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Goya’s Third of May

I got nothin’ much.  Dad-gummed web is all about New Hampshire!!!!  

And the longer I work on Part II of ‘compromised NGOs and brands, the behinder I get.  Might just have to make it into three parts, oy.

Anyhoo, remember  ‘Introducing Avaaz’, (and their campaign against burundi.), café babylon jan. 3, 2016?

From Ann Garrison at blackagendareport: ‘African Union Refuses to Invade Burundi’, Tue, 02/02/2016

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  1. O my goodness:

    It is hard to know the roots of this record of disaster. Is it chronically bad judgment? Is it her preternatural faith in the lying machine of the CIA? Is it a repeated attempt to show that as a Democrat she would be more hawkish than the Republicans? Is it to satisfy her hardline campaign financiers? Who knows? Maybe it’s all of the above. But whatever the reasons, Hillary Clinton’s is a record of disaster.

    – from a man who’s performed disasters for the empire.

    To Gloria Steinem et al: Identity politics looks more and more a canker.

    • lol; i can handle the iguana-cousin (i assume), but ish on that blue snake. ;-)
      snakes ain’t got no legs!

      your long comment on the french film makers documentary i’ll have to comment on later, but thank you. i still haven’t watch it, so many other pressing duties/choices…

  2. Pieta

    photo from this weekend in New Hampshire.

    • i wouldn’t have seen it, nomad. why is lindsey feeling as tough he were crucified, and why is jeb ‘comforting’ him? i’m out of touch with the electoral circus. ooops. i did see a headline this a.m. that the congressional black caucus threw their support to clinton. oh, those clintons: they do so much for black and brown people, don’t they?

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA. Gentlemen Southern Comforted Bullshitters get their asses whooped by the New Yawk fabulator Donald Drumpf.

      Anyone visit Jebbie’s Flourida-ted, recently? Where I went appears quite prosperous and cleanly but you can smell the evil leaking through..

    • hilarious. it’s tough being a politico. sometimes you only find comfort in each others’ arms…

  3. Obama Nation

    I don’t care if him and Cheney are long lost relations
    What matters more is the policies I lost my patience

    Stop debating bringing race into conversation

    Occupation and cooperation equals profit makin

    It’s over – people wake up from the dream now

    Nobel peace prize, Jay-Z on speed dial

    It’s the substance within, not the colour of your skin

  4. imperialim has weights, now? okay.

    but, oof did i get an ass-kickin’ over yonder this morning: after praising the OP, even:

    “magical realism right here at c99, hecate. and so well done! you’ve almost made me care about the election (smile). i wonder what glen ford will do with the fact that the congressional black misleadership caucus just endorsed the Witch of Endor. can’t wait to see, cuz he ain’t much of a bern fan, either, but it may be too ludicrous to leave alone. i admit i was gob-smacked that the SEIU has ponied up millions for the ‘fight for 15’ campaign, hoping for new members, then recently endorsed…the Witch, for whom $12 an hour is…okey dokey. yeah, they want ‘a seat at the table’. the assh*le trumka got one, and he got pwned by obomba over what? obamaDontCare. whooosh, were the rank and file members vexed. i dunno, paul street wrote as essay answering coates’ claim of not being ‘bougie’; it rang right to me, but i do tend to like deconstructionist iconoclasm of media stars..of any stripe or color. nice piece; i loved it. but i tend more in this direction, i reckon” and video

    response: “glen Ford? The brown clown who claims the Deli Man is a sheepdog? Street, confined in “class” prison. Sad.”

    • oh me. oh my. thank you. it will take longer reading, not scanning, but the ‘this is worse’ series made my stomach grab in pain. and that they changed the title of the whole series of etchings. almost like propagandizing MLK and reducing his life to the “i have a dream” speech.

      oh, bother; the url of the image won’t embed. the color version is salvador dali.

  5. it strikes me as so odd that neither here, nor at c99% that almost anyone has commented on any of the information presented in my NGOs part II. crikey, what am i doing wrong? what a waste of my time.

    • I know it’s not the focus of the post but I find this a profound statement which I am adding to my arsenal of info on the climate change debate.
      “Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, the earth would still be headed, head first and at full speed, toward total disaster for one major reason. The military produces enough greenhouse gases, by itself, to place the entire globe, with all its inhabitants large and small, in the most imminent danger of extinction.” — Barry Sanders, The Green Zone

      Damn! That’s like saying the US military is the primary cause of global warming. No need to even invoke geoengineering. Any environmentalists advocating reducing the military as a solution to global warming?

      • you must be asking of the Big Green Brand names are suggesting that, eh? not that i remember, but that’s why i like the wrong kind of green collective, even if they are (ahem) often polemical in their exposés. can’t hurt. ;-)

        • I like where this could go. MIC as the primary culprit in climate devastation. That is where the greenies need to direct their attention.

          • i don’t guess it will go anywhere anytime soon, but i will stick up an interview soon (maybe yet today, gawd willin’ and the creeks don’t rise) that addresses it quite well. i haven’t finished the interview yet, but it seemed like some of her rhetoric i might have written. ;-)

            • Yeah. I was thinking about that. except that climate wise things will eventually come to a head. It’s inevitable; a crescendo since Katrina. Maybe not soon but when it arrives its going to seem sudden. Because you can’t quantitatively ease Mother Nature. Weather engineering is the one disclosure that the PTB criminals cannot abide. When they bring us to the brink… When they are cornered, they will unleash the full breath of weather weapons, which they have tested here and there already, against their own people rather than be brought to justice.

  6. One of those deaths, by way of example, was Carlos Oliva Sola, who was shot by LASD deputies Nicolas Castellanos and Anthony Forlano in September 2013. It subsequently emerged that this represented Forlano’s seventh shooting. The 23-year-old’s family alleged that the police planted a gun at the scene in order to try to cover up the shooting. An eyewitness reported that the youth had said, “No! No!” in a tearful voice before he was shot in the back.
    7 times in the back. Sheriff Baca in L.A.

    in addition to all its casualties, militarism creates a gigantic pool of surplus labor. slaves, prisoners, refugees, millions upon millions of economic migrants & vagrants, the indocumentados & desesperados, etc., etc.

    as angela merkel sends the navy to the mediterannean to “assist w/the refugee crisis,” King & Queen neolib NGO assholes the Clooneys meet w/Merkel to ask: what can we do to help? what images should we convey?
    what kind of image can the global donor community help you project?

  7. ‘ ‘Greeks will have to become migrants’: 10,000 farmers protest EU-imposed reforms in Athens’, 13 Feb,

    • that’s the sort jazz from cop21 qnd davos’

      “just like the mondragon cooperatives!”

      with the front page quote:

      “Do not undervalue yourself. Be able to express your value and what impact you can make. Show how your experiences translate and can help a company.” (make lotssa money)

      ~ Katie Smith

  8. Earlier Today, Kevin Drum, Is Surprisingly Cynical

    When I consider who President Obama will nominate to the SCOTUS, only one name is a “standout” and that would be Senator Dick Durbin, from Obama’s homes state of Illinois. Thus, with Durbin’s retirement later this year, should President Obama want to demonstrate his creds for being an avowed Progressive, and if he don’t, Obama will continue to contend with the Academy of Historians for being the well-camouflaged and conservative-oriented Democrat.

    Needless to say, Senator Durbin would easily surmount any conservative opposition given his well-liked status among virtually all Republicans, regardless to their amateurish opposition to any Obama appointment.

    Need I say more?

    And here’s Kevin Drum’s assessment:

    “Just a quick note about who Obama is going to nominate for the Supreme Court: it has to be someone willing to make a kamikaze run. It’s going to be a grueling experience for nothing, since Republicans will be happy to put the nominee through the wringer but plainly won’t vote to confirm. In fact, it might be for less than nothing. Whoever gets picked probably can’t be renominated if a Democrat wins in November.

    “Most likely, then, you’re putting yourself through a punishing ordeal in order to ruin your chances of ever getting a Supreme Court seat. That’s the kind of thing a party loyalist might do, but a circuit court judge? What’s the upside?

    “Anyway, all this is just to say that Obama may have trouble finding someone willing to be nominated. Keep that in mind when you browse through all the lists of potential candidates.”

    Jaango—posted on February 15, 2016

  9. interesting, jaango. i’d said earlier that marcy wheeler might have thoughts on possible nominees. when i looked, only the grumpulous kinda apologist for nino was up; he reckoned Sri Srinivasan.

    today, marcy said (along with ‘ignoring my suspicions about the next financial meltdown’ later, as i’d mentionedas Another Complicating Factor):

    “I, like bmaz, believe Obama will pick someone fairly centrist, probably someone who has been recently confirmed by big margins. I agree the most likely nominee will be Sri Srinivasan, who in 2013 was confirmed to the DC Circuit with a 97-0 vote — though I’m also mindful of the wisdom (given the GOP unanimity about obstructing this nominee) of picking someone who drive Democratic turnout — an African-American woman, for example.

    Though I highly doubt Obama will nominate Loretta Lynch, as some have suggested, not least because the fight over releasing data on HSBC’s continued money laundering will draw more attention as it moves toward appeal, which might focus attention on her role in administering the wrist slap in the face of egregious drug cartel and terrorist supporting money laundering.”

  10. Sanders took time off from his hollow calls for a “political revolution” to demonstrate his political obeisance to the ruling class, declaring, “While I differed with Justice Scalia’s views and jurisprudence, he was a brilliant, colorful and outspoken member of the Supreme Court.”

    obeisance: a genuflection or homage:

    * a feudal ceremony by which a man acknowledges himself the vassal of a lord
    * the relationship between a feudal lord and his vassal
    * an act done or payment made in meeting the obligations of vassalage

    The toad’s

    supposed juridical brilliance boiled down to starting with the political outcome he desired (invariably reactionary) and then cobbling together pseudo-legal arguments to justify his ruling—often with flagrant disregard for legal precedent and the unambiguous language of statutes and constitutional provisions.
    Scalia personified the decay of bourgeois democracy in the United States over a protracted period of time. Appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan, he flourished and exerted increasing influence in the decades of political reaction, militarism and Wall Street criminality that ensued, continuing without a hitch under Obama. Not only in the anti-democratic substance of his rulings, but also in his methods and bearing, he embodied the promotion by the ruling elite of backwardness, prejudice and outright cruelty.
    His theory of executive power, according to which the American president has unlimited and unreviewable powers for the duration of the “war on terror,” resurrects Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt’s “state of exception” doctrine in all but name.

    The toad expired as he lived, content from dining at the table of his masters.

    The deference shown to such a figure from all quarters of the political establishment should be taken as a warning by the working class. The ruling elite fears above all the growth of social opposition and class struggle. It exalts the legacy of Scalia because it {cannot light any just indignation in the absolute drought of justice it has profited by.]

  11. You’ve probably all seen this, but it’s worth a second look. About as ‘open’ menu as might be contemplated, especially by the young penguin asking the patriarch “Are you my mother?”

  12. ha, i had seen it, juliania. and when i saw the headline at RT, not having…grasped ‘antarctica’, i thought he’d met with nuns! (h/t owen meaney)

    our on loved that book ‘who’s my mother?’ almost to well. ;-)

  13. Given that I have been somewhat remiss in offering a post or two, here is my “compensation” and self-imposed. (:-)

    Odds and Ends

    This is the week that the “crazy” went over the Edge, given that the SCOTUS nominee won’t be receiving a “meeting” or interview by the Republican Senators, as well no hearing will be held and no ‘up’ or ‘down’ vote will be cast. And President Obama believes that the extremist Senators will eventually relent. Further, some Democratic senators believe that if Trump becomes elected in November, only then will the Republicans follow the constitutional process, provided Trump’s nominee is even further to the Right than was Associate Justice Scalia.

    1. Is Ted Cruz losing the evangelical vote? After the votes are cast between the first of next month and the middle of next month, the surprise of surprises that Ted Cruz come to realize that his “evangelical” presidential aspiration did not materialize. And with Trump now “owning” the Evangelical vote, the self-justification among evangelicals will become that the “winning consortium” among Republicans satisfies the the “cause” espoused by the Tea Party. And yet, we conveniently forget that the NRA is indeed the backbone of the Republican Party.

    2. Can the GOP “establishment” concede that Trump is the Establishment? Now that New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump during a campaign event for Trump in Texas, I have to chuckle that the hens are now coming home to roost, given that that the effrontery among the Right that Trump was an outlier for the GOP’s Establishment. As such, Irony of ironies in that we, here in the Sonoran Desert, have always known that Trump was the GOP’s Establishment “guru.”

    3. Is “What’s Good for the Goose, is Good for the Gander? When it comes to satire or even a weak attempt for serving-up good and old fashioned Satire, does still resonate amongst us, America’s military vets. Take, for example, the notional to “defend and protect” our Constitution is a behavior we personify, and yet, when I look to the Republican Senators in Congress and for their refusal to “meet” with President Obama eventual nominee, as well as refusing to hold a “hearing” on the history and qualifications of the presupposed nominee, as well as refusing to conduct an “up or down” vote, is one America’s “shaming” Moments. Unfortunately, nothing is being said by the leadership component from either the Veterans of Foreign Wars or the American Legion. What’s with that? However, if either outfit has expressed a public statement in opposition to these Republican Senators, obviously the news media outlets are continuing to display the European American Third Stereotype and which is: “I don’t care…I’ll be dead…so, what’s your point.” Of course, time will tell in either instance. As such, the Conservative Movement collapsed long before Trump arrived onto the political scene, and the Senate Republicans don’t have a clue, as yet and to wit, these Elected Officials are still dragging themselves through mud and grime.

    4. SCOTUS and the Oval Office’s “blind spot.” Upon the announcement that Associate Justice Scalia had died, I offered up the name of the senior Senator from the Great State of Illinois, and that being Senator Dick Durbin, an historically recognized Progressive. Since then, other names have been offered up the Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and to include today’s current leader at the Justice Department, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. However, I come at this from a differing direction, and with my particular emphasis, and that being a long standing attorney, and who has toiled long and hard over many years from the Defendant’s Table. Thus, America’s traditional ‘blind spot” that fails to generate requisite the “ bling” in the legal profession. And as such, defense attorneys are not accorded, much if any respect and consequently, they too should see themselves as professional “minorities.”

    5. From today’s release of the Washington Post/Univision public polling, the results are that two of three Latinos will be voting for Hillary Clinton and one of three Latinos will be voting for Bernie Sanders


    • thanks for the peek into your thinking and understanding, jaango; most of it’s news to me. but i didn’t know you are/were an attorney, either.

      i was just saying to thd that O had floated R gov. of nevada sandoval for consideration, but he seems to have declined the offer. question looms whether the cases scalia heard will get votes or be reheard, it seems. in a tie, lower court decisions will be the law…until the next similar case is pressed.

      nice to see you; hang in there. it’s gonna be will and woolly for some time to come.

  14. Wendy,

    I am not an attorney, and yet, our national history, does not reflect a defense attorney for having served on the nation’s highest court. So, when Obama and his minions tout Governor Sandoval of Nevada, they were attempting to “play” the Republicans against themselves.

    • Of course they were; seems it might not have worked in sandoval’s case is all. sorry i read you wrong about being an attorney. no defense attorney in history has been? most all in modern history have attended yale or harvard, though, so…i guess it makes sense. ;-)

      for my money, the larger scandal is that the Big Deal Unions haven’t made a peep about the totally union-killing freidrichs v. CA teachers. Pffft on them for being so complicit. education and unions (including general strikes): such huge issues for The Rabble Class, eh?

  15. As a follow-up post to the one above, I went back to the original posting, and inserted a ‘correction’ and of course, I made mention that my Tip of the Hat to you, was done to honor you for bringing forth this necessary correction on my part.

    Further, and as to your mention of Organized Labor via teachers unions, an approximate 6% of the general working population is still unionized, and the last or remaining bastion of Organized Labor, are Teachers Union.

    Here in my home state of Arizona, the state legislature is considering legislation that after the continuing prohibition for taxpayer funded and privately-owned charter schools, will disappear in 2020. Thus, my long and echoing advocacy in where states have been considered “laboratories for democracy,” will now bring forth, the ugliness for a systemic for “laboratories for lobotomies,” as per our current demise of our democracy. AS such, the Mercenary Gurus own today’s deck of cards.

    • mornin’, jaango. while i’m thinking of it, i’m just plain old wd here, or wendye or something. no caps, as it was at fdl; i got used to it. ;-)

      i’m not sure what you mean the intent of the A under consideration is, but there seems to be a thin line of distinction between publicly funded, privately ruled, charter schools. but AZ seems to have a hella lot of them already, dunno which rubrics they represent. is it prop 123 you’re speaking of? public education excellence expert diane ravitch’s page on AZ is here, and not all are about charters, and some of the exposés, op-eds are dated. but as we know, AZ schools have become experiments in fascist nationalism in far too many areas, no?

      you might want to read my ‘vote tfa grifter‘ diary, and take note of two links jason supplied on charters.

      you may be right about the teachers unions being the last big bastion, but the bureau of labor statistics says:

      “The union membership rate–the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of unions–was 11.1 percent in 2015, unchanged from 2014, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The number of wage and salary workers belonging to unions, at 14.8 million in 2015, was little different from 2014. In 1983, the first year for which comparable union data are available, the union membership rate was 20.1 percent, and
      there were 17.7 million union workers.”

      big drop. but also:

      “Public-sector workers had a union membership rate (35.2 percent) more
      than five times higher than that of private-sector workers (6.7 percent).

      Workers in protective service occupations and in education, training, and library occupations had the highest unionization rates (36.3 percent and 35.5 percent, respectively).”

      lots of other breakdowns and tables.

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