They’re Not Going to Stop


They’re not going to stop.

I’ve personally been saying that for years in my discussions on the internet regarding U.S. led wars. I’ve said that to try to emphasize the urgent need for American and global citizens to stand up and end the madness once and for all. The state of the human race on planet earth is reaching pure madness and it’s being caused by a very small group of people intent on ruling the earth.
Sound insane? It is. It is insane but that’s what’s happening. Boil it all down and what we have is a small number of supremely rich and powerful people on the planet who want to create what they call a “New World Order”, or a one world government controlled by them. It’s simple, something right out of the comic books or a movie thriller. It shouldn’t be so difficult for people to understand.

But it is unfortunately. The same small group of people control the information war. They control 90% of the media including the internet and their false narratives, propaganda and outright lies are incessantly pounded into American brains while the illusions of land of the free and home of the brave are penetrated so deeply into their psyche’s they’re left in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance.

“They’re not going to stop”.

A writer I follow, Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report, is one of the independent “alternative media” writers who have been key in delivering the real truth about what’s happening in the middle east and north Africa (MENA) and why. He understands the big picture explained above.

In the linked article below he talks about Turkey’s downing of the Russian Su-24 bomber inside Syrian airspace and notes:

“In the days and weeks before the incident, US Senators openly called for the shooting down of Russian planes over Syria. Their goal has been clear since 2011, overthrow the government of Syria before moving on to Iran, then finally Russia and China.”

It’s that simple. The deciders have decided long ago they want to rule the world. That means taking down, TAKING DOWN, Iran, Russia and China.

They’re not going to stop with Syria. They’re not going to stop until they’re done or defeated somehow. What do you think all this is for, all the wars and militaries and weapons of mass destruction? What else could be the final human condition except to rule the world. That’s what it’s always been about.

Here’s another experienced alternative writer truth teller, Mike Whitney:

“Ultimately, the war on terror is a public relations fig leaf designed to conceal Washington’s attempt to rule the world. It’s impossible to make sense of goings-on around the globe without some grasp of how seemingly random acts of violence and terror fit within the broader and more comprehensive geopolitical strategy to create a new unipolar world order, to crush all emerging rivals, and to extend US full-spectrum-dominance across the planet.”

Now that the endgame is upon us, here in the 21st century, we 21st century humans have a special burden unlike any of our ancestors. It’s real now and we’re of the last ones who can stop it before the deciders either complete their agenda or kill the planet and everything on it.

If only the American people could understand, if only they could be made to understand, the real enemy isn’t ISIS, it’s not about radical Islam or terrorists or “evil forces” out to get us, it’s about those that rule over us, that’s the enemy, that’s the problem. The root of the problem, the source. They’re criminals, evil criminal sociopaths and yes, some genuine psychopaths, that will not bat an eyelid at “sacrificing” millions in their “crusade”.

They will not stop.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Bernie or Hillary or even Donald Trump. Those at the very top are in charge, in control and proceeding as planned.

If we don’t stop them, nothing else matters. It’s that simple. And we don’t have time to mess around with our fake elections of fake representatives in our fake democracy. We don’t have a democracy. So it goes hand in hand. If we want democracy, if we want this planet and the humans on it to survive, we need to stop the criminals at the top. There is no other way out.

Because they will not stop.


14 responses to “They’re Not Going to Stop

  1. thanks, bigal (without the numerals). i added some art, if that’s okay, and a More break. i’m not certain, but i think you might have meant that the cartalucci link about the senate calling to shoot down a russian plane is actually the landdestroyer one. the first one is jack (brrrr, shiver) keane and the NEO piece. shall i hot link the the plane one? or leave it alone?

    i can’t figure out why those sections won’t take the site font…

    nice to have a new author, by the way. ;-)

    on edit: i can’t find anything about it yet at the DOD’s website, but the guardian and RT reported slightly different versions of mcCain and linsey graham calling for another either 10,000 or troops to iraq, 10,000 more to syria. why does anyone let mccain stay on the loose?

    but it doesn’t seem hard to sell the ideas to the USian public that ISIS, china, and russia are existential threats to the US, does it?

    and the navy’s new stealth destroyer, able to shoot guided missiles is afloat now, and only cost ‘a stated’ $4 billion. but that’s a whole ‘nother reason for the Imperium to love ‘the war on terror’.

    • Ooops. I cut and pasted and didn’t notice it didn’t take the links. I’ll try my first edit on wordpress I guess.

      • Think I screwed it up. This is new to me, I’ll have to get the hang of it. Be back later. And thanks for having me.

        • did you use these instructions and use Chrome, click ‘WP admin’, add new post’, etc., all on the left sidebar? the new ugly turquoise editor won’t keep hyperlinks from Word intact… and firefox will only take you to the new teeny-bopper editor. ish.

        • Glad to see you posting, again, Al. The art looks real good, WD.

          Also, thanks for not sugarcoating your message. At this point, I’m really beginning to dread the 2016 election cycle.

          Or, maybe I just wish that it were over!



  2. It’s sad to contemplate the fact that the only way to save Mother Earth may be the Nuke-Apocalypse because the ‘we’ are just as much a part of the problem as the deciders who lead the ‘we’.

    Stopping the Hegemon from being the Hegemon, if it were possible, wouldn’t actually change much just allow others to lead the final destruction of the planet to feed and amuse the voracious multitudes.

  3. UNLE$$, we JUST(LY) Don’t BUY IT!

  4. There are lots of fantasists in the US national security institutions that do not realize that George W. Bush squandered US sole supepower status. These folks allow Donald Trump to act out his bullying and President Obama to think that no part of the planet is off-limits to US power. But in fact, the US does not have the power to do what it aims to do. President Obama understands some of the limits to US power but is weak-kneed (the experience of JFK is still salutary for Presidents bucking the MIC) in doing much more than what he’s slipped through with the Iran agreement and accepting the existence of the International Syria Support Group that Putin provided the basis for through the Russian deployment to western Syria.

    Meanwhile, China’s New Silk Road initiative has scared the crap out of the folks seeking to control the world by taking Eurasia (Mackinder’s really bad political geography analysis). What potential is a politically integrative and economic tool of prosperity is seen in the West with suspicion and hostility. The juvenile political power games are more important than the well-being of people. To be sure, the New Silk Road has some political implications. The appropriate counter-measure would be proposing the integration of the electric grids of North America and Eurasia across the Bering Strait. That would be a major infrastructure project that would load balance the world’s use of electricity and make destruction of the electric grid anywhere be a self-hurting action. Increasing mutual dependency on each other reduces the threat of infrastructure destruction and dampens the rush to war. That view is anathema to many in the US national security community, but importantly not all.

    I suppose that the US population needs to confront once again what “turning a nation to glass” actually means. We had that experience as a result of Johnathan Schell’s books on nuclear winter during the Reagan administration and the international effort of some Russians and Americans (such as Kenneth Boulding) to get beyond war. Regardless of where that movement came from, it succeeded in getting information about what nuclear war means into some geographical strongholds of warhawk thinking. I don’t think a similar strategy would work today, but some people need to think of how to get everyone in every Bugtussle USA to understand the realities of nuclear war and shake them out of their glib euphemisms about turning places to glass.

    What is interesting in the 21st century is how Putin has been scrambling to ensure that there is not an issue for the US warhawks to grab hold of. One of the quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev was something to the effect of “We have taken away the United States’s enemy’ with the implication that this would put severe internal strains on the United States. I can’t find that exact quote online, but it was a striking insight. One senses that both Russia and China understand the power of taking away the US’s declared enemy as internally stressing the US society to deal with its divisions.

    The US is addicted to war as a uniting factor to gloss over the greed and evil of the PTB. The Davos crowd is focused on world domination. The Economic Forum every year is conducted in that context. It is the globalist elite’s strategy session.

    Twice during the Cold War Russian officers questioned situational (not direct) orders to start a nuclear war and twice they saved us from catastrophe. Were there similar instances of US officers questioning situational orders for nuclear war? Would they question direct orders?

    This generation neither lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis nor saw Dr. Strangelove. Nuclear weapons to them are just big ole bang-bangs. No sense of the size or devastation they cause. And then there are those hoping for the apocalypse in which Jesus comes and takes away their manifold sins and most of all punishing their enemies.

    Will the US be able to accept multiple co-equal powers? Or will it further bankrupt itself trying to preserve a hegemony that died the moment George W. Bush ordered the attack on Iraq?

    Isn;t it obvious that the idea that the US could eventually control Russia and China in a new global order of one sole superpower is now lunacy? Not that there are still some national security thinkers in DC pushing this, but that the objective itself is both foolish and impractical. What exactly do you have if you succeed?

    • as to who now will show this generation the devastating horror of nuclear winter, you caused me to think of this heart-wrenching song:

      See it come along and
      Don’t know where it’s from
      Oh, yes you will find out
      Well, it happens all the time
      It’s censored from our minds
      You’ll find out….

      Stand up coming years
      And escalation fears
      Oh, yes we will find out
      Well, like a withered stone
      Fears will pierce your bones
      You’ll find out….

      but an expanding multipolar world is also ballasted by alternatives to the IMF and world bank, maybe especially the asian infrastructure bank. and the Imperium won’t like that one bit.

      • Not liking alternatives to the IMF and World Bank is why the Western media is eagerly awaiting collapse in the Chinese economy resulting from its rapid expansion of infrastructure within China and the fact that that does not immediately kick in increased local demand or productivity gains. And missing that the infrastructure that deals with China’s environmental problems has spin-off benefits.

        But both Russia and China are pursuing an “all sources” program of energy development. The major pipelines to watch are the straws that China is putting into Russias Arctic reserves of oil and gas. That might be on the PTB’s radar, but it is completely out of view for ordinary Merkins.

        • makes sense, and come to think of it i have seen headlines like ‘financial crisis in china’ or close. is china going large on nuclear power as hansen hopes, as the great bear is? i saw a piece at RT claiming that a new fast-reactor is about go on line demonstrating that a closed nuclear cycle is no longer a dream.

          china and dams, though: at least western news has had it that chinese hydro-electric dams both at home and in africa have led to devastation for subsistence farmers. i would have to hope that the dam outlets would be designed to permit the released water to be fed back into the river streams from which it’s being withheld.

          at RT was also a video promising to show ‘rumble at the rada’, and two stills showed yats being tackled, lol. i didn’t click in. oh, and yes, michael hudson’s current piece is about the IMF playing faves. i’ll go fetch it.

          shoot, it’s even worse than the headline had implied:

          ” For over half a year there was a semi-public discussion with U.S. Treasury advisors and Cold Warriors about how to stiff Russia on the $3 billion owed by Ukraine to Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. There was some talk of declaring this an “odious debt,” but it was decided that this ploy might backfire against U.S. supported dictatorships.

          In the end, the IMF simply lent Ukraine the money.

          By doing so, it announced its new policy: “We only enforce debts owed in US dollars to US allies.” This means that what was simmering as a Cold War against Russia has now turned into a full-blown division of the world into the Dollar Bloc (with its satellite Euro and other pro-U.S. currencies) and the BRICS or other countries not in the U.S. financial and military orbit.”

          the rest is here.

      • The ‘devastating horror’ for the Earth is Civilization and its multitudes while Nuke Winter would be a refreshing and short lived cooling correction to the growing fevered disease of AGW. Nukes can’t turn a nation into glass but the glass lined craters that were once cities could become places of reflection for the surviving wanderers.

        Humans at one time were symbiotes with the biosphere but once we organized a civilization and began exponential growth we became deadly parasites consuming the host.

        I doubt anyone would join a Bless the Bomb movement but with the sociopathic Leadership Class we have evolved it may not be necessary.

        • hard to argue, wayoutwest, and lol, although nuclear winter is a horror to me. when i was young, i used to imagine that Mother Earth could just shrug off idiot humans as needed, in the same way that a horse is able to shimmy its coat to shrug off flies…for a while. but the potential for the burgeoning number of super-bugs may take care of a lot of the population, i reckon.

          but even though this nuclear winter ‘expert‘ was really hard to follow in his confusions (nervousness or more?), it depends on how many nukes and of what kilotonnage might be unleashed. even his sub-zero temps he seemed to back-track on or something.

          he said that the global south would be safer, as: no nukes there, anyway, but then said that the smoke from burning cities would circle the planet, so…hard to imagine folks wandering to the glass city hollows. (good title for a book, eh?).

          but two questions in my ignorance: there appear to be ways to calculate the heat blasts from nukes (white sands even has a simulator), but that resultant heat might not last long enough to mitigate the smoke and other fallout particles? another question/consideration is how much radioactive toxicity would it take to almost irreversibly poison the soil, water, and and oceans, including destroying any or all of the essential microorganisms for crops, ocean life, and tra la la?

  5. The burning Bushs’ New World Odor.

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