Yesterday’s Gone

ship over waterfall

What’s a human supposed to do when there are no options? We live in this country and everybody talks about democracy and freedom and the home of the brave. We’re taught that we’re the greatest, strongest, bestest country that’s ever existed, the land of a thousand shining lights and we, and only we, are the way forward for the human race. American exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny.

But it’s all bullshit. What’s funny is we Americans have been subjected to a lifetime of fantastic illusion and propaganda including being convinced it’s the other humans who are the dupes. We’re shown filmsclips/videos of the brainwashed citizens in other countries to prove that WE are different. We watch them salute their dear leaders, chant their nationalistic slogans and watch their military parades and wonder how they can be so ignorant and compliant. While we pledge allegiance to a flag and sing songs about how free and brave we are because of bombs bursting in the fucking air a couple hundred years ago. No way, “merikans” wouldn’t take no shit from a dictator.

I’m just done with it. I’m supposed to vote, that’s my civic duty, it’s my way to participate in this wonderful demockery we live in. People died for my right to vote. If I don’t vote, I have no right to complain about the actions our political representatives take. That’s all bullshit too. People died for our right to vote because they mistakenly believed voting made a fucking difference. It doesn’t, never did. The political system of this country is an oligarchy which is defined as a small group of people that make decisions for everyone else. Someone tell me what 535 politicians that make decisions for over 300 million people is if not an oligarchy. Then to top it off, the oligarchy is completely beholden to those with the most money and wealth, i.e., the plutocracy. So that’s what our form of government really is, as set up by the founding father dudes, it’s an oligarchy controlled by a plutocracy.

I’m not done with voting period. When I’m “allowed” to vote for issues/actions directly such as initiatives or referendums for gay marriage or legalizing marijuana, I’ll certainly do that. When I’m “allowed” to vote to raise or lower my property taxes or to raise the sales tax to fund new schools, I’ll do that. But I’m done with voting for political representatives UNDER THIS SYSTEM.

I’ve read many writiers in the last years state that we need major systemic change in our society, not to mention the planet, to solve our problems. That has to start with the political system. We are controlled, we aren’t free.  We’re controlled from the second we come out of our mother’s womb to the day we die.  There’s nothing sacred about our political system and the U.S. Constitution is not some devine document from God that should remain the same forever and ever Amen. Some of the more astute “founding fathers” acknowledged that such a change would probably be necessary.  Because they knew that human greed and lust for power would always rear it’s ugly head.  We’ve reached a zenith in human greed and lust for power.

When I saw Clinton vs. Bush (or as it is now, Trump) coming I thought it would be a perfect time to make the move. Tell them to shove it, we aren’t taking it anymore and we demand change. I figured there was enough people in this country fed up with these greater evil/lesser evil choices pushed down our throats that we could finally form into enough of a force to challenge the plutocracy. I still think it’s possible, particularly after the kabuki with Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party plays out and it’s clear Clinton will be the nominee.

But it’s not shaping up that way yet. The fly in the ointment could be when Sanders is defeated in the Democratic primary and it becomes moment of truth time for the left wing of the democratic party. Will they fall in line as instructed by Sheepdog Bernie to support Clinton because Trump and the republicans are batshit crazy?  Or will they follow through with their “Bern or Bust” threat to not support the Democratic nominee unless it’s Sanders?

It appears most will fall in line. Most are Democrats after all and Democrats, to the astounding tune of 80%, approve of Obama’s job performance. The same warmonger criminal Obama who has waged wars in seven countries, become Assassinator in Chief, and a literal treasonous traitor to the country for his role with the Trans Pacific Partnership. Since most of Sanders supporters are of this stripe, what else can we expect when the rubber meets the road other than a sudden turn right to the clutches of Evil Queen Hillary, the Wicked Witch of the West.  Particularly with Trump out there running rampant on human ethics.

There has been speculation that ultimately Trump is in the race for Hillary Clinton, or the Clinton’s to be exact. Bill even went Stephen Colbert’s show to settle the question once and for all.  Colbert asked if the Clinton’s had asked Trump to run, Bill said no, end of story.

Funny thing about that. I was talking to my older sister the other day and when the discussion turned to Trump she became beside herself. My sister is a full blooded liberal, not a Democrat, and is just as disgusted with our state of affairs as I am, almost. She said she hates the idea of the lesser evil thing, but she might do anything to keep Trump from office, the anything in this case being voting for Clinton. The way it’s working out with the Trump factor on the right and the Evil Queen of the West on the left, the lesser evil approach to demockery is slowly becoming the only forseeable option for the 50% of the voting public that still participates in this fraud.

So whether the Clinton’s asked Trump to run or not, the thought had to cross their evil little minds.  The staged question and answer session with Colbert indicates a planned effort to ward off further questioning.

I told my sister to not do it, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances, even if Trump is revealed to be the Antichrist.

History tells us that what we’re seeing with Donald Trump is simply another example of the ruling class full on descent to psychopathic madness, joining neverending war, blatant legalization of torture and assassination, a fascist police state, and trillion dollar bailouts to the banksters and an unabashed quest for world supremacy. Everything is surreal now, why not one of the Presidential candidates, or the Presidential election itself.  He acts like an outlier but it’s all in keeping with the same trajectory pattern we’re experiencing elsewhere. Presidential elections are controlled, that’s a proven fact, and there’s no reason to believe this one is different.

The world is as close to a nuclear World War III than at any time since the more serious segments of the original Cold War. Debt and man-made financial instruments of mass destruction are enveloping the planet along with massive poverty and an existential crisis of climate change human greed is preventing from being addressed. We KNOW it won’t get better with either Trump or Clinton or any President. The trajectory is going the wrong way and it’s accelerating.

Can we afford eight more years of this shit? Can we really settle for a lesser evil that is anything but, while the world is falling apart before our own eyes? As my Uncle Dan used to say, “I’ve got any uneasy feeling about this shit”.

Amazing times we’re living in.  Like a train careening out of control down the tracks, we’re holding on for dear life wondering what’s at the end of the line.

14 responses to “Yesterday’s Gone

  1. InDeed! Do NOT BUY the Wall $treet-theater (kabuki)!!
    It’s ALL “Devine” ₵OMEDY, creampuffs!!!

  2. a question, if i may, bigal. what does your title signify? as in: what was ‘yesterday’?

    (had to go with a ship over the falls; no careening trains awhaleable.)

    • Well, I took a big hit of Blue Magoo while I was listening to Fleetwood Mac and thought I had an inspiration. I suppose it refers to the illusion of America, the American Dream, John Wayne, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet, and how that was yesterday, it’s over, gone. We need to give that up and create something new.

      • thanks for the allusion. kinda like this, eh? (not that i endorse every reference he seems to imply). but i love billy b.!

        mr. wd and i used to blast this one before we went downtown to Occupy mancos,, co, population maybe…1000 by now.

        but as an aside: arrgh, i’d had to create a brand new ‘electoral politics’ category for your post. ;-)

  3. Another inspiration:

  4. Being the subject of my Gen X daughters’ favorite song:

    I’ve led, followed and will soon GTH outta da way!
    Meanwhile, I’m with y’all in anything newly efficacious!

  5. here ya go, bigal.

    <b>Congress approves vast $1.1tn spending bill to avoid government shutdown; House and Senate approve legislation to fund US government for next year and speaker Paul Ryan avoids disarray within Republican party to pass bill

    now what the piece doesn’t mention is that the adorable paul ryan, now sporting a lincolnesque ? beard, had stuck the new cybersecurity bill CISA into the ‘must pass legislation. and oh, what a pip it is! (not to mention the spending items, but sooooo great for low income workers we hear.)

    here’s the vote breakdown page.

    the math might make ya laugh… well, it did me, anyhoo.

    • thanks for pointing this out. why is this not surprising? aren’t these phony budget battles just the best?

    • Even the “nays” are merely protest votes. That’s the sad part. If it were 217-217, not one of those “nays”–not one– would have stopped the bill and forced a multi-billion-dollar shutdown recovery cost. What is apparent from this is that Congress is in honest-to-goodness horsetrading gridlock. Note the true but contradictory characterization. But in the protest vote, you see who is opposed to the procrastinate and puke form of shoving an appropriations bill through. And this one is a catastrophe all around. What the numbers signal is the relief in the White House.

      To the topic. Yesterday is indeed gone. We don’t start from a Truman or an Eisenhower hidden military-industrial complex and a ginned-up Cold War. We start from the catastrophe that both of those have caused. We don’t even start from a Jimmy Carter malaise. Morning in America shined away that sucker.

      We start from the good ole days when a major political party used the governors office, a state secretary of state, a local election board manager, and the Supreme Court to steal an election. The thief-in-chief opens the nation to its worst terrorist attack ever (the Civil War was a war; the Ku Klux Klan overthrow of the governments of Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina in 1875 were “home rule” not a terrorist attack or subversion). The opposition party allows the stacking of the Supreme Court when it had power to stop and force change on the Court. The opposition party no longer defends its own candidates in election. The opposition party instead decides to “keep its powder dry”. Massive energy and organization put the opposition party into power in both houses and the Presidency. The majority filibuster-proof vote in the Senate gets in a snit after being opposed in the primary and runs as an independent for himself–a combination of honesty and cynicism in one package. S’OK, the President persuades a Senator from Vermont to flip from opposition to governing, and then one from Pennsylvania to do the same. He recruits opposition members out of Congress for his cabinet in hopes that the governing party can backfill those opposition party seats. Because the opposition party dug in. And the lobbyist cash increases and then under a Supreme Court decision becomes unlimited. If the Gilded Age was bad, this is much worse because it is done out in the open. And the saturation coverage of loony toons media all over the country sets the background conversation.

      But just before this good political fortune, the bankers destroyed the economy and the fine two-party ladies and gents in DC picked up Humpty-Dumpty and gave him a big bonus.

      And then those whispered rumors of total surveillance turned out to be true and documented in a series of massive leaks. And Gen. Clark’s list of wars of regime change unfold. And the former “sole superpower” loses both credible force and stature despite the most expensive military budget in the world.

      There was not longer the illusion of “normal life” to hide what likely had been going on for quite a long time under those civics lessons.

      Who chooses the candidates, who chooses the issues, and who counts the votes suddenly became the key levers of power. Getting people out to vote for what Brits call a “list” lost importance and more people knew it but could not imagine how to get their candidates and their issues on the ballot and ensure that the ballots were counted and their candidates were incorruptible. Lots of mechanical systems build in for human error; or political system is not one of them, but a two-button paper cutter is.

      Having no processes of power means the “strongest” in that context always win. Building processes that can check bullies, for example, takes more stamina that many people who have watched this decline for a while can endure much longer. And most of us are very clear after 40, 50, or more years how fierce resistance to dealing head-on with issues, leave alone some abstract principles of government actually is.

      Britain is already saying “Hello” to Big Brother and our enabling legislation is just one signature (is that today?) from becoming real as well.

      We’ve had 70 years to realize what was going on. That David Talbot’s The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, The CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government comes as a ton of bricks for so many American readers is striking considering how much repeats old Ramparts articles and late 1960s exposes. Except the personal stuff about Allen Dulles and the later catching up of the consequences of his career. Voting is indeed a thin reed in the face of this kind of governance. Seeing the apostolic succession of the oligarchy up close and biographical.

      With Trump you realize that the oligarchy has opened itself to the ethnics and their contributions to its power. The Oligarchy persecuted the Catholics until the Kennedies gained political power through the Democratic Party and personal networks. The Oligarchy rescued its failure in the 1960s by seizing the Catholics by the gonads (at least by the rules connected with them), the white Southerners and urban ethnics who weren’t Catholic by their fear of black men marrying their daughters, and by opening their ranks to a more diverse group of Oligarchs. From Father Coughlin before World War II to today and Cajun Limbaugh, Jewish Kristols, and one-by-one all the old New Deal urban ethnic Democratic coalitions. Today the Oligarchs are cracking the door open to African-Americans and Hispanics (and no doubt a few token indigenous as well). Who all get to visit to Davos’s highest circle of insiderness. Southerner Bill Clinton made it — all the way from Hot Springs. But that’s now the old guard. Next edition are people like @Deray or some Occupy Wall Streeter on the make whether they themselves realize it yet or not. That World’s Fair will continue even without election campaigns and polling days. The media will have then next new idea and the corporations will roll it out, whether it be “rightsizing”, “globalization”, “flexible work schedules”, “managed care”, indeed “managed” anything. In the background you will see the Quentin Tarantino characters that make it happen; they’re Trump’s buddies (and buddies of more finely cultured folks as well). Now co-opted and made affluent by various inteligence (more accurately, clandestine) services. This is where the political process really is. Your choices are to overpower it, starve it economically, or delegitimize its claim to obedience and honor.

      I guess you are right, wd, like deficits, the Bush administration shows that elections don’t matter and the Obama administration showed that to be true for both parties no matter how seriously they take fighting over the bribes.

      I imagine that Colorado and Washington State are easier places to detox people from their voting addiction. Likely always have been.

      Yes, yesterday’s gone. But tomorrow and its days of wrath is not yet here. The perpetual dance ground of freedom. What shall we do with it instead? For the literarily (in contrast to the YouTube musically) inclined, Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain is very much in the mood of the moment. Mythology not ideology.

  6. When I think of our America, and in particular, our Future together. Therefore, I may express my angst and anger, and yet I know that in 20 years, our nation becomes equally white and brown. And in 40 years, America’s “majority” will be brown.

    Therefore, will America return to being Indigenous, and if so, the “power” being demonstrated today is predicated on taxpayer dollars being spent, as well as having to contend with today’s onerous national debt.

    And anything else, becomes less important.


    • I would not be complacent about that majority translating into power. During Reconstruction in the South there were many counties and not a few states with African-American majorities. Within a decade terrorism had suppressed that number, whites gained control of all governments and institutionally defeated democratic reforms in the name of the Democratic Party. Within two decades all of those states tightenedd institutional reforms into the de jure totalitarian institution of segregation (Jim Crow laws). With legitimizing outsiders (in this case the Republicans in Congress), this theft of power was relatively easy to accomplish and so were the last battles of genocidal suppress of indigenous Americans that occurred during the same time.

      If Voter ID falls soon an hard, you are likely right to be optimistic. If armed opposition to this minority trend becomes more intrenched, the situation in the US becomes very dicey for its survival as a single national government. The situation is getting that hyped up. And it is likely that the national election 2016 will not change the trends. That’s what it looks like from here. Likely it looks different from where you are.

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