Happy Christmas Open Menu


Merry christmas from the NRA

Ho ho ho!


I tried to imagine bringing ‘Happy Christmas, War is Over’, but it was one bridge to far…for now.

Truly, I hope you all have warm and wonderful holidays, and imagine a better world…when you can.


19 responses to “Happy Christmas Open Menu

  1. Lots of kids here envying your snowpack. December this year has become the preview of the monsoon season. After a brief overnight dip to 27 degrees F middle of last week, we have had about four days of rain, two quite tropical in intensity with the temperature now 76 and heading close to a high of 80 before we are done with this spell. My favorite creek rose from a normal 4 ft to a rain-swollen 11.5 ft in depth. Given the flood plains and meanders, it of course overflowed its banks. Santa’s whitetail deer are likely to be pulling a boat. It is so warm that the squirrels that had taken up in the soffets are back outside now that the downpours are gone.

    Happy holidays to all of you. And don’t forget the wassail of your choice.

    • ooof, that’s some rain, amigo. more el niño?

      here it was 5 degrees this a.m., and more snow is expected.

      now i know you’d said you have no sound on your laptop, but you can at least see the alternative to whitetails pulling a boat in the first video. ;-) second one, imagine you’re hearing ‘carol of the bells’; the visual is awesome.

      ah, wassail. i heard mr. wd telling our daughter in c springs that he reckoned that even though it would be just the two of us, we’d likely make morning eggnog and spike it. sounds good to me. maybe even consult doctor cannabis for good measure. ;-)

      oh, what’s wrong w/ your speakers (or sound) if i might ask? we have an extra set of little speakers somewhere.

  2. 4 hrs ago:

  3. Hey, WD,

    Wishing you and your Family a very nice Christmas, and New Year’s celebration. It’s been very enjoyable catching up with you (and RC) again this year. ;-)

    Very much enjoyed the Christmas videos, especially Love’s–and, of course, ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks.’ Hearing the Chipmunks’ music always lifts my spirits, and makes me smile. Probably because it takes me back to a time of childhood innocence. (*Sigh*)

    IIRC, you may not particularly be a fan of Andre Rieu’s, but hopefully you’ll enjoy this video–a pretty good rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s “The Messiah,” if you can tune out the over-the-top set, etc.

    I hope to re-find a video of ‘The Harlem Gospel Choir’ singing “Oh Happy Days,” to post her some time next year. (Recently discovered that a version that I’ve posted in the past, is no longer operational/viewable.)

    Also, best holiday wishes to All who post/comment here. Hope everyone’s weather is cooperating and/or non-threatening. (We were under a tornado watch for 30 minutes last evening.) Apparently, the ‘highs’ will be in the low 70’s here for the next couple of days.

    Obviously, it doesn’t feel very ‘Christmassy.’ But, I must say that we’re relieved that this winter isn’t likely to be a repeat of last winter–with single digit temps for days on end.

    Well, here you go . . .

    [Handel – Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus, killerecho, YouTube]

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    • mornin’, blue. do watch the choir in the box video, see what you might notice. it knock me out. yes, i’m not all that big on classical music turned pop, but my goodness…that was fine. not one vocalist there was less than almost perfect, eh?

      tornado watches must be a bit frightening, but 70s, my goodness. it’s blizzarding here again, thus drifting. mr. wd will be spending a good part of his day plowing snow both here and at a ranch north of town.

      tonight’s a ‘full cold moon’ (photos), and there won’t be one on christmas day for 17 more years.

      hmmm. a bit awkward on RC, but he is most sincerely vexed with me, and won’t be back. same for comrade x and a couple others, unless i miss my guess. i do seem to have a knack for unintentionally pissing folks off, it seems.

      anyway, i wish you and your family wonderful holidays, as well.

  4. War Is OVER, too! If We WANT IT.

    • that was indeed john’s message, bruce. polls never ask ‘how much do you want it?’, but i cringed to see a headline about a pew poll showing 60% of USian millennials are in favor of amerikan ground troops in syria. all polls are push polls, and i never clicked in to see the internals, but jezum crow, yanno?

      THD’s conclusion that nato’s been on a mission since the breakup of the ussr to find a purpose. it hit me this morning that beyond that, they and their cia allies, et.al., create the purpose globally. christ, what’s going on in africa is simply breath-taking. never mind, i’m in a bit of a mood.

      so…mr. wd’s been playing this nice song. joni is a genius.

      good holidays to you, amigo.

  5. Happy Christmas, wendyedavis and stephenadavis,

    Began cutting dulcimer sides and backs (book-matched) again after a 30 year break from that hobby. Some local apple and fruiting cherry on the stack for over ten years was apparently ready to use, as a piece rolled off at my feet as I was sorting things this week. So joni fit right in and is appreciated, maybe you heard me tuning the bandsaw for re-sawing.

    Taking the annual inventory of turning of my life. Books,Tools, things, ideas, what to keep, what to leave, in what direction to embark next. A pile of black locust limbs isn’t going to get burned anymore. Inspiration arrives in its own time. Nothing here, including some historic family roots is not totally familiar.


    May all your days be merry and bright. -nonq

    • how nice that providence has given you a fairly pointed directional nudge, my friend, and what better direction than making dulcimers again, yes? but it may have been mr. wd who heard your saw-tuning. oddly, for the last two nights i hear ‘jah guide’ in my mind.

      i’m not taking the meaning of your final two sentences before the flute link. love his verbiage about ‘hearing its voice’ or close. mr. wd plays a ute flute, but i think it’s juniper, or always assumed so. i beaded a nice bag for it once as a gift for him. you know old hippies. ;-)

      are there other flautists besides winnie the virtuoso? my goodness, he’s better than r. carlos nakai (whom i did bodywork on once, a man who seemed (ahem) quite full of himself.

      good holidays to you; quiet here, save for family phone calls and the wind when the blizzards erupt again.

      • Sunny for once today, just in from a short walk, simmering the bones of a locally raised chicken we got in trade for garlic, ;^) on the way to being soup.
        I had cut and stacked a bunch of black locust, one of this builder’s flute woods about 7 years ago, in 6 foot lengths, so I have a ton of it that has dried slowly. The origins of a couple of the types of flutes described are also near where my mother’s side of the family, Poland/Slovakia, can be traced fairly reliably. The flute makers is in Belgium I believe, where my dad’s father was born. Meaningless coincidence, but some of my thoughts today.
        Cut some nice kale and pulled the straw off and dug carrots to add to the soup. Later.

        • garlic?!? where’d ya get the garlic, nonquixote? ;-) srsly, mr. wd bought some large bulbs of lavender-papered garlic at the cortez farmer’s market this summer, and yum. and…we thought of you.

          i can see why your thoughts have turned to those far-off realms. dunno most of the woods he used, but the finished flutes were simply gorgeous, and i loved the one with two-toned wood.

          but will you also make some flutes, or just the dulcimers?

          • Time will tell, I guess, about what to make. There’s a small market for fancy woods, another option. I had not explored the instrument making side of the internet much of late. Visual instrument tuning apps for the laptop, drums and other fun.
            Spent part of the day just inspecting, reorganizing my specialty hand and nonq-electric tools, actually cleared a whole cluttered work bench in the back room to just recover a clear work spot. Immensely satisfying in itself! Bread is almost ready. Yeasted rye, oh my.

            • sounds as though you’re good to go, then. mr. wd has been working a little for long-ago clients who have a stash or cherry and walnut woods. he’s jazzed that he may get to fashion them into something they may decide they want built.

              ‘nonq-electric’; ;-) we’ve been working on clear-outs, ourselves, knowing that once ‘our rides show up’ that it will mean less crap for our kids to have to deal with. (mr. wd spent a couple weeks clearing out his family’s home in NE, and was stupefied by all the ‘stuff’.)

  6. I never thought of which languages made translated songs sound best. No doubt Beethoven doesn’t cross to well to tonal languages.

    Nonetheless, here’s one that might be some fun.

    • lol; now that fits my ‘quirky christmas’ songs and greetings to a T! damn, i am so embarrassed that i had no clue that he was singing in…navajo/dineh.
      just terrible. but we have a cd or two of the ‘three tenors’ singing a few christmas songs in english. truly ack-worthy.

  7. I hope everyone is warm and safe this Xmas and preparing for a tough new year, everyone needs a few days off to think about family and friends.

    I do have a problem with the NRA Xmas card above, how am I supposed to enjoy my juicy roast of reindeer looking at that scene of mayhem. Good NRA gunmen and women only shoot reindeer in season.

    • well i know we killed ours in season. but looky at that: way past his tag limit, and poor s. claus, to boot. as THD might say: FOH! (yeah, i had to consult the urban dictionary

      for all: here is a hint about the ‘choir-in-a-box’ carol of the bells video:

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