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(I’ll interrupt the regularly scheduled program, cop21 part III)

(i can’t get it to embed)

“Both analyses, released over the weekend by attorneys representing the Rice family, concluded that the responding police officers —Timothy Loehmann, who fired at Tamir, and Frank Garmback, who was driving the squad car — acted in ways that led to a use of force that was neither reasonable nor necessary.

The analyses stand in stark contrast to three independent reports commissioned and released earlier this year by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty. Those reports concluded that officer Loehmann didn’t act unreasonably in shooting the 12-year-old. Legal representatives for the Rice family questioned the prosecutor’s release of the reports, saying McGinty’s actions indicated “an improper attempt to exonerate the officers,” according to Zoe Salzman, an attorney at Emery Celli Brinckerhoff and Abady, a New York law firm representing Tamir’s mother and sister.

In response, McGinty’s office invited the Rice family to submit analysis from their own experts, a move Salzman called “highly unusual [and] perhaps unprecedented.” The length of time that has passed and the release to the public of various opinions on the case — in contrast with the usually secretive grand jury process designed to secure indictments — has lead to calls from the Rice family and local community advocates for McGinty to step aside in favor of a special prosecutor.”

for the ‘defense’ of the ‘peace officers’.  “enhanced”???


22 responses to “Killer Kops Katch-Up open menu

  1. ‘Mom Calls 911 for Mental Help With Her Son, Cops Show Up, Taser Him to Death While He’s Restrained’

    holy slimeballs! ‘Cops Didn’t Know this Camera Caught them Deleting Video of the Murder of Laquan McDonald’

    Thank you, you lying cow, Mz Alvarez.

  2. Gonna take more than firing McCarthy to clean up the CPD. At least three levels of suits and a bunch of white shirts also need to be prematurely retired for cause in running a corrupt department. Is the cop union in Chicago still segregated? Those institutions also need to be overhauled to focus on working issues and not to be insulation from public accountability.

    And down in Texas, the special prosecutor is hinting at January action in the Sandra Bland case. Interestingly they are looking for the witness who took the “second’ video, which supposedly shows a longer period before and after the arrest. I’m trying to remember what was in that one. The only one I remember starts with Bland’s car turning right out of the Prairie View campus and the cop doing a huey to stop her. That was definitely dashboard.

    • wooot. CPD is dirty from the top to the bottom. still segregated is a good question, and pings my headline reading but lacks recall. calls to close homan square…must give you the willies, but how loud is the megaphone is the question. same for shutting down rikers island. ‘reforms’ seem nigh unto impossible; who’s in charge is the question there, as well.

      goodness, i reckon i’ve never heard about a second video, but then i forget so much.

      fingers doing the walking in the bing casche. is this it? i’m knackered for tonight. hope it is.

      • That link reminded me that the police had first issued a video that had been edited to cut out some of sound and video and posted on YouTube. When it popped up on Twitter, some folks noticed the signed of editing (for one, an oncoming car suddenly appeared out of nowhere). Sounds like the police are trying to find out who posted that YouTube to plug a leak. It is the “second” even though it appeared first on the toobs. Then the PD itself was forced to release the full version seen here, without edits.

        • i hadn’t known that, thd. good on the devoted watchers. i guess 20 were arrested in nyc last night during protests for the one year anniversary of eric garner’s assassination.

          • The Sandra Bland harassment, arrest and suicide was certainly a tragedy that shows that discrimination and power tripping Pigs still roam free but there was no murder or cover-up just authoritarianism in action in a quiet Texas town.

            The Chicago story is a much more revealing view of the Beast in action with players that lead to the highest levels of power. HRC is already trying to distance herself from these Democrat Party and personal connections that have roots all the way back to the Black Panther executions under another Democrat regime.

            The Party and its minions will try to localize this embarrassment or divert people to a new shiny object but Rahm doesn’t exercise his corruption or power outside his Democrat Party’s protection and support. His actions and corruption clearly show that he is enabling and building the Police State for his supporters, elite Democrats in this case but actually for all the PTB.

            • or on a more global, or US Imperial and elite lackeys scale:

              luke osborne’s ‘Obama’s Cop21 Climate Speech Signals Coming Authoritarian Rule Over Unfolding Climate Disaster’ echoes what i’d brought from kate aranoff’s piece at jacobin (in a copt21 diry) an excerpt:

              “It is for this reason that Obama’s characterization of the continuation of the climate summit in the face of violence as an “act of defiance” must be seen for the Orwellian appropriation of reality that it is. The only act of defiance that occurred were those few people who protested in spite of the French imposition of rights restrictions, but Obama would take hold of that spirit, however limited it may have been, and make it the property of his elite audience. This then raises the obvious question, who exactly was Obama referring to when he said, “What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it?” Was Obama speaking of the terrorists who were unable to prevent the climate summit from occurring (but who managed to have the French government reactively undermine its own supposedly core Western principles), or was the president speaking of the activist rabble who, out of an elite preserving security-state decision, was unable to show up at their doorstep and interrupt their party? In either case, the “best efforts” that were “marshaled” was Obama’s recognition of the world’s cream of the crop, and was an expression of flattery likely meant to entice world leaders to see themselves as potential members of his club against a backdrop of disempowered people who had been dissuaded from coming out.

              If, then, by saving “our” world Obama is in fact tacitly supporting the dissolution of widely understood basic rights enshrined in the very Western civilization he is ostensibly looking to preserve, his call to action is not directed at the majority of people, but fittingly, it is aimed at those high level statesmen in attendance whose views fall in line with elite US interests. His stated goal to “protect our people and uphold the enduring values that keep us strong and keep us free,” could just as easily refer to the enduring values that keep the elite classes, his people, strong and free, and by free, this would mean free to do as they please without repercussions, in spite of their growing fears of system destabilization and the resulting desire to fortify themselves and weather mass social discontent.”

              the dog whistled, i reckon. #EliteLivesMatter

              • The fiasco in Chicago fits nicely with the Big Democrat Obama’s pep rally speech to the global elite. People know who is free and who is strong, as the normally subservient Black preachers in Chicago learned when Rahm read them the riot act before releasing the murder tape, he threatened to cut off jobs funding if they and their followers didn’t behave like good docile Negros, Paul Street reports on this at CP.

                • perfect fit, ennit? here’s the street link and i will read it later. i got waylaid earlier on the way toward it by Billionaires for nukes, and will post that.

                  fuck rahm.

                  • I think we should praise Rahm for showing the people, who are paying attention, what the Democrat Party represents and how they operate and have operated for years. The Republicans certainly have nasty wheelers and dealers but no one even approaches the raw pathology of power he displays and has used since his days with Slick Willy.

                    This Party embarrassment will probably cost Rahm a cabinet position in the HRC regime but the whitewash campaign may leave him free to join the team later.

                    • good gawd all friday: the active compradors blow me to kingdom come:

                      “Sadly enough, Emanuel has won solid majorities of the Black Chicago vote in both of his Chicago mayoral election victories to date (in April 2011 and April 2015). As the left Black commentator Bruce Dixon noted last spring, “Rahm Emanuel’s biggest asset was the overwhelming support of Chicago’s well-established black political class of preachers, business types, ‘community leaders’ and public officials….Nearly every prominent black elected official in town, Democrats all, came out for Rahm, for privatization, for gentrification, for austerity, for more of the same. This is the state of black politics in 2015, and the reason that Rahm Emanuel carried every single one of Chicago’s majority black wards.”

                      but adding threats? and holding hostages? my stars, that man needs to go. but sure, his and the hill-gurl’s PR teams might just be able to resurrect his image a bit later. good call. #teflonism. like the big dawg: nothin’ stuck.

                      i was glad street hit most of the bases: school closings replaced by charter schools (at least intimating the many fired teachers, like N’awleans), welfare reform (oh my, the stats from marion wright edelmen and friends) , and more i’ve sadly forgotten already. oh fook, nafta, but not glass-steagal, the CFMA…ack, to much to bring in one piece.

                      thanks for the heads up. er….wish heads could roll.

  3. Today is the 46th anniversary of the murder of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by Chicago police acting under the direction of the Cook County State’s Attorney.

    Power to the people.

  4. my stars, marym; thank you for the grim reminder. “…nothing has changed”.

    atlanta black star coverage, but eeee-gawds: the caption is ‘cops smile as they remove fed hampton’s body following his assassination’.

    ‘over a hundred shots’. yes, amadou diallou was murdered in NYC er….pigs (my apologies to porcines), 30 years later, but 41 shots. in all their memories, rest in power.

  5. jayzus. #MarioWoods was executed by a SFPD firing squad in san francisco on dec. 2; police claim he ‘lunged toward’ them with a knife. yep, he had an extensive police record as a gang member. so what? they claim they tried bean bag rounds, pepper spray but finally had to stop him cuz ‘he fit the description’ from an earlier stabbing. two views.

    his dreaded hashtag on twitter. some folks did frame by frame analyses.

  6. A community meeting erupted into outrage Friday night as San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr attempted to explain the shooting death of a man by police in the Bayview neighborhood that drew ire nationwide after video of the incident was widely circulated on social media.

    Dozens of community members packed a room at the City College of San Francisco southeast facility, calling for Suhr’s resignation as he told the crowd that officers fatally shot Mario Woods, 26, “in defense” of both themselves and bystanders at the scene.

    Woods died shortly after at least five officers fired at him about 15 times in the Bayview neighborhood about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    Suhr said Friday that his officers had no choice but to use their firearms after attempts to disarm Woods with beanbag rounds and pepper spray were unsuccessful.

    He presented a blown-up frame from a video taken by a civilian that he said showed Woods’ arm outstretched, proof that he was pointing his knife at the officer.

    The meeting quickly devolved into cries of “bull—!” from community members.”

  7. Hey, WD,

    Starting with this post, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’ll catch you Guys later this evening, after making one more run into town. We’re preparing for a relatively long road trip. This time, to eliminate so many pit stops, we’re finally buying an electric cooler for our Sierra Mist, a few sandwiches, etc.

    Very nice tribute to John Trudell. Also, look forward to reading your follow-up on COP21.

    Later . . .


    • it’s up, blue, but i’m fading on cross-posting right now. i may email johnny to explain why. have a good trip, stay safe.

      • Thanks, WD. We hope to do so.

        You know, I’m thinking about making yet another signature line with a link to my WP blog (once I’ve gotten it up), and letting it go at that.

        (Not sure why, but Drupal to WP cross-posting doesn’t always work very well. At least, it didn’t for me. So far, I’ve never tried cross-posting Drupal to WP.)

        Of course, Everyone is happy to see you cross-post, whenever you have a hankering to do so. (Of course, you should do what works best for you.)


        Have a good one!


  8. this Peace Officer’s gun fired ‘accidentally‘, thus the county DA will not prosecute him. ‘not justifiable, but not criminal’. as far as i can tell, he might as well have blown the smoke offa the end f the barrel before he holstered it, just like in the old westerns.

    the man he shot might be permanently paralyzed from the base of his neck down. he will be ‘likely’ be prosecuted for his deeds, though. drunk driving and manslaughter in the death of his wife.

  9. (see #mariowoods above)

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