wd’s birds ‘n bees ‘n flowers slideshows


None of you must have cared for my ‘rumbles in europe’ post, ya great idjits… It seemed important enough given what’s afoot globally to put it together.  I’ve also been collecting news for a new police state post.

Flickr locked me out of my account a few months ago, and it’s been agony trying to get ‘Yahoo!’ (aptly named, imo) to unlock it.  In the end, they accidentally gave me a whole new account empty of photos, but luckily I’d grabbed the old web addresses and finally discovered how download 700+ photos, upload them to the new place, and add some new ones (at least new flowers).  Enough whingeing, eh wot?  ;-)

To put them into a slideshow, one needs to Click the Slideshow icon (it’s the small pale grey wide-screen teevee icon on the top right of the page just under Sign in/Sign up in the black bar.  Click the X or press the Esc key to exit.


Oh: and we grew all the flowers, and the critters visited our backyard over the years.

(Click)  birds ‘n critters

(Click) flowers ‘n butterflies ‘n bees

In news that may or may not resonate for many of you,

“Subcomandante Marcos has faced charges for terrorism and illegal firearms possession since 1995, one year after the Zapatistas declared war on Mexico. The iconic leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, subcomandante Marcos, is no longer wanted for any crimes after a Mexican federal judge announced Tuesday that the 1995 order for his arrest had expired.

Subcomandante Marcos, now known as Subcomandante Galeano, has faced charges for terrorism, sedition, and possession of firearms used by the Mexican military, among other crimes, but prosecution period for those charges have expired.”  (more is here, with photos and video)

13 responses to “wd’s birds ‘n bees ‘n flowers slideshows

  1. She floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee…have not even checked my flicker in about half a year….
    I read through your last Yats entry and the link. That cleared a lot of my narrow sight line viewing the antics of the microcosmic elected local rubes…am working at a two day “progressive,” speakers event. A couple state and national names politicos appearing here Friday-Saturday….later. You have a way with bringing what is important, time after time…

  2. the subtitle of the yats diary should have been: “drat, sez noodleLand; foiled again!” yeah, US puppet governments just ain’t what they used to be. azov battalion is in the news again this morning making mischief, libya’s a failed state (well, duh) the West is goin’ in again with bombs. to fight for democracy, i hear. ;-) kerry says that ‘a wealthy nation’ should be able to rebuild itself’ (turn up the laugh track, please.)

    are the notable politicos the progressive ones, or is the event to protest them?

    what??? i don’t even get a passing grade on my slideshows cuz i don’t have photos of garlic scapes??? .one was gorgeous chive flowers wid a bee…

    ah, well, bless your heart, but in the end…i guess i bring what’s important to me. and mebbe posterity.

    i trust your photos are still on flickr; that place has messed me around so vilely, and i’d already lost two laptop-crashes’ worth of pics over the last ten years or so.

    • Just about hit the ditch laughing, on the way back from setting up tables, as Ted Koppel was a radio guest, introducing his new book, disaster prediction, the end of the world is here, crap about how we won’t survive the imminent cyber-attack on the nation’s web and electric grids. Wringing hands….yadda!

      Tried to phone into WI public radio to ask him if he thought that Flint, MI residents cared about the grid, the internet or having drinking water the most. Winter fund drive limited discussion and I didn’t get on. My follow up question was about nuclear waste dump on under the eastern edge of Lake Huron or the 4K neighbors in a nearby county with nitrates and e-coli in their wells. Third question was how useful was his sensationalism in distracting people from real issues his corporate bosses were foisting on us through him. Probably good thing the show ended. ;^)

      Guests this weekend are a couple of state legislators, author/editor from the Nation/co-editor of a Capitol Times, Madison, WI. Woman who has organized the Working Families Party in apartheid Milwaukee. Reps from a program training women to run for office, etc. Next monthe we are looking at a state supreme court judge change and flipping the state senate to break the complete fascist hold on state power right now. First things first, as much as I understand the limits of the election process and voting.

      • koppel’s another empty suit, but remember: he has The Voice audiences love to believe.

        good questions, but you wouldn’t have made it thru the ‘Preview questions’ thing, i reckon. good guests, good on working families people’s party. state government is often where the rubber meets the road (counties, arrrrgh). i wish i could say that any of the state legislators i ever ran campaigns for hadn’t turned into ‘other people’ once elected…but i can’t. given the emergencies in a few states like WI, maybe they’d actually work toward what they’ve promised.

        but i’ve had entirely too much fun with my current post (and yes, i freely admit to being a sick satirist at times. and i know that it’s crap of me to note that you never said a word about my slideshows, even with…er…not so delicate hints. well, that’s life on the blogs, i reckon, and i’ll have to absolve you. the natural world is my saving grace, unlike so many who have lives out and about.

      • well,

        2 sensitive to operate a blog site, i think..

        • Sorry wendyedavis, I did recognize many of your birds and I see a lot of different bee pics that are very, very nice and it got me to thinking about going to the garden box and starting some seeds. I sometimes think you have a remote camera set up to get those close-ups of the insects. I am almost averse to such luscious colors and intricate patterns this time of year, desiring another good thick blanket of snow to keep the ground from freezing too deep for the next thirty days and having the buds and bulbs and blossoms appear early enough to get hit with a late freeze.

          The other business of this week was addressing our county and my neighboring friend’s county, wherein the state senate’s rush to run through a couple hundred bills in two days, tossed one in there on short public notice to allow CAFO operators to lay temporary pipelines to pump liquid manure out to contaminate more fields. I created and listed a half dozen public safety angles that counties need to institute now, in conjunction with the new county authority to issue piping permits, which they have yet to discuss, needed and meant to prevent this:


          Temporary and vulnerable manure distribution piping would be above ground where the “brown stream,” in the article photo shows it. Public road right-of-ways, no need to ask me or you if we want to allow it to run by our house. What could go wrong?

          I skipped the step of going to the appropriate county committees first with the environmental urgency of this new problem brought to us by the state’s largest industrial dairy farm lobby, in an effort to prevent my request for immediate actions from being buried at the county committee level by sympathetic elected county supervisors who have friends with industrial scale dairy operations, and who chair the committees needing to address the new problem. Went digitally to the whole county board, administrator, county chair and county corporate counsel. Got a written piece ready to submit to the local papers if I don’t get a response over the weekend.

          If I had more paying work at the moment, very little citizen advocacy would be happening and I apologize if this info is something not really suitable for your place here. On to a town board meeting in a bit and then to the kitchen. Baking some dessert quick bread for tonight’s pot-luck with visiting politicos. Should be a good opportunity to learn and share. Much needed cabin fever relief too. Luvs ya.

          • it’s okay, nonquixote; i just have such a different relationship not only to the photos of our backyard flora and fauna, but to their reminders that the seasons and skies do go round and round. that knowledge can sustain me in times of…darkness and fear. perspective, i guess, which i so often lack these days.

            i’ll read your link soon as i can, but your strategy seems sound. i’ve been reading again this morning of the long WI sit-ins in the capitol demanding collective bargaining not be outlawed. again, i’ve wondered how it might have gone had not the movement turned to electoral politics. but the author reminded us of the long, long history of social gains by way of general strikes, given that friedrich v. CA schoolteachers may be reheard, may not be…since scalia is a goner (and yes, i was tempted to say something else). ;-)

            on edit: wow, plenty of ignorant comments below the article. oh, yes, the gift of $50000’s worth of pumping and disposal. not just manure’s bacteria and virri, but think of the antibiotics, possible growth hormones, etc.

            i saw a newish report had been issued concerning the pharmaceuticals that sewage treatment plants don’t seem to be able to filter out, but i can’t find it again, just an undated (thank you so much) WHO report claiming that the amounts in the water don’t reach viable doses, or some silliness. viagra, tons of antidepressants, i forget what all. speaking of which, one think i don’t understand is that past sci-fi prognosticators believed that ‘we’ would have ample soma and other gentle, soothing, psychoactive pharmaceuticals, and yet: the war on drugs even includes cannabis and fruit of the poppy, the latter i wish i had for my alternative herbal bag, yanno? well, the latter seems to be one big fat reason ‘we’re’ still in afghanistan guarding the fields, so there’s that. sometimes ya can feel a mite cynical.

            on the fresh manure storage and spreading: i seem to remember that there are ways to dry it that moot some of the most deleterious effects. if so, that could help, but then in Walkerstan, they don’t care cuz they don’t have to.i reckon.

  3. sorry no time. i certainly read the brexit piece.

  4. “For Rosemary, in the wistful hope that her world will be better than mine.”

    not so much the flower power i’d thought might be coming, jason. thanks for the thurber, and for reading #brexit, loads of deception over it.

    • you know, i should have watched that before posting. it’s a bit lame. i remember seeing this thurber piece as a kid of 12 or so in school. i hadn’t watched it in a year so, but it hit a nostalgia bone w/me when i did. some comments are winners, some are wieners.

      • yours are always winners, amigo, perhaps with this exception you’ve noted. i replied with a weiner of a song video, which i later edited out. (too bad commenters here can’t edit, eh?) but it was the ‘one tin soldier’ one, with lyrics about mountains, valleys, treasure below, hatred…and war. it played a second time, which almost drove me ’round the twist.

        here’s hoping that your being busy…is the good kind of busy. ;-)

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