Bill Gates: Would-be chicken farmer: cluck-cluck, bwak!

If he were living on less than 2 bucks a day, he’d raise chickens.  Now Bill would have to lose about $56 billion before he becomes Farmer Gates, right?  But oh!  the 556 comments under the piece are utter raves at his generosity!  Noblesse Oblige, yanno.

Well sure, Bill; chickens can eat what they find on the ground…but what if there’s just sand on the ground, especially during this major drought, especially in ‘Sub-Saharan Africa?  But yer right: they might gain a bit more weight, yanno, if ya actually fed ’em!  Ya must not be sending bags o’ feed with them, without which…this project is all just selling yer brand again chicken feed.  Hmmm; maybe yer pals at Monsanto are workin’ on a GMO chicken for every pot?

Stick around home, do they?  Sure, until they’re food for varmints.  Oh, and ya seem to reckon some neighbor will have a rooster to…ya know, fertilize those eggs?  Why can’t ya make sure the recipients set up a little Foghorn Leghorn rent-a-stud program in the neighborhood?

Sure, once those flocks get larger, folks might just wanna build a little wire and wood coop, or maybe print one out on their 3-D printers, eh?

Say, what did Evo Morales have to say to your offer, Bill?

Oh, by the by, how much did them thar hens cost ya?  This much?

Yeah, I just loved what ya did to  my laptop: just like this.  I called it ‘Crash and Upload.”

11 responses to “Bill Gates: Would-be chicken farmer: cluck-cluck, bwak!

  1. Gates should stick to what he does best. Wait a minute. What would that be? Creating the legal structure to suck cash off of anything. Even philanthropy.

    • yeah, he’s a philanthropic’ con man, but arguably at the top ‘o the heap among so many. his common core charters are being accelerated globally now, or at least in africa now. the commie @cordeliers and friends skewer him for his malthusian ‘birth control for darkies’ programs. yep, he gives a buck for a depo shot that’s so simple that even AFRICA nurses can administer it….who knows what governments pay for it?

      i’d forgotten about that iud-ike microchip bc implant he was backing, the one ya controlled w/ some sort of zzzzzt-gizmo. did that ever get sold? ha; hacking them was a concern…

      but see, the chicken shit is by way of feminism boosterism, on accountta they stick around to be tended by women…who spend more of their earnings on their families, unlike those fathers who spend their pay on liquor…or something. fewer chirren, women can go to school, and learn to compete™ in the free market system.

      i put a short video of King Bill on one of my copt21 diaires. he was announcing that the world ‘is doing better than it ever has!’ (cuz of him and miz mellie, of course.)

  2. i’d like to buy the world a coke. just one coke for the whole world. and for the muon or neutrino of coke that each person gets, i’d like to teach the world to sing. not “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land,” though, as the NYT reported the other day that legal beagles are duking it out over copyright & that song.

    i tho’t this guy was supposed to be like a supergenius or something? the neils bohr x einstein + newton raised to the galileo power. there’ve been some definitive studies showing the best “philanthropy” is just to give people straight cash. Go and sell all that you have, bill, and give it away. But then, where would our programs of moral uplift & improvement be? how could we hassle the poor about malt liquor & menthol, the bas couture of baggy, saggy jeans and using SNAP benefits at 7-11? or harangue whole nations about their “corruption” and failing “civil society” and swamp them w/do-gooder NGO’s bringing the good news to the Great Unwashed of their own exploitation? ahhh, philanthropy. i get to smile & get attaboys from VIP’s while maintaining & exacerbating all the disparities of power that supposedly incited my good-natured care in the 1st place. a man can smile and smile a be a gigantic asshole.

    (just for the refrain)

    i want to buy 100,000 people some Chicken McNuggets. not the big size either, any more than 6 pieces would only encourage dependency.

    but what about all the good Bill & Sweet Melinda are doing shoving their windows crap on every library in the country and world? all from the goodness of their hearts. how is a superbillionaire to keep their “business” and “philanthropy” separate?

    • now this just ain’t right, amigo. your comment is far better than my OP, ya clever bastid, you. srsly, it’s stupendous. but no, ya can’t give it away because:

      give a man a fish…he eats for a day
      teach a man to fish…and he’s a capitalist slave fer life

      well, speculation on the reasons he’s shoving windows 10 down our throats, and especially against our express desires…is that it’s being monetized somehow, although once i got rid of it i hadn’t checked further. it seems at some point microsoft changed the default close the blue box offer X to mean: crash my laptop, upload it for two hours, and fuck you very much. “all your files will still be there!”….but they dinnae say what condition they’d be in; mine were srsly compromised, the pigs.

      yeppers, gotta maintain that class pecking order at all costs…while ‘we’ teach ya how to pull yerselves up by your cell phones, as we just happen to make a few bucks along the way. (remember that tweet of his showing how *women* w/ cells in farm fields made them more competitive? peace thru profit!

      song outta be covered as: ‘this land is your land, this land is your land, and so say all elites’.

      zounds i really like REM, and i’d never heard that one. thanks.

      • life’s rich pageant, begin the begin….martin luther zen…
        i just remember many moons ago now, (the late 90’s?) so many people praising him to high heavens for flooding seattle schools & libraries w/MS PC’s, his 1st big foray into “philanthropy.” even back then when i was a bit more of a naif about this NGO/philanthro garbage, i scratched my noodle & tho’t, well, it’s kind of a “good business” decision, ain’t it? MS customers for life and all that? what do UNIX/Linux/Mac/etc. users think about this “philanthropy”? more capitalist cow pies?

        yes, cop21: the world has never been better. when are those calif wild fires gonna destroy those silicon-based life forms in that valley place out there? and all this other brave nu world/eugenics shit he’s into. a gmo-chicken in every pot & rare earth metal lithium ion battery-powered “carbon neutral” electric cars in every garage, and hackable IUD’s in every brown uterus. hadn’t heard that last one. gah. we gotta get outta this place….i think maybe w/your windows 10, like the iphone OS, it’s almost impossible to turn off auto-update. it’s a “safety” feature, so that at any time, w/o permission or maybe even knowledge. stuff can be put on people’s devices. now what possible uses could that have?

        nihilistic lunacy, you said a couple of times earlier.

        • it was indeed a *great* faux-lanthropic bidness decision. dunno if the other OS and mac users are monolithic, but mac users howl at PC users, and chant that thing: ‘buy a mac, never look back’. pure poetry, yanno? and virus pushers seem mainly to target…PCs for some reason.

          like the HP printer mr.wd bought us: great price on the hardware, but the cartridges are more than twice other ones.

          i spent parts of a few days trying to discover how to get out of W10, and believe it or not, i finally found the answer…at microsoft. of course i had the jitters about plugging in their protocols, but lo and behold, it worked. and the damned blue box still boots up three time a day….

          ‘eugenics’; thanks, that’s the word i couldn’t recall. but as i said, i dunno if the microchip IUD ever took off, but i read that if one did decide to start a family, the chip had to be removed. well, surgically, of course.

          what billy bthgate gates had meant was: reductions or eradication of all the diseases by inoculations he’d been funding. and yet we’ve read of the down sides, although…we don’t know exactly the truth of that, do we? which global health organization would dare to bring that news?

          but yes, billy advises techno fixes all the way for climate change mitigation, carbon capture in icelandic rock, none of them at copt21 ever mentioned that factory farming and the military are the two largest carbon footprint sectors. nor do the zero-population proponents of the third and fourth world nations seem to get that it’s the developed world that uses most of the world’s resources. now coal in china and india: yes, that needs to change, and maybe is.

          but this must have plenty of unintended consequences and external costs, but i confess it creeps me out, luddite that i am, even though i only scanned the article.

          @cordeliers offered this great indictment from 2008: July 12, 2008, ‘Why Heifer International is Rolling in Dung’ by Martha Rosenberg

          as well as this unsurprising but monstrous deepstate (cough) human rights NGO fukkery:

          big doin’s in geneva today at the UN re: eritrea, kashmir, and…? i’ll check it out.

          • a virus on both Mac & Windows houses. some people talk about Steve Jobs like he’s the 6th Buddha of compassion or whatever. Enlightenment in a little beeping, flashing box. that Heifer Int’l article…ugh. I’m sure bill gates’ alma (mala?) mater is creating a potable beverage out of Big Ag run-off…let’s call it, oh, i don’t know, Kool-Aid? hope that name’s not taken…who created the shape of the economy that developing countries, esp. China/India/etc., are emulating when they blast thru their forests & strip mine their mountains for coal & minerals and set up oil rigs in the middle of their coral reefs? even when these things are not being done in those countries by Western corporations themselves. Since 1865 (sic; adios Civil War), the US economy by GDP has been the biggest on the globe. After ww2, it was like 90% of global gdp. “you always blame the West & esp the US, jason!” goddam right. genghis khan’s been dead a long time. do colonial depredations & europe-inspired world wars have NO bearing on why Stalin, Mao, Hirohito, Pol Pot, etc., oh and hitler & co, developed the way they did? this is not to exonerate them by any means, but people & nations aren’t atomistic monads acting w/o contingency, interaction and imitation of the dominant actors in their environment.

            • ooof. burning out and in need of a rest but for now: i have somewhere a brief thesis (mebbe two) on why fascism, and we must use the term appropriately. later on that, please, but austerity (or at least crap economy) and hitler were the thing at the time, of course.

              yes, kool aids been taken, sorry, but i wonder about the carbon sequestration thru the volcanic rock and the possible implications, could the new drink be ‘bubble-icious’? yes, no comprehension of bio-chemistry here, for certain.

              kewl stats on the US economy ruling, though. two images other than say, the vampire squid (ofm, GS is investing in cluster bombs, as per headlines) that i keep seeing are these:

              one is that magpies keep eating my new seedlings in the garden. when i cover them with wire hoops and floating row covers pegged to the ground, a few in concert will bounce up and down on the covers like trampolines, peck large holes in them…and gormph down on the sweet young seedlings.

              the other is some brown-headed cowbirds who show up now and again (some are here now). they have ‘an fascinating approach to raising their young. Females forgo building nests and instead put all their energy into producing eggs, sometimes more than three dozen a summer. These they lay in the nests of other birds, abandoning their young to foster parents, usually at the expense of at least some of the host’s own chicks’.

              yanno, the true welfare queens with attachment disorder, much like banksters and other plutocrats.

              • i am sorry for the awful birds. thank you for the reminder: this earth, right now. people eating & not killing everything that impedes their efforts.

                longest day of the year. hewg storm here in DC. maybe we can all lose power for a bit ;)

                • yay-uss; exactly; a metaphor for such.

                  good solstice to all of us. the storm here missed us, dagnabbit, but high drama here re mr. wd’s papa, and silly as it sounds: emergency cooking, as well. the sunset in the peaks,though, was formidable!

                  i think i’ll shut down for the night, and: may you and your local belly of the beast citizens lose power there for a bit, darlin.. ;-).

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