Depraved Triumphalism: CIA ‘Live Tweets’ Bin Laden Assassination on 5th Anniversary

operation geronimo
The CIA announced to its 1.33m followers on Twitter that it would be tweeting the raid on Sunday using the hashtag #UBLRaid.  In a preamble, the CIA praised the success of the mission as the “culmination of years of complex, thorough and highly advanced intel ops & analyses led by CIA w support of [intelligence community].”

“Death of Usama Bin Ladin [sic] marked significant victory in US-led campaign to disrupt, dismantle, & defeat al-Qaida,” it went on.”

CIAVerified account  @CIA

We are the Nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot

 (CIA spokes-flak): “On the fifth anniversary, it is appropriate to remember the day and honor all those who had a hand in this achievement.”

However, not everyone is convinced by the CIA’s official account of the Bin Laden operation. Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist renowned for breaking the My Lai and Abu Ghraib stories, says the claim that Bin Laden was tracked down by painstaking surveillance is a fiction constructed by the Obama administration.

Instead, Hersh claims Bin Laden was given up by a rogue Pakistani official in exchange for the multimillion-dollar reward. He also cast doubt on the claim by US officials that Bin Laden died in a firefight, one of the parts of the story that White House spokesman, Jay Carney, later admitted had not been accurate.

#FogOfWar, yanno.

The killing of Osama bin Laden: how the White House changed its story; Bin Laden not armed and did not use woman as human shield, US admits; Barack Obama’s spokesman blames ‘fog of war’, the Guardian

Oh, yeah; ‘Geronimo’s’ body was wrapped in sailcloth and secretly buried at sea, too.

While the CIA flak claims this ain’t the first time they’ve done this (citing postings to mark other historical events, including the Glomar operation, Argo, U-2 shootdown, and the evacuation of Saigon), it begs the question: why now?  Is it the spectre of (shhhh…Benghazi)?  Or by a way of a warning to any enemies of the Empire?  Moqtada al-Sadr or others?  Or just a campaign booster for Clinton, or by way of adding to Obama’s lustrous ‘legacy’?

Didja know they kinda changed the name of the glorious op to Operation Neptune Spear later on?  Yanno, because: they took some heat on the name, and to honor the SEAL’s insignia?  Well, good, because they killed him like Crazy Horse, then lied, lied, and lied about it all.  It would be fine to hear who was involved in the decision to ‘live Tweet’ this, eh?  It’s one more example that this government is not only spiritually dead, but will one day…reap what it’s sown.

USA!  USA!  USA!  I won’t blame you a bit if you can’t bear to watch or listen to the Amerikan Exceptionalist™ agitprop.  I won’t even bring any quotes, although a few of Miz Foggy Bottom’s are tempting…

After the official WH photographer split, how long was it before they brought out the champagne and giggled and snorted and wiggled with glee?  You decide.  Or do you believe any of the story?

31 responses to “Depraved Triumphalism: CIA ‘Live Tweets’ Bin Laden Assassination on 5th Anniversary

  1. a couple tweets from the detractors of the CIA’s grotesque fukkery:

  2. “The key piece missing from the photo of the dead Osama bin Laden was an Obama 2012 bumpersticker taped over his mouth.”

    Everybody see what uncle sam does to anyone who crosses them? got that Merkel? you, welfare queen? got it, Erdogan & DMV employee? see what happens even to employees? (making the reasonable assumption that the US did liquidate its former asset while not buying the official when, where, why, how. or maybe he died of inglorious kidney failure? who knows?)

    • nice to see you, stranger. great piece, including that he got it brilliantly right in 2011:

      “So what does Obama do for an encore? Mr. Gaddafi, I’m looking in your direction.”

      yeah: Clinton: “we came, we saw, he died” (cackle, cackle…)

      (*Seems that the photo I saw is a fake. So there’s still a chance that Obama’s bumpersticker sealed his mouth before the big splash. Killer brand positioning.)

      zo: you’re going with ‘object lesson’ (why erdogan? will he become a handicap soon?) and hmmmm; you’re not buyin’ anything much of it. i’d always reckoned they killed him long ago, and that he was on ice somewhere…or in formaldehyde. but he was a cia asset, then, back in the day when the empire was fighting soviets?

      mi amigo anthony freda saw it this way, though.

      • i wisht i could take credit for the d. perrin piece. i’m going to cop out & say producing the body (habeas corpse) is an attempt at a piece of stagecraft, whether it happened or not (most certainly not, but who knows?) corpses as props. that’s nothing new. psychopathic, hardly original. but whatever narrative, explanatory BS they spew, killing someone is not just a piece of theater. a corpse is not a prop. the guys in Gitmo are not props in the GWOT nightmarish storyline.

        i kind of picked those names at random. i first went w/putin instead of erdogan, but i don’t think this shit scares putin one bit. not b/c he’s superman but b/c part of the spectacle here is the US overselling its capacity to control events. how is an official enemy supposed to be intimidated by (the official story of) the demise of UBL? kind of silly. but what about our man in baghdad or kabul? or al Sisi? what do US ISIS allies in Aleppo think about this story? how much play does Africom give this story? some people, e.g., Bibi, probably drool over this story.

        perhaps POTUS & its team’s ability to manipulate US public opinion thru BS like this is the measure of its “worthiness” to rule. the job is producing spectacles, magic tricks, sleight of hand, etc. the election cycle is a kind of initiatory rite; it’s total BS except as a measure of a candidate’s ability to manipulate opinion.

        but financial or legislative chicanery is not exactly the same thing as manufacture of dead bodies. when people exist as props, how easy it is to resurrect them from the dead! UBL may be dead, yet he lives. They trot him out when needed, trot out his supposed signature accomplishment, trot out his #2’s and #3’s & comrades & allies hither & yon thru the world, and give them one role to play: reenact his death. and do so as prophylaxis against another 9/11.

        as someone else said, in our quest for OBL, it’s a good thing no one else was hurt.

        need to enlighten myself about your geronimo reference.

        • yes, quadrennial ‘magic show’ would be more accurate than ‘circus’, wouldn’t it? but there’s so much of the midway barkers rubbish ‘in the news’. and folks lap it up and amerikans clearly love stagecraft. i was sick with nationalistic loathing when the crowds went will in the street chanting ‘USA!’ the clearest indicator of spiritual death i’d seen until this hideous jingoism.

          no, those left in gitmo aren’t props, but serve as ones in partisanship. gawd’s blood.

          yes, his spirit lives, and #s 2,3,4, yada…have been killed so many times. but the claims here: ‘we’ve almost eradicated al qaeda!’ (but created isis instead; can we have the taliban back please? at least they got the garbage collected…’)

          ach, i wrote a poem about it at my.fdl; mercifully i can’t find it. but before that, this:

          “They stole his name, Geronimo, a bad thing to do. Geronimo, the legendary warrior and leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, whose name they cavalierly besmirched and used as the code name for Osama bin Laden in the operation that was meant to, and did, exterminate him.

          I suppose in a way it is ironically fitting in this land whose Original Sin was the genocide of millions of Native Americans, the First Americans, over decades of murders loosely justified by the arrogant belief of Anglo-Saxon Manifest Destiny.

          Geronimo’s band was the last holdout against the United States military in present-day Arizona and New Mexico.

          It’s thought that his skull and bones were stolen by the Yale society of the same name. after his death. (Prescott Bush,

          They called him Geronimo, but they killed him more like Crazy Horse.

          I hope to follow with a poem soon. I was glad to see when searching for his history that the tribe is demanding an apology from Barack Obama.”

          that geronimo was the last to surrender in 1886 i reckon is the reason why another of OBL’s code names was ‘jackpot’. all those coins in the one-armed bandit, and finally: three cherries! crazy horse finally surrendered, but as he was being walked into the jail house, he was stabbed in the back. hence, the metaphor to me.

      • Encore? Isn’t it obvious. The beheadings of the leaders of Daesh when Raqqa and Mosul fall. Not going to let that Donald Trump get the jump on toughness or the Iron Lady Hillary either. But as you say, there is Libya (and now the Philippines) yet. Just can’t get rid of a hundred-year-old colony it seems. Where is Blackjack Pershing?

        Sorta ended the Obama/Osama “slipups”, didn’t it. “No, that was the body we dumped wherever it was we dumped it. I’m out of the loop on that one. He was the one who spelled his name with an ‘S’.”

        • ay yi yi; i’d forgotten the B and S mis-speakings. but no that pappy bush pronounced ‘saddam’ in some way that meant ‘whore’ to some iraqis. cripes, i scanned a piece about more and more bombings by us/nato? in iraq this morning. “It was worth it.”

          yeah, i guess it should have been obvious, dagnabbit. but talk about proving that the cia and military machine has proven itself ‘illegitimate’, eh?
          someone or two folks on the hashtag asked ‘why haven’t we seen analysis of all OBL’s documents you’d said were seized?’ (the porn turned out to be a whopper, too, someone finally admitted, iirc.)

          and now the kerfuffle, pretend or not, about publishing the redacted 28 pages of the senate intel 9/11 report. wth? even 60 minutes did a Big Show on it.

  3. James, Jesus, and Angleton! That’s kinda public for the CIA and kinda goofy. But if we are in a mood of creeping and galloping fascism in our culture, it is exactly what one would expect. Did they do the superheroes version of the classic photo as well?

    And nary a mention or footnote of Sy Hersh’s version. Imagine that.

    Isn’t that John Brennan the best publicist since J. Edgar Hoover? Zero Dark Thirty and now this. His runners in Riyadh must be very pleased.

  4. lol: who’s angleton, though? yeah, goofy, but sick. now this wasn’t just down to johnny, do ya think?

    now the guardian spoke of hersh’s piece, i’d just disabled the long hyperlink to it. until i looked at the tweets, i’d forgotten how he/they had done agitprop for ‘zero dark thirty’. ye gods and little fishes, their brains are fulla snakes an barbed wire, and i hate to think how many USians feel well-served by them. and entertained, of course.

    oh, and no: i figured someone must have photo-shopped that ‘iconic’ photo. yeppers; i should have grabbed her name and credited her. hard not to love Wonder Woman’s ice cream cone. what were they called? nuts on top…

    on edit: i went back and looked, and now there’s no name; beats me.

  5. it’s probably “respect for the dead and their tradition” that keeps them from showing us *coffins* coming back from iraq. why aren’t the war dead given heroic display? doesn’t a death in a mighty cause demand a fittingly heroic celebration & recognition? is that what a flyover & troop movements during pro football games is supposed to signify?

    ah, geronimo. the wiki article was informative. the skull & bones/prescott bush thing…weird. but wiki says he fell off his horse, got injured & died of pneumonia?

    ah pbs news hr. doing a piece on obl. “aren’t you revealing secrets?” oh gawd. really? “obl was part of a big org. today we are worried about the lone wolf” (panetta.) wtf? those a.q. types…polymorphously perverse, too. they have world-wide networks, sleeper cells, lone wolves, they just pop up anywhere, whatever you need. mastered social media too. state dept probably provided Al Q a bunch of fake twitter followers & FB friends like they did HRC. (too cynical, jason! you went too far w/that one!)

    • the masters learned well during viet nam that yellow ribbons aside, ‘the people’ weren’t too fond of seeing dead *US* soldiers, was verboten, as was any news coverage during the first gulf war. pools ‘covered’ the official releases about scud fails, ‘smart bomb accuracy’, tra la la. smartest thing they ever did was end the draft, create a de facto jobs program, with signing bonuses up the wazoo.

      yes, geronimoc may have died of disease, many of his band did in alabama. i’d used this link, and yes, he was enticed into appearing as many of the great warriors had, at appearing at ‘wild west’ shows, in his case, ‘the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, sold Geronimo souvenirs, and rode in President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1905 inaugural parade’, spawning this sad song michael martin murphy sang….so well.

      and OMG to your last paragraph; infuriating.

      • I didn’t know the story of geronimo at all. When i 1st read your comment about the mission being Operation: Geronimo, my 1st tho’t was: “omg. so they named their stealth murder mission after some famous Indian they killed?” but no, that’s not what they meant.

        That UBL was in ways like G., supposedly, a wild & wily guerrila & all that, and in the apogee of super stealth spy killer teen comic crap, UBL got his due in the exact same manner as he’d lived, in an “Apache” raid, all that may have suggested a connection w/G as well to the DOD smiths & word forgers. but i forget which one was a mercenary for hire & which one fighting for his home. this distinction is relevant for the conflict in Syria et al, of course. who are the mercenaries? who lives there? (OT, the angry arab has a bad habit of equating the Assad regime & US mercs b/c they both undoubtedly commit atrocities.) anyway, what does it mean that i know, or think i do, more about OBL than G? G wound up a prop too, but not in quite same way. i think of it as humiliating, like Rodney King taking up boxing before the end, but did G? wise to whitey’s ways, maybe he just wanted to get the hell out of the prison camp for a spell. see if uncle bufflekill had wiped out the bison yet.

        • point taken that it may have been the apache helicopters that pinged his ‘geronimo’ code name, but i think it’s more the first you offered: so wily a desperado and the implications of that. remember that it became a contest for O to kill him…not arrest him, try him, oh no. it was apparently even a campaign sorta-promise, according to some.

          ah, bugger; i did go to look for other ‘wild westers’ cuz ihad forgotten (or blocked out) other names, but this wiki entry can make ya weep if ya look below the surface. a lot of it was BIA assimilation policy, and of course the lakota bands were starving and dying, bia never delivered promised supplies to reservations as promised, and tra la la. but first american kids were kidnapped, sent to indun boarding schools, their hair cut off, were punished for speaking their languages or anything hinting at practicing their own faiths. of course they were forced into being compliant christians, some places mormons.

          oh, and i believe geronimo is on the far right in the ‘original homeland security’ image that’s available on t-shirts. mr. wd has gone thru two, and the first americans in cortez crack up when they see it. ;-)

          it’s what i’d hoped might have made it to the new whatever-dollar bill.

  6. okay; it’s full court press agitprop. i just got an email from the WH:

    “Five years ago, I watched in the Situation Room along with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and members of the President’s national security team to see if U.S. Special Operations Forces could deliver the justice that every American had been waiting to see for a decade.
    Today, I recounted the behind-the-scenes moments that led to that historic mission. You can read that here.

    Thank you,
    Nick Rasmussen, Director, National Counterterrorism Center

    gag me with a spoon on the verbiage; never mind, i won’t bring any cuz: dinnertime’s soon.

  7. Last time I checked, justice required a law and a court:

    • those were the days, eh, before the constitution became known as a quaint document. well, in a way, it is…er…was, but forgoing it altogether is hard to watch. small wonder that the US is not a signatory to the ICC, although their prosecutions are so disproportionately…black rulers, eh?

      bellisimo to the carlin, although i believe some things the state and federal Gs say, but largely the screw-the-people things, but not the TINA reasons.

      otoh, the local mountains lit up yellow/gold just before sunset, and some early black-headed grosbeak visitors broke out in an appreciation song as last year’s fawns cavorted in play in the hay meadows. we call the birds ‘carusos’ for obvious reasons, but it put me in mind of joanie’s blessed, full-throated song.

  8. Emptywheel: ‘The (Former) Riyadh Station Chief Defends His Saudi Friends from Charges of Terrorism’

    “On Sunday, former CIA Riyadh Station Chief John Brennan had a remarkable appearance on Meet the Press. A big part of it — the second to last thing he and Chuck Todd discussed — was Brennan’s argument against the release of the 28 pages (“so-called,” Brennan calls them) showing that 9/11 was facilitated by at least one Saudi operative.”
    she diagrams his inaccurate statements, his misleading ones, and his whopper claiming the commission investigated all leads.
    Ultimately, though, the (former) Riyadh Station Chief argues it would be “very, very inaccurate” if anyone were to suggest the Saudis were involved in 9/11.

    She calls bullshit, given the history of the 9/11 report (although there were two, and he’s speaking of the joint congressional intel committee’s, of course.

    “But Brennan wants you to forget that (the al qaeda) war, and pretend it’s all just ISIL.
    And in doing so, he tacitly admits that ISIL arose among the chaos in Iraq, but emphasizes the later events in Syria to discuss ISIL’s rise, which is anachronistic, but convenient if you’re trying to help the Saudis overthrow Bashar al-Assad.”

    she laughs at his contentions that assad was using chemical weapon against citizens, noting that even james clapper had said earlier that ‘the intel on that wasn’t a slam-dunk’.

    marcy notes this: “The non-mention (todd’s) of Brennan’s service as Riyadh Station Chief is all the more interesting given that Brennan has been faulted by the bin Laden team members for thwarting attempts to pressure the Saudis during that period, as Saxby Chambliss addressed in his CIA confirmation hearing.” his testimony in answer was epic word-salad ass-covering.

    johnny’s earlier statement was funny to me, as i remember nothing about the cia beng mentioned in those cacophonous spontaneous USA! chants after O’s ‘announcement that geronimo was dead (on his watch).

    JOHN BRENNAN: I remember that same evening. “When I left that White House about midnight, it was as bright as day outside, and the chants of “U.S.A., U.S.A,” and, “C.I.A., C.I.A.”

    anyhoo, marcy has the transcript of the whole program at the top (loads of candidate stuff first, and the panelists). otherwise, here are the Tweets. (the videos are at the ‘nbc news’ links)

    ‘CIA Director: ‘We Have a Very Strong Relationship With Saudi Arabia’’

    Dr. N. E. Maah ‏@DrNEMaah May 1
    @meetthepress @CIA Disagree. No recognition of Sunni- Shia divide. No accommodation of Ba’ath Party/Army and subservience to neo-cons.

    rogsonl ‏@rogsonl May 1
    @meetthepress @CIA Not a natural phenomenon. A magnificent creation of Obama “producer” and State/CIA as screen writers. LET SHIITES WIN!

  9. If the White House is weighing in, it’s just the last chance to remind folks that W didn’t “nail bin Laden”, the “socialist muslim Kenyan” did. Lest some nitwit start that “failed Presidency” talk. In the Republican primary, the rhetorical battle of toughness equals bloodthirstiness that President Obama has already accomplished. In fact, bin Laden hardly interested W after Iraq was invaded. No doubt the Obama administration is wanting to put an iron stake into that fact of history. Passed Obamacare and got bin Laden — always use the verb “got”. Nine years until vengeance it was, eh? And in the 2010 White House Correspondents Dinner, Obama said nothing — quelle legendary — as if Obama should have been dancing around telling Fox News, “You’ll never guess what I’m doing as you make your jokes.” Which of the current candidates could keep this quiet? Let me see. Sanders would be queasy. Clinton certainly could. Cruz would be enjoying it too much. Trump would be fidgeting and about to bust.

    • ha; i hadn’t know that the corresponents dinner was in the same time frame. good un on the characterizations and shhhhh….secrecy. but now with john brennan’s interview, to me it expands the purpose. ‘al qaeda almost gone, but now ISIL!!! (sprung whole from the eye of zeus or hera or whatever.)

      it will be a long haul to defeat them: because: evil caliphate endeavors. my stars, what a con man he is. but at least at the WH link, all of the folks in the ‘serious business’ photo are identified. shoot, it could all threaten to turn ya into a nat sec cynic, yanno?

      p.s. i just read at a dem site for hillary that obama is winning the war against isis/isil/da’esh. trying to understand some of whatb at MoA makes that sound almost hilarious (that so many believe it what stops it a bit short of that.)

      p.p.s. i’d had to look up blackjack pershing; for one thing, i found false claim: “U.S. General John J. Pershing effectively discouraged Muslim terrorists in the Philippines by killing them and burying their bodies along with those of pigs.” my.stars. ;-)

  10. a “phenomenon”? like the random appearance of a quark (or whatev; not a physicist) in sub-atomic space? or is he suggesting ISIS has Star Trek transporters? maybe UFO’s bro’t ISIS to Syria? do we need a space wall?!?hello McFly! wth are you talking about? and nice assist there Chucky w/his fantasty fiction. when the boss doesn’t believe in historical causality, is it any surprise his team repeatedly fails to “connect the dots”? it’s not surprising the message is always, Don’t look too deeply at anything; history began at yesterday’s PBS Newshour. maybe he’ll forget one day which kool aid he poisoned? one can hope. (meaning, be caught in his own lies. and nothing more.)

    that pic of the situation room, w/HRC’s hand over mouth. how is that the 1st time she ever saw someone killed? she felt Vince Foster’s brains explode onto her trigger finger, right? right?!? j/k. but that photo, so plainly staged. rather incongruent w/her obvious relish at killing stuff. and all the men so inured to the dirty business. another day at the office. that’s comforting.

    • sorry. meant this as a reply to your latest brennan post, w.d.

    • got me laughin’, amigo. mebbe he believes that isil warrior eggs were in the ocean, transported up into the sky by sunlight, heated long enough to turn into isil fish, then rained down in syria, eh?

      cripes, was chuckie cheese his straight man, or what? the pretense at hard questions is almost worse. my goodness, he hasn’t aged well; i hadn’t seen him in years.

      ya think it was staged?!? yeah, me, too. some wag on the twit machine said it was real enough: they were just watching some *important* football game er other he’d named. but dangit, now i’m gonna have to go back to the bryan long-nose (first time cameras have been allowed in the sit room!!!) video to grab what hillary snarked about the look on her face. “like when bill….” (no, nothing historically scatalogical) ;-)

      CLINTON: “well, that’s the way i usually look when my husband drags me to an action movie, heh heh. a great privilege to be a part of.
      BIDEN: it was ‘whoa.” (well said, dude) “it was intense; we were all focused on the play by play.”

      • this photo captures an authentic moment? funny how they are watching TV, supposedly of an op whose outcome they all know ahead of time. a media event about a media event. Baudrillardian hyper-reality! now w/more sports metaphors. Joe Biden is our Neo, at least in the word-smithery dept?. Whoa, indeed. they both compare it to media events, movies & football. beside the fact the event itself, the obl part, most certainly never happened. so yeah, probably staged.

        “Faking Authenticity: Your Presidential Persona, Your Self,” by HRC.

        • oh, no! they were flipping out cuz the one helicopter failed. all O could think was: get these boys home safe, and pray!

          thanks for the edjumication: “Simulacra are copies that depict things that either had no original to begin with, or that no longer have an original.] Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time.

          The simulacra that Baudrillard refers to are the significations and symbolism of culture and media that construct perceived reality, the acquired understanding by which our lives and shared existence is and are rendered legible; Baudrillard believed that society has become so saturated with these simulacra and our lives so saturated with the constructs of society that all meaning was being rendered meaningless by being infinitely mutable.”

          who the hell knows? bin laden may be selling shoes in afghanistan, or was dead at tora bora.

          ah, fiddlesticks; i have the transcript up, and almost brought some more brennan agitprop; never mind. but look out al bagdhadi. and his surrogates.

          • you educated me as well. simulacrum & simulation? i couldn’t remember the 2nd word & thanks for the definitions. i think, iirc, Baudrillard was working on these ideas in response to Desert Storm 1, the TV war? maybe, not sure.

            cheery news: “In the rest of my term, i want to pay more attention to Sudan.” said guess who? let’s take bets on 1) how long before A.Q./ISIS elements are in Sudan, 2) so the US needs to intervene militarily, advisors & what not, 4) even more refugees are fleeing, people dying, 5) China decides it needs to intervene militarily. the last one is iffy, i know. probably not. it’s not russia/syria. and who knows, w/the scene in iraq? tho’ts of falling embassies & those on rooftops not coming down filled my heart.

            • interesting if he did work out these ideas, or expand them, during the first gulf war. but thank you for bringing him into the discussion.

              but arrrgh; i couldn’t remember which nation has the bulk of the oil, nor when the south gained ”independence’. the wiki is depressing reading (or scanning). hard to say which side of the civil war the us/nato would support. what a bleeding mess. wiki even mentioned joseph kony operating throughout the region. one border is with DCR, one with…uganda. oh, and the south has 75% of the oil revenues.

              mebbe the prez will just take suggestions from angelina jolie, eh? (sorry)

              africom doesn’t have anything new up yet, but the wiki says the nation’s well plugged into all the usual hegemonic organizations. and usaid is only helping them with humanitarian missions. ;-)


  11. hyper-reality:
    boy they were hysterical on this one last night. weeping moms asking how they could ever atone for what their child had done, amazed at. what their child had found in chatrooms….
    James Bond writing isis propaganda on social media. And….
    ditto for NGO propaganda aimed at The Homeland.

    (the last two found via angry arab. the 1st one i endured personally.)

    ISIS is a phenomenon. indeed, good sir knight, brave, brave, sir Brennan. indeed. i’ll admit i am curious about Our Man in Riyadh’s activities schmoozing with & CYA-ing for Bandar Bush. not much, but a little.

  12. lol; i’d wondered if i should have asked ‘may I’ instead. i did, but kept the edit tab open in case ya’d said no. it’s up, and i’m gainin’ on my chores. sure, right, wd…. thank you, jason. the pbs thingie on the right side bar about OBL might prove interesting, but i didn’t have time to listen to either of them yet.

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