the world according to cordeliers, wikileaks, newsvandal, and the bureau on twitter

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  1. at what point does this all become the definition of nihilistic lunacy? answer: ‘oh, that point has come and gone.’
    has it anything to do with WaPo assertions that russians had hacked the dnc’s files? (see: guccifer2/wikileaks tweet above)

  2. bah ha ha! as if russia gives a crap what HRC’s strategy vs DT is. i’m sure reading the instructions on using a leaf rake makes gripping reading compared to a bunch dembot memos. the psyop: 1) russia bad; 2) US national elections are really, really, really important. Otherwise, why would russia hack the cosmic citadel of very important information known as dem party memos detailing how HRC can make DT’s message palatable to idiot liberals?

    MoA today is all over USDOS selling war via, e.g., today’s NYT article “51 FSO shitheels say time to carpet bomb Damascus [i mean, get rid of Assad]. For peace.”

    • yep, more incomprehensible lunacy, but given that everything must point to Evil Russia as well as Evil China… but srsly, some of the entries are pretty funny, esp. the donor list to the party, and by that i assume ‘the dnc’. toward the end are what clinton was charged to do as SoS, if i understand correctly. usaid stuff ha footnotes, lol.

      oof, i’d seen that ‘hawks rising….diplomats, assad’ craziness at RT; i’ll check out MoA when i can. (bread day, and i reckon i’ll try to string together the Obama ♥s Modi post, as well.) look out china, another brics nation peeled off.

    • I just watched Farred Zacharia (sp) moderate the intro to the St. Petersburg economic forum – Putin had his number, as he did back when Charlie Rose was doing something similar, and with the same attitude, I might observe.

      And meanwhile Bernie does what we always knew he’d do and the ‘liberals’ we know and love start urging lesser evil voting. In their dreams!

      That old, tattered and besmirched playbook left on the floor of so many nightmarish atrocities they would love us all to forget, while the attempt to continue business as usual with a final question about doping in athletics – who are they kidding?

      I’m reading an even older account about five young ladies in the Peace Corp who take off across the Sahara on holiday – nothing remarkable except a statement the author makes that they had left one America and returned to a far different one. In between for them was the assassination of President Kennedy. It may be a half-truth, and one can point to all the reasons that is so, but truth it was that the country as a whole lurched into madness after that pivotal moment, and we seem unable to recover our bearings.

      The crazies have been in control that long.

      • ha. what i remember most vividly about fareed is that he was the incomparable darling of the diplomatic cocktail party set, thus…quite powerful as a tool for his…shall we say ‘beliefs’? charlie rose, OMG, does he set tables for the hegemon, or what?

        bernie was just too coy about ‘his plans’ according to ‘the hill’. might be about two things: one is in hopes that the doj will really indict the queen of chaos over email rubbish (ha ha), and two, that he thinks that ‘the people’s revolution’ in philly can change the delegate count. as to the first, this was a pretty funny tweet:

        was watching the st. petersburg econ forum worth the time? as in: comprehensible? and did you see my answer to you on the wiki about eritrean ‘military service’? i had put harper’s piece up on the original piece; i thought she presented the two sides rather well in the end. eritrean tweeters say most left due to the horrendous effects of the sanctions destroying jobs; i can see that.

  3. Trump University won’t go away, which makes the GOP convention interesting. Trump’s ambivalence about how LGBT-friendly he is has whipsawed his approval ratings from both directions. The Dump Trump rumblings have not disappeared.

    The SEIU has inroads into the DNC; take that for what it’s worth. My guess is possibly $3 in potentially minimum wage and not for the good. But apparently Wasserman-Schultz is being eased out to more profitable pastures. And the hack of Hillary documents only works if they are legit. And the rumblings for a different candidate from the Democrats have not disappeared.

    It is making for an interesting July. Not expecting boring made-for-TV convention infomercials of the sort we’ve had since 1968. I don’t think anything is set in either party until the convention is past.

    The Obama-Sanders meeting and the Clinton-Sanders meeting have happened and what happened must be a closely held secret. Sanders certainly has not given a clue. His last speech was essentially his stump speech all over again.

    The only concrete action I’ve noticed is recruiting a bunch of people to run as Berniecrat challengers to incumbents–nothing specific, but likely more state and local offices where filing deadlines have not passed. That might be an experiment in getting electoral grassroots of a Bernie-friendly bunch of elected officials.

    A wildly optimistic outcome for 2016 would be an end to the coddling of the extreme right and amputating of the the left. I doubt we will see it.

    Yes, Jacobin sort of lost the thread on the US election this week. Almost as triumphalistic as Markos. Were that some of it were so.

    The Clinton and Trump legal troubles will be whimpers during the campaign season. DOJ is not going to indict Clinton and Trump’s fraud case has already been delayed until after the election. Any consequences will be from delegate fears that either of these candidates might have to resign shortly after taking office or open themselves for impeachment AND CONVICTION (a bipartisan decision). It’s all on how scared the inch-deep, mile-wide Clinton and Trump establishment support really is and how much they fear public reaction. Whimpers.

    The State Department advisers who complained about not enough war are likely the ones who advised destabilizing Assad and propping up the “moderate” rebels in the first place. Those “moderates” seem to have be Moslem Brotherhood types supported by Qatar and al Jazeera and al Quaeda types supported by Saudi Arabia and NATO-ally Turkey. With a dash of Daesh types supported by Turkey as well. Would love to know the names of these warmongering quislings.

    One of the big scams of Third Way neoliberalism was the idea of public-private partnerships as custodians of infrastructure, especially in health, education, and arts. What in fact happened was the private partner got public funds and was off with a “Thank you very much.” Seems that Gates seems to know how to work this with education both in the US and other countries.

    But at least the Carter Center’s guinea work eradication program will end successsfully unless the CIA intends to assassinate a Boko Haram leader. Or the military sees the worm as a convenient weaponized vector.

    Most interesting thing Jeffrey Kaye has found out about the CIA rendition program was that the chair of the ethics committee of the American Psychological Association was a consultant to the program. Not clear whether that extended to medications, but that seems a pretty clear alternative to chloroform. And the acting out of James Bond fantasies.

    It’s going to be a long hot summer and the assassinations have already begun. R. I. P. Jo Cox.

    • first question: how in the world was your internet up last night? i’d figured the communications-down stuff was at least nation-wide. no wifi, no cell service here, all the long-distance phone services jammed w/ ‘all circuits are busy’ noises. i was ready to see ‘sunspots’ touted on the news pages (although in my heart i know it was Putin, of course). not a peep even after searching, save for cox communications.

      yes to RIP jo cox. i watched a bit of a kerfuffle at NC over their reporting that her murder was related to the brexit campaign. was it deemed a political assassination, then?

      didn’t know or at least remember that about the APA chair being a consultant to the program, but that document is so barbaric a read, even if one begins to scan, that it’s only too easy to both weep and rage at this nation’s ‘security’ projects.

      hadn’t even thought about the clinton docs not being genuine, myself. it’d be a hella lot of stuff to construct out of whole cloth, though.

      i’m not sure what you’re saying about jacobin, but for me, it’s been sad watching the pseudo-left cherry-picking who bernie is, and especially on foreign misadventures. i did finally read b’s piece on the low-level state diplomats and his contention that they’re anticipating a clinton presidency.

      i reckon they’ll be plenty of convention coverage, coups or not. ack. ;-) hasn’t all this prez rubbish been going on for two years already? there oughtta be a law agi’n it.

  4. well…mebbe on cox’s murder; kinda hate to link to breitbart, but…

    • Thanks for this report. It’s neither here nor there. The question remains “Was this the act of a solitary deranged man with a personal or symbolic issue against Jo Cox, was it stochastic terrorist act by politically motivated actors and the murder responded to the dogwhistles, or was is a directed act of what is now a terrorist political group?” Depending on how hyped up the media has been about Brexit, a stochastic terrorist act would require someone who had the murderers attention connect some intense feelings with Brexit and and Brexit with Jo Cox. That attention-getting could have occurred through public communication to a number of people, a few of whom might grab the emotional content and act on it. Those people blasting out the content might have had not knowledge of the people who would pick it up and act on it–just hoping someone would.

      • the little bit that i’d read about jo was that she was ardently in the Remain camp. it’s a bit hard to sort thru the #bnp account, but the drift i got was that they are white nationalists driven crazy by immigrants. the #brexiters seem to be a wide cross-section of ideologies. i kept a piece by a brion that was on dissident voice; if i manage to find it, i’ll pop it in.

        but yes, as to gates, pierre, and loads of hedge funders (according to some cross-posts yves smith had posted), education is just one of the remaining big funding pools the deceitful profit-seekers can tap, and just pretend charters and (false, often) choice translates to excellence. woe, once again, to the kids of color, or those who don’t learn in traditional factory ways.

        but communications in your area weren’t down most of yesterday?

        p.s. b’s theory was that it was in aid of a clinton candidacy; makes sense. i dunno who that creepy dude really is as far as FP. no one does, of course, as: ‘it’s not what they say…etc.’

        on edit: both were from stuart littlewood (sounds like a character in a beatrix potter children’s book, eh?

        plus a new one, lauding the apparently estimable jo cox.

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