Breaking: ‘Rats’ Says Yats again; ‘Drat, foiled again!’, cries Nuland as Yats resigns

Via RT: “Gilbert Doctorow of Russia Insider pointed out that Yatsenyuk’s resignation occurred shortly after Ukraine’s association agreement with the EU had been rejected in a Dutch referendum.

“This raised the feeling of crisis within the Ukrainian political elites and made [Yatsenyuk’s] departure something essential so they would have a sacrificial lamb and they would appear before Europeans in particular, and IMF as well, to be making some progress in putting their house in order,” he told RT.

Doctorow said that Kiev is keenly aware of what its European partners are saying about Ukraine’s EU aspirations. “The Ukraine is not going to join the EU any time soon, in fact, not in the next 20-30 years, which in political terms [means] never,” he said, adding that this was very damaging to the Ukrainian leadership’s image at home.” ‘Dutch Reject EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in Referendum’

EUR-Press Office Retweeted April 10, 2016

(Brookings scholar focusing on arms control, Russia and Ukraine. Retired career diplomat. Hobbies include mountaineering)

‘Drat those Panama Papers!  Do you feel a coup coming on, son?

Might we wonder what this is really about?

I sure wish Stephen Cohen were on the Twit machine…

‘US ‘Information War’ and the Embryonic Kerry–Lavrov Détente; Is the recent tsunami of anti-Putin news reports meant to undermine US–Russian negotiations on Syria and Ukraine? by Stephen F. Cohen, April 6, 2016

It’s a radio program, but this is part of the gist:

“But the Panama Papers did far more political damage to Petro Poroshenko, president of the Washington-backed government in Kiev, revealing that had personally established offshore accounts and, still worse, while his Ukrainian army was suffering a humiliating military defeat at the hands of the Russian-backed rebels in Eastern Ukraine, in August 2014. (Unlike Putin, Poroshenko and his offshore accounts were named in the investigation.) With the Kiev government already in deep political and economic crisis, this is a further, and possibly fatal, blow to Poroshenko’s standing with the Ukrainian elite and people. Calls for his impeachment are already being made. Cohen asks how the Obama administration will deal with this latest crisis of its “Ukrainian project,” as it is sometimes derisively termed.  Will it, can it, replace Poroshenko—or even any longer control the politics of Kiev?”

Noodleman's war

Noodleman’s war

7 responses to “Breaking: ‘Rats’ Says Yats again; ‘Drat, foiled again!’, cries Nuland as Yats resigns

  1. as to ‘blaming evil putin’ always in the news, i reckon he’s as dodgy as the next oligarch, maybe lesser, who can say? but a good world leader in so many respects. but i was blown away at the putin-hate at ian welsh’s ‘panama papers’ post. these are the self-proclaimed ‘progressive intelligentsia‘ commentariat and author, who laugh about faux-gressives. odd-bodkins.

    otoh, ian posited a nato-like navy to establish climate change rulez to enforce agreed-upon compliance. bam! ;-)

  2. did victor kovalenko say the russians had manipulated the dutch vote?

    pretty funny. “russia maybe supplied the weapons that downed MH17!!!!!!!!” supplied to whom they never say. (haven’t heard much about MH17 in a good while have we?)

    i’m inclined to say $&^^@*$*@#&!!! cameron & poroshenko but something’s not right w/the panama papers. of course tarzie’s all over this. and see this link and some other comments at angry arab

    • that was brookings scholar steven pi(l)fer who said that about M17. nope, thee dutch have been investigating ‘the case’ for half of forever (ya think it might be a bit political???)

      dunno how cameron fits in, he seemed to be one of the outliers, didn’t he? but however proshenko fit in: he has a target on his back, yes? hmmm, glad this issue provided some wind for his sails to get tarzie out of his doldrums; i’ll look tomorrow. i’m knackered +++.

      the angry arab piece i’ll have to try again in the morning, too, as i didn’t even feel mentally equipped to click into the link. he seems…unamused, though.

      but really, i love all this stuff on twitter highlighting the clueless agitprop and barely hidden goals of the hegemon, Eu, and nato. loved zbig’s tweet to hell.
      sleep well.

      • “Time to take out the heads of the 5 families!” mafia movies like the godfather are metaphors for capitalism so the analogy may break down at points. but in neither case do they hesitate to stab their own if it suits The Business. It’s obvious the leak is selective and media-managed, so it’s natural to fish around for reasons why seemingly “made” men get the ax. maybe poor Petro P is not prosecuting the war in E. Unkraine enthusiastically enough? Cameron has been pretty faithfully awful. takes a little more parsing to figure that one out.

        • iow, ‘why hasn’t poroshenko served as a worthy puppet for the nato nations and especially their oligarchs?’ cohen’s thesis above for one, but i’d guess that the imf having suspended their rules about not loaning to failed states, and (iirc) plenty of their debt having been written down, and still the economy is in dire straits…or worse. doesn’t look good compared to what the troika has done to greece and her everyday citizens.

          yeah, i’ll think there’ll be at least a poroshenko soft coup, as it already seems to be in the works. then built-in austerity resets, no? especially privatization of the commons. think how many US-based multinationals are heavily invested in ukraine, including monsanto, cargill, (how john deere would fit into privatization: maybe wages and pensions?)…hunter biden’s gas/oil concern,, etc. but really i’d think follow the money; the Imperium likely doesn’t give a crap about the civil war in the donbass…except to charge ‘evil putin’ with war crimes and revanchism. at least that’s my take. oh, and: savchenko’s conviction, the pilot who was really likely a spy.

  3. well, yay-uss (kyiv post is down with this, perhaps op-eds, it’s hard to tell that from ‘news’:

    ha; the ‘read story here’ link goes to…Newsweek!
    ““U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called Yatsenyuk on Sunday, thanking him for his service to Ukraine. Biden pushed for Ukraine to quickly form a new cabinet “committed to implementing needed reforms, in particular those recommended by the International Monetary Fund and European Union,” according to a readout of the conversation the U.S. Embassy to Ukraine emailed to journalists on Sunday.

    Ukrainians’ confidence in the country’s post-revolution government is in free fall.
    “In a lot of government institutions, they only changed the head after the revolution, everything else is the same from before,” said Bogdan Logvynenko, 27, a Ukrainian journalist. “Now we’re asking, ‘How do you change the system?’”

    Recent polls indicate Ukrainians have less confidence in their government now than they did prior to the 2014 revolution. According to a Gallup poll released in December 2015, 17 percent of Ukrainians approved of Poroshenko’s job performance, and 8 percent were confident in Ukraine’s national government. Only 5 percent of Ukrainians thought the government was doing enough to fight corruption, according to the poll.”

    this one’s gonna take more careful reading than i have time for now.

  4. okay, the sorta salient snipped points on a mile-long post might be these, and prove how far in control of kiev the US hegemon is:

    “Mr. Poroshenko goes to Washington: President Poroshenko went to Washington to officially participate in the annual Nuclear Security Summit from March 30th till April 2nd. However since Ukraine voluntarily gave up its nuclear weapons 20 years ago, the real purpose of the visit was to ensure continued US support for Ukraine in preparation for a new Prime Minister and government. The President’s trip was contingent upon Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin being replaced, and Parliament ensured that with 289 votes on March 29th – the day before the President’s trip. It should be noted though, that during Shokin’s final hours in the post, he fired First Deputy Prosecutor David Sakvarledize, and abolished his position to ensure that the Georgian would not succeed him in an “acting” capacity afterwards.

    Poroshenko not only met with Biden, who ensured him that Ukraine would receive the next tranche of IMF money once a new government was installed, but he also got an unexpected meeting directly with President Obama. While the conversation was private, it was no doubt echoed by US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt speaking at a local governance conference of the International Republican Institute in Kyiv. Pyatt’s message was clear. First, Ukraine needs to focus on reforms and not new Parliamentary elections. Second, economic populism (particularly those proposals coming from Tymoshenko) could lead to the cancellation of the IMF program.

    While the US Government supports principles and not people, Poroshenko was clearly concerned that the US support for Ukraine and the IMF program might wane with the absence of Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko in the new government. Emboldened by the realization that the US will work with any Prime Minister committed to the IMF program, Poroshenko returned to Kyiv over the weekend.

    Head of the State Fiscal Service: Nina Yuzhanyna. Yuzhanyna (age 51) is currently the Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Taxes and Customs. Yuzhanyna, a Poroshenko faction member, was promoting “liberal tax reform” late last year in direct conflict with the IMF favored budget, which was ultimately approved and written by Finance Minister Jaresko.”

    julia tymenshenko was the far-right nationalist who *may* have been imprisoned under the old yanukovitch order. and of course, the EU-ukraine association agreement was the thing the latter had opposed to support that led to the eventual astro-turfed coup, as far as i translate it all.

    jaresko was featured in the robert parry piece up yonder as the corrupt finance minister who…stole all the money that usaid provided for something or other, but is known among the western hegemon PTB as ‘a reformist’. she must be that, indeed.

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