Some suggestions for defense against transgenic foods

We’ve been discussing the hell of transgenic foods (GMOs) here and here recently, and it finally occurred to me to post this as a PSA, even though you may all know all of this already.

In this food, etc. diary I’d included a separate post: ‘Spices as medicines’, which includes these sections.  The spices, herbs, amino acids, and other products are helpful, as well.

Probiotics and yogurt: restores beneficial strains of bacteria to the stomach and intestines, increases immune-response, may help diverticulitis, aids digestion and elimination, multi-strains are best (9-14).  Always purchase shelf-stable capsules, but store in the refrigerator.  They’re costly, but if the freeze-dried probiotic bacteria are truly live, you can use two capsules to a quart of milk (page of hits for directions; this one calls for boiling the milk, though I only heat until there are small bubbles around the edge, and a light skin has formed on the surface) with a cup or two of added dry milk solids when it’s cooled, and grow yogurt in ten or twelve hours in an oven with only the light bulb as heat.

When your jar is down to the last couple tablespoons, you can add them to the cooled milk as the culture.  If you’re nervous about that (as I sometimes am), add one capsule of store stuff.

Udo’s Choice multi-strain shelf-stable brand always used to culture; some other brands…haven’t, which is vexing, as it means you wasted your hard-earned money.  Just try getting your money back, heh.  Come to think of it, culturing a couple caps is a good way to know if the bacteria IS live, even if you’d rather take the capsules.  Update: Nature’s Way, a rather inexpensive brand, IS culturing, thank goodness, but the Fortify sort available here only contain three strains of bacteria.  Others with more strains are available.  If plain probiotic yogurt is available, 2 T of it should culture a quart of scalded milk.

On a recent thread at MoA on the zika virus, I’d contributed an ecowatch/Counterpunch essay postulating that the transgenic mosquitoes constructed to sorta self-destruct in aid of ratcheting down dengue fever and other diseases might have mutated and were the culprits behind the possible increase in Zika cases and microcephaly in newborns.  Who knows?  But it caused me again to consider how many (hopefully) unintended consequences of transgenic foods have been poorly researched in the US, yet seem to be wreaking havoc with human health.

For instance: most corn (therefore corn syrup in so many processed foods) have been ‘modified’ with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensisthat was designed to bust the digestive systems of certain insects like corn borers and kill them.  In animals and humans, it seems to act like little pesticide factories in our guts, killing even the many sorts of beneficial bacteria required for good health.  It may be the same with Monsanto’s glyphosate (RoundUp) or 2-4D, I dunno what all.

It’s inarguable that more and more of us are developing food, mold and dust mite sensitivities, allergies, neurological/neuromuscular/auto-immune symptoms, compromised immunity,  that a long-ago friend reminded me recently are now considered underpinned by Leaky Gut Syndrome, which are arguably directly related to transgenic foods. Sources said:  ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a disorder which allows partially digested foods, toxins and bad bacteria to pass though the small intestine and into the blood stream. This event compromises the liver, the lymphatic system, and the immune response including the endocrine system.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating illness that affects adults and children alike. The illness is also known as chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

There are many schools of thought even in the naturopathic world, but my sense is that one needs to cleanse intestines, provide multi-strain probiotics (see the section above) regularly, and add L-glutamine amino acid to one’s system often to help restore the integrity of especially small intestines, thereby correcting some of the affects (and eat fewer GM products when possible).  Fresh fermented veggies as well (again, see above)… We use Wally World’s Equate brand (it tastes like Tang, the breakfast of astronauts!) of ground psyllium seeds and husks, sort of the poor person’s Metamucil, and two or three times a year do more complete intestinal flushes with increasing amounts over a few days.  Psyllium (an arbitrarily chosen link) swells to 100 times its original size in liquid, and is rather slippery, and can get into intestinal nooks and crannies to allow for more complete elimination.  Drink it quickly once you mix it in water: or else!  You’ll want to check out any of these items and usages online yourself, of course.

7 responses to “Some suggestions for defense against transgenic foods

  1. thanks wendy. i can remember my mammaw, great-grandmother that is, born ca. 1895, talking about a period of “purgation” they would go thru at the end of each winter as they were growing up & on in to early adulthood. as you come out of a period when really nothing fresh is available (ok, meat, but meat is also quite rarely eaten), you “purge”. i am sure they wouldn’t have had the “yogurt/pro-biotic” routine, but then dairy in general was not the same, nor would they have needed it in quite the same way.

    psyllium is the best. various religious traditions that tried to sacralize a period of fasting may have had a point after all, a la Ramadan, the 10 days before Yom Kippur….and other non-protestant christian traditions that enjoin fasting during Lent. and other non-mono traditions i’m not aware of.

    fasting?!?! ha ha ha! i’m an american.

    • were mammaw’s early spring purges the sulphur & molasses ones? i like the idea of sacralized fasting, as well. psyllium husks and are even more important for anyone who eats meat, as when it sits in your gut, it decays into all sorts of -amines (whose names i knew once) and nasty bacteria whose gases create diverticuli, for one, and leak their poisons into different areas of a body, (yep, did some classes on iridology). ;-) but even as vegetarian hippies, we used to fast a lot, to say the truth, and it’s hard to imagine these days we did it while working our asses off every day, too..

      some fasts were all carrot juice or apples, finishing w/ an olive oil ‘n garlic flush. sick tummy? o, my, we were crazy. as a side note, i was watching a putin video when our internet crashed recently, and what was left standing was a close-up of one iris. that many has some serious descending colon leakage into one leg, or somewhere in the area.

      yeah, i know these ‘helps’ are just temporary, if every product gets nuked by the Lords of Transgenics; lots of the spices, as well. but for now…at least we have a bit of protection available, eh?

      believe it or not, i never saw the film where people became soylent green, either. ;-)

      • irony alert: this week 50 hamburgers-on-the-hoof arrived to eat the waves of luscious grass here. as you might say: i know, i know, best laid plans of mice and hippie back-to-the-landers and all that rot.

      • i’m not certain about the sulphur…and i was a wee bairn…vaguely remember black (something) tea w/molasses to counteract the awful bitterness of the tea. and juice & psyllium.

        and colon cleansing. ah yes, my own fam did that. “that is some seriously toxic looking fecal matter there. we are very proud of you, son.” psyllium, juice and something called “bentonite,” supposedly essence of volcanic ash that magnetically attracts the toxins from the colon. good times.

        part of the problem for many of us is that we really, really want health to come in pill form, whether meds or vitties. if a healthy meal can come in a prepackaged frozen box, why can’t even more health come in even more pre-packaged little pills?

        i never saw soylent green either. but it was edward g. robinson’s last film, whom i adore. they do a similar kind of thing, people as food, of course in the Matrix movies, but more interestingly in the more recent Snowpiercer. all bill gates malthusian BS run amok.

  2. sorry, i know this is obvious & surely regulars here know this and i’ve probably said this before: the social/environmental will overwhelm the individual. it already is. projecting out in to the world & sharing & stronger measures by us are necessary or they’ll just GMO the psyllium hulls & anti-biotic the “yogurt” and all the other ghastly, ghoulish things they are well advanced in doing. don’t be soylent!

  3. Helpful info. Thanks.

    • you’re so welcome. i’ll be back, but there are so many chores to do today. more than usual, in fact. looks like you have two good comment on the nato summit.

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