Very Cool: a #Stein/Baraka ticket; I may just change my mind and vote the top line

(I can’t say I think much of her other choices before speaking with Mr. Baraka, but at least she got there,but I’m glad that he said Yes to her offer.)

Filmon Zerai ‏@EritreaStruggle: “While i don’t believe in reformist politics or electoral democracy as the long term solution but for the short term @DrJillStein is great!”

Another ‘about Ajamu Baracka’ page at his website, with the banner quote reading:

“.…the margin is more than a site of deprivation “it is also the site of radical possibility, a space of resistance…a site one stays in, clings to even, because it nourishes one’s capacity to resist. It offers to one the possibility of radical perspective from which to see and create, to imagine alternatives, new worlds.”

~ bell hooks

Some of his recent fiery essays at his Black Agenda Report ouevre (just the titles):

‘We Must Resist Attempts to Silence Our Voices on Police Violence’

‘Paris, Orlando and Turkey: Displacing the Narrative of Western Innocence’

‘Muhammad Ali and Dylann Roof: Contested Meanings and Contested Lies’

‘Beyonce and the Politics of Cultural Dominance’


by Anthony Freda

‘Why African Americans Should Stand with Muslims and Arabs’

‘The Neo-Liberal Assault on Black Lives from Baltimore to Buenaventura Colombia’

‘The Paris Attacks and the White Lives Matter Movement’

‘War, Repression and International Gangsterism: U.S. State Policy from Benghazi to Baltimore’


‘The Obama Two-Step on Syria’

‘The Yemen Tragedy and the Ongoing Crisis of the Left in the United States’

‘Why is Cornel West Sheep-Dogging for the Democrats – Once Again?’

Well, you get the gist.  The link to them again…)

(the video above is from Oct. 2006; this next one is from Nov. 2013)

8 responses to “Very Cool: a #Stein/Baraka ticket; I may just change my mind and vote the top line

  1. he coulda been Tim Kaine! he coulda been a contender. he coulda had class. he coulda been somebody. (sorry. that’s an insult to anyone not a total sellout.)

    good for Stein. and yes, boo for her for her offer to the Bern. but if she gives some prominence to a radical critic of the US, more power to her.

    • well, yeah, phooey on her ‘bern for the toppa the ticket’ mess, but according to her link in the first Tweetie Pie, first was very dem state senator (iirc) nina turner (reform from within), then “Stein said she also discussed the position with author Chris Hedges, single payer healthcare activist and US Senate candidate Dr. Margaret Flowers (Green – Maryland), economic justice advocate and TPP opponent Kevin Zeese of, and Green Party activist and former Black Panther Party leader, Aaron Dixon”, though she likely had meant bruce dixon of BAR.”

      fooking chris hedges? old sourpuss? sorry, comrade axe…

      still, the trotskyites think the greens are lesser capitalist fools (the green economy stuff does seem to be), but oooo, not baraka. even red kahina loves him, and that gets filed under W for ‘whoa, nellie!’.

  2. Mobilize at least 65 million people to vote Green in 100 days and the White House is Jill Stein’s and the Naval Observatory Mansion is Ajamu Baraka’s. That really would make history.

    In June, Greens were on the ballot in 28 or so states with major fights going in Georgia, North Carolina (natch), and, I believe, Ohio.

    Picking up Trump voter after a possible pre-election day train wreck would net the most states the quickest. I don’t think that raiding the liberal and progressive Democrats for frustrated voters ever was a winning strategy for the Greens. If they are going to put Baraka on the ticket, at least make some media waves by sending his where there are real workers — hospitals, Wal-Mart, fast food restaurants, office buildings after working hours, and factories as well. Find out how large that millennial red constituency actually is outside of the historical strongholds of the Bay Area, Chicago, NYC.

    And for any local offices whose filing deadlines have not passed, organize to win them. Greens should have loaded themselves on soil and water commissions and other environmentally signficant positions a long time ago.

    Presidential elections are about two things; electing as many offices in the major-turnout election year; building a bench to run in the next midterm when surprises can happen. IMO the Greens best next chance is to run a large number of legislative and Congressional candidates in 2018.

    Another play in states that allow it is doubling up on another candidate’s endorsement (in exchange for something if they get elected). Just don’t screw up by endorsing just anyone, like the Working Families Party did when they endorsed Cuomo for governor.

    It would really be good to have an organized left wing in US politics again. Is this the year? Or is “organized left wing” an oxymoron like “democratic right wing”?

  3. Heads up. David Dayen is on the case of transition planning by the Clinton and Trump campaigns. This is where the quid pro quo deals in exchange for endorsements and financial support are worked out. It is worth paying attention to the details if you are interested in the policy direction implied by it. And yes, the Trump campaign is doing the same.

    Another piece of the inside game that folks have been taking for granted.

  4. (the link goes to ‘The Green Party’s new VP candidate has some “questionable views” on Beyoncé), cripes. Yes, Miz 1% is a badassssss black panther….

    wish he’d done better on the trump v. D question, myself. now would have been the exact time to polemicize against our comprador-in-chief and the queen of black hearts world-wide murders of black and brown people. he could have thrown in some clinton power couple policies, too. ah, well, jarad will have him on more.

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