WikiLeaks: Two IMF Ghouls and a Merkel Walk into a Teleconference on Destroying Greece…a Storify


“Finally, the IMF conducts its negotiations in good faith, not by way of threats, and we do not communicate through leaks. To further enhance the transparency of our dialogue, I have therefore decided to release the text of this letter on our website at I also look forward to any personal conversation with you on how to take the discussions forward.

Sincerely yours,
Christine Lagarde

‘Destroy Greece: ΙΜF and Europe Disagree on the Method!’, Julian Assange, if it’s easier for you.

Update 4/6:  ‘Merkel supports IMF participation and rules out debt haircut’, She said that a debt haircut for Greece was not possible so long it remains in the euro zone’ Apr, 06 2016,

la garde merkel

“The German position is that the IMF is taking part in an agreement… We want a quick conclusion to these talks,” adding that “It’s not a demand of the federal government to have no debt haircut but rather in our opinion this is legally not possible in the eurozone”.

So suck it, Greece.

11 responses to “WikiLeaks: Two IMF Ghouls and a Merkel Walk into a Teleconference on Destroying Greece…a Storify

  1. as long as you act like a jerk, comrade, I’ll just delete your comments. when you decide to contribute reasonably, i’ll be glad to let them stand.

  2. when you bring off-topic and unsourced quotes and act like an idiot, i’l just delete your comments, comrade x. when you decide again to contribute to a discussion in more rational ways, i’ll be happy to let them stand. you just had to keep it up even after i deleted my entire #PanamaPapers post due to your rubbish.

  3. According to a report of an interview with German newspaper ‘Tagespiegel’, ‘Economy Minister Stathakis says Greece unable to raise 15bln Euros from privatisations’:

    “Stathakis said that any talks of a haircut on the Greek debt were not on the immediate agenda with the country’s creditors, a position contradicting the government’s official narrative. Another point he raised in the interview, which also goes against the Greek government public rhetoric was that he believed the servicing of the debt was sustainable till 2022.”

    Odd, no? is stathakis the replacement for varoufakis? oof, he’s the new greek hero, according to his twit account. ;-)

  4. Hoping not to be offtopic here, wendye, but I’m sorry to read that your Panama papers post is gone, as I am wondering as I see the photo of the two ‘glamour’ ladies in confab whether what is occurring with respect to Greek slavery/debt will come unraveled due to revelations and reviews triggered by said papers. I say this upon reading the following op-article at – can be found there if my link doesn’t work:

    The gist of the article says that it is now clear that Ukraine was a coup and not a revolution – because the same mafia (my term) remained in place afterward that had been there before, just a reshuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic. Boy, does that sound like what happened in 2008. We thought we were getting a revolution; we got a coup. Same for Greece. Even my nephew in New Zealand has noticed rumblings there. And I am remembering that real mafia bosses have toppled on the basis of tax evasion.

    We live in interesting times.

  5. I’d add that one connection I see between the ‘strategerization’ of Angela and Christine and Poroshenko would be the IMF’s loan to Ukraine under dubious circumstances.

    Sometimes things that seem unconnected . . .

    • yes, i did love that frau frumpy said ‘it would be illegal for us to give greece a haircut’, but that was about germany doing so, i reckon. as of this morning, German Chancellery press head Zeibert: Greek haircut legally impossible, so that must have been it.

      meanwhile, last night frontline (pbs) rebroadcast ‘Putin’s Plan’, Jan. 2015. haven’t watched, but the ‘overview’ text at frontline sounded like a major hit job. (the video is here, as well) shorter here:

      “FRONTLINE investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin’s reign in Russia. Tracing his career back over two decades, Putin’s Way reveals how the accumulation of wealth and power has led to autocratic rule and the specter of a new Cold War.”

  6. how great, and i’d tried to say much the same thing on richard smith’s ‘craig murray got it wrong’ diary at naked capitalism. i’d stated to say that the IMF had loaned to them even though they were in default to russia, hence a major rules change on orders from the pentagon (nato). but when i went to his ‘the commanding heights’, i missed that fact. but what he did add, that i posted over yonder at NC, was:

    “The number one punch against the Ukraine by the IMF was to impose austerity on the pretense (its junk economics) that Ukraine could pay its foreign bondholders with income taxed out of its domestic economy. When this made things worse, the World Bank and USAID came in. The U.S.-appointed finance minister fingered the agricultural land, gas rights and other natural resources that Ukraine could sell off to American and European investors – but not to Russians.

    The idea is that if American investors can buy the key infrastructure and commanding heights of the Ukrainian economy, it can pry Ukraine apart from Russia. Ukraine played a key role in the Russian economy. Much Russian military and space industrial output was produced in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

    So the idea was that separating Ukraine from Russia is the first step in trying to carve up Russia, and then to carve up China, breaking them into little pieces. The aim is to treat China and Russia like the Mideast, like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria – as smash-and-grab exercises to take their natural resources and enterprises.”

    well, i said that poroshenko and nuland weren’t able to control their neo-nazis, and ukraine is now a failed state in any event, perhaps ready for another regime change by NGOs. funny RT didn’t mention that yulia was or is a banderist, though, though ‘reformed’ by now.

    really my #panamaPapers post was mainly bits from b at MoA, craig murray, and RT video, and some wikileaks tweets. i felt funny trashing it, but i’d seriously reached my limit with comrade x’s rubbish. when he simmers down, he adds good stuff to discussions.

  7. given that the wikileaks zeitgeist is all #panama papers, and opinions and analyses are coming up fast (some crap, of course), i may try to do a part II tomorrow.

    sleep well if you’re able, and dream of a more just people-and planet-centered world in which no one goes hungry, no one is without shelter. ‘i wonder whatta world this would be… without poverty?’

  8. “The aim is to treat China and Russia like the Mideast, like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria – as smash-and-grab exercises to take their natural resources and enterprises.”

    it’s funny how you read something that is so obviously true but the horror of what’s been done in places like Libya, et al, makes you recoil at that truth. I had not tho’t of it quite the way you just expressed it but what is the end game? what else is there? Ukraine, Iraq, etc. there is no other plan and they don’t give a shit how many billions die.

    re The Panama Papers (and my precious, precious world-historical comments!), i’m reposting this link you had earlier b/c it’s good

    • oh, fiddlesticks; i see i’d never given the link to michael hudson’s ‘the commanding links’. it’s chock full of information, framing, links, imf rule changes via citing ‘systemic risk’, tpp as a too for creating more feudal slaves… but i have to say they weren’t my words. and crap- i just posted some of that in the newest Open Menu. well, i cry ‘crone dementia!’

      damn, it was a rip-off to your good comments, and i apologize. i’d simply reached the end of my tether. but thanks for adding the link again. i especially loved the silverstein tweetie bird:

      emptywheel referenced it in her recent #panamaPapers diary, but said something enigmatic about ‘the intercept not publishing at the time’, whatever that might mean.

  9. Here’s binoy kampark with the simplest version of the converation: ‘Clash of the Ignobles: the IMF, the European Commission and Greek Debt’ April 8.

    “The dialogue between Delia Velculescu, the IMF’s Greek mission chief, and Peter Thomsen, the same organisation’s European head, became something of a bomb shell between Athens, its European counterparts, and the IMF. It hardly demonstrated a new won sweetness on the part of the IMF to be more generous. More accurately, it demonstrated the political haggling over how an oppressive debt-austerity regime could be handled for the next crisis.

    For one, the transcript notes how the IMF was keen to factor “debt relief” for Greece in Troika negotiations. The organisation, however, was worried about EU paralysis given the prospects of a “looming Brexit”. To that end, some arm twisting of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was suggested. Should the IMF leave the Troika, things would “look bad and [would] lead to discomforting questions in the Bundestag.”

    In Thomsen’s near conspiratorial words, “In the past there has been only one time when the decision has been made and then that was when (the Greeks) were about to run out of money seriously and then to default.” Velculescu responds somewhat later with agreement, claiming that “we need an event, but I don’t know what that will be.”

    meanwhile, public service sector unions walked off their jobs for 24-hr strike, really mucking up air travel and hospital staffing. they’re threatening a 48-hr one soon. today port workers are on strike protesting the sale of the port at piraeus to the chinese.

    “”Workers have lost almost half of their income since the crisis started, they cannot bear any more of this burden. With labor action, we can at least put pressure on them (the government).”

    ADEDY represents about 500,000 public sector workers and pensioners.” telesur english

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