Srsly, how hard is it to take Presidential elections er… seriously? ;-)

(h/t mr. wd for reminding me of it)

(5 hours ago)

(dated, but ‘Google is not what it seems’)  Even if you just read the captions under the photos….you’ll howl with laughter.

Café coverage of ‘When Google Met WikiLeaks’

(and no, I’m still not feelin’ The Bern.)

39 responses to “Srsly, how hard is it to take Presidential elections er… seriously? ;-)

  1. WTF Google; don’t be (the Grater) EVIL? : A pre-emptive digital cover-up to prevent any future revelation of continued virtual criminality (e.g., SOS [Ship Of State] Gate), when CLINTONS return to the helm of their erstwhile “Titanic” deep-state plutocratic pleasure-barge?? NixOn Dem!

    • so sorry i can’t make out the lyrics, bruce. but i’d offer the true believers as “a ship of fools”, and it’s all about re-arranging those deck chairs, perhaps even with that ‘what a dump’ cretin.

  2. who was there when that walking tub of donut batter chris christy endorsed Big Hair? The Google Logo.

    • ha x 3. ;-)

      assange also demonstrated that da google page kinda tried sellin’ the war on syria (covertly, as in: there will be a q & a on nuking syria (okay, kiddin’ about that part) at (time and place). but aren’t the photos and captions just right?

      has it occurred to you that cook of apple is now a national hero for refusing the fbi an encryption code? holy hell, apple’s bidness model is hideous, including dorms for workers outfitted with suicide nets at foxconn. i’d thought i remembered some back doors apple left open, as well, but don’t take that as gospel.

      now this ain’t prez campaigning, but mayoral: DeRay: Maryland’s Unionized Charter Schools Could Be Model For Nation’

      ‘Democratic Mayoral Candidate DeRay McKesson tells The Real News he supports keeping charter schools under public control and defends teacher unionism’

      now if he said anything that noor didn’t lead him to, i missed it. but then, i wasn’t sure he said anything decipherable, myownself. but then mebbe he’s been readin’ drew franklin. ‘we would control the philanthropic efforts’ or some such of a baffler.

      • oh god, apple. but they don’t like those mean people in iowa who voted not to serve gays a birthday cake or whatever. i knew some of the foxconn thing, but gah, just horrendous. i

        • lol. conventional wisdom sites the 3g’s that separates the reds from the blue: guns, gawd, and gays, yes?

          but oh, yes: tim cook is a liberal media darlin’ now! way-ullll… i did see a link thang that tim cook went to china to see 4 himself back in the day (sorry, i dinnae click in since i hadn’t an airsick bag handy). but tom morello’s prolly writin’ a folk song about him as i type! (hope boots riley would piss on it; i’ve been so vexed that he allowed tom to team up with him lately. boots is the real deal, imo; tom: the faux deal, imo.

          • all these tech co’s are desperate for ways to brand & market themselves as “anti-surveillance.” turns out there’s quite a bit of hot air being spewed out about apple’s little dust up w/the DOJ:

            you prolly already saw that one.

            • wow and zounds. no, i hadn’t seen it, and it’s worse than i’d known or suspected. i’m a tech idiot, so lots of the terms went right over my head, but i’ll look at more of the links soon.

              i chose the bloomberg one, and my stars, the dude in the video is a true believer in tim cook’s (and the iphone and the droujji man veep’s (sp) total promise and expertise in security built into the chips (they gave him a tour!! for cripessake. ‘silicon valley is quiet and nervous’…well, maybe not for the reasons he gives, but its so hard to get a mite cynical about silicon valley libertarians, isn’t it?

              on edit: fwiw, the tech whiz i used to co-host a site with always went to ars for news/advice. this is their apple-filtered page if you can make any sense of it. some articles seem in opposition to each other, but that may be down to my total ignorance.

              • of all blum’s links, the most compelling one was binney at reddit doing a q and a, although i’ve saved his final ‘zero sum game of perpetual war’ for later.

                but heh: ‘US military to pay bounties to security experts who ‘hack the Pentagon’, at RT today

                it’s just rife with fine quotes, nationalist fervor, and the one fro schmidt at the end is a humdinger. “Schmidt, who now serves as executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., said that the new Defense Innovation Advisory Board would help bridge a gap between how the military and Silicon Valley operate, according to Reuters.”

                fun story in the mix about a HS kid hacking brennan;s (brrrrrr) and jeh johnson’s (ptui) email accounts; wonder if they ever caught him?

                • ash (“ash is a goddam robot!”-“alien”) carter was a big consultant for Mitre before heading up the DOD. no conflict of interest there. no “threat inflation as business model”. part of the deal w/the HRC emails too: pumping the invasion of Libya while trying to make back room deals for post-war contracts. awww, too bad HRC. the other part of the libya strategy, the plot to recruit ISIS members for Syria, conflicted w/your plans to make your bizness cronies billions. my heart breaks that whatever haliburton clone you were working for will have one less zero at the tail end of its balance sheet statement. at least until you become ms. prezzie, that is.

                  and does bernie sanders talk about any of this stuff? no? fuck him.

                  • oy, remember: google is building robots to take those who don’t obey or some verbiage. was it in the cafe link i provided up yonder? ah well. i didn’t know ‘mitre’ (what a name!) but ash seems to be the icon at the helm for what those who’d described as qualities of empires going down warned us against, no? so fucking many cringe-worthy quotes from him just this week on threat against china and…the Bear. no, check that: it’s against Putin, himself.

                    ha. paul street’s polemics against bern ‘the judas goat’ for all that he dares not challenge about clinton’s history, quotes, and tra la is here. but he did make me pause as to his vision of just why the hillary hawk in the WH might be better for…did he say revolutionary leftists? (prolly not really) than ‘what a dump’ is worth thinking about for a few minutes.

                    but he’s so right how many alleged leftists are kinda/sorta feelin’ good about him, including the sainted Jacobin and counterpunch itsownself. re: hrc: i’m working toward a post about some results of the ‘democracy project’ she and the state department created in honduras, although i confess, i keep having to walk away from it because: nausea. same for haiti.

                    but there are so many items/stories like these, gmo legislation, SCOTUS decisions (o not) looming that this stooopid prez electoral fukkery is sucking up all the media oxygen from. sorry about the dangling preposition/proposition; i’m gonna go for a bit of a siesta ‘n refresh/restore…a bit.

                    • i don’t understand the quantity of articles at counterpunch favorable to the bern. maybe it’s j. st. clair’s editorial style to push quantity of content?

                      anyway, more on “ash is a goddam robot” from wiki:
                      In addition to his public service, Carter was a Senior Partner at Global Technology Partners, focused on advising investment firms in technology and defense. He has been a consultant to Goldman Sachs and Mitretek Systems on international affairs and technology matters, and speaks frequently to business and policy audiences.

                      He was also a member of the boards of directors of the Mitre Corporation and Mitretek Systems and the advisory boards of MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Draper Laboratory. Carter was also a member of the Aspen Strategy Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Physical Society, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. Carter was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was named as a Fellow in the American Physical Society (Forum on Physics & Society) in 2015.

  3. About as seriously as I take my Republican US Congress critter’s staff person’s phone call from the Washington, claiming that at this point they plan to make sure the TPP will be advantageous to the Wi dairy Industry, craft cheese makers and jobs.

    Squeaky wheel getting greased, as I had requested this retiring US Rep publicly announce his vote, either yes or no on TPP and staffer was taken aback that I understand there is no opportunity to make changes (after fast-track authority) to ensure that it is “beneficial,” for us…

  4. wot??? you don’t take his soothing answer srsly, nonquixote? think of the lost profits that the CAFO industries can claim in the tribunals if anyone messes w/ their raw ma-NOO-ra spreading!

    but at least the maoris got to weigh in at the ‘treaty signing’ in new zealand on feb. 3:

    a close-up version, and i swear one man in the foreground was in the O-so-glorious ‘the whale rider’ film.

    (hope you’re well; it was 64 freaky degrees here yesterday; mr. wd says it’s already dusty here just days after the last of the snow melted.)

    • 10 day forecast is near 50F and chance of rain. We still have a few inches of fairly complete snow cover that will be gone in a week.

      Yes, on the TPP, the staffer let out that it wasn’t popularly being received when I suggested that I don’t hear many US Reps talking about it prior to the election and also stated that I would lay 20-1 odds that it will be brought to both houses for a vote as mine and other retiring, “electeds,” will vote for it as they go lame-ducking through the revolving door to a corporate board or lobbying position at a higher salary with less headaches than pretending to be listening to their constituents.

      You speak of dusty ground this early in the season and we are looking at stopping the usurpation of (with CAFO operators policing themselves with their reporting of their own water use, DNR has zero staff verifying this for the last five years) groundwater and CAFOs reporting that they are dumping a small lake of untreated liquid manure to a depth of over 15 feet per acre annually. I am doing the math with some just returned FOIA figures from one nearby county that came back this past week from the DNR.

      As spraying liquid manure is the least costly disposal method for CAFO operators and not paying to clean the water, the groundwater which they get for nothing, is basically the slim profit margin or the last “revenue stream,” they have when milk prices dive. View after breakfast at your own risk.

      • fight the good fight. and thanks for the video. maybe there’s a reason i had an unusually ligth breakfast this a.m.?

      • like cafta and nafta, there are often side deals ‘arranged’ in the deep badger holes. ‘last revenue stream’ or ‘spray’? no, sorry i won’t watch this one, i’m, queasy enough this morning with researching this next post.

        • The description of what the new “manure,” is actually composed of is finished at about 2 minutes in, the bulk of the rest is testimony by citizens at a county level meeting and a couple of photos of how the atomized liquid spray can drift and end up in an outside dog water dish or a child’s sandbox. With your topic post, “how seriously can you take these people…” at the 4:50 minute mark there are two industry shills attempting to minimize the dangers presented with spraying and the audience being extremely polite and mostly allowing them to speak.

          I know that you are familiar with this topic wendyedavis. Mr Yellow shirt in the video is monthly being given feature column space in local press to lobby against us and we had a another round of it this week as we fight our Walker regime from surrendering all groundwater to the industry in perpetuity. Yellow is a hired registered lobbyist who appears on the public lists, the legislative hearing session reports, supporting the industry views.

          Small citizen gains as the municipal water to private hands bill was removed from consideration, the high-capacity well, groundwater giveaway bill was pulled from the schedule on Wednesday and another bill redefining what a wetland is, is still stuck in committee for the moment, with both state houses almost done for this session for the year. They R majority realizes they need to get home to try to lie their way back into retaining the seats in Nov.

          Thanks for the opportunity to bring this stuff. The best to you, as always.

          • i’ll try to watch it, then, nonquixote. you no doubt know how i love uncomposted merde, like in the sewage waste water the PTB used to make snow at a ski area above flagstaff. another busy weekend, and i sorta buzzed away my time this a.m. good to hear of the wee victories, too. i hope you have time to look downthread at a couple of the other major issues that have gone begging almost entirely…with all the electoral faux sturm and drang. (can i mix language derivatives?) ;-)

            • Ahhh yes, been trying to point out locally, as non-threateningly as necessary to attract listeners, that merely being corralled to feel the “bern” isn’t ultimately addressing the problems that will persist beyond casting one’s vote.
              Civil disobedience, citizen/worker organization and public employee strikes and people centered services, businesses and protections of our interests will need to be created and established to provide the means for us to meet our many demands for justice and shared equity.
              We’ll inevitably experience the predictable broken promises from the hope-a-dope-but-nope trope in the political and party hierarchy and from the eventual crop of electeds, whomever they are, with every attempt at holding their feet to the fire.
              Yes, and my thanks too for the video spirit lifters, always appreciated.

              • i made it better than halfway thru the video, and mr. yellow shirt clearly knows he’s lying. but then, that’s what he/they are paid to do, isn’t it?

                nah, the bern’s revolution seems to be more about a revolution for dems, as far as i can read (and yeah, i mainly read the critiques).

                but i thought you and others would get a boot outta jeff merkley’s weaselly ‘compromise’ gmo labeling bill

                i kept hoping there would be news about whether scoutus would rule on the anti-union bill (creeps v. ca teachers) or not, given it may be another tie vote with only eight justices. i signed up at scotus blog for email news, so i reckon not, but the big unions have been totally silent on it. what veal pen cretins they are!

                oh, and yes, i’ve read and watched a lt about the issue, partially to counter wayoutwest’s comment to you deriding local efforts cuz: ‘so much lake water’, or some nonsense. you never did come back, iirc, but he may have finally gotten the drift.

  5. out of nest spaces. i dunno what st. clair’s editorial policy is, jason. but i guess given ass’s stellar robot resumé, these make plenty of sense. but amazon too?

    • he just exhibits so many traits illustrative of what it means to be a “success”, a whopping huge success, in our society. obviously energetic & brilliant, maybe in the next life, after some, uh, purging, he can use his physics knowledge for good instead of evil. some where b/n ages 20 & 30, he should have been given a nice science library/computer, toy models & video games to satisfy his combat fetish, and a rubber room.

      • his choices must have been spurred either by his family or a reaction to his treatment, and he sought and found the bubble that fit him better given whatever psychology evolved/devolved within him, no? i love the rubber room; were the world just, more of the planetary destroyers would have been sent to them.

        but it begs a question: does evil pay better in terms of $, power, and prestige? but why the amazon/DoD exchange? i’m not gettin’ it.

    • amazon & microsoft? i’m sure he’d make an effective spokesweasel for parlaying your overseas contingency operations experience into the ever-growing fields of law enforcement and criminal justice (aka, prison guard.)

  6. this is one of those issues, heave a sigh of relief…for now. breaking:

    SCOTUS blocks Louisiana abortion provider restriction law, may signal future rulings ‘

    “The US Supreme Court has blocked enforcement of a Louisiana law that could have led to the closing of all but one of the state’s abortion clinics. This comes as judges took up a more controversial abortion legislation from Texas.

    The justices ruling 7-1 on Friday reverses a federal appeals court in New Orleans that would have allowed the state to begin enforcing a clinic regulation that would have required doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

    The order shows a majority of the high court is unwilling to permit conservative states to enforce stringent regulations. If the law had gone into effect in Louisiana it would have left the state with only one doctor licensed to perform the procedure, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard testimony on a similar case in Texas. The order will keep the law on hold until the justices rule in that case.”

    some said this decision might signal the texas case SCOTUS is hearing right now. kennedy of course, would be key, but there could be a tie vote, meaning it could be sent to the lower court for questions, as sotomayor asked rather pointedly, or the lower court ruling would stand…for now. i never would have believed that reproductive rights could have been limited to the extent they have. when folks disagreed with margaret atwood’s premises in ‘the handmaid’s tale’, she’d smile and always ask: “wanna bet?”

  7. Shortly after the first GOP debate, I wrote that the debate was an uneventful “Celebration of Conservative Failure”. And this last debate of yesterday, was uneventful, as well.

    Now, if a “progressive” Republican was a candidate for the GOP, he/she would be outperforming Bernie Sanders with the “revolution.” To wit, the progressive Republican would be touting “The Convergence” and which would appeal to a large number of Democrats, and in particular, the well-camouflaged and conservative-oriented Democrats.

    • brave of you to watch any ‘debates’, jaango. but a blue dog convergence is an interesting notion. but i saved a link for you! i’d almost put it on the open menu for you, but i didn’t reckon you’d see it, so hooray, here you are!

      remember you’d said that no defense attorneys had ever been nominated to the Supreme Court? i know this is likely another con, but here’s one. former Hahvahd classmate of O’s. ;-) jane kelly, hard not to like with limited info. but as many on the judge track, she’s been silent on the big deal issues.

  8. another issue that’s receiving scant attention during stoopid season by media , and i hope you’ll love merkley’s solomonesqe approach; it tickled me witless; what a weasley con:

    Labeling GMO: Dems put forward new bill as ‘Dark Act’ pushed on the hill
    via RT, 3 Mar, 2016

    “US Senate DemocRats have offered an alternative GMO labeling bill that would require manufacturers to disclose the presence of GMOs to consumers, while still allowing them to choose how to comply with the law.
    “Rather than blocking consumers’ access to information they want, the US Senate should move forward with a solution that works for business and consumers alike,” said Senator Jeff Merkley (D, Oregon) the lead sponsor of the bill which was introduced on Wednesday.

    Merkley’s Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act would allow American consumers to see whether a food had been prepared with genetically modified ingredients on the Nutrition Fact Panel, reported the Hill.
    Manufacturers would be given a choice of four ways to display the “fact:” a parenthesis to indicate the food is genetically modified; an asterisk with an explanation at the bottom of the ingredients list; the catchall phrase “produced with genetic engineering,” or the FDA would develop a symbol to disclosure the presence of GM ingredients.

    “None of these options would require front panel disclosures or “warning” statements intending to disparage GM ingredients,” said Merkley (D, Oregon) in a press release.
    According to pro-labeling advocates the bill, dubbed the ‘Dark Act’ would effectively ban the labeling of food containing genetically modified ingredients, despite the fact that 90 percent of Americans want to know if their food contains them.”

    food safety info by punctuation, iow. ha ha, merkeley.

    (pre-empting state gmo-labeling laws like vermont’s, about to sunrise.) good on tim ryan.

  9. Trump is better than Clinton. No, Clinton is better than Trump. No, Trump has some good ideas.
    Ya, those I used to know are paying attention, not just that, they’re falling for it, again. The propaganda about the neocons “afraid” of Trump has them actually backing the fascist pig.
    Hi Wendy.

    • hallo, big al. it’s all so crazed, isn’t it? shouldn’t there be a law that campaigns can only last or 3 months? oh wait: media buys! not gonna happen until post-revolution of the better kind™.

      paul street’s judas goat did offer a pause concerning the female fascist *maybe* sparking more dissident rabble to kick back….since not all cranky people could blame the R, but then,,,Obummer often played that card, and got re-elected. i hate electoral politics of the federal office kind, especially.

      when the hell is the vote, anyway? but shhhhh. we don’t use the ‘what a dump’s’ name around here. ;-) shoot, i ran into a site looking for ‘the cia pays for non-violence instruction gene sharp, yada, yada)’, and it was a don’t vote site. lemme see if i can dig it out again….hold on.

      okay, it’s an older post, but: fubar bar and grill. since this is the café, it made me chuckle. but then they seem to believe in the ‘economic hitman’s apology’, arrrrgh. another con about ‘spiritual capitalism’.

      but don’t let it bring you down; it’s only castles burning. hint: i’ve loathed neil young since post-buffalo springfield. ;-)

      on edit and p.s.: i’m either wd or wendye here; kinda what i’m used to after fdl. ;-)

    • Great song, wendye. Many thanks.

      • nice to see you here, dancingrabbit. when i saw your comment just now via email, i’d been listening to xavier rudd’s ‘spirit bird’ on my new diary, and had thought you’d meant that one. i reckon you might like it, too. it gives me the shivers…

        but annie humphries has quite the magical voice, doesn’t she? ojibwe, she is. she and the recently departed great john trudell (one of the founders of the american indian movement, among other things) teamed up for this one some time ago.

        on edit: pretty wild over at c99% lately, yes? ;-)

  10. My thought this morning, seriously speaking, is in connection with the Turkish takeover of opposition news outlet (which looked like a very fancy and state of the art building – more like say, Bloomberg offices than, oh, well, I can’t think of a US equivalent to the Turkish opposition newspaper because there isn’t any.)

    Now that’s a run on sentence leading nowhere, but most definitely there is no news outlet, even online! that is seriously – seriously! – nor any news pundit – are you listening, Ralph? – who is seriously, seriously offering the only reasonable alternative in this boondoggle masquerading as electoral politics – in more than a purely token way – and I mean you also Real News!

    For crying out loud. It’s Lucy and the football on steroids, to use a sadly overworked metaphor that I’m sorry to say has worked far too many times to count. This is the era of Lucy and the football. Seriously.

    [Now, that thing in Turkey is I think going to go somewhere. We here in the land of the free seem to be already gone.]

    God bless the bloggers. God bless the café! God bless the commentariat!

    God bless you, Jill Stein!

    • Oy, yes; i’d forgotten to add TRNN to the mix. not only tons of prez politics, but so clearly sandernista territory. and that new pup, noor (iirc) what a waste of time is he!

      but good grief, i’d seen mention of ‘Zaman’ on revo news’s Twitter stream, but hadn’t twigged as to what it is/was. #Zaman on Twitter

      dah! i’d meant to send you the two haka videos this mornin’, but time and memory got away from me. aren’t they ferociously sublime? john key should take note, yes? ;-)

      wouldn’t it be nice if the US and the West had opposition media? welcome, juliania, and thank you so much, as well.

  11. Woops, I forgot to say, thank you for the haka, wendye!

  12. Loved those haka clips, wendye. They are a sure sign of the adaptability (and longevity) of tradition. As is of course the Whale Rider film you mentioned. When I think the internet isn’t worth the money I am paying for it, it is glimpses of gems like these that revive my soul.

    Trees are blooming. April will take them out, I fear. I am reading Tony Hillerman.

    • ach, i’d meant to look up pi’s father in the film to see if he were actually the man in the first row foreground (on our side right). an amazing tradition, reminding me a wee bit of the ‘indian’ dance/wars in new orleans featured in that film…er…doggone my memory.

      recalling how inspired you’d been by Charmaine White Face in the ‘sacrifice zones’ interview, you may appreciate and grieve for assassinated eco-land rights justice activist Berta Caceres in honduras on my recent diary. iirc, folks said that 109 activists there have been killed for their deeds since 2011 or 2012, but don’t trust me on the numbers.

      jeeps, 24 degrees here this a.m., rather blessedly. yep, when the fruit trees bloom too early…not good.

      hillerman fan here, so mmmm, enjoy. ‘friend of the navajo’ he was named long ago, and no small honor that was. hard to pick a favorite of his, though maybe ‘dance hall of the dead’, as it was my introduction to his oeuvre.

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