Forty-five Thousand Diaspora Eritreans Rally against COI Report in Geneva, today, June 21

Via, from the first Tweet:

“Eritreans are extremely fed up with the world system, referring to the decision of the UN well over half a century ago that resulted in so many deaths and suffering, the injustices of the recent times including the sanction imposed on Eritrea and the current plot in the name of human rights.

Fundamentally, Eritreans view the United Nation as a tool for the most powerful countries in the world, in particular the USA, to enforce its policies on other countries. Beyond looking at the consequences, the main causes of the havoc and instability in the Horn of Africa region is the direct role of USA and the roles of the governments and international organizations including the United Nations that are employed to implement these policies.

Here in Geneva, ironic questions are being asked – Is targeting Eritrea in the name of human rights really out of concern for the human rights of the Eritrean people or a pretext to impose a specific agenda against Eritrea?

Why does Eritrea qualify for such scrutiny whereas, for example, the “Ethiopian” regime that has been gunning down hundreds of people in day light and committing horrific genocide against the Ethiopian people protected and defended by the USA?

The feeling here is it is the United States that has been violating the collective human rights of the Eritrean people through becoming the main obstacle in resolving a legally concluded border problem and encouraging its allay, the “Ethiopian” regime to continuously occupy Eritrean territories.

Furthermore, the United Nations has been the main tool in implementing hostile policies against Eritrea including imposing sanctions with the intention to bring it to its knees and at the same time protect its ally, Ethiopia.

The human rights commission of inquiry is, therefore, one of the hostile measures, just as the so called “independent” monitoring group that manufactured fictional stories to justify the sanctions that were imposed on Eritrea in the name of United Nations.” (the final bits)

(above essay is long, but illuminating)

Also: UN Report: A Record 65.3 Million Displaced; On World Refugee Day, Glen Ford says that the US has had a hand in almost all displacement described in UN High Commissioner for Refugees report

(the transcript)

7 responses to “Forty-five Thousand Diaspora Eritreans Rally against COI Report in Geneva, today, June 21

  1. when 90% of the diaspora syrians in…2012? anyway, last election, 90% voted FOR Assad, it was evidence of *just how much intimidating power* he really has! probably all these diaspora Eritreans were brainwashed during their national service enslavement?

    • eggzackly, jason. see, they place these little microchips in their military caps that broadcast government propaganda for forty years. or is it fifty?.

      a couple extras:

      toward the end of mr. Ghebreab’s statement comes this chilling prophecy:

      “On the other hand, the course of action advocated by the Commission of committing yet another injustice on Eritrea, of confrontation and escalation, can only lead – and here Eritrea does not want to mince its words – to an unmitigated disaster. It is no coincidence that the same week that the Commission released its report saw the worst outbreak of hostilities on the Eritrea-Ethiopia border since the end of the war 16 years ago. As we speak, Ethiopia is making preparations for a bigger military offensive and is contemplating a full scale war. It reckons that the gross accusations against Eritrea afford it with the perfect pretext, and that it may be now or never. It reckons that those who are only too eager to blame Eritrea will as usual look the other way and fail to act as Ethiopia commits what are truly crimes against humanity against its people and unleashes another war. It reckons that the guarantors of the 2000 peace agreement will continue to refrain from taking meaningful action to uphold international law.”

      i’m not at all sure what this means, though i’ve seen it before. perhaps just idiomatic differences in language?

      “Finally, Eritrea has tabled a constructive draft resolution reflecting its commitments and proactive stance to consolidate human rights and it calls on all member states to support it.”

      brought to the table, not…put it aside?

  2. egad; wonder if the folks at MoA have seen this? prolly, yes?

  3. holy shit. but just think of those brave dems sitting on their well-padded tooshies, making a stand for “gun control.”

    • well, sit-ins are at least good theater, although i dunno who ‘approves’ this stuff. di fi’s group? but logging in is needed before reading the whole article, but i confess i loved this:

      “Documents released by the US government’s Federal Business Opportunities (FBO)….”

      and da bidness of amerikka is…yeppers. i used to have an old link that showed how many weapons manufacturers were selling weapons and weapons systems to nations under US sanction to *not sell them to*. boatloads, as you might imagine.

      nah; difi is intel, not armed services. how closely are they related?

      • can’t comment on the putin below. kind of doubt it. The US will “restrict” guns they way we “restrict” tobacco: every penny, if any, in lost domestic sales will be recouped overseas.

  4. ???

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