February Police State and US Injustice Department News


by Anthony Freda

It’s leap day; good morning to you.  This post is far too long (and it ain’t my fault!), but only a partial list of items in the news.  I’ve tried to bold things that might be of extra interest to you, or what you might skip by; some headlines are obvious as to content.

‘Sandra Bland Family’s Suspicions Mount Amid Fight To Expose Death Evidence’; Reports contradict each other and a promised video never materialized’ huffpo.com.  Too many discrepancies to choose among.

Oregon lawmakers are advancing a measure that would allow law enforcement officers involved in fatal shootings to ask a court to shield their name for 90 days.

The bill is designed to protect the Oregon State trooper who killed LaVoy Finicum. The Arizona rancher was fatally shot as officers attempted to arrest him along a rural highway in eastern Oregon Jan. 26. He was part of the armed group that occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.”

NBCLosangeles.com: ‘Man and Woman Killed in Police Shooting Were Unconscious When Police Arrived: Mayor’  (video)

“Both the man and woman who were mortally wounded during an officer involved shooting were unconscious when Inglewood police first responded to where they were sitting in a car, said Inglewood Mayor James Butts Tuesday in response to questions about the incident.

For at least 45 minutes, police attempted “to rouse” them in an effort “to de-escalate the situation,” said Butts. It is the first public explanation for what transpired early Sunday morning during the time between the initial call and the shooting. Police previously had stated responding officers saw the woman had a gun, retreated to behind cover, and then gave orders for the couple to exit the vehicle. 

Obviously at some point they were conscious because somebody felt threatened,” said Butts, a retired law enforcement officer who previously had served as police chief in other cities. He said it is important for police to finish their investigation, and verify facts, before commenting further.”

‘Rikers Guard Who Let Inmate “Bake To Death” And Lied About It Won’t Get Any Prison Time’ gothamist.com, Feb 18, 2016

Feb. 17: ‘Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Backs New Policy To Release Police Shooting Videos Within 60 Days’

Restoring trust between our police and the communities they’re sworn to serve is an essential part of our City’s public safety efforts, and this is an important step as we continue that work. Simply put, the longstanding policy the City followed for decades is out of date and this new policy strikes a better balance of ensuring transparency for the public while also ensuring any criminal or disciplinary investigations are not compromised,” Emanuel said, in a statement.”

Rahm apparently had meant ‘sworn to serve carved up’, according to some inside sources.

“A coalition filed a petition asking the Cook County Circuit Court to appoint a special prosecutor, arguing Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has a “political alliance with the police union” that creates a conflict of interest in the case, according to the group. The coalition also wants a special prosecutor used in other potential police misconduct cases related to McDonald’s death.

“Anita Alvarez is beholden to the police union,” said Sheila Bedi of the MacArthur Justice Center. “Her failure, over and over again, in many other cases, to appropriately and timely charge police officers … makes it clear that she has helped to facilitate the code of silence that so pervades the Chicago Police Department.”

‘Second autopsy affirms Guatemalan immigrant was shot in the back by police’, SFExaminer.com

“A second autopsy of a young Guatemalan immigrant who was shot dead one year ago today by San Francisco police appears to contradict Police Chief Greg Suhr’s initial claims about the shooting.

The autopsy, conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office and obtained Thursday by the San Francisco Examiner, mirrors the findings of an independent autopsy conducted after Amilcar Perez Lopez, 20, was fatally shot by officers in the Mission district on Feb. 26, 2015.

The shooting of Perez Lopez opened old wounds for community members who say they were traumatized by police in the past, but seemed to quickly fade from the spotlight unlike the fatal police shooting of Mario Woods by police last December. Following Woods’ death, city officials announced sweeping reforms to the Police Department.”

Feb 18: “Maryland’s highest court on Thursday postponed the trials of the Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray last year, to consider whether one officer can be compelled to testify against the others.”

Dec. 16, 2015: “The trial of the first Baltimore police officer in the death of Freddie Gray ended in a hung jury on Wednesday, an unexpected twist that complicates the cases against five other officers facing charges in a fatal police encounter that prompted violent unrest here last spring.”

‘Seattle Police Release Video of Che Taylor Shooting’ by Ansel Herz • Feb 22, 2016

It bears repeating: A criminal record alone—no matter how long or heinous—does not give the police license to kill a person.” (the link goes to the original story, and the po-po’s indictment of his past felony record.)

‘Two Former Police Officers Say Che Taylor Complied with Police Commands Before His Death’ by Ansel Herz • Feb 26, 2016

just for the sheer absurd funnuvvit...  ;-)

‘Female NY Prison Inmates Say Sexual Abuse Is Rampant’, the gothamist

‘Police clash with protesters after teen shot by cop in Salt Lake City’, RT, 28 Feb, 2016

Witness says officers shot a 16yo kid. He says the teen had a metal pipe. He heard 4 gunshots,” Yi said on her Twitter account. But the young man’s friend says he was armed only with part of a broom stick.

Of the two officers who arrived to deal with the initial incident, at least one fired shots, it is being reported.

Witnesses felt the police did not give the teen a chance to surrender, and used excessive force, leading to public outrage. The friend, Mohammad, told the Salt Lake Tribune, “They told him to put it down, once,” – referring to the broom – and “started shooting him as soon as he turned around.”

He added that his friend was hit in the chest and stomach.”

Sunday noon-ish; Abdi’s still in a coma.

Related to Abdi above: ‘Police refuse to release video showing shooting of Salt Lake City teenager’  wsws.org, Feb. 29   Also see at the site: ‘New York police used military-grade cellphone surveillance equipment over 1,000 times’

Angry family, friends and supporters demand justice for Edwin Rodriguez’,

February 21, 2016, fightbacknews

“Los Angeles, CA – Family, friends and supporters of Edwin Rodriguez united to protest his murder by Sheriff’s Deputies of East Los Angeles, Feb. 20. Rodriguez was pulled over by East Los Angeles (ELA) Sheriffs, beaten and shot to death on Feb. 14th. He was shot over ten times. The sheriffs claimed that Rodriguez was in a stolen car. However, the car was not stolen; it belonged to the driver’s mother. Antonio Rodriguez, the family’s attorney said, “There was no reason to pull them over.

In 2013 Carlos Oliva, a college student, was shot in the back by Deputy Sheriff Nicolas Castellanos and Deputy Sheriff Anthony Forlano. Juan Mendez, father of Jose Mendez also joined the protest. Jose Mendez was the Boyle Heights teenager who was gunned down by LAPD on Feb.6. Mendez said, “My 16-year-old son was murdered by two LAPD officers. To this day I have not seen his body or know how many times he was shot. It’s not right what they’re doing to our children and our youth.”

The Guardian: ‘Racial bias evident in South Carolina criminal sentences, study reveals’; Researchers identify ‘troubling’ patterns in court decisions as black South Carolinians receive harsher criminal sentences than their white counterparts.

“We know that in the criminal justice system African Americans are disproportionately affected and we’ve seen it in respect to shootings by police officers but we wanted to look at something further along in the process.

“It’s astonishing to find that the likelihood that someone will go to prison for a minor crime can be almost 50% increased for a black offender.”

There seem to be a number of versions of this tragic story, but the PostandCourier says it’s theirs, even though the journalist soft-soaps it, imo.  The ‘Paper of Record’s’ version is even worse.  ‘For son of Joyce Curnell, who died in jail, a 911 call meant to save mom’s life somehow went wrong’

Ms Currell was apparently an alcoholic, and had started drinking heavily again, according to her son.  Believing that she needed sobriety help, he ‘saw a golden opportunity’ when she went to an ER in Ashley, SC with a stomach bug.  He phoned police and told the there was a warrant out for her for failing to finish paying fines for her theft of $20 worth of candy and beer four years earlier.

In short, she was arrested, put in a cell without the meds she’d been prescribed earlier, given a barf bag which she used liberally, and died of dehydration for lack of water or other fluids.

“Citing a coroner’s ruling last year that Curnell’s death was natural, the State Law Enforcement Division has closed its investigation into the case. But statements contained in the agency’s final report, obtained Thursday through a S.C. Freedom of Information Act request, showed how the jail’s medical staffers may have underestimated the extent of Curnell’s sickness in accounts that varied widely from ones given by officers and inmates. Most witnesses, except for the nurses and doctors, described her as constantly vomiting and weak. At one point, she asked for her medication and didn’t get it.”

“They left her in a cage like a dog,” her nephew, Joseph Singleton, said Thursday, recalling the family’s experience that week.”

Lawsuit: Elderly man dies month after being shot by BCSO with pepper balls, tackled by K9’ kob.com

“BCSO’s reports indicate they tried for 90 minutes to get Duran to put the knife down.  But he was partially blind, deaf and distraught over the recent loss of wife.

Deputies devised a plan to get Duran to comply with their orders.  At 10 a.m., they deployed the plan.  They fired pepper balls at Duran and released a muzzled K9 to knock him over.

Medical records show that fall caused Duran’s femur and hip to shatter.  Since Duran’s skin was old and thin, some of the pepper balls penetrated, leaving fragments of plastic inside.  A medical report shows it took doctors days to remove all of the plastic. 

One month later, Duran died.  The Office of the Medical Investigator ruled the death a homicide. 

“When he was surrounded by deputies, he had committed no crime,” civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy said.  “They are supposed to be serving, but instead they set in motion the kind of violence that sets a very painful death.  The fact that the sheriff hasn’t come forward to apologize to this family is as equally shocking.”

Fidencio Duran was 88 years old; RIP.

Via Azfamily.com: Autistic woman behind viral video shot, killed by Mesa police’

“Mesa, AZ: A young woman killed during an officer-involved shooting Thursday morning was behind a viral video she posted that made headlines over the summer. The woman has been identified Danielle Jacobs, 24.

Detective Esteban Flores with the Mesa Police Department said around 11 a.m., police received multiple calls about a suicidal woman.

When officers made contact with her, she stated she had a knife and was going to hurt herself. Flores said she came at both officers with the knife, and they fired their duty weapons.”

The officers felt threatened.  Abc15 reported: “One of the officers responding to the call was retrieving a bean bag gun when the shooting occurred, Flores said. Two officers stayed in the apartment, including one who had training in crisis intervention to deal with such situations.”

“In June, Jacobs posted a video that went viral on YouTube. In it, Jacobs is having what she described as a self-harm meltdown while her Rottweiler, Samson, attempted to help her out of it.  The 24-year-old said those meltdowns were due to Asperger’s syndrome. She was diagnosed with it in 2013. It is a disorder on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.

In a post along with the video, Jacobs said she shared the raw moment to show what it is like to live with Asperger’s and raise awareness about the disorder.”

This is the touching video that went viral.  As it turns out, the murdered woman was transgender, and in other venues called her/himself Kayden Clarke.  The trans community on Twitter is vexed at his misidentification, but it’s provided another crucial spotlight on the intersections of ableness, autism, skin color, gender and police state issues; cold comfort, yes.

KilledByPolice on Facebook has 3089 corporate media accounts of people killed by police since May 1, 2013.  So many, too many…when will it slow down, much less stop?

16 responses to “February Police State and US Injustice Department News

  1. (working for a gun manufacturer as you know wendy. they fired 8 people of 30 or so in the office today. what?!? all those babies i sacrificed to moloch & you just lay me off after all these YEARS?!?!?! after all this time, what ARE these guns good for…unfortunately they didn’t fire the whole global operation. what’s belgian for $(%*&$*#(#(#()ers????)

    the language of the gun manufacturer is the language of worship. if you googleize something like “lockheed’s advertising”, (or northrup or palantir or…)the orgasmically, orgiastically ecstatic language of religious enthusiasm is displaced on to the Gun, initiation into the Mystery, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

    This is true of every product in capitalism but the “non-lethal” products generally get displaced onto sexuality (Snickers satifies; Lexus=best sex ever; yo man needs Mr. Clean, or you hussfrau can’t sparkle…in bed). harder to do w/ the Task Fighter Joint Force Strike or whatever.

    murder must be projected onto an encounter w/the Sublime. “the stealth fighter will protect you so you can make sexy time w/the wife/hubby” is not as sexy as “Invisible. Undetectable. Making the Skies Safe. for America” a la the non-rain enduring Stealth Bomber.

    i’m not sure if this makes sense. jotting down words as a form of mental exorcism. (ugh. i had to go into pentagon city mall after work. i feel so dirty & used today. where’s the tequila? the pot?? the mef???????) the public advertising is for the casual passerby, to condition them to the ritual of waste & death of weapons production.

    how to bring this to the full circle of any small grain bullet of relevance to your post? the people of syria are not different from the people of the US. there is a different PR operation going on here for a variety of reasons, the medieval manor & papacy is here & the crusades there, but when the s hits the f and somebody gets off the farm, they just shoot you. what’s the difference b/n the autistic person getting shot for “unusual” behavior & the drone targeting locals for “specific behaviors”?

    i’m down w/local cops shooting drones, btw. totally. pit them against each other rather than us. now if only we could get the FBI and S(ecret) S(ervice) and the Geheimatstaatspolizei, i mean ICE, to all shoot each other….

    • never.ever.stop.your.stream-of-conciousness rants. i do some in comments, but they do not compare to yours. mine are just the way my degrading brain/mind pings.

      but ah: en français, va te faire foutre, in dutch ‘fuck u’. good enough for me and for who it’s for, as they say around here.

      yeah, i covered Urban Shield and get your sexy drift completely. i did a satire sexy piece on Tasers™ (really copyright once, for Xmas): sexy holsters for men and women, all the love of safety and caring; downright Platonic in the ads: men and women serving in war against the other…would be the bravest and best!

      love to you, jason; keep em coming!

      • “the ultimate experience of unbeatable security for the patriot hero in you armed with high-powered confidence cuz mama didn’t raise no victims”-a mishmash of jargon from some ‘small’ arms ads;

        “protecting from all elements, incl. surprise/the unknown; imagine the wonder of full spectrum neutralization of the future wherever you are”-ditto for some lockheed/northrup garbage.

        • yeah, i just watched a gaggable video at urban shield about 2016’s alameda ‘mega-preparedness’ in sept. ooooh, see amerika! see her freedoms, from sea to shining sea! then what comes next that WE responded to (so well). and yeah, some did, but that only set the stage: 9/11 opened the events log.

          but just one of the weapons clicks (in this case adamson) will likely give the descriptions you name.

          but once again, it’s not lost on us that deep inside these folks are essentially cowards, and have no business being police. ‘shoot first, and we’ll sort it our later’ mentality rules, no matter what PDs under consent decrees are ‘advised to do’ n new trainings in however many areas, like ‘dealing with the mentally unstable’, yada, yada.

          the jabobs/clarke killing allegedly had TWO po-po trained in that area in her apartment when he was murdered.

          i put up a video once by a private cop agency that trained its employees to understand that their safety was not more important than ‘suspects’. dale brown, mebbe. but he claimed that they almost never had to resort to lethal weapons, maybe not even often non-lethal ones.

          but what we have now is two SCOTUS decisions that essentially say that if a cop feels ‘justifiably threatened’, killing’s okey-dokey. yeah, well, what a low bar that is, plus cops now speak to the cameras and recording devices, yanno, to cover their butts. “my arm is caught in your door; you’re dragging me!!” and later, ya see it was all pure hokum.

          and as in the most recent killing, there are always throw-down weapons, aren’t there?

          love the amerikan status quo for the oligarchs who matter; defend against the rabble ter’rists who mess things up, most especially the Negro ones. put em in jail and prison, make money from it, if’n killin’ em in the streets ain’t quite in the cards.

          yeah, it’ll have to be a global effort to dislodge the capitalist property underpinnings of all of it. heh, i just read a thang by angela davis saying that as she was an apologist for obama along the way. sad.

  2. Fatal police shooting of African American male in North Carolina sparks protest’ (raleigh) via RT.

    well, it’s not too hard to figure out why there was a protest:

    “Police did not identify the man but a witness told ABC11 that a white officer shot her son, Akiel Denkins, 24, who was wanted on a warrant.

    “He was running away,” said Rolanda Byrd. “They couldn’t catch him so they shot at him seven times.”
    “Everybody seen it,” said Byrd. “They ain’t going down with this one. They ain’t gonna get away with this one, there’s at least 40 eyewitnesses out here.”

    Raleigh police Chief, Cassandra Deck Brown confirmed that during the course of a pursuit, “the suspect was shot and killed by the officer.”
    “[It] is known that a firearm was located in close proximity to the deceased suspect. That weapon, along with other elements available at the scene will be processed,” said Brown in a statement released to reporters. “Multiple investigations…are still in their early stages.” ????

  3. another day, another 3 or 4 or 10 shootings by cops. it seems pretty clear that the agenda of the PTB, driven by unkie shmuel (US+Israel), is to fill the world w/as many guns & weapons as possible. Russia, China, N Korea, etc., must respond accordingly. Even if war does not occur, economic ruin awaits them. (just wait Iran & Cuba, to see what a shithole your countries have become in 5-10 years.)

    the internal enemy (moooozlums, immigants, veeguns) serve a similar purpose, everyone pointing their guns at everyone else. beside giving the guvmint another excuse to keep tabs on everyone (who has all these guns?) and further the general paranoia.

    seems to me this is a conscious “better dead than red” strategy. let’s all shoot each other rather than change the organization of society. Property vs. life itself, ultimately even the possibility of life itself.

    i’m having a quaker moment about this. not referring to particular instances or someone protecting the ancestral manse (or hovel) w/grandpappy’s shotgun, but as a movement, in this country i only see non-violence as any kind of answer. This country, not necessarily Palestine, Afghanistan, etc., and at the level of movement, not per se every individual. Anything else just plays into their hands.

    i say “quaker,” loosely speaking, cuz cheap miller lite revenge fantasies is a big part of what’s on tap at Uncle Sam’s bar & restaurant. how to counter that when cops have just mowed down your son, when the solution to the general violence, the only solution they have to offer is them handing you another gun.

    • dunno about iran, but multinationals will indeed get that cuba’s open for bidness and it won’t be anything like a rag-pickers ball, will it? ah, well, haiti, too, although folks are fighting back there for now, and at least got the last election overturned/postponed. that nation owes the clintons a hella lot of payback. macri in argentina is making some bold new bidness deals for resources and the commons, as well.

      the PTB meant to kill the chavista and related movements, well, for now they have. but the seeds exist, and may sprout anew soon.

      i may not be getting your meaning, but i don’t see domestically that the rabble are shootin’ cops. but as far as non-violence, for the most part i agree because: 101st airborne and drones. but one of the reasons i loathe hedges (just one, mind you) is that with his ‘the cancer in occupy’, he caused the whole movement to falter while it argued his case. but all he was really talking about was ‘violence to property’, wasn’t he?

      and now we see that lots of it was done by agents provocateurs, but also in ferguson the ‘riots’ woke the nation up about what’s been afoot in poor black and brown communities forever. the conventional wisdom is that it was the mmmm…old guard black ministers who urged calmcalmcalmcalm…when anger/outrage was still needing to be expressed.

      has the main body of the larger BLM movement been co-opted into electoral/respectability politics (and beyoncé, lol) by now? the main organizational meet-ups i’m seeing are lgbt women, which of course is a good thing, but… i haven’t seen a hella lot of #shutShitDown save for here and there in new yawk city.

      more soon i’m rambling, sorry.

      • because this is café babylon, soul food and freedom music, and not uncle sam’s bar n grill, allow me to ramble a bit more. because of the states that have pre-empted minimum wage rises, i found a thang at hampton institute trying to contrast indirect and direct again for wage rises. dude gets a lot wrong and srsly needs an editor, imo, but what he does get right is contrast union framework (as if any are viable now) and revolutionary framework, meaning direct actions that undermine and invalidate capitalism itself, and undermine the whole ‘boss’ notion.

        he also notes that workers must be ready to accept any power they earn/glean, which has long been a question rightfully asked: do progressives abjure power? yeah, there are so many applicable quotes…

        but non-violent revolution really may need to be global, and likely a massive wave of higher awareness and consciousness will need to precede it, which may come as a result of the next wall street meltdown, and the G’s attempts to ameliorate for the planetary oligarchs, bail-ins, more social safety net and pension cuts, layoffs, la la la.

        but it’s also a distinct possibility that since there’s already been a right-wing revolution, that it’s those gun-nutters that will get there first. it could be a brokered R. convention, even, who can say?

        but i did scout down some essays on gene sharpe’s suggestions for non-violent revolution, the albert einstein institute, otpor, and the cia funding, etc. but that’s a far longer bunch or reading than you may want to do, and probably too much for a stand-aone post given that so few are at the café lately. and may i say i hope those who are absent are havin’ a hella time with this sincerely weird warm weather. 64 degrees here today, and i can’t tell you how hard it is not to be concerned.

    • isn’t the LAPD under a consent decree? well, anyway, this must be charlie beck’s idea of “best practices: ‘‘LAPD shootings of mentally ill, in-custody deaths surge in 2015” – report’ 2 Mar, 2016

      well, the NYPD actually has an office itsownself in israel (i forget which city, to say the truth, but bingable), and the IDF has trained many PDs, including the mexican G’s to help ‘fight the zapatistas’ (they lost in the end, even though their villages were bombed, strafed, etc.)

      now while attica (39 dead during the riot) violence as in hostage taking, is a cautionary tale about answering violence w/ violence, i tend to be a bit more sanguine, if that’s the right term, about the very few federales who were killed when the provoked violence…when the zapatistas took over some of their former ejido lands in (then) towns in chiapas.

      but i dunno if you saw the brief clip i’d given you from ‘thunderheart’ on some other thread or other, but i will say that for a magical realism explanation of what went on at pine ridge rez back in the day when leonard peltier was convicted of killing two fibbies, how uranium profiteering fed into it, and AIM was considered a mega-threat (even post-occupation of alcatraz)…see if you can get it thru inter-library loan, or it might even be on youtube if you can watch that way. a tragic tale with a feel-good ending, if…further magical reality. ghost dancers. insane cast, including…john trudell as ‘the shape shifter’.

      • i’ll check it out. my comments re non-violence do not apply to property.

        • (you can stream the film here for free, whatever ‘streaming’ is):

          guns: rt says that there were 2.61 million gun fbi checks last month, third highest month so far.

          now me, i had dreams of lightning-fast jets zooming by the house; they looked like stubby, fat water guns in colors of bright turquoise.fuscia/purple with white embellishments. scared the bejayzus outta me and the kids. (would you like to talk about it, wd? NO, thank you.) ;-)

          i gotta get the dough started, it’s bread day, and i’ve been sitting here too long already trying to think through a quick version of kinds of violence, nonviolence, and defense. but i’ll never shoot anyone, nor advise anyone else to do so. more later.

  4. Alabama Officer Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Blocks From His Mother’s Home Charged with Murder‘, March 3, 2016, atlanta black star good; the defense attorney seems to be lying thru his teeth, and good on DA bailey.

    “Smith shot 58-year-old Gregory Gunn on the morning of Feb. 25. Smith encountered Gunn on a patrol while Gunn was walking home from a card game at a friend’s house. They got into a struggle and Smith used his taser several times. He shot Gunn as he was running away. Police claim Gunn was armed with a pole, but his friends said it was a painting stick. He was killed a few blocks from his mother’s home.

    Montgomery police claim Smith encountered a “suspicious man” in a “high-crime neighborhood,” but Tyrone Means, an attorney for the Gunn family, objected to that description. Means told The Associated Press that Gunn was simply walking home in a neighborhood where he was well known.

    “Trayvon Martin was a Black kid walking in a predominantly white neighborhood, and someone just thought he looked suspicious,” said Means. “Greg Gunn was in a community in which he was well-known and well-loved. That’s scary.”

    ‘AG Finds “No Criminal Culpability” In Holding Cell Death Of Westchester County Woman Arrested For Shoplifting‘; pfffft. (‘best practices might not have been followed, but…not rising to the level of negligent homicide’, or close), the gothamist.

    “Mr. Stringer said that in the 2015 fiscal year, which ended June 30, his office received 2,846 personal injury claims from the jail system, an increase of 27 percent from the previous fiscal year, when there were 2,245 claims filed. In 2010, there were 1,204 claims.

    Mr. Stringer said the trend appeared to be continuing, with preliminary data showing that the number of claims filed from July 1 through Feb. 25 rose by 39 percent, compared with the same period a year earlier.”

  5. Getting to be a lot to keep up with. It’s worse than business as usual. Thanks for this post. Intersections are getting more complicated, and you forgot the important dog-owner one, now a bunch of people who cheered the dog who now are grappling with the complexity of identity that makes it much easier to buy the police narrative.

    If the Sandra Bland thread ever comes unraveled it could well run through the entire Texas law enforcement establishment.

    Yes to a special prosecutor looking at Anita Alvarez’s record. One of the linchpins of corruption in Chicago.

    • welcome, amigo. and yes, too much to keep up with, esp. if i’d included all the evil rapes, thefts, alcoholic cops beating their wives, smashing into cars, killing pedestrians, etc. where does one stop, srsly, and still make a post close to readable? thank goodness for keegan for the most part; he’s my third stop for news when i need twitter. revo news, too.

      but there have been so many dog shootings; which one are you thinking of?

      sandra bland’s kin are still asking politely, as are some of the other ‘death in custody’ families. maybe it was marvin booker’s murder that made me think those are among the most egregious, but it’s so hard to assign any order.

      it will be very interesting to see what the high courts decide about the witness immunities in the trials of the freddie gray assassination. that was another one that was too ugly to get one’s mind around.

      i’m glad you see all of it as ‘worse than bidness as usual’; i kinda lose track, to say the truth, but i could sure tell it wasn’t slowin’ down. nice to see you, i know how much time your local projects are taking, and good on you.

  6. You laggards there on guard! look to your arms!
    In at the conquer’d doors they crowd! I am possess’d!
    Embody all presences outlaw’d or suffering,
    See myself in prison shaped like another man,
    And feel the dull unintermitted pain.

    For me the keepers of convicts shoulder their carbines and keep watch,
    It is I let out in the morning and barr’d at night.

    Not a mutineer walks handcuff’d to jail but I am handcuff’d to him and walk by his side,

    (I am less the jolly one there, and more the silent one with sweat on my twitching lips.)

    Not a youngster is taken for larceny but I go up too, and am tried and sentenced.

    Not a cholera patient lies at the last gasp but I also lie at the last gasp,
    My face is ash-color’d, my sinews gnarl, away from me people retreat.

    Askers embody themselves in me and I am embodied in them,
    I project my hat, sit shame-faced, and beg.
    song of myself, 37
    such sympathy must be criminalized

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