Jill Stein Is a Putin-lovin’ Anti-science Vaxxer, Brother Baraka Is a Holocaust-denying Anti-semite: a Storify

cnn town hall

Mebbe she got her medical degree came from one o’ them online medical schools, no?  And ya know, she seems to be Jewish, and might love to know that stuff about her running mate…hope she remembers to ask him soon.

Short and key out-take of the longish essay above:

“Can I offer a theory? My theory is that despite all the fearmongering about Donald Trump, the ruling elites within the Democratic party are not afraid of Donald Trump. They’re afraid of progressives.”  

Well, it might have been a li’l bit true with Jessse Jackson…(if his alleged ‘Hymie-town’ quote had been quoted accurately).

(the hit piece at Great Orange Satan link above)  Jayzus; I was pen-pals with Aravosis (americablog) for a time…((shiver))

What a loathsome name to call anyone, but for one woman to call another woman that is despicable…and yeah, the author above, Rebecca Dummkopf was friggin’ proud to have called her that.  Adorable.  Thanks for reacting with due outrage, Miz Kimberly.

Kevin Gosztola went to the trouble to find out exactly what Dr. Stein had said about vaccinations and included some of the original sources of the malicious hits; thank you, KG.  Hint: her remarks were about the need to be able to restore trust in government regulatory agencies, the FDA, CDC, etc.  His short section on BigPharma is illuminating, even if it’s just a reminder of earlier exposés.

When I’d first noticed some of this ugliness on the Twit machine, I did a bit of a search, and first found: ‘Racist and sexist attacks follow Green Party successes’ at weknowwhatsup.com (nope, not kidding)  One out-take:

“We are dealing with brutal and violent opponents and I agree with brother Baraka’s comments about the role of European capitalism and the white capitalist ruling class’s construction and use of the idea of white supremacy in its colonial conquests of the darker skinned people’s of the world.  The colonial powers were joined in this expansion by the churches of capitalism, portraying their victims as savages, uncivilized and in need of salvation much as they did their own working classes. The church hierarchy and the rising capitalist class were and are still joined at the hip. As Baraka points out, European and white lives had more value than the colonized people of color. But not all were equal. As Lerone Bennett suggested in The Shaping of Black America: 

“….before Jim Crow, before the invention of the Negro or the white man or the words and concepts that describe them, the Colonial population consisted largely of a great mass of white and black bondsmen, who occupied roughly the same economic category and were treated with equal contempt by the lords of the plantation and legislatures. Curiously unconcerned about their color, these people worked together and relaxed together.  They had essentially the same interests, the same aspirations and the same grievances. They conspired together, and waged a common struggle against their common enemy——-the big planter apparatus and a social system that legalized terror against black and white bondsmen………….the available evidence, slight though it is, suggests that there were widening bonds of solidarity between the first generation of blacks and whites.  And the same evidence indicates that it proved very difficult indeed to teach white people to worship their skin.” 

But here we are to today and the bias is plain to see; the outpouring of grief and media coverage after events in Europe like the Paris bombing or the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or those in Brussels, not to mention the gathering of world leaders that takes place to condemn them compared to the examples Baraka himself gives, has to be pointed out as the political theater that it is.

baraka je suis charlie

“Every innocent death is mourned, but the body count from the carnage and slaughter waged by European capitalism as it spread beyond its borders in its rapacious search for new markets, natural resources and the labor to extract it, exceeds the oft quoted figures used by the capitalist media and political parties in the West to portray Mao and the Chinese Stalinists as the world’s foremost killers.”

It’s long, but the author, Richard Mellor, includes some chilling history on British colonialism in Ireland and Africa, including how free the rabble class was once they’d been removed from the land and their subsistence.  He quotes Marx liberally, and cites what the punishment was for vagabondage under Elizabeth in 1572, and James I.  Voluntary criminals, they were called, and we still hear the echoes of that now.  ‘Public loitering, no visible means of support: Go to jail, and hopefully you won’t die in custody.  (again, the rest is here.)

But yes! to his portrayal of black and white agriculturalists pre-Jim Crow getting along as comrades, then an early divide and conquer strategy.  A companion to that history is at Telesur, and although I haven’t watched yet, ‘Farmers Work Toward Black Economic Independence’, Laura Flanders

“On this week’s episode of “The Laura Flanders Show,” the renowned civil rights organizer—Shirley Sherrod—talks about her tumultuous fight with racism, during a time when Black ownership of land was almost non-existent.

Sherrod also discusses her father, and his death at the hands of a white farmer over a cattle dispute. She admits to having wanted to kill the man who committed such a heinous crime.

Take a look at “The Laura Flanders Show – Shirley Sherrod.” It’s about a woman, who designed a Black community on a farm that was co-owned by its own residents.”

Bless her heart.  Link to the video.

This piece at Common Dreams has a brief explanation of how the Presidential Debate Commission stole the control by way of a corporate coup  from the actual non-partisan League of Women Voters beginning in 1985, as well  as suggestions as to how to put pressure on various entities and candidates now that a Judge has thrown out the lawsuit brought against the Duoplists for Wall Street by Johnson and Stein. Mind-boggling Judicial logic, by the way.  Polls do slay me; are any of them not push-polls, or accurate depictions of anything, much less voting preferences by now?


duopoly plus wall street

Clearly Stein and Baraka know they can’t win, but it’s in the campaign and debates that candidates make their marks; their marks are good, and far more ‘socialistic’ than Sanders’ were.  Their push will be seen as Quixotic, of course, but I hope they do try.  An at least there’s the CNN Town Hall, although it’s hard to say why CNN is hosting them, isn’t it?

27 responses to “Jill Stein Is a Putin-lovin’ Anti-science Vaxxer, Brother Baraka Is a Holocaust-denying Anti-semite: a Storify

  1. those people at wonkette…wow. about 8 years ago during the frequent downtime at work, i would spend some time on wonkette as a “safe” workplace site…mirror images of billo or rush fans. really disgusting how blind & rabid they are, how the apogee of moral/political development is voting for obie or the hilbot. they really don’t know anything more than hannity. seriously. wonkette doesn’t mean shit, but if you want to peak into the frothing, braying, feral donkey mindset, poke around there a bit (if your ‘puter can handle all the g.d. ads on the site.)

    • ha; i have firefox w/ adblocker plus, or something. but i did just see something re: clinton bubba raping a woman, possibly latina, in the wayback, and the appalling rubbish about it at wonkette.

      i confess i’d seen the site name, but hadn’t ever peeked in. but the hits are so much wider than that. i went an tried to dig up the aravosis tweets on stein: russia! treason! RT! trump ‘n stein bff’s! all that good stuff. my stars, the dude must tweet every two minutes. finally found these damning pieces of evidence.

      yeah, i’m gonna go ahead and vote for ’em, me. ;-)

      • Hanoi Jane, meet Moscow Jill! fudge, i’m not registered. i’ve never voted. i suppose i should go behind the veil of our holy of holies & partake of our civic eucharist once in my life. or at least say that i did ;)

        • ah, a beautiful parallel; thanks. “…or at least say that i did.” gotta say, i’ve voted in every election possible since i turned 18 (fortunately, not even i can do the math). except for the last midterms; i hadn’t noticed that the county clerk hadn’t mailed me my absentee ballot. ooops; i’d better call her today (mr. wd keeps reminding me). ;-)

        • to certain people i know too well, saying, “yes, i voted. for jill stein.” is exactly 100% equal to saying “i voted for trump.” i’m gonna blow their frickin’ minds! freude the schaden! “HRC lost cuz she sucked royal donkey balls” would never be an acceptable explanation to the wonkette/true believer crowd. (not that HRC is going to lose…) electoral alchemy: voting for Stein is the same thing as voting for Hitler.

          • lol. anne garrison (before baraka): ‘Stop Trump Fundamentalists Can Bite Me‘,

            kimberly’s up w/: ‘Freedom Rider: Liberal Hate for Stein and Baraka’: she opens with:

            “So-called liberals and “progressives” have caught the Mad Democratic Cow Disease, frothing at the mouth at those who would resist the coronation of the corporate warmonger, Hillary Clinton. They flail with McCarthyite fury at both Donald Trump and the Green Party presidential ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. “Liberals are now quite deranged and applaud a woman who will crush their feeble agenda as soon as she says the oath of office.”

  2. I believe it was a Democrat who said, “Politics ain’t beanbag.”

    Did you notice this byline:

    Fare la Volpe is the Wonkenym of one Mr. Patrick Murphy, amateur woo chronicler. He is a social worker residing in Tennessee who religiously follows nonsense blogs in an obsession that concerns his family greatly.

    What the hell does that mean?

    And in the news of Queen Inevitable, the drapes are measured and the transition team is announced–in August, three months before the election. And the list starts with a name familiar to you, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. (Well, kiss the planet good-bye.)

    The rest of the line-up:

    The campaign said Mr. Salazar would lead four team members: Tom Donilon, who served as national security adviser under President Obama; Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan; Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress; and Maggie Williams, the director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics and a longtime Clinton confidante.

    Two top campaign policy advisers for the Democratic nominee, Ed Meier and Ann O’Leary, will also shift full-time to the transition efforts. Heather Boushey, the executive director of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, will be the team’s chief economist.

    Recognize any of these. I thought so. Yes, Neera is there. And we know that the new Valerie Jarrett is Maggie Williams. My wager is that the add-on names will have duties massaging the Democratic platform into a saleable proposition to keep progressives from bolting en masse and screwing the down-ticket votes.

    Mellor has a lot of what I’ve been pushing about the settler colonialist society deployed by European (in this case, English) empires at the very cusp of the shift from feudalism to capitalism. Of course the history lines up with Marx’s analysis; his was not an excursion into moral philosophy (Adam Smith, philosophy of sentiments) and psychology but into history and sociology. And he got a lot of the historical interpretation abstracted correctly–why it stands up after 150 years.

    The point that should be recognized is that white, black, and indigenous collaboration continued (and continues still) in spite of the construction of the frontier dynamic that was supposed to stop it. And when it shows up in power, for example a black-white fusion party winning an election in 1898 in Wilmington NC, the fury is unleashed to stop it. Likely, there were enough indigenous descendants who were classified either as white or black in that bipolar society that indigenous people were also part of that fusion party as well. The white leaders at the urging of a prominent society lady organized a “red shirt” regiment that killed people, dislodged the elected city council, and burned down the black business and housing in the city of Wilmington NC. The national press (and until this century, the historians as well) called it a “race riot” and tut-tutted about the “Negroes” burning down their own neighborhoods and businesses.

    If the election estimated vote turns out to indeed be correct as to Trump’s support, there will be latitude for people even in Texas to vote for Stein and Baraka. Being careful about the down-ticket and especially the legislatures is going to be necessary to prevent additional disasters like Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and North Carolina where nitwits got elected and run fast to pass all the chaotic legislation that they can in hopes that if they get defeated the legislature will be divided enough to roll it back. Trump is in such trouble that if the Greens organized Mississippi, they could probably take it. To say that organizing Mississippi would be confrontational like direct action is confrontational is to say it has regressed since Fannie Lou Hamer and her friends organized the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; the opposition will be coming from the same quarters, the same polite dismissal and the same violent reaction.

    It’s more than just the debates at stake, even losing. Most states have some access to the ballot that rests on the size of the turnout on election day. In some states, it’s as high as 15%. And there are likely some national campaign rules (like for debates) that have similar rules. Ballot access becomes much easier and a lot of resources that go into organizing to get ballot access can be devoted to other tasks in rolling out a campaign.

    Without a serious Marxist competing state with the US, it is a little more difficult to raise a foreign bogeyman to crush domestic parties critical of capitalism. But the impulse is still there. The fixation of Trump’s association with Putin and Manafort’s working for Yanukovych is shadow of what used to be in the late 1940s and early 1950s in the drive to crush labor.

    • no, politics isn’t beanbag, but this concerted effort to malign these folks as illegitimate in every way possible is weird. unless, of course, it’s as mellors said: ‘they’re afraid of progressives’ (i’d call them radicals for democracy, but no matter). ‘progressive’ is what the queen’s devoteés call her, arrg and ooof.

      the (italian for ‘do the fox’, apparently) seems to allow himself the same bullshit sort of freedom tbogg commanded to be a jerk, ostensibly in search of Truth with a capital T that rhymes with fuquetard. ;-)

      yes, indeed, you’ve been teaching us those histories, and also there was a similar coalition in virginia that ended much the same as in wilmington: .the Readjuster party. (i’m gonna push submit, then edit in more soon; i keep losing comments pressing some wrong key or other.)

      i think i found a few more examples during discussions on one of Nomad’s diaries; one woman had written a whole book about such alliances. my stars, he sure disappeared, didn’t he?

      i’m not getting what you’re saying abut the percentage bars for ballot access being tied to votes on election day, but i reckon others will. as for how they’re organizing and where, i haven’t a clue; perhaps their website has updates. as for mississippi, i tried to discover more about what brother baraka had mentioned in an interview about his ‘southern strategy’. a lot of his human rights work was in the south, so maybe he hopes they can build on that. i hope they get on the street w/ folks as time allows (always hard) and don’t show up w/registration papers (al sharpton). that would look far too calculating.

      you’re right that marxist analysis isn’t predominantly moral, but in the end…it underpins a moral state to me. smith? i dunno; there were so many different and contrasting theories in his various books written during different times…i scarcely know what to make of him by now (and i’ve forgotten most of what i tried to learn for a few posts ten years ago at tpm).

      glad you know so many of the queen’s dream team; wonder who she’ll jettison as ‘now superfluous’ once they’ve served her electoral purposes once she gets into the Big House? salazar, yes, a gale norton in a cowboy hat. your last sentence about crushing labor? explain if you find the time?

      • The main benefit (or was it a side benefit) of McCarthyism was it allowed the honest labor bosses to be tarred as communist fellow travelers because in the 1930s, the CPUSA and other communist parties were the organizers of last resort in some labor struggles. Some of the wildcat textile strikes in the South were the result of communist organizers. The most famous one was in Gastonia NC.

        That move over the Cold War was finally successful to the point that current unions tend toward being totally co-opted by their industries.

        • thank you for that, and boy, howdy, are the big union bosses wont to sell out their workers (UAW two- or three-tiered hiring and wage reduction, fooking trumka, but he does it all globally w/ his position). let’s hope that baraka can be a green (red) fannie lou hamer, and expand the issues. i hope the campaign doesn’t ask him to hold it down, although it’s mainly in his writing that he lets loose, as far as i’ve seen.

          wonder what the town hall will bring as far as ‘super-sizing the misguided hits’ on them? and ta for the cuomo identification.

    • the wsws did, i tho’t, a nice review of the movie “Free State of Jones” and followed up w/interviews from a couple of historians on the complexity of racial/class relations in the South up to, during, and after the Civil War. “Free State” is about a county in Mississippi, iirc, that all united together to revolt against the Confederacy during the “war of northern aggression.” there are 6 or 8 links involved, so i won’t post them. that there is a fundamental opposition b/n black, white, native, etc., has been updated to, e.g., Sunni vs. Shia. to divide is to conquer.

      • here’s a start: ‘Free State of Jones: Three cheers!’


        ‘interview(s) with Victoria Bynum, historian and author of The Free State of Jones Pt IPt II

      • laurier’s review of the film was exemplary, and thank you for leading us to all of it, amigo. Yes: a principled man. “The film touches on a number of aspects of Knight’s later life that are beyond the scope of this review. But at least one should be mentioned: his efforts from 1871 to 1873 to organize an integrated school. When objections were raised to his own mixed-race children attending, he burned it to the ground.”

        her deconstruction of the many ‘gripes’ against film that so totally missed the mark were educations in their own right, weren’t they? wanting to get a glimpse of the film, most especial matthew mcC, whom i’ve never cared for myownself, i ended up choosing the trailer, as it shows the mind-numbing slave collar with one-foot spikes. dunno that i’d ever even heard of one that horrific.

        i googled/binged to try and find another history of black/first american/white
        history i vaguely remember from the area around n’ orleans after watching ‘treme’ the fist time, but i didn’t kick it up.in the swamps,of course, the three groups inter-married to the extent that in the area, no blacks or induns were ‘pure blood’. as it happens, mr. wd got season 2 for me again from the library, and i’m watching again. the music just bowls me over, and the second line parades. (iko, iko). i♫ learned it from cyndi.♪ ;-)

  3. I notice that @20Committee, the guy who got canned from the US Naval War College is hanging around as a Clinton advocate. The deep state (minus Flynn) seem to know who they want.

  4. oh, bother. as my european friends would say: what is known as Real Life (family in a few directions) “just stepped on our tits”. if i don’t put my head in the oven tonight: tomorrow. oh, wait. mr. wd just reminded me for prolly the 111th time that…we have an electric oven, and O, what a piece of work it is too

    yanno when ya think you’ve done everything possible and things may be level for a time…and then it all goes ‘boom’? yeppers. otoh, there’s lightning and thunder in the northwest, and oh, what a lovely sound it is..

    sleep well.

  5. someone had stuck a stein-on-fox news on their campaign twitter; it was all about her having made their ‘heads explode’. but after the clip, he honked on and on about how similar cuba is to israel’s apartheid state. so…i went to youtube, found it as a standalone from aug.7 wish she’d made a few other cogent points, but then…armchair quarter-backing is so easy. tucker carlson? now that’s a flash from the past. shoot, i forgot to notice if he still sports a bow-tie. if so, no arrow pointing at His Junk, david graeber. ;-)

    is it so hard to pronounce ‘israel’ not as Iz-reeeel’?

    i’d like to add: ‘The Progressive Left Is Neither’ by Anthony Tarrant / August 15th it’s fine, the hedges love notwithstanding.

  6. ‘The prime-time event moderated the CNN’s Chris Cuomo’…doe anyone know who that is? i was hoping for…anderson cooper (wiggles eyebrows, h/t elon james). this is fun stuff, though, pretending not to be a *major* hit piece on the ‘controversial candidates’.

    this tweet, if i had scanned anywhere close to thinking so at c99%, refers to this piece by the self-same rebecka dummkopf. OFM, i clicked in; it is. simply jaw-dropping. ‘I’m a catholic,so…and bubba did call her to apologize’. ‘dummkopf’ doesnt’ come close. c’mon, jason! good on the cohen quote, kahina, and conflating the same verbiage she’d used at stein.

    guess ol’ tucker changed his tie-style, lol. musta read the graeber, yah?

    • Mario Cuomo’s son and the Guv’s brother. Slotted into the Today show on NBC first. Can play it straight when that’s the script.

  7. Maybe in another 40 years the Green party can be a factor in Congress, if there is a Congress, or a country. I don’t have a problem with Stein or Baraka, my problem is with the system and the adherence to it by almost the entire left flank.

  8. “Clearly Stein and Baraka know they can’t win, but it’s in the campaign and debates that candidates make their marks; their marks are good, and far more ‘socialistic’ than Sanders’ were.”

    ya think yer alone, Big Al? global revolution is the only possible fix and then…who knows what demagogue or not…seizes power? but how radicule of you.

    • No, I don’t think I’m alone. I realized long ago that if I’m thinking something, others are too. I figure some of us have to be radical because if not, what would that make us? Robots? All these supposed positive steps, like getting Stein into the debate, or Sanders supposedly telling the truth causing more people to know the truth, are just more bullshit to me. It depends on what people want, do they want a bigger bowl of porridge or do they want real freedom and justice from and for the criminals at the top.
      Give me the 200 million wasted on Sanders’ fake campaign for Prez and I’ll start a global revolution.

      • ach; i apologize, big al. i was waxing a bit facetious calling your comment ‘radicule’ first, i only began to support stein/baraka after she finally asked him to be her running mate (blech on one other she’d invited, at the very least). but ajamu is a true long-time radical, and my indeed be able to say his truth, which happens to be mine in so many ways, and while i don’t imagine there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that they could even gain 10% of the vote, even if it’s not rigged again, i will vote for him. the caveat t that might be another wall street melt-down or some such soon). aside from him, i would have left all federal offices unchecked. CO does have a medicare for all ballot initiative; i’ll gladly vote for that. ;-)

        the reason i’ve left electoral politics pretty much alone here is that it’s the actual issues we need to know about, imo, to show the egregious collective deeds of the imperium, from nato to police state to anti-china, anti-putin agitprop, and more. dunno if you ever read here, but from your dearth of comments here, i’d reckon not.

        thing with a revolution, is that money won’t buy that, capitalism is the problem, not the solution, methinks. sure, it buys a putsch, a we’ve seen all too often (see ‘color’ revolutions). but if i understand even semi-successful revolutions, it takes something like 25% of the populace believing *strongly* in the illegitimacy of a government, and what might replace it in terms of actual democracy for all, and at that point, the meme spreads far mor widel. ideas can’t be killed, nor can the human desire for self-determination and equality, and it’s all too hideous to see the willful self-deception of so many now, especially from the fake left, not to mention the absurd and too-comfortable ‘libruls’ and (cough) ‘progressives’ in name only, the red queen, for instance. a grotesque misnomer, of course.

        trump has turned more and more of them even further into cowardly lote positions, from the ivory-tower of chomsky to adolph reed, jr, the fake jacobin mag folks (not altogether monolithic, but still…).

        i used to know, but have forgotten by now, some of the economic math that underpins the spark that can lead to massive uprisings cum revolutions, but suffice it to say that we’re nowhere near that point yet. i.e., when immiseration and oppression levels are so high that hordes of people reckon there’s nothing left to lose. too many ‘voters’ are far too financially comfortable, or white and ‘hopeful’, as evidenced by polls and teh stoopid promulgated at the websites or the usual suspects that used to be considered edgy, yanno, like: alan grayson is radical! at down with tyranny or digby or some shite.

        but yeah, i do kinda hope brother baraka, especially, can be heard far more widely than he’s known. i had to laugh when i saw some of the c99-ers were nervous about him. by the by, i was blogging revolution as far back as my.fdl, so you can call me porridge if you will; i can live w/ it, darlin’.

        ah, i saw another typo that i can’t see in edit; sorry…

  9. it’s hard to sort out which quotes are from the cnn town hall from their appearance on DN! this a.m., but yeppers, they’re takin’ more sliming, natch. anyway, brother baraka’s the real deal, imo. within the past hour:

    dear CNN: ha ha ha ha ha! thank you.

    you go, miz margaret!

    there’s a rush transcript up already. afroColombins had meant M4BL, instead. parenthetically, i was lad to see this form G. ford the other day:

  10. Thanks, wendye. Let ’em sling mud, I say.

    Let ’em sling mud!

    They’re scared.

    Good. Maybe we can crank up the old buggy for one more shot at sanity. Might be our last chance.

    Good on you, Jason.

    • given the level of librul vitriol, i’d guess you and the inquisitr.com author are correct. now whether they can allow themselves to acknowledge their fear is a whole ‘nother matter. red queen love is as strong as putin hatred these days.

      and the county clerk sorted out my voter registration and absentee ballot, so i’ll indeed vote green, although mainly for brother baraka, i confess. ;-)

  11. good on her.

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