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I’d been working on a post about the fact that almost everyone (including the questionable left) has been blaming the NSA tool kit hacks on the usual suspects: the Roosians.  As I began to get  bit more in the weeds over it, I kinda sorta virtually tossed it in the trash, but kept the links for *if* later.

I’ve got stuff to do this morning, so I may or may not get some hilarious stuff on the DNC emails up, largely by tweet.  In the meantime,  I reckoned it was about time that I asked any of you who aren’t registered here, and have to give your ifo on every blasted comment, to let me know if you’d like me just to send you invitations through wordpress to become ‘contributors’ (commenters), and I’ll do it.  If you’ve been registered at another wordpress site, your avatars may travel along with you.  Note: it often takes a day or more for this stuff to work its way through the wordpress…whatchacallits.

Just say, “yes, oh kindly Café proprietor” if you’d like me to have the site extend you that invitation, and we’ll hope it works.

7 responses to “Café Meta

  1. both the angry arab (very short comment) and MoA (much longer) have a piece up on the recent total BS NYT story about how any soupcon of a frisson of anti-US/NATO/EU sentiment in Europe is Total Rooskie Psy War.

    it’s really astounding. i guess when your objective is Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Information Awareness the slightest butterwing flap of doubt or dissent creates tsunamis of hysterical reaction. How did some, even minor, Czech or Swedish dissent from The Plan occur?!?!?

    and this is what is meant by Strength? in the not too distant horizon, Control & Annihilation quickly begin to merge. Maybe the lack of (large scale) dissent in the US provides the fantasy (& disappointment) that Europe will just follow suit?

    • thank ya, thank ya; i couldn’t agree more. bildt dissent, to? wot??? oh, yes; he’s out, but his toxic vibes still linger. assange, remember? no one notes that the rape charges have been dropped, tho; it doesn’t square with ‘evil treasonous thug’.

      would you like to say yes to the offer?

    • ta, jason. i’m so glad he tried once again to put paid to the notion that russia ever ‘invaded’ georgia. what clout mcCrnky had that the ‘today we are all georgians’ agitprop was reified.

      i think i’d said, but nato on twitter frequently runs ‘how to neutralize russian propaganda’ instruction manuals. the czech republic polling numbers made me laugh.

  2. Here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, we have found that we have been “hacked” 57 times during this past year. And as such, we’ve investigated and our conclusion is that the majority of these hacks have come out of Russia, and from within two distinctive or geographical regions.

    Now, we have a reason to “complain” and yet we don’t since the Dark Web consists of pornography and crime/grime.

    • why would russians hack your chicano veterans org, jaango? if any one did, remember there are ways to go thru numerous proxy servers around the globe to hide one’s tracks, as well.

  3. realitychecker1

    Just noting that the FBI says the Illinois and Arizona state election systems were hacked (not sure if they blamed the Russians or someone else, not that we would necessarily believe them anyway), and they issued a nationwide alert to all other states to check their system for evidence of penetrations. Apparently, the Ill and Ariz attacks did not appear to reach the counting software (really?), but did reach the registration parts, so raising the spectre of selected folks showing up to vote and being told they were not registered.

    Back to paper ballots, pronto, ya damn fools, say I.

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