Hundreds Burned Alive in Cizre, SE Turkey

@BilgeIhtiyar@TurkeyUntold why all of them was in the same place? 1- for terrorism act 2- or put them there to be killed by terrorists to blame gov.

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Those comments may indicate part of the reason that Erdogan and Turkey don’t want to condemn the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915.

Interesting, today, May 11: ‘German art workers urge Chancellor Merkel and the Bundestag to recognize Armenian Genocide’, Armenian Pubic Radio

‘UN deplores Turkish military abuses in Kurdish areas’, 10 May 2016, BBC World

“No-one admitted carrying out the (aforementioned) bombing (that killed three, injured 45) but the authorities say it was the rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – outlawed in Turkey as a “terrorist” group.

Earlier this year Turkey imposed curfews on Cizre and other parts of the troubled south-east, as its security forces battled PKK fighters there.” [snip]

The UN commissioner said there were accounts of unarmed civilians, including women and children, being shot by snipers in south-eastern Turkey during the crackdown. Government forces also caused huge damage to the local infrastructure, he said.

“It is essential that the authorities respect human rights at all times while undertaking security or counter-terrorism operations,” Mr Hussein said.

“In 2016, to have such a lack of information about what is happening in such a large and geographically accessible area is both extraordinary and deeply worrying.”

Help me understand some if this if you can.  For one thing, is this a counter-terrorism operation’ or an anti-insurgency’ operation?  Or is that just a semantic difference depending on one’s perspective?

Meanwhile, in and around Kobane, the YPJ, the all-female Rojava Defense Unit is fighting ISIS/Daesh on the Syrian/Kurdistan border.

As far as I can tell, they’ve been building an intentional community with horizontal democratic decision-making free of the following as they’re able:

They’re not (ahem) fond of Assad, either.

Exquisitely related, and long, but noteworthy for those of us who are quite privileged.  The author’s explanation of ‘revolutionary tourists’ is epically germane today, and made me challenge my own thinking.  ‘Challenging privilege: on solidarity and self-reflection’, May 4, 2016,  Opening paragraphs teaser:

“German man is not impressed with the grassroots democracy project in Rojava because he has seen something similar decades ago in Latin America. A French woman reproaches Kurdish women for a lack of preparation for her visit because they are not as organized as the Afghan women she observed in the 1970s. A person passes as Rojava’s revolutionary insider after a one-week trip and without access to media and literature in any Middle-Eastern language, but his opinion is regarded as more legitimate and authentic than that of struggling people.

What do these people’s experiences have in common?

They all show genuine interest and care, and their efforts deserve due credit. But there’s something more: the element that underlies a system that enables people to complete the checklist of revolutionary tourism — in the past decade especially in Palestine and Chiapas, now in Rojava. This element is something that revolutionaries must actively problematize: privilege.”

6 responses to “Hundreds Burned Alive in Cizre, SE Turkey

  1. now see? i’m getting confused by the different acronyms and allegiances. i found this rather dated piece at jacobin, and hope it’s not another in a series of pieces of faux-left rubbish they’ve been publishing lately. feb. 24, ‘Chaos, violence, and authoritarian rule reign in Turkey. Is there any opening for the Kurdish liberation movement?’ (tip: don’t quiz me even after i’ve read it all, please.) ;-)

  2. It is totally confusing to me, given that there are three Kurdish ‘enclaves’ in the region, each having priorities determined by citizenry in the country in which they find themselves.

    On the ‘women’s lib’ issue, I would just remind that this was one of the divisive issues pursued by the US and minions in the Afghanistan mission unaccomplished, so has to be looked at carefully at this point in that country’s ongoing internal struggles.

    I have no idea who this fellow is with the imposing title, just one link on the attitude of the Kurds towards Assad –

    And meanwhile there has been a clash with ceasefire between Assad troops and Kurds in the north, with the former (Assad) saying Syria is too small for federation, Russians saying he should consider it, and Syrian Kurds declaring they are a federated entity. Confusing? I should say, but what do I know? (Very little.) Assad owes an awful lot to the Russians; he’d at least need to listen.

    Just my two cents and not even worth that.

    • yes, quite confusing at the very least. even the kurds who don’t like him don’t want him overthrown, meaning, i guess by foreign militaries/states?

      i’d hoped this would provide a program of sorts, but not as far as i could make out. so many competing factions allied in the battles against daesh, and ‘we’ll sort it out later’.

      but ye gods and little fishes, russia insider has up: ‘Russia, US and the Kurds: The Friend of My Enemy Is — Wait, What?
      It’s hard to determine who is doing what to help but one thing is clear; Syria’s Kurds won’t be turning down aid from any quarter’

      …adding to the confusion. obama’s troops are in rajalva? putin is sending them arms? well, regardless, erdgan is committing war crimes in cizre, and the kurds need a state of their own. remember during the first gulf war…the US sold them out twice? “rebel, and we’ll aid you!” oopsie, sorry you suckers. then…they did it again, but then maybe that was during the second or third gulf wars…

      is the cease fire breach in the north blame dependent on who’s pointing the finger?

  3. Saker has a couple of short videos on Crimea that are worth a look, but I’m mentioning here because in the first comment there by JJ was the following:

    MOSCOW, May 12. / TASS /. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said that she is unable to offer any comment on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement to the effect about the Black Sea’s transformation into a Russian lake.

    “You know, I’m not a medical doctor,” Zakharova said, when asked for an opinion regarding Erdogan’s statement.

    Turkish mass media on May 11 quoted Erdogan’s statement about the Black Sea and mentioned his intention to bring up this theme at NATO ‘summit in Warsaw on July 8-9.
    Gave me a chuckle, anyway. (Those videos are worth a look.)

    • zakharova: i can’t declare him criminally insane; i’ll just whisper ‘nutbar’ sotto voce‘. lol.

      i really can’t go to the saker’s; among other things the format and colors make my brain go electric-shock or something. RI did have something of his up; if i get a chance i might look.

      but i was briefly involved in a short conversation about the EU’s integrated military plans, and opinions/causes abound as to why now, as the plans been kicking around for decades. jean claude junkyarddog mentioned: to let putin know…yada, yada. guess that was code for ‘no more russian revanchism.

      the world is giddy (especially Libruls) that Obomba went to hiroshima (no apology, just an object lesson, apparently). and of course his scheme to upgrade US nukes to the tune of a trillion dollars over three decades is also a warning to russia and china. #WhatAWorld.

    • sorry, ww, but i scrolled down a bit at russia insider, and the colors, fonts, are too much for me, as are some of the bilge-water authors like zuesse, i foget his first name: eric, mebbe? a few hurs have passed.

      oh, my; i’d forgtotten to say yes, i remember the 7th reason to stay in afghanistan: the women can’t go to school! bill moyers had on tht sarah-whats-her-name touting ‘remaining’, and she was al about ‘my women this’, ‘my women that’…akin to ‘Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke’ in out of africa: ‘my kikouyu’. yes, saba, this water lives in mombassa.

      fool; i had to dig it out: sarah chayes, NPR reporter.. grrrr.

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