Can We Save Ourselves from The Lords of Capital at Davos While They ‘Save the World™…for Their Predations?

davos(I’m sorry it’s so long; I’m not even sure I’d read it if I hadn’t had to…)

The Mission Statement of the World Economic Forum, in part (my bolds):

The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. The Forum strives in all its efforts to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.

Ho de ho ho and lol:  As my grandpappy used to say: ‘Lord love a duck, what utter codswallop’.  But at least this part of their mission statement happens to be true:

The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”

The 2500strong Titans of Finance Tweets from the Klosters show luxury fashion show videos, ‘hes for Shes’ (parity for women, ha ha), equestrian events, Hollywood Star Power♥! writ large, schmoozing for ‘investments’ (Tsipras  and others).  This cartoon is one way of looking at WEF, another is that they just meeting and greeting one another, and praising one another for being at the top of the Capitalist Pyramind due to their own merit, whose duty should be the Deciders, Innovators, and Prognosticators.


But my spidey senses are telling me that this year is different.  Given that as neoliberal austerity oppression and capitalism itself are causing more and more of us around the earth to begin to imagine that there’s nothing left to lose, especially as just ahead of Davos Oxfam released their annual report stating that the richest 1% now own more than the rest of the people in the world combined.  Sure, as a group they’ve engaged in the pretense of caring about The Rabble, while reporting that they Sincerely Get It, and are about to send forth their fleet of Davos Fargo Wagons down the track to help.  Oh yes, they’ve hatched a few plans…

The Plans seem to me to be centered around the fact that the global economy has faltered, continues to falter, peak oil has passed, commodity prices are falling, and tra la la, and even the Lords and Lordettes of Capital aren’t filling their pockets quickly enough.  So: enters the scheme to rule essentially by WEF corporate fiat, bypassing over that messy, inefficient ‘democracy’ stuff.  More about that soon, but think: privatization and plunder….

On WEF’s ‘what are the top global risks for 2016?’ page, under: Which Panic Buttons to Push is:

Income disparity, which was highlighted by the report in 2014, is this year reflected in the growing interconnections involving profound social instability and both structural unemployment and underemployment and adverse consequences of technological advances.”

Note: ‘income disparity’: quite different from ‘wealth disparity’, no? Well, sure, they show world map graphics noting which nations are just too doggoned unstable and risky to conduct business in, see?  A useful designation for…NATO and Africom…and deep state NGOs to…plunder while ‘helping’.

Neil Clark, writing for RT, maintains that ‘Davos is the problem, not the solution’.  Well, yes indeed.  For instance, some of the charts of the rankings assigned by Davos attendees:

 “The number one risk in 2016 in terms of likelihood, meanwhile, is large-scale involuntary migration, followed by extreme weather events (2nd), failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation (3rd), interstate conflict with regional consequences (4th) and major natural catastrophes (5th).

Such a broad risk landscape is unprecedented in the 11 years the report has been measuring global risks. For the first time, four out of five categories – environmental, geopolitical, societal and economic – feature among the top five most impactful risks. The only category not to feature is technological risk, where the highest ranking risk is cyberattack, in 11th position in both likelihood and impact.”

Well, yeah, but cyber attack was mentioned a whale of a lot of times, and there was poll on their official Twitter account wondering if Robotic War would be less prone to ‘error’ than human war (drones, I imagine).

Except for ‘major natural catastrophes’ (whatever their definition is) are most of them not authored by the self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe?  Trillions in profits from US and UK quantitative went into the coffers of the Davos Plutocrats; trillions of theirs are in off-shore tax havens; and according to the Berkeley economist Emmanuel Saez, between 2009 and 2012 the top 1% of American households took 91 cents out of each extra dollar that the country earned. The other 99% of Americans had to share the remaining 9 cents between them.

Neil Clark’s coverage included: the gathering was mainly North Americans and Europeans, gazillionaire George Soros blamed Putin for the massive involuntary emigration in hopes of ‘collapsing the EU’.  He hoped Soros of the ‘Open Society’ plan  bumped into attendee Paul Kagame (not too many PoC there by the look of it, maybe One Token on the adjunct board).  He embedded a Tweet by Lindsey German saying ‘Refugees are not destabilising Europe. Europe is destabilising them; noted the French PM’s claim that refugees could destroy the EU refuses to accept the fact that Europe helped cause the crisis”.  He embedded a Tony ‘Bush’s Poodle’ Blair interview containing maximum hypocrisy overload, then gazed for a few moments at the world both pre- and post-1971 Klaus Schwab ‘European Management Forum’ in the US.  Ah well, we all know only too well that the Kleptocratic Klass Predators are the not the solution to anything, but how much longer will we allow them to squeeze us to death from On High?

Now let’s look at the plan they hatched some time ago at Davos.  From Nick Buxton at (Transnational Institute), whose stated mission is: ‘TNI envisions a world of peace, equity and democracy on a sustainable planet brought about and sustained by an informed and engaged citizenry’:

“2500 corporate executives, politicians and a few Hollywood stars are expected to descend this week on Davos to discuss both the growing jitters about the faltering global economy as well as pontificate on the official theme of the conference, namely the “fourth industrial revolution” (Think robots, AI and self-driving cars).

The real concern about the WEF, however, is not the personal hypocrisy of its privileged delegates. It is rather that this unaccountable invitation-only gathering is increasingly where global decisions are being taken and moreover is becoming the default form of global governance. There is considerable evidence that past WEFs have stimulated free trade agreements such as NAFTA as well helped rein in regulation of Wall Street in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Less well known is the fact that WEF since 2009 has been working on an ambitious project called the Global Redesign Initiative, (GRI), which effectively proposes a transition away from intergovernmental decision-making towards a system of multi-stakeholder governance.   In other words, by stealth, they are marginalising a recognised model where we vote in governments who then negotiate treaties which are then ratified by our elected representatives with a model where a self-selected group of ‘stakeholders’ make decisions on our behalf.

Advocates of multi-stakeholder governance argue that governments and intergovernmental forums, such as the UN, are no longer efficient places for tackling increasingly complex global crises. The founder of WEF Klaus Schwab says “the sovereign state has become obsolete”. WEF has created 40 Global Agenda Councils and industry-sector bodies, with the belief these are the best groups of people to develop proposals and ultimately decisions related to a whole gamut of global issues from climate change to cybersecurity.

Corporations are put at the heart of this model, because they provide in the view of Klaus Schwab and corporate elites, the possibilities of “agile” governance, drawing on the private sector’s experience of “adapting to a new, fast-changing environment”. Governments are encouraged to tackle every issue by allying with private sector in public-private partnerships. And a few carefully selected civil society representatives are invited in to legitimise the process. Questions of how issues are framed, who is chosen, from what sectors, for whose benefit, and accountable to whom are brushed under the carpet.” [snip]

“…when you look at the careers of the Board members that the real driving force behind this model is clear. While half of the Board (12) are currently corporate executives, if you look at their career history, this rises to two-thirds. Only one member can be said to represent civil society (Peter Maurer of Red Cross). There are no representatives of trade unions, public sector organisations, human rights groups, peasant or indigenous organisations, students and youth.

The quotes from the board members could be misconstrued as self-parody easily: lauding themselves for being bright enough to know when to corner markets and resources and seize the day!  The CEO of Nestle (bottled water) is magnificent in his hubris.

Buxton then chooses as one model for the ‘multi-stakeholder governance’ instead of multilateralism  was COP21 exactly that: no promises made, just ‘voluntary promises’, greater private/public collaboration (my term, not his), and promises to revisit the issue in five years.  Their notion of ’collaboration’ being “we’ll make money from pretending to mitigate climate change with all our glorious upcoming technologies or Green Capitalism rubbish, etc..  He recites the list of NGO programs ostensibly designed to address the issue of food scarcity, rightly noting that they liberalize trade, engage in industrial agriculture (one of the two largest contributors of greenhouse gases, though he doesn’t mention it), corporate control of food and seed itself, and totally ignores food distribution, democratic access to land and food sovereignty.

Small wonder, then, that he notes at the end that:

 “…the result is that we are increasingly entering a world where gatherings such as Davos are not laughable billionaire playgrounds, but rather the future of global governance. It is nothing less than a silent global coup d’etat.”

Now there are quite a few rivals for my least favorite Kleptocrats posing as Noble Philanthropists (fauxlanthropists), but let’s see what Bill Gates had to say from Davos, and why we should be happy (especially due to his programs) in 2016, then look at a whopping chunk of the reality:

Contrast with ‘Spearheading the Neo-liberal Plunder of African Agriculture’ by Colin Todhunter; some snippets:

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is dangerously and unaccountably distorting the direction of international development, according to a new report by the campaign group Global Justice Now. With assets of $43.5 billion, the BMGF is the largest charitable foundation in the world. It actually distributes more aid for global health than any government. As a result, it has a major influence on issues of global health and agriculture. [snip]

According to the report, the foundation’s strategy is intended to deepen the role of multinational companies in global health and agriculture especially, even though these corporations are responsible for much of the poverty and injustice that already plagues the global south.”

The report concludes that the foundation’s programmes have a specific ideological strategy that promotes neo-liberal economic policies, corporate globalisation, the technology this brings (such as GMOs) and an outdated view of the centrality of aid in ‘helping’ the poor.” Then some bullet points about Microsoft’s tax-avoidance offshore subsidiaries, pushing private health ‘care’ and education, bio-wrecking Africa with industrial agriculture, toxic chemicals and GMOs that undermine sustainable agriculture and sovereign food security, and more.

Below are a few #WEF Tweets I’ve hyperlinked and embedded.

Ah yes, the myth of the Noblesse Oblige by the Lords of Capital is actually ‘philanthrocapitalist neocolonialism’, much like the Clinton Foundation’s.
Just before she headed to Davos, the Queen of Neoliberal Capitalism went on an African tour to help distressed nations out and boogied with these darling children.

Just before that she’d visited with our partners in peace in the KSA, and noted that ‘Saudi Arabia has performed strongly; now needs to adjust to low oil prices’.  ‘Strongly’, hoo, boy.  She’s also touting #IslamicFinance, whatever that means.

This struck me as just too sad: ‘ on the 21st Century Dream’ from Davos:

‘Stop Demonizing Fossil Fuel Companies, Whines Global Bank Chief’ (HSBC CEO)

One of the voices of sanity in Davos: ‘”You Can Have Stronger Growth If You Reduce the Extremes Of Inequality’ Joseph Stiglitz on Soundcloud.  (At least he’s trying to show ‘trickle up economics‘ ain’t even workin’ for them )

‘Another great depression!’

Now if I were on the Twitter Machine, I’d embed this on their account:

and highlight these lyrics:

This house is on fire

Kick off your boots, come and sit a spell
Listen to me worry, come and listen well
All you better best come and lean in boys
‘Cause I don’t dare to raise my voice

I’ve been sitting here for the longest time
Reading all the warning and the danger signs
I don’t have the gift of the prophecy
Telling everybody how it’s gonna be

Soon come, soon come the day
This tinderbox is gonna blow in your face
I don’t have the gift of the prophecy
Telling everybody how it’s gonna be

You go passing wrong for right and right for wrong
People only stand for that for just so long
It’s all gonna catch like a house on fire
Spark an evil blaze and burn higher…

 We serfs are many, you Feudal Lords are few…beware of our quest for a just world for all.

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27 responses to “Can We Save Ourselves from The Lords of Capital at Davos While They ‘Save the World™…for Their Predations?

  1. wow. where to begin?
    what’s the equivalent to catapaulting poxy bodies over the castle walls? and why are terrorists/freedom fighters attacking damascus today and not davos? oh, right. they work for the people at davos.

    it’s nice to know bill gates thinks the world is getting better. the world will be getting better when a surprised look will be frozen on his face forever as his head rolls into a basket. and somebody open up a dictionary to the entry for ‘minstrel’ and hand it to…you know who. can’t bring myself to type his idiotic name.

    reading about this shit is flabbergasting. but even more flabbergasting is the number of people who look up to the gateses and lagardes and co w/dreamy reverential wonder.

    (and what’s the latest on peak oil? esp. re the low energy prices?)

  2. last question first: it makes sense, and i may be too trusting in the archdruid’s calculations. i did dig up a ‘peak oil‘ website, but it’s too complicated to grok by scanning. but the race is certainly on to grab what they can…in every locale they can. next up is, of course the war over the oil in the polar north. as the (ahem) glacial cap melts, and allows drilling. ugh.
    for several years already russia and the US have been stakin’ their claims.

    thank you for all the guillotine and catapult images. and for getting that ISIS serves their interests, and that folks like soros helped create them.

    so…it may not just be my bias that shit’s gettin’ more serious with them? i almost wished i hadn’t run into the tni folks. of course, i wouldn’t even have written satire, the theme has been beat to death, even by me. ;-) but this year, as my favorite john irving character, owen meany would say:

    ‘NOT FUNNY.’

    the reverence is hideous, and i’d have to include the captains of the Big Greens in all of that. did this piece include them? i forget. ‘the fake left‘. well, i’ll peek at it later. but cripes, the clintons have f’ed over haiti so hard, they can’t even hold an election there right now. martelly’s ‘banana man’ and all that legacy. might write it up, but there are just sooo many worthy subjects.

    on edit: jeezum crow, jason. i’m o glad you’re here; this place is otherwise a ghost town. ;-)

    • ahh work…i meant plaguey corpses, not poxy. duh. i’m not really into summary executions either, but some people…

      • i kinda like ‘poxy’. yeah, but they can’t imprison us for our tumbril thoughts, can they? oh, wait!

        ah, i’m working on a diary showing that highly vaunted NGOs can be some of the worst players on the planet, and some of it makes smoke come out my ears, even though i’d read it all before. more tumbril thoughts….or at least face-smackin’ ones….

  3. As Momma Michelle might say, Pretentiousness EPITOMIZED!
    Much better shows back when US flower children human be-ins were GroovinOn!
    And, “Right” was neither might nor a synonym for halfascism!

    • Momma michelle? but yes, we were right then, and are right now. Neil clark even peeked at the US economy (for most) pre-Klaus Slob’s European management schtick, and just after her ‘invention’, the overthrow of salvadore allende in 1973. and they haven’t let up since. no populists/socialists allowed! no challenge to The Power, or War by Other Means.

  4. My favorite from Davos is Blackstone CEO Schwarzman who says that the markets are unsettled because of geopolitical risks, the slowdown in China and because Bernie Sanders has become a viable candidate. (WSJ)
    Made my day when I heard that.
    Still think Bernie is a plant?

    Of course, have to take that with a grain of salt because he is essentially clueless, despite Blackstone making him a neo-feudal overlord (one of the largest real estate owners in US).
    Proof of that cluelessness is in a Bloomberg video –
    In case the embed fails…
    from Bloomberg —
    from Addicting Info —

    “How is that happening? Why is that happening? ”

    I could work up a little pity for that level of cluelessness.
    But first a good laugh. This is one of the richest people on Earth?

    • ;-) here’s the wsj version: ‘bernie rising!’ it was funny, too, that at the end schwartzman said that ‘the world depends on amerika to do the right thing’. kevin spacey from davos said: ‘america gets it right in the end’. (either ‘usually’ or ‘always’, but i forget which.

      nah, i never said he was a plant, ii just said i won’t LOTE for him, and that he’s an Imperialist of lesser order than neocon clinton. but it is amazing to see the many alleged lefties who objected to him earlier…change their minds now that he’s ahead in the polls and has been deemed ‘viable’. wow, what rigorous punditry!

      but schwarzman is far less alarmist about china’s economic low growth, so at least there’s that. he also seems to see the rages from Rs and Ds as ‘the same vein’. yeppers, a clueless twit. but our Lord of Capital live in their own bubbles, even though our rage-fumes get through to them here and there.

      nice to see you, lemoyne.

      • Cool. I have no problem with foks who object to Sanders on the basis of his support for adventurism. It seems Bernie gets hooked into it by threat/reality of ethnic cleansing, ‘rape camps’ and the like. He is *not* the Zionist some make him out to be. Personally, I think the MIC has solidly replaced Social Security as the ‘third rail of American politics’ – to expect him to come for the banks, the healthsick insurance companies, the fossil fuel companies *and* the MIC is a recipe for being dismissed (or shot once he wins a few primaries). People like to compare him to 2004 Dean or even McGovern, but it looks like he may be putting together the FDR coalition more than the Dean/Obama coalition. It’s not just the youth that support him – it is also low income folks.
        Just wonderful watching the establishment dissemble, fulminate and outright lie against him. Gotta love that Clinton now says “we will never, ever” get single-payer in the runup to the IA caucuses. True colors showing there – $3 million in speaking fees from the sick insurance industry in the 15 months before her campaign. I was just trusting he would make a good showing – the next month or so could leave him ascendant and the DLC truly distraught.

        • i expect that bernie as or as not ‘a zionist’ is in the eye of the beholder from a few discussion threads i’ve read rather absentmindedly, on accountta i don’t care much about this whole election, and i’ll leave my vote for Prez unmarked.

          but i do know that hillary had fire in her belly at past aipac conference, that’s unmistakable, even if it’s all a political calculation. but i suppose it depends on what congressional coattails he brings along (or hillary does) and how fervent they are about his domestic agenda. or how fervent he really is.

          but it just might be that R dude whose name I won’t say, like jason. He may be the demagogue we’ve been fearing, although his religion is secular.

          and as for bern, he could be the Trojan Horse that the MIC/etc.saw in obama cum reagan (most transformative president evah). but who can say? not i, and that’s for sure.

          but no, i don’t begrudge peeps their support for bernie, so long as they have an inkling about his military stance (strongest in the world!) and comments on ISIS and hints at more R2p considerations.

          • i’m beginning to see why people are falling for him. they really need to be hit over the head (more violent imagery!) w/his foreign policy. incl. his stance on immigration. sheesh. on that one, what’s the difference b/n the bern & he who cannot be named, the elephant’s (last?) pmurT? and fort zio and…he voted against TARP. good for him. likes those defense contracts in his state though. less gooder for him. (S. Arabia needs to take a more assertive role in the M.E.??? Netanyahoo time!).

            the theme song of every election campaign is Don’t Stop Believin’.

            • now i guess i haven’t clue about his position on immigration, but i thank you kindly for not mentioning that one R person. it makes me crazy that…well, never mind. but i took this diary’s interview video to a few websites, and my stars, the reasons they gave saying why it just won’t be so.

              yazidis? clue me in, please? i have a great video denouncing not only r2p, but telling of its origins. and oy, burundi is getting closer and closer on the list.

              • the yazidis? they’ve just popped up a few times in the “we must topple assad” i mean “stop ISIS” narrative and have gotten some air time in the last few days to scarify us all into the necessity of Doing Something. so i assume, hopefully wrongly, we are about to Do Something. troop escalations, etc.. cuz of the russians.

                i mean, yazidis.

                • binging brought me yazids are northern iraqis who speak kurdish and have fled the advances of IS, stranding many to hunger, tra la la. sure, troops will go there or bomb more (but efficiently) although malaki wants___ (fill in the blank depending on the source.

                  and troops about to deploy to…libya, O says ‘so Isis won’t burgeon there’ (as if they haven’t, and R2P libya weren’t ever so responsible for it).

                  too many to choose; NATO is proud none of the member nations (or umbrella friends, of course) have cut their military budgets, and:

          • bernie: bush sr. :: obama: reagan?

            the yazidis are in the news again. not sure what that means except military escalation. think bern’ll let ISIS do all those horrible things to the yazidis? he’ll probably quote martin buber & maimonides (a la obama w/aquinas & augustine) on…what’s yiddish for R2P? do it at a seder, no less, for that “setting the captives free” vibe…and he’s too chickenshit to confess his atheism.

  5. Well, it’s a “pretentious” Monday, Monday according to Mama (& Papas’) Michy, “Customer Reviews: If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears …
    Monday, Monday – won the group the Grammy in 1966, and with good reason. … Michelle thought it was pretentious at the time, and potentially career-limiting.”

  6. oh, ‘mama michelle’. i see now, although i didn’t ken the ‘pretentious’ allusion. come to that, i wouldn’t mind hearing it, myownself. mono. ;-)

  7. commenter hecate at caucus99percent added these stunning passages from a 2006 entitled ‘the Wizard of the Crow (this link will orient you a bit) :

    more from the Lords of Capital:

    “We are now embarking on a new mission of forging a global order. That is why I am now visiting all our friends to tell them to move in step with the world. To everything its season, says the preacher. There was a time when slavery was good. It did its work, and when it finished creating capital, it withered and died a natural death. Colonialism was good. It spread industrial culture of shared resources and markets. But to revive colonialism would now be an error. There was a time when the cold war dictated our every calculation in domestic and international relations. It is over. We are in the post-cold war era, and our calculations are affected by the laws and needs of globalization. The history of capital can be summed up in one phrase: in search of freedom. Freedom to expand, and now it has a chance at the entire globe for its theater. It needs a democratic space to move as its own logic demands. So I have been sent to urge you to start thinking about turning your country into a democracy. Who knows? Maybe with your blessings, some of your ministers might even want to form opposition parties. Let me make our position clear. We cannot build a global economy under the old politics of the cold war. What we are saying is this: many parties, one aim—a free and stable world where our money can move across borders without barriers erected by the misguided nationalism of the outmoded nation-state. The goal is to free up the resources and energies of the globe.

    The Global Bank and the Global Ministry of Finance are clearly looking to privatize countries, nations, and states. They argue that the modern world was created by private capital. The subcontinent of India, for instance, was owned by the British East India Company, Indonesia by the Dutch East India Company, our neighbors by the British East Africa Company, and the Congo Free State by a one-man corporation. Corporate capital was aided by missionary societies. What private capital did then it can do again: own and reshape the Third World in the image of the West without the slightest blot, blemish, or blotch. NGOs will do what the missionary charities did in the past. The world will no longer be composed of the outmoded twentieth-century divisions of East, West, and a directionless Third. The world will become one corporate globe divided into the incorporating and the incorporated. We should volunteer Aburiria to be the first to be wholly managed by private capital, to become the first voluntary corporate colony, a corpolony, the first in the new global order. With the privatization of Aburiria, and with the NGOs relieving us of social services, the country becomes your real estate. You will be collecting land rent in addition to the commission fee for managing the corpolonial army and police force. The corpolonial powers will reward you as a modern visionary.”

    (this one made my eyes well with tears):

    “Why did Africa let Europe cart away millions of Africa’s souls from the continent to the four corners of the wind? How could Europe lord it over a continent ten times its size? Why does needy Africa continue to let its wealth meet the needs of those outside its borders and then follow behind with hands outstretched for a loan of the very wealth it let go? How did we arrive at this, that the best leader is the one who knows how to beg for a share of what he has already given away at the price of a broken tool? Where is the future of Africa? I saw this: Around the seventeenth century, Europe impregnated some in Africa with its evil. These pregnancies gave birth to the slave driver of the slave plantation, who mutated into the colonial driver of the colonial plantation, who years later mutated into the neocolonial pilots of the postcolonial plantation. Is he now mutating into a modern driver and pilot of a global plantation? ”

    Kenyan author and scholar Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o may just out orwell…orwell, especially on this subject. My thanks to him, and to hecate.

  8. speaking of the Overlords touting crap ‘trade’ treaties, on Feb. 4 O and the rest of the TPP ‘leaders’ will meet in NZ to sign the treaty. protests for the day are under construction, but figuring kiwis and others may have jumped ahead of time, yes, and here are some of the results.

    New Zealand Police Intimidate Anti-TPP Activists in Their Homes‘, but peruvian protestors are catching hell, as well.

  9. For US, here’s where to say Take the TPP; get The $haft:
    February 4 is the first day that President Obama can sign the TPP. A signing ceremony is expected to take place in Auckland, NZ. We protest on this day because the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) betrays all that we care about – workers, families, communities, the planet, the food we eat, access to health care, clean energy, the internet, and more.

    Here are the current cities involved:
    February 4, 2016 actions in these cities:


    Phoenix: Facebook page:


    Hot Springs: Facebook page:

    British Columbia



    Huntington Beach:


    Sacramento: Facebook:

    San Francisco: Facebook:

    Santa Rosa: Facebook:


    Denver: Facebook:




    Delray Beach:

    Tampa: Facebook:


    Chicago: Facebook:


    Iowa City: Facebook:


    Portland: Facebook:


    Baltimore: Facebook:



    Northampton: Facebook:


    Detroit: Facebook page:

    Grand Rapids: Facebook:


    Oxford (Ole Miss) Facebook:


    St Louis:

    New Jersey


    New York


    New York City:


    Poughkeepsie: Facebook:






    PA-15 – Call in Day:


    Dallas: Facebook:


    Salt Lake City:

    Washington, DC – NOTE THAT THIS IS ON FEB. 3RD.

    White House: Facebook:

    Washington State


    Seattle: Facebook:



    • thank you, bruce. another of your comments WordPress had asked me to moderate, i’m pretty sure because it exceeded the max number of links the software can accommodate. max may have been…eight? i forget. but yours seems to have had many times that number. if it comes in, i may delete it to save space/bytes. okay?

  11. TPP formally signed in New Zealand as mass protest paralyzes Auckland (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


  12. Comrade, spare us the plumbing of Capital’s rectum.

    The danger of a new world war arises out of the fundamental contradictions of the capitalist system—between the development of a global economy and its division into antagonistic nation states, in which the private ownership of the means of production is rooted.

    Why can’t crapitalists transcend their nation states? Because, then, no plantation would be greener.

  13. the quote seems to have come from the 2014 Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International.
    your opening sentence seems to mean that i shouldn’t have written this, no? but the meaning of your final one eludes me, since clearly capital has no national boundaries, which is…the point of davos, yes?

  14. can’t resist; more enjoyable than watching someone chuck that shoe at dubya, imo.

    NZ minister gets dildo in face after TPP signing (VIDEO)

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