends to use bribes to get American knuckleheads to act in their own best interest — to get their double-payoff. But, once trained, the marks will produce ROI. Double-payoff, comrade, they takes the money AND gets their enemies killed.

    The fake conservatives complain about government but, give them the crusade fervor, and they compartmentalize — national defense good, social welfare bad — and bear the burdens. The claims/threats that the guberment acts conservatively and in their defense suppresses their collective realisation of hypocrisy (hypocrisy not in their script).

    Real conservatives tried to kill Hitler.

    Aren’t the power masturbators only compradors? The lucre for attention to real (royal and occult) objectives is an investment. And afterwards, all kwistians can repent money as the root of all evil. How clever this script is!

    • thank you for explaining what ‘the double pay-off’ is/has been. as i’d mentioned, i’m a bit behind. odd, i’d just read that about ‘real conservatives tried to kill hitler; dunno where. but again, it may be due to the fact that my attention is scattered (daughter on the phone, adding to my current diary, hardly any sleep) but i’m not following you. ;-)

  5. Wendy – Would you please consider cross-posting this piece at caucus99percent (where I see you’re already a member)? This story really needs a lot more attention than it’s getting and, so far, your site is the only place I’ve even seen it mentioned much less covered. Thanks!

    Formerly TalkingWarrior from formerly FDL

    • would you be willing to do it under your name, noting my permission? i never learned the ropes there, and to say the truth, i couldn’t even remember my password last time i was there. and really, this is just a schlock cut and paste job, but yes, the story needs to get out there. i’d facilitate as i were able, though.

      i’m kinda following the trade unions general strike in greece, too. so many stories, eh?

      nice to see you, and great screen name, by the by. i love wascally wabbits.

      • i could, for intance, email you the html or text or whatever it’s called for the post, but then…you wouldn’t have the graphics. at least here, one creates a ‘media gallery’, then adds them.

        • I’ll give it a shot. Tha.ks. And, yes, far too many important stories being censored by omission these days.

          • check your inbox; i’d asked if you’d like the text/html tab for the diary. on edit: i should have said check your junkbox’, really.

            best to you. oh, and do have any idea why the proprietor/s of caucus99% require registration before commenting?

            • I got your email. And, yes, please send the doc with coding, etc. I’ll do my best, with my limited skills, to get it up, one way or t’other, with proper crediting, etc.

              As for why c99% requires registration to comment, I haven’t a clue. To weed out spam perhaps? (ShadowProof is plagued with “make $98/hour online” spam in their comments and they’re using Diqust, which requires registration . . . .)

              • done; wordpress does a fairly good job of spam-blocking. shadow proof using disGust: a major mistake, but…cheap. ;-) oh, and give my best to Pluto when ya see him. he’d asked to write here, but seems to have gone to your site. i admit, i have a hella time trying to figure out the site, myownself (meaning the layout and organization).

                • Thanks for allowing the post at Caucus99, WD!

                  Geez, I thought Pluto was a ‘she,’ all this time. Thanks for the clarification.



                  • hey, blue. welcome, but as i’d told dancing rabbit, it was pretty much cut ‘n paste schlock. but i’m glad it worked for him/her.

                    well of course pluto’s a dude! you can tell by the length of his ears, can’t you? if the wascally wabbit has a leoporidae avatar, mebbe we’ll be able to tell his/her gender, too. ;-)

                    when you were here last, i’d meant to suggest you might bring the link to your new place when it’s up and running.

  6. A break from black hole Amerikkka:

    Costa, the well-regarded former mayor of Lisbon and son of a communist poet from Goa, is poised to be prime minister after a broad leftist coalition including the Socialist party, Bloco de Esquerda (left bloc) and the Communist/Green alliance passed a vote of no confidence in the minority rightwing government – which two weeks ago was given legitimacy by the president despite lacking a working majority.

    Expect neo-Gladio intervention.

    Over and out.

    • depends if ‘they’ can create a failed state, or are on the way. but this at the end is worth noting:

      “This is hardly a “Syriza” moment, considering that Costa has ruled out any negotiations on debt restructuring or a potential EU exit. But solidarity with austerity-hit Greece is evident in his new, unprecedented coalition of broad political stripes. “I think everyone on the left, not just in Portugal, is questioning how politics is managed in Europe now,” Bak Gordon says. “But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we want out.”

      be interesting to check with nato on twitter, though. nope; nuttin’, but they noted that NATO’s facebook page just hit a million ‘likes’. omg.

      • Create a failed state? Jah, haven’t they already? Gladio operated under much less “failed” states.

        Well, have a go at the comments; you can see the compradors, dissing Costa et al, warring with the socialists. It doesn’t seem he’s been neutralized. Given the example Tsipras provided, the game is at a higher level, now. Any insurgency has to be beaten down because the insurgents know that diplomacy is a trick.

        Now Europe gets their own North/South civil war, but there is no crapitalist future for the North! Oops, big miscalculation. Poor Germans; torn between incipient xenophobia and imposed imperialism, will they repeat history?

        Stay tuned.

    • The Portuguese people have had enough of this social degradation. In the elections that took place only a month ago, a majority of voters laid their hopes on parties to the left of the PSD-CDS coalition (PaF). The smaller, more radical parties were the biggest winners in the polls. Bloco de Esquerda (BE), standing on a clear anti austerity platform, won big support amongst the youth, doubling its votes and securing an additional 11 seats in parliament, while the Communist Party of Portugal (PCP) had an overall percentage of 8.3% and 17 seats. Nearly 20% of the population voted for these two parties.

      The youth (and most others) don’t seem to be following WOW’s whizdom.

      Yesterday’s protest gathered all sorts of working people from different professions and regions. People were flooding down the road towards the parliament for many hours without a break. There were flags everywhere, most of them from the main trade union, the CGTP, while others included the dockworkers, teachers, cleaners and youth. People had travelled all the way from Porto and Braga in the North and Algarve from the South. Many people were wearing the carnation flower, the symbol of the 25th of April [1974] Revolution.

      People were ecstatic. Long before the official results of the vote in parliament were announced, they were celebrating. The protest didn’t look so much like a protest that was going to bring the government down, but rather a celebration of the government having already fallen. The atmosphere was incredible, after four years of harsh austerity, here it is: an alternative!

      People were singing and dancing to revolutionary songs by Zeca Afonso, the composer of ‘Grandola Vila Morena’ and by the end of the protest they all sang the Internationale.

      O my goodness. Are the fools setting themselves up for another betrayal, “comrade” “anarchist”?
      although most of the people present were either members of the PCP or actively supporting it, there was not one flag of the party in the air. There were no flags of any parties held by the protestors. This was done on purpose: the upcoming government will be a contradictory mix of forces; the centrist PS, the radical Bloco and the traditional workers’ party the PCP. Frictions will emerge once these three parties govern a country in crisis, but the mood at the demo was one of unity.

      Where are the idignant now? They are the minority party. Continuing …

      The problem is that the PS has argued that it is possible to implement [austerity] without repudiating or restructuring the debt and maintaining all of its commitments with the European institutions. […] The left parties, BE and PCP, have correctly stayed out of such a government and only promised to give it external support. They have also said that they would only support the budget on a year by year basis on the basis of the government sticking to the measures agreed [no further cuts in pensions, increase in the minimum wage, restoration of wages of public sector workers, reduction in VAT rates …].

      Who is putting the socialists in a vice, “comrade” “anarchist”?

      Syriza had the illusion of renegotiating the terms of the debt, which, if possible, would have allowed it to implement the reforms it promised. But in Portugal the situation is worse, as the PS has ruled out any renegotiation of the debt.

      The ruling class in Portugal and in Europe will exert pressure on the PS, starting by using the right wing of the party to undermine any attempt by the government to take serious measures against austerity.

      The PCP and the BE should be extremely careful in remaining vigilant and not being drawn into a government which will very soon be put to the test. The PCP as a party providing external support to a PS government should do so in a manner which would be to its benefit. It is the only party that can take on the fight against austerity due to its traditions, its rank and file and its organisation.

      It seems “comrade” “anarchist” prefers the Samson option.

  7. The Old Left in Europe had considerable power if not control until they were wedded with the Social Democrats and traded Marx for Markets gaining the illusion of power by becoming part of the ruling elites. During this time they helped build the chains and bars that confine them today and ultimately led to the Third Way Socialism, without Socialism.

    Credibility is difficult to regain after so much capitulation to gain position and power ceded is never returned so what is happening now just shows that self inflicted impotence may be terminal.

    There is some hope with the radical Spanish Indignados 15-M movement who reject all the compromised political parties and systems but they are under constant attack with new laws and restrictions which have forced them to become very clever using holographic projections to bypass restrictions on demonstrations.

    • Credibility is difficult to regain after so much capitulation to gain position and power ceded is never returned so what is happening now just shows that self inflicted impotence may be terminal.

      Marks to Market, hey? Rather, there is a great deal of skepticism about the 68ers. Turnabout is fair play. If they rebelled only to amplify the spectacle, then their hypocrisy can be discarded in return.

      Especially since the 68ers defacto implemented “Après moi, le déluge”. 68er comprador politics is easy to distinguish from communism. After all, the satrap state is busy making it clear what their enemy is — seduction is no longer effective.

      Shall we just obliterate the state because of its sirens? No, “comrade”, there must be organization so strict anarchism is a trifling (or worse).

      • We know who the compradors were and are in Europe, those who compromised ideals for position and it certainly does not include the Indignados who are under attack by those forces.

        Statists who worship their corrupt organizations and demand Order will continue to suppress liberty with their compromised ideologies Left and Right.

        • Blah blah blah. “[T]heir compromised ideologies Left and Right.” How, “comrade”, does your pox-on-both-houses dogma lead you to sympathize with imperialism? Yet we’ve no answer on that important question. Maybe the pox is more on one that the other?

          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

          • Don’t try to hide the compromises and failures of the European Left under the rubbish lies about my supposed sympathies for Imperialism. Diversion based on ignorance or mal intent is also the refuge of the scoundrel..

            • Blah, blah, blah. You’re not attacking the Moons over Alabama in defence of libertarian communism. We’re to believe that you’re forced to your “happenstance” alignment with imperialists because you’re saving the Moons from delusional Putin-philia?

              Bullocks. Does evasion get you in?

              • You seem to be running as far and fast from your European comrades as possible, my diversionary friend.

                A few people at the Moonie Cult site seem to think, most of the rest parrot prepackaged nonsense and a few are or were Iranian stooges. When their barrows of offal reek too much I can’t resist toppling them but I neither would or could save them from anything especially some of their testicular worship of Putin.

    • i fixed it; please pay the cashier an extra $1.99 on your way out the café door.

      interesting devolution history i hadn’t known. but heh; the left wing of syriza endorsed the general 24-hour walkout strike today. ;-) ‘popular unity’ seems to be gaining more members.

  8. Interesting timing. When the most trouble on campuses and spreading is #blacklivesmatter campus non-violent actions and when the main reason for reporting “hurtful speech” on campuses has to do with racial slurs or sexist slurs, neither of which the cops are traditionally interested in.

    Apparently some news media are making a big deal out of the fact that the hunger striker at Mizzou was the offspring of a dad who makes $14 million a year — and still gets called “nigger” at his state university. Or still gets threatened by roaming outside pickup trucks of white guys yelling epithets at blacks on campus (and likely women as well). Interesting timing. Need to get ahead of these protest movements, no doubt. Make the place safe for those who want to keep folks in their places through terror. I don’t think this is quite the same as the libertarians whining over political correctness when someone objects to their chanting racial slurs.

    Common Core doesn’t do all the things that people think Common Core does. The “reformers” are using Common Core to roll out all sorts of high-cost information systems (like Obamacare did with electronic medical records) at the same time that they are rolling out Common Core curriculum and testing. I don’t doubt that Microsoft is looking for school business in educational records systems. They see how well the educational media corporations have done with Common Core curricula and their rapidly changing predecessors, which of course must be tied to each change in the tests. When I went to school, my textbooks were typically up to 10 years old. Current test changes require textbook purchases every 2 years or for some tests every year. Textbooks, electronic media, teacher guides, prep tests, and testing. That’s a nice revenue stream. Now comes the educational records systems and the frequent updates and security fixes to that. No wonder school districts won’t be able to pay teachers. A similar process is beginning to unfold in colleges and universities. Especially as more schools bust tenure systems. In this environment, of course the cops want snitches.

    • apparently claiming that he’d ‘been in communication with MUPD, the student council prez sounded an alarm that the KKK were on campus. that rumor, of course, grew in the telling, and some place called ‘the blaze’ says it was all…nonsense. that, of course, has given a thrill to the trolls afoot (breitbart, for one), but also on the #Mizzou account that the whole ‘racist threat’ thing was a hoax. cripes.

      odd, but as to timing, on the safe campus site, i haven’t seen any dates; wiki may have the origin story.

      but in delightful (or not) synchronicity, justice online just reported: ‘Exposed: FBI Surveillance of School of the Americas Watch; FBI used counter-terrorism authority to track pacifist human rights group for 10 years’

      and oregon’s justice dept. turns out to have been monitoring BLM twit accounts, but i’m sure many states do, as the fibbies do. terrorists!

  9. ‘i said “Down with Big Brother” in my sleep,’ whatever his name was, the only fat guy in “1984,” reported to Thought Police by his own kids. just when i was beginning to feel better about the world cuz russian athletes will now face extra scrutiny for their cortisone+ injections.

    • thanks for the chuckles, jason. ;-) oddly, i kept seeing ‘lord of the flies’ instead. ‘michigan crimestoppers number was fun, too. ‘be the first one on your block…to have your frenemy put in.to the box.’ gimme and F! gimme an I ! whazzat spell?

  10. well when i, agent -1, call 1800speakup, i get the michigan crimestoppers…

  11. Jeh!

    Bush/obama rubber masks graphic

    I remember reposting a polititical cartoon like it back to USA Today, captioned W claiming, I’mmmmm black! Reminds me of a ’60s Sinatra song which creeped me out as a child:

    But as Poppy (Bush) would say, “Vic Damone!”

    • jeezum crow, ya great idjit! i’d given that hideous gaphic to you in my comment to you way up yonder. when i saw how gargantuan it was a bit ago, i hyperlinked it, as i will yours. ack! ha; it was the same source: the collapse of industrial civilization, too. ;-)

      to say the truth, sinatra’s always creeped me out, and not just with that song. i thought poppy bush was all about: ‘don’t cry for me, argentina!’

  12. thank you, willie burton and friends, for convincing detroit kids to rat each other out in the name of ‘safety’. yes, april 25, 2014. mebbe CS originated the program. ‘anonymously’.

    not one comment below the video; odd, no?

  13. it’s time for me to shut down for the night…after a long day. i would like to say that it must be that no one ‘follows’ this site, which is completely understandable, of course. : -)

    but i do want you to direct you to a feel-good story about the general strikes here against austerity in greece by trade unionists. yes, it was for one day, but excellent practice, even though who knows what power it may have had. but they #ShutShitDown, the good and righteously angry and fearful folks.

    tomorrow i’ll try to bring the new fukkery from cuyahoga county mcginty who is so far in charge of the prosecution of the scaredy-cat sociopathic ‘officers’ in the assassination of tamir rice, then…twelve years old. i will be soliciting help from y’all, and you may indeed be able to, should you choose to.

    for tonight, and since mr. wd reminded me of it, *and* since this is Café Babylon (Babylon in rasta-speak being the US/western Imperium fucking the planet as it can), please dream on peter tosh’s ‘jah guide’ if you can. he says it right, methinks. it’s a cosmic, gentle and inspirational song for floating-dancing, even in your chair.

    dream of a better and more just world; we really can get there..

  14. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/09/us-boston-guns-idUSKCN0SY29420151109

    this kind of futnuckery is why we can’t have nice fake stuff. it’s a two-fer: fake guns can’t be used in crimes and no kids will get shot cuz a cop pooped his pants over a kid’s dart gun. if the 2nd amendment applies to real guns, ab maiore ad minorem, it must also apply to fake guns. right? i mean, i ain’t an esq. or nothing or avocado or whatever it is in spanish. also, if you tell kids fake guns are bad, how will they ever learn real guns are good & want to go blow shit up in obscuristan? a better idea is to have cops & f lee ermey types raise our children. have them suck milk from the barrel of an M-16. and/or give all the cops diapers to go w/their bullet proof vests, tazers, and all that batman shit they carry around these days.

    • speaking of cleveland and toy guns, i put up this in the a.m. grrrr.

      ♫ when smoke comes out…your…ears…♪

      good great fake comment, by the by, amigo. ;-) very appropriately satirized.

  15. OT, wall-to-wall coverage of Paris. beirut, meh, not so much.

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