Nothing more than a Scandal Jones

Update to Trumping the Alex Jones Effect:

In this video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the host makes light of an Alex Jones’ segment on the latter’s show regarding an alleged rigging of a pickle jar when the candidate came on the former’s show. Kimmel had arranged a gag where Clinton would open a jar of pickles to dispel talk of problems with her health.
Predictably, Jones claims to have witnessed something untoward, not with the fact that politicians appear on corporate network programs to appear down with regular folks and to spread corporate-state propaganda, but because, he alleges, she is actually sick (I guess).

Kimmel shows his audience bits of Jones’ segment, interspersing commentary along the way. “I feel like it’s only a matter of time before the pickle jar gets subpoenaed,” says the host, alluding to, not the former Secretary of State’s issues that require investigation, but the normalization of the idea that any and all investigations against her are tantamount to investigating how “Bigfoot was responsible for nine-eleven,” which was Kimmel’s satirical summary of the Info Wars host, thereby, much like the host he was talking about, but more directly, scandalizing investigation into government scandal.

Kimmel said early on that “thousands of people, maybe even millions are convinced” in reference to Alex Jones’ shenanigans. But the truth is, many more are convinced sinister forces are out to prevent Hillary Clinton from taking what is rightfully hers.

16 responses to “Nothing more than a Scandal Jones

  1. hard to know where to start w/ this psyop within a psyop. hollywood and nyc entertainers have long been in the D camp, and only invite Rs on late night to have sport w/ them. ratings, yanno?

    of course she’s the rightful heir of the presidency, and is so assured that she’s surely choosing art from the national gallery to decorate with. (‘what will wm. jefferson choose’ for his bedroom and bathroom?) ;-)

    but clearly you’re right: jones is the tinfoil hat whackadoo who can be counted on to go epic absurdum to pull the curtain down on any potential criticism of the queen, or gin up the same for trump as hitler. b has a thing up about it; epically embarassing.

    i hadn’t seen kimmel since his chubby, clean-shaven days. as an aside, the latino playing the ‘dumb mexican’ who won’t follow the Rulez cuz: he ♥s pickles… fuck that shit. yeah, he likely gets paid well, but it’s another steppin’ fetchit role; pffffft.

    this hilarity (by my lights) is all over the past two days: star power letter-signers against the impeachment of dilma. i’m sure it’s gonna take care of it, aren’t you? i reckon it was tom morello who took it over the top for me, lol

    p.s. i think you may have meant Secretary of State’, rather.

    • I hear bubba is out shopping for acrylics, a palette and brushes and intends to spend his time learning self-caricature while looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. Austerity measure to save the expense of bothering the national gallery and to “illustrate,” fiscal responsibility.

      With you bottom paragraph in the comment, first glance I was thinking you misspelled Hillary. “Hilarity for America,” would be a great slogan, hey?

      • it took me some time to figger out what you’d meant, nonquixote. i see now; wish i thought she were hilarious in any way other than… than…that she’ll be amerika’s mother now, and solve all ‘our’ ills. srsly, this is the stuff that’s out there in the ‘librul/progressive’ blogsites. this is from a former e-friend in prague since tpm café days. ‘the new normal’. i’m banned there but i went in as goldberry and gave this other photo; author never noticed, sadly. ;-)

  2. Although it felt like it, Clinton was Secretary of State, not Defense Secretary unless my tracking skills reading your post have declined.

    But in the same vein, here’s Zbig’s latest in the American Interest, for gits and shiggles.

    Cliff’s Notes version:

    Five basic verities regarding the emerging redistribution of global political power and the violent political awakening in the Middle East are signaling the coming of a new global realignment.
    The first of these verities is that the United States is still the world’s politically, economically, and militarily most powerful entity but, given complex geopolitical shifts in regional balances, it is no longer the globally imperial power. But neither is any other major power.

    The second verity is that Russia is experiencing the latest convulsive phase of its imperial devolution. A painful process, Russia is not fatally precluded – if it acts wisely – from becoming eventually a leading European nation-state. However, currently it is pointlessly alienating some of its former subjects in the Islamic southwest of its once extensive empire, as well as Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia, not to mention the Baltic States.

    The third verity is that China is rising steadily, if more slowly as of late, as America’s eventual coequal and likely rival; but for the time being it is careful not to pose an outright challenge to America. Militarily, it seems to be seeking a breakthrough in a new generation of weapons while patiently enhancing its still very limited naval power.

    The fourth verity is that Europe is not now and is not likely to become a global power. But it can play a constructive role in taking the lead in regard to transnational threats to global wellbeing and even human survival. Additionally, Europe is politically and culturally aligned with and supportive of core U.S. interests in the Middle East, and European steadfastness within NATO is essential to an eventually constructive resolution of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

    The fifth verity is that the currently violent political awakening among post-colonial Muslims is, in part, a belated reaction to their occasionally brutal suppression mostly by European powers. It fuses a delayed but deeply felt sense of injustice with a religious motivation that is unifying large numbers of Muslims against the outside world; but at the same time, because of historic sectarian schisms within Islam that have nothing to do with the West, the recent welling up of historical grievances is also divisive within Islam.

    Nice to know that the foreign policy establishment now realizes that PNAC did not deliver a “New American Century” of total global US hegemony and is not likely to. That is a first step to recovery–an admission that one has hit bottom. Wait! Zbig doesn’t go quite that far. He still believes in moderate drinking and moderate hegemony — an oxymoron, right?

    • Thanks. Corrected.
      Brzski pivoting: “America needs a chiropractor.”

    • mike whitney has some cliffs notes as well, as does john stand, including: whoops! forgot bout india!’

      yes, SOS clinton, as noted in the first comment. shore must help to have a penis sometimes, lol. tisk, tisk.

      • Mike Whitney’s piece is what gave me the link to Brezinzski’s piece. Whitney is right about the appearance of the strength of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization being a wake-up call to the US. Brezinzski is now woke, but Whitney points out that few in the US national security/foreign policy establishment and certainly not Hillary Clinton have grasped this change of US situation. In 15 years, the world has responded to what the US brazenly unleashed with its implementation of the PNAC strategy.

        Yes, Brezinzski is self-serving both relative to US positions and his own prospects. That’s what foreign policy consultants are paid the big bucks to be. No head of state wants to be told how to worsen their international power and position. How self-serving depends on how clueless the head of state is.

  3. one of the things that got lost in the picklegate shuffle is that it takes at least one or sturdy raps of the side of the lid on a cutting board to break the pressure seal. we even have one o dem gadgets that can act as a level to twist the suckers off, when a few whacks w/ lizzy borden’s axe won’t do it.

    but ye gawds n little fishes: the msn homepage has a headline this a.m. that said folks all over the US of A were goin’ into stores and shootin’ pickle jars to death. the nra issued a statement: “guns don’t kill pickles; people kill pickles”. thanks, kimmel.

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